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BOOK OF FACES — Connecting the Dots from Shanghai Expo to World Design Capital Helsinki CREATIVE DIRECTION & PRODUCTION — Kasino Creative Studio EDITORS — Jonathan Mander & Tero Kartastenpää ART DIRECTOR — Pekka Toivonen PHOTOGRAPHER — Mikko Ryhänen (except where credited otherwise) ILLUSTRATOR — Rami Niemi INNER COVERS — Were created at a WDC Workshop moderated by Kokoro & Moi in Kirnu, October 2010 PROJECT COORDINATORS — Jani Joenniemi (Finland at EXPO 2010) & Ossi Luoto (Pluto Finland) THANKS — to everybody involved.





FRIENDS FOREVER What this book is all about and why by Tatu Laurila and Ossi Luoto & Jani Joenniemi … page 10

SIZE, SCALE & SOCIAL Exploring the raw basics of the relations between Finland and China … page 16

FORTY–TWO PROFILES page 24 … 钟子娟 Angela Zijuan Zhong page 32 … Al Di page 40 … 任宇清 Ren Yuqing page 48 … 潘剑锋 Pan Jianfeng page 56 … 李红 Kristal Li page 64 … 李振华 Li Zhenhua page 72 … 林依韵 Ann Lin page 80 … 郭茜 Guo Xi page 88 … 林笛 Lin Di page 96 … 林琳 Lin Lin page 104 … Sara page 112 … 贾小宝 Benjamin Jia page 120 … 宋革 Song Ge page 128 … 杨利华 Emily Yang page 136 … 华爷 Eero page 144 … 白天 Mark Bai page 152 … 喻荣军 Nick Rongjun Yu page 160 … 娄永琪 Lou Yongqi page 168 … 胡俊 Hu Jun page 176 … 张安Ann Zhang page 184 … 倪兵 Ni Bing

Yrjö Sotamaa … page 28 Tuomas Toivonen … page 36 Pekka Toivanen … page 44 Kari Karppinen … page 52 Freeman … page 60 Teemu Kurkela … page 68 Johan Storgård … page 76 Minna Nuutila … page 84 Matti Hämäläinen … page 92 Jarmo Elukka Eskelinen … page 100 Johanna Eiramo … page 108 Mathias Nygård … page 116 Martta Louekari … page 124 Knucklebone Oscar … page 132 Johanna Uupi Tirronen … page 140 Ari Makkonen … page 148 Petteri Luoto … page 156 Mikko Punakivi … page 164 Jaana Partanen … page 172 Pertti Huitu … page 180 Santa Claus 聖誕老人 Joulupukki … page 188

CARPE DIEM! Going from the Shanghai Expo to World Design Capital Helsinki by Kimmo Aulake … page 194




dear friends, 2010 has been an energetic year for Finnish-Chinese cooperation. The Shanghai 2010 Expo has not only been the biggest public event ever, but it has also drawn together professionals from many fields to work towards a mutual goal. The success of the Expo is not only a credit to the Chinese people but to all the people who wanted the Expo to succeed and foster new beginnings. We Finns have embraced the idea of building success together and have been elated by the enthusiasm of our Chinese friends to do so too. In building the Finnish Pavilion Kirnu, the cooperation was very concrete, a building. Through the Invitation to Helsinki program we enabled new Sino-Finnish meetings of professionals from several fields. The Expo cooperation was a seed that will transform into close relationships and concrete outcomes. What better homage could we pay to the 60 years of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and Finland and the sister city agreement between Shanghai and Espoo, than by co-creating and sharing success in the future. This book is the tip of the iceberg in the sea of happy collisions that happened during the Shanghai 2010 Expo. After reading this, you will know some of the people who contributed to making Kirnu and its program such a success. But the list is not exhaustive and a warm thanks goes to each and every guide, host, program and event manager, Invitation to Helsinki host and guest. The Expo would not have been possible without the substantial input of corporate sponsors with KONE Oyj and Nokia



Corporation in the forefront. With a beautiful, modern frame that Kirnu provided, it was, after all, the effort of the key operational people that created Finland’s success. Commissioner Pertti Huitu, Deputy Commissioner Mikko Puustinen, Pavilion Director Annikka Alanko, Director of Pavilion Engineering Jouni Lehtonen and Exhibition Director Petri Ryöppy all deserve an extra round of applauses, keeping in mind that their insightful planning became a success with the people who implemented those plans. All in all, Shanghai 2010 Expo was a group effort and as such it should be applauded — a wonderful effort by both Finnish and Chinese people to create something memorable that will live and prosper beyond the Expo. I am confident we have succeeded in doing so. Thank you one and all, 感谢为世博付出努力的每个人, 感谢大家!

