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Illustrations by Finn Johansson

Denial (i.e. a refusal to acknowledge the alcoholism of a parent or child/teenager ignoring complaints of sexual abuse), also known as the "elephant in th room."Lack of empathy toward family members. Lack of clear bounda ries (i.e. throwing away personal possessions that belong to others inappropriate physical boundaries) Mixed Messages Divorced or separated parents. Adulterous or promiscu ous behavior regarding parents/teenagers. Extreme in conict (either too much or too little ďŹ ghtin between family members). Signs of unhealth parenting: Disrespect. Emotiona intolerance (family members no allowed to express the "wrong emotions). Ridicule. Dysfunctiona parenting styles: Usin (destructively narcissisti parents). Abusing (parent who use physical, verba or sexual violence t dominate the children). Perfe tionist (paren who "ďŹ xat on orde prestige powe and/ r p



Finns issuu test  

testing issuu with a few illustrations

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