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At what point did you realise you had won? In the airplane, coming back to Brazil. I was alone, with a lot of time to think and it’s like a film passing across your mind. How do you reflect on the win, now time has passed? It’s great. If you look to the trophy you will see Ben, Mateusz, Freddy, Rafa, Jonas, etc... All these guys are my idols. Just to be on the same trophy with them, it’s a incredible honour and a dream that came true. What did Rafa say to you after that last points race and showed you the results? He said, “Do you know what just happened?” I said “No.” “You won the gold cup, you are 19 points ahead.” But I was scared and didn’t believe it because he is terrible at maths. Thankfully he was correct.


eing a world champion is not a new experience for Jorge Zarif. He has twice won the Finn Silver Cup (the Finn Junior World Championship), but no one really expected him to walk away with the 2013 Finn Gold Cup in Tallinn, Estonia, in the way that he did. The regatta played to his strengths, with generally light winds and big scores. No one escaped the varieties of the pressure differences on Tallinn Bay, but Jorge perhaps escaped one more time than anyone else, only twice finishing outside the top 10, to effectively win the regatta with a race to spare. As he prepared for the 2014 season and what will be the defence of his title at the very different venue of Santander, we asked him to reflect on his Finn world title and how he managed to put it all together when it counted.

Explain the difference that Rafa and Bruno added to the learning process and to your confidence? They made a huge difference with the input of information, and their experience helped a lot. Both know what it takes to be in a good position and they are also very competitive. The training sessions are much harder and it pays off. What was the key point of the regatta for you? Keeping calm. I was feeling very well before the championship but I started the week with a 44th. Then after the second day, we

Q&A with the 2013 Finn World Champion - Jorge Zarif



Finnfare March 2014  

The official magazine of the International Finn Class

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