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NZXSPORTS.COM Publishers of and

Both sites reach close to 15 million impressions annually and have been providing New Zealand with snow and surf reports & cams for OVER 15 years now.

Delivering the SNOW to your laptop, tablet, PC, mobiles , smart phones where ever you are 24/7. We are the market leaders in SNOW reports, webcams, information and forecast technology. We provide New Zealand’s largest network of free SNOW/weather webcams and DAILY SNOW reports from Whakapapa to THE Remarkables. Our loyal and large audience make up the ultimate SNOW community, making us New Zealand’s leading website for, SNOW reports, SNOW news locally and internationally, SNOW related discussion, competitions, giveaways and gear guide for the latest must-have products.

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51%/MALE. 49%/FEMALE.


15.2%/UNDER 25. 33.1%/AGED 25-24. 35.5%/AGED 35-50. 18%/AGED 40-49. NZ’s snow is legendary worldwide and so is our website – Nielsen records that 20% of our traffic was international eyeballs, specifically 12% were Australian. Act quickly to capitalize on reaching this lucrative audience with our geo-targeted advertising. Knowledge is ‘KEY’. After 16 years of pioneering the internet way, we are proud to be the leading snow reporting website in NZ – supplying the likes of the METSERVICE,, and a host of other sites all 26 NZ ski areas snow reports. With exclusive access to a handful of ski area webcams, we have successfully cornered the market and are proud to present a COMPLETE snow resource and allow our browsers the ULTIMATE snow experience. Our service is also multi-tiered and integrated through the website, Social Media, Edm and Mobile.

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// continues to stand strong for 2013

Our traffic generally grows heavily when the first big snow fall hits New Zealand. 2012 had a strong start to the season which shows a STRONG than expected June, and another large peak in July. MONTHLY UNIQUE BROWSERS MONTHLY PAGE IMPRESSIONS July recorded 228,902 user sessions, with an average session duration of 3min, 38sec. Our annual winter trend begins in May and grows until peaking in July, lowering again in September and October as the snow melts.

Impressions / user profiles/ Subscribers / unique browsers


Page impressions

Unique browsers

Page impressions (number of times a single page is loaded) per month over a 12 month period.

Unique Browsers (individuals recorded visiting each month) Nielsen ranks as #1 surf site consistently in this metric.

DETAILS • Best Page impressions the week of January 16th • 2.75 Session frequency average visits per week. • User session duration averages well over 2 minutes 30 seconds per week. • Best Page impressions the week of January 16th.

DETAILS • 80000 Unique browsers in January 2012 • Best Unique Browser week – Jan 25th • 2500 Unique daily browsers in January average. That’s each day!!


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If you want accurate data alongside cost effective and measurable results than look no further. nzXsports delivers the goods 365 days a year.

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All ad spots are occupied including Big banner, Island, Strips and unique Middle banner. A buyout of all the standard display formats on the page. DETAILS • Middle Banner • Big Banner • Strips • Island

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The Big Banner is one of our main display formats and is available on all all our pages. It is a great placement to use when targeting your campaign throughout our site.

SKYSCRAPERS or SUPER SKYSC’s. These are our biggest fixed display format and features on the right hand side of all pages giving your brand a huge presence. homepage receives a large amount of exposure as readers enter the site. The Medium Rectangle is our 2nd main banner ad on the homepage and a premium ad space. Muti zones available site wide.

Large static banners that run down both sides of the webpage - 100% SOV – great for branding and page domination.

70,000 subscribers.

DETAILS • 760px x 120px • GIF, JPEG, SWF


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DETAILS • Naming rights • Mini Tower • What’s Hot • Text Inclusions • SOLUS EMAIL

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//THURSDAY Afternoon SNOW Update

Our weekly newsLetter THASU “THURSDAY Afternoon SNOW Update” HAS a range of advertising options:

Subscribers 70K

e m a i l s s e n t w e e k ly

Wats Hot’, Mini Towers, Text inclusions and our database is available to purchase for one off emails... Advertising Options include... • Minitower inclusion: This is to the right of the opening paragraph, is a 120x400 static image.• It is a long established fact. • Whats Hot: There is a maximum two of these per newsletter, immediately below the opening paragraph. This is a 550x250 static image • Text Inclusion: There is a maximum 3 text inclusions per newsletter. These consist of a 80 word blurb on the advertisers companies, along with an accompanying image.



Solus Emails

Every Friday, we send out to a database of over 70,000 - NZ’s most read snow e-newsletter. It contains a weekend snow report, user shots of the week, competitions, news and what’s going on over the weekend.

Each solus email is a HTML page with any associated images. Maximum width is 600px, maximum height is 2000px. We can target emails to (Australia) subscribers, or to our complete list of all subscribers.

DETAILS • Newsletter Advertorial • What’s Hot • Minitower

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New Zealand’s most respected companies choose nzXsports to advertise with us.

LOYALTY For OVER 15 years we have delivered online SNOW reports and have established a market share that is loyal, responsive, educated, wealthy and proactive within the surfing community. We have a massive relationship with Snow Sports NZ, all NZ snow ski fields and clubs. Along with a Bulletin Board with over 14,000 members. Our media reach through our weekly e-newsletter, print, magazines, radio and mobile snow reports give us the largest reach into the NZ snow community.


*All the images in this publication have been uploaded to our website by our readers and shown in the “Shot of the Day” gallery.


Speak to our team and lets strategize how we can bring your brand online in an innovative way. Banners that respond to text messages! Banners that know the weather to make wiser product recommendations! Where excited to see what we can come up with next! There are many opportunities to integrate brands into our website which steers clear from standard banner advertising. There is room for brand placement within surf articles, galleries, footage, sponsorship of existing sections, and even the opportunity to look at development of custom sections to suit the particular needs of your brand.

14 redirects to our mobi website on your smart phone and mobile devices. This can be reached on your desktop at and is growing VERY fast. Enquire for advertising and sponsorship options on our mobi platform. Your next step...give us a call to discuss how to reach our pro-active snow community. If you have any questions about our specifications or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Tully Farrell on...

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Snow Media Kit 2013  
Snow Media Kit 2013  

Snow Media Kit 2013