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TOP 4 SWISS CHEESES • APPENZELLER® acquires its spicy taste from a top-secret herbal brine. This gourmet cheese is produced according to a 700-year-old recipe in a strictly delimited area. • EMMENTALER AOP, ‘the king of Swiss cheeses’, takes its name from the Emme Valley. It comes in varying degrees of maturity from mild to highly aromatic cave-aged cheese matured over 12 months. • LE GRUYÈRE AOP is a subtle hard cheese with a dark rind and dense texture, not to be confused with French Gruyère. The French and the Swiss have battled bitterly over the right to use the famed name.


• VACHERIN FRIBOURGEOIS AOP is a sophisticated cheese with a pleasant aroma and flavour – perfect for thick, creamy fondue.

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Blue Wings Curiosity issue October 2016