TATU LAURILA — CEO, Greater Helsinki Promotion Ltd

PS. THE WHY & WHEREFORE (OF THIS BOOK) — Participation for the Shanghai World Expo 2010 has been an intense collaboration between people from Finland and China. We knew it would be an impossible task to gather a full list of everything that has happened during the year. Yet we wanted to make a publication with some key people involved in the creative projects during the past two years. Hundreds of events, concerts, seminars and get-togethers were hosted during this time by talented people from Finland and Greater Helsinki. Ongoing collaborations flourished and new friendships were made. The Shanghai Expo gave Finnish and Chinese people an excellent opportunity to get to know each other, collaborate and lay foundations for future endeavours. More than anything, this book is made in return for the collaborations, impressive achievements and successful moments we created and experi-


enced together. The Shanghai World Expo 2010 is over, but the people involved continue to make things happen. The collaborations and the friendships last. We expect this bond of people between Finland and China to lead to more exciting things. Ossi Luoto — Executive Producer, Pluto Finland & Jani Joenniemi — Director for Culture Program, Finland at Expo 2010





SIZE JUST TO REMIND YOU: CHINA IS BIG AND FINLAND IS SMALL. whenever a finnish person goes to China and whenever a Chinese person goes to Finland, the reaction is the same. Matters of size amaze. China is so huge. Finland is so small. Just compare the figures: the difference is so big it is hard to understand. So we illustrated it.



Size … 9,640,011 km² Population … 1,338,612,968 World rank in population … 1

Size … 338,424 km² Population … 5,372,621 World rank in population … 111


Finland would fit into China over 28 times. And 250 times more people live in China than Finland — so for every Finn there are 250 Chinese people.


SCALE TO BE MORE SPECIFIC: WHAT IS BIG IN FINLAND IS NOT BIG IN CHINA. zoom in a little closer, and you notice it is not only sheer size that separates Finland and China. The sense of scale also differs. This gives Finns opportunities to think big and the Chinese a lesson of less is more. Finnish presence in Shanghai is appropriately


large: 150 Finnish companies operate there as do such organisations as FinChi, Tekes, Finpro, FinNode, Cimo and the Aalto Tongji Design Factory. It is the largest concentration of Finnish companies and organizations outside Europe.


Founded … 751 Population … 19,210,000 Metro system length … 420 km H EL S


Founded … 1550 Population … 584,420 Metro system length … 21 km

b = The Helsinki Metropolitan Area means the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.


Above, a map of central Helsinki — the red blot shows the total area of the Shanghai Expo. To build it in the Finnish capital you’d have to tear down a huge chunk of Finnish history! Below, a map of Greater Shanghai — the biue blot shows the total area of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area b, which is huge to Finns.

1 km

20 km


SOCIAL NEVERTHELESS: THE CHINESE AND FINNS MAKE THINGS HAPPEN TOGETHEr. landing on the street and personto-person level you realize that the differences in size or sense of scale really don’t matter. All creations are actions between people, and one meeting quickly leads to another and another, and friendships become projects that become creations. Gradually Finland and China have become linked together through these meetings and people, which opens up huge possibilities now and in the future.

YRJÖ A A M SOTA page 28

GE SONG 0 page 12

EMILY YANG 8 page 12

TI PERT U HUIT 0 page 18

O MIKK IVI K PU N A 4 page 16

A EN H U LI ZH page 64

A JA AN N EN PARTA 2 page 17


AL D I page 32

N LIN LI page 96

LOU QI YONG 0 page 16

IAS MATH D R NYGÅ 6 page 11

EER O 6 page 13 MIN BENJA JIA 2 11 ge pa

A PEKK EN N TOIVA 4 page 4

Ni Bing


… 9 friends out of 21!

