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Oxford-rooted hair regimen can boost your self-confidence Seasonal hair loss isn’t a myth, and for many people it’s a real problem. Around this time of year, a greater proportion of hair follicles will enter the telogen, or resting, phase of its life cycle, leading to increased levels of hair loss. To address the problem of thinning hair or a receding hairline, Dr Thomas Whitfield and the Oxford Biolabs team of scientists developed the naturally-based, scientifically-tested TRX2 Molecular Food Supplement for Hair. BW: Dr Whitfield, what gave you the inspiration to begin developing a solution for hair loss? TW: The idea of creating TRX2 hit me when I was in Oxford, researching the process of hair loss. I better understood the causes and effects and, ultimately, the urgency of the issue for many – I’ve always wanted to find a solution for people who have a genuine need. BW: What is the general mechanism of your flagship product? TW: Unlike some products, TRX2 has a credible scientific background and an essential formula that helps to stimulate potassium

ion channels in hair follicles. We’ve only used naturally-based ingredients in the formulation ensuring there are no harmful side-effects to our regimen. Moreover, three of the key ingredients in TRX2 – selenium, zinc, and biotin – are officially recognised by the European Commission as contributing to the maintenance of normal, healthy hair. BW: Is TRX2 perceived well and favoured by consumers? TW: Yes, we’re proud of our products, because they are easy-to- use and suitable for men and women of all ages. They are sourced and manufactured in the European Union, from where we ship worldwide, and have been sold in more than 100 countries. BW: Is TRX2 efficient on its own? TW: Yes, it is efficient on its own. And additionally, we have recently introduced an advanced TRX2 topical range of foam and lotion to complement our TRX2 capsules. We are working on a shampoo, conditioner and thickening cream as a further support line.

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Blue Wings Curiosity issue October 2016  
Blue Wings Curiosity issue October 2016