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In search of new experiences


he theme of this month’s issue of Blue Wings is curiosity, a wonderful quality that inspires travel to new places in search of new experiences. At Finnair, we’re continually expanding our flight network of close to 100 destinations around the world. For summer 2017, we’ve just announced non-stop routes to dynamic destinations from Reykjavik, the capital of awe-inspiring Iceland, to San Francisco, a global tech hub and picturesque City by the Bay on the West Coast of America. Here in Finland, we’re gearing up for 2017 when Finland will be celebrating 100

years of independence (suomifinland100. fi/eng) with a range of exciting events from concerts to workshops and exhibitions. For help planning your next Nordic trip – whether for the centenary or otherwise – Visit Finland (in cooperation with Finnair) recently launched the Stopover concept, which offers customised travel packages for passengers looking to explore Helsinki and other parts of Finland such as Lapland on their way to Europe or Asia. Wishing you an inspiring journey, Arja Suominen


3 October tips EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Arja Suominen FINNAIR HEAD OFFICE Tietotie 9 A, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, 1053 Finnair, Finland, tel. +358 (0)9 818 81, Postal address: P. O. Box 15, 01053 Finnair, Finland CUSTOMER FEEDBACK or by mail: Customer Relations, SL/403, FI-01053 FINNAIR.,


Helsinki’s new Allas Sea Pool offers outdoor swimming and indoor saunas right in the heart of the city (just off Market Square) with an unparalleled view of the harbour.


Finnair’s mobile app has won a coveted Red Dot Award in the Communications Design category. The app allows travellers to book flights, check-in, and track their Finnair Plus points.

The real Santa Claus lives in Finnish Lapland, and there’s plenty of time to write to Father Christmas for those who want a reply before the holidays.




Blue Wings Curiosity issue October 2016  
Blue Wings Curiosity issue October 2016