N J O HA ÅR D G STOR page 76

N HU JU 8 page 16

MAN FREE page 60 R EN G YUQIN0 page 4

SA R A 4 page 10

AS TUOM EN N TOIVO page 36 U NICK JUN Y RONG 2 page 15

I LIN D page 88

G NI BIN 4 page 18


TAL KRIS LI page 56

N NA J O HA MO EIRA 8 10 ge pa

SANTA S CLAU 8 page 18

A MINN A IL NUUT page 84

(Of course, he knows everybody!)

HAN G AN N Z 6 page 17

XI GUO page 80

KLEK N U C S C AR O BONE 2 page 13

PAN FENG JIANG8 page 4 AR I O N EN MAK K 8 page 14



TA MART K AR I LOUE 4 page 12

ER I PETT O LUOT 6 page 15

BA MAR K 4 page 14

LA AN G E ZH O N G N ZIJUA page 24

U TEEM LA E KURK page 68

N ANN LI page 72

N NA J O HA N EN TIRRO U U PI 0 page 14

K AR I N PINE K AR P page 52

We asked all the featured people which blue knows which red. Clearly, these people know how to network!







Angela Zhong Zijuan took the escalators under the Oriental Pearl Tower.




Profile OF

钟子娟 ANGELA ZIJUAN ZHONG Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Sichuan 2.10.1986

心有多大,舞台就有多大 (»Bigger ambition, bigger stage.») Relationship Status Married Activities / Interests Calligraphy, photography Cannon Favourite Music 3 Idiots Favourite Movies Favourite Television Phoenix TV Rembrandt Favourite Artists Journalist Job


Did exactly what

Specialized in matters involving the Expo, journalist Angela Zijuan Zhong works for The Shanghai Morning Post. She wrote several stories about Finland, where she even visited.

Petteri Luoto

Yrjö Sotamaa

Matti Hämäläinen

TO FINLAND WITH LOVE Two thumbs up from Angela to Finland!

» this journalist is excited bout what she writes and isn’t afraid to show her feelings. Angela was sent to Finland in June 2010 by the paper she works for, the Shanghai Morning Post. At first Helsinki felt mainly empty. »Finns live in forests. It’s like a fairytale, and the houses are so romantic. They have everything modern inside but outside it’s just forest.» From Helsinki Angela headed up north to Lapland, where she kayaked in the midnight sun’s shine. The journalist was a bit hesitant before 28


stepping into the sauna, but when she did, it calmed her. »I felt silence and peace in my heart.» Finns are not sure whether visitors want to taste their local dishes — and nor was Angela. In case she got hungry during her visit, Angela brought Chinese fast food packages with her. »I only had one during the visit. Finnish food is fantastic. I tried reindeer and loved it.» Not only that but Angela also thinks Kirnu was one of the Expo’s most beautiful pavilions and the exhibition

H :\ 新闻晨报 \20100526\F \F 042010052600S. ps

2010- 05- 25



找芬兰外长给予支持 租俄罗斯私人 列车 用

星期三 责任编辑 秦


执行编辑 吴志浩

从赫尔辛基到上海 芬兰师生观博 专列 十日谈 晨报世博记者 钟子娟

月 日清晨 丝丝凉风带着 雨后的清新 从北京开出的 次动车驶抵上海站 一群金发碧眼 的年轻人走出车厢 面容疲倦却难 掩兴奋 简单清点人数之后 他们拖 着大包小包 浩浩荡荡地出了站 他们 是芬兰阿尔托大学的百 名师生 上海 是他们横跨亚欧之旅 的终点站 在此之前 除了在俄罗斯

首都莫斯科 蒙古国首都乌兰巴托 以及北京作短暂停留外 他们差不 多是在火车上度过了 个昼夜 行 程超过一万公里

此行的主要目的是到上 海参观 年世博会 从芬兰首都赫尔辛 基到上海 这段漫长的火车之旅被 师生们命名为 火车上的阿尔托 日 记者在北京 加 入 了 他 们 的 行 列 体验了从北京到上海这 一段最 后的旅程

缘 起

一定要看世博会 方式一定要独特 “我们 5 月 14 日从赫尔辛基 时,我就看到这座城市已经在为一 出发, 乘坐‘托尔斯泰号’列车到莫 年后的世博会做着各种准备。当我 斯科,然后在莫斯科转乘一列俄罗 得知这将是史上规模最大的一次世 斯私人列车, 前往中国。”在北京开 博会时, 我立刻就决定了, 明年要来 往上海的动车上,活动的主要负责 上海看世博会。”谈起这趟“疯狂” 人、阿尔托大学计算机系本科生米 旅行的缘起时,米可没有预想中的 可·艾科拉接受了记者专访, “列车 激动,反倒显出与文弱外表不大相 经由基洛夫、 叶卡捷琳堡、 新西伯利 称的老练, 像个“小大人”。 亚、 蒙古国首都乌兰巴托, 于北京时 要看世博会的决定作出后,米 间 21 日早上抵达中国边境。随后, 可便开始琢磨着要找个最独特的方 我们在中国边境城市、内蒙古的二 式去上海。“一个朋友对我说, 为什 连浩特换乘两辆旅游大巴,经高速 么不坐火车去呢?”从赫尔辛基坐 公 路 于 22 日 早 上 6 点 半 到 达 北 火车到上海,需要横穿整个亚欧大 京。” 陆, 花费一个多星期时间, 行程上万 从北京到上海,是这段长途旅 公里。 对于一个在校大学生来说, 这 行的尾声。当米可终于把一切事务 像是天方夜谭。 不过, 米可真的被这 安排妥当, 坐在餐车里接受采访时, 个建议打动了,开始认真考虑如何 已过次日零点。他强打精神告诉记 使之变为现实。 者, “火车上的阿尔托”这一整件事 随后,米可在朋友圈、学生会、 情缘于自己一年前的中国之行。 学生创业协会等多个场合提起这项 去年,米可作为阿尔托大学学 计划。没想到, 响应者众, 许多人一 生会主席团成员,到北京清华大学 听到这一想法就要求加入,要一起 和上海同济大学进行交流。在与中 组团去上海。 就这样, 米可成功组建 国学生交流期间,他第一次听说了 起一支 15 人的核心团队, “火车上 2010 年上海世博会。“去年在上海 的阿尔托”有了雏形。

世博 家 芬兰站

组 团


自己公关拉赞助 外长写信来鼓励

[记者手记 ]

不过, 挑战这才刚刚开始。 此时 办签证需要 4 万欧元,路费、食宿 已是 2009 年 11 月,距离上海世博 费等加在一起有 21 万欧元。 会开幕只有不到半年时间, “火车 为了解决经费问题,学生们组 上的阿尔托”项目组所拥有的经费 成了一个“公关小组”, 专门负责拉 总额还为零。 赞助。“我们为‘火车上的阿尔托’ “第一次与俄罗斯铁路公司的 创建网站、印刷宣传册、写策划书, 人接触时,对方根本不相信一帮穷 然后撒网出去,寻找潜在的赞助公 学生可以办成这事儿。”米可说, 由 司。” 于想把预算控制在普通学生可以承 米可介绍说,为了扩大活动影 受的范围内,找到一列肯载他们去 响,学生们还找到芬兰外交部长亚 中国的火车成了最困难的部分。直 历山大·斯图布, 邀请他成为活动的 到 5 月初,离预定出发时间只剩两 官方支持者。“他答应了我们的请 个星期的时候,俄罗斯铁路公司才 求, 并为我们写了一封鼓励信。 事实 答应租给他们一列私人列车,作为 证明,外交部长的支持对我们找赞 阿尔托大学师生的专列,从莫斯科 助商帮助不小。最后,我们获得了 开到中国边境。 15 家企业的赞助,其中包括诺基 “你们最后用什么办法搞定了 亚、 通力电梯、 麦肯锡等世界知名企 这辆专列?”听到记者这个提问时, 业。” 米可露出很老练的笑容: “给钱 米可颇为得意地告诉记者,如 呗!” 果没有这些赞助商的话,每个人需 不过, 虽然现在说得很轻松, 但 要支付至少 2000 欧元的旅行费用。 这笔钱对于尚未工作的学生来 说, 而现在,通过“公关小组”的努力, 绝对不是“小菜一碟”。米可说, 这 这个数额被降至 1000 欧元, “这是 项活动总预算为 25 万欧元,其中 个大多数人可以接受的价格”。

来的都是 建设者


在阿尔托大学 它只是 之一 晨报世博记者 钟子娟 凌晨 点半 我对米可的采 访终于结束 在餐车过夜的人们 已是鼾声四起 卧铺车厢的过道 上 芬兰小伙子们仍在 对酒成 歌 桑德瑞捧着一壶中国白 酒 眼神有些迷离地对我说 大家都 睡不着 因为这是最后一个火车 之夜 从赫尔辛基到上海 上万公 里的火车之旅即将到 达终点 不 管谁都会激动异常 我突然有些 嫉妒他们 可以在年轻时经历这 样一桩堪称壮举的事


有梦想的何止他们 抵达中蒙边境

随着项目逐渐推进,越来越多 为‘观光客’。因此, 申请者必须告 的人对米可的计划表现出兴趣。很 诉我们, 为什么想参加这项活动, 以 多人从学生会的群发邮件里得知了 责任编辑 秦 及能为团队带来什么。” 米可的重 “火车上的阿尔托”, 与米可同属一 要搭档、来自生物信息技术系的萨 个学院的研究生克茜·劳里斯图就 拉·希科说,报名十分火爆,原计划 是其中之一。 招募 80 人,结果有 130 人提出申 克茜告诉记者,最初在电子邮 请。 件里看到这个活动的介绍时,她觉 “我们希望每个人都有机会参 得简直不可思议。不过,5 分钟后她 加, 于是扩大了名额。后来, 一部分 就报名参加了。“我想去中国看看, 同学由于另有计划未能成行。 所以, 我还从没有去过亚洲。如果能坐火 最后就形成了现在的 100 人团队。 车去中国,肯定会是一次终生难忘 其中绝大部分是阿尔托 大学的学 作为活动的核心成员,桑德 的经历。”在清华大学的林阴道上, 生,还有少数成员来自赫尔辛基大 瑞负责在火车上发起一个研讨兴 克茜讲述了自己参加“火车上的阿 学和芬兰其他高校。此外,还有约 趣小组,每天早上聚在一起讨论 尔托” 的原因,并好奇地问记者: 10 人是阿尔托大学的教员。” 问题。 “每次大概 10 至 15 人, “中国作为一个独立国家有多少年 我 正如核心团队所期待的那样, 们有时在餐车里聚会,有时干脆 历史了?” 每个新成员都在团队中找到自己的 就在某个人的车厢房间里。讨论 为吸纳克茜这样的爱好者加入 位置, 成为团队的“建设者”。 安娜· 的问题五花八门,比如大学校园 活动,米可与核心团队决定开展一 博格负责在火车上拍纪录片, 蒂莫· 里是否可以喝酒等,但讨论的目 项较为正式的招募工作。“招募工 艾达赫莫充当摄影师, 亚斯图·塔卡 的不是要找出一个标准答案。” 作从 3 月初持续到 4 月份,我们希 拉为活动编写杂志…… 一群年轻 桑德瑞表示,活动开展得不 望每一个新加入进来的人都能担起 人,怀惴着对遥远中国的向往和对 错, 交流不仅激发了大家的思维, 项目的某一部分责任,而不只是作 上海世博会的期待, 聚到了一起。 还增进了同学间的情谊。 除了小组讨论,师生们还在 火车上看电影、练瑜伽 、玩健身

节火车头、五节卧铺车、一节餐 车、一节会议用车和一节浴室用 车组成,车组人员全部是俄罗斯 人,其中只有一两人会说简单的 英语。“我们只能用肢体语言跟 他们交流, 但相处得非常愉快。” 萨拉笑着回忆说。 核心成员之一桑德瑞·艾维 瑞则用了 “与世隔绝的 美妙时 光” 来形容这段旅程。“在火车 上, 我们的电脑几乎不能上网, 手 机也只能在接近一些城镇的时候

每天只有 才有信号。从莫斯科到中国边境 城市二连浩特的这段路,我们就 像与世隔绝了一样。不过, 火车上 的活动太多了,以至于很多人都 不想回车厢睡觉。” 桑德瑞说,阿尔托大学是由 芬兰最顶尖的三所大学于去年合 并而成的,大部分学生在上火车 之前都彼此不认识。因此, 在火车 上开展活动,促进三所学校的学 生相互融合, 形成新的“阿尔托精 神”也是这次旅行的重要目的。

考试带到火车上 还开一个汉语班 游戏……喜欢音乐的几 名学生 还临时组建起一支乐队,每天在 火车上为大家现场表演。此外 , 火车上还有一个汉语班,赶在抵 达中国之前,教大家说一些简单 的汉语。 有意思的是,由于师生们出

—芬兰埃斯波市高科技园区 “ 世博·家”探访上海姐妹城市—— 晨报

真的高科技总是考虑人 的需求 在火车旁兴奋地拍照


■芬兰馆 小手机实现大 娱乐 ■芬兰 骑车也可以为 手机充电 科技探访的第一站,世博 家庭 来到了上海世博会芬兰馆为其推荐 的诺基亚公司总部。 三座现代化大厦连为一 体,坐 落在静静的湖边,诺基亚 总部不像 想象中的犀利前卫,却有 种与自然 亲近的随和。 之所以选择诺基亚作为 探访 地,是因为芬兰馆里有 一个用 204 个诺基亚手机组成的电子互动艺术 墙,每天都能吸引大批世 博游客驻 足观看。按动位于中央的相机触摸 屏上的拍照按钮,相机就 会拍下游 客的 5 张快照。随后,快照将被传 送到艺术墙的各个手机屏上,由少 由内及外。最后,游客的头像 变多, 将占据所有的手机屏,组 成满满的 一面个人头像墙。 参观诺基亚总部之前,世 博家 庭告诉记者,他们希望了 解这个手 机巨人对手机发展趋势 的预估,以 及诺基亚将如何应对未来挑战。果 媒体 在诺基亚总部的展示厅里, 然, 服务部专员 James Etheridge 和 同事向世博家庭展示了诺基亚各个 系列的最新研发成果。从便于随时 收发电子信件、提供 Ovi 地图服务 的商务手机,到下载音乐、拍照、拍 DV、看电影、玩游戏的全能娱乐手

火车驶入蒙古国后,考试就改为 使用乌兰巴托时间。 与学校里的考试一样,火车 上的考试也不允许迟到、不允许 在考试期间上厕所、考试开始 65 分钟后方可交卷,考生还必须出 示自己的学生证或者 身份证, “验明正身”。 考试结束后,由欧拉把试卷 封存起来,并于 5 月 31 日之前 带回赫尔辛基。对于这样的特殊 考试,学生们笑称, “火车上的阿 尔托”就是要把阿尔托大学的每 岭 责任编辑 秦 一部分都带到火车上。

机充电器,利用自行车轮转动时产 生的动力为手机电池充 电,两周前 刚在肯尼亚等非洲国家 上市。如果 以每小时 15 公里速度 骑行的话, 两个小时就可以为手机 电池充满 电。听完介绍之后,朱文颖连忙问 工作人员是否有在中国 面市的计 “ 中国是自行车大国,很多城市 划: 的人每天都骑自行车上 班。这款可 以边骑自行车边给手机 充电的产 品,如果在中国上市的 话,销售量



□ 诺基亚工作人员现场安

装可通过骑自行车为手 机充电的充电器

■芬兰馆 电梯省掉中央 机房 从诺基亚总部大楼出来 ,步行 两三分钟,就到了芬兰 另一家著名 —成立于 1910 年 10 月 27 企业—— 日的通力电梯的总部大楼。 相对于诺基亚,通力电 梯在中 国人中的知名度稍逊一 筹。但是对 于这次出访芬兰的世博 家庭来说, 通力电梯可一点也不陌 生。因为世 博会芬兰馆里就有一部 通力电梯, 世博家庭成员几次去芬 兰馆探访,




生 送给哈洛宁总统

前右 晨报前天出版的世博

报告 冰 芬


“总统女士,我有一份特别的 芬兰 ”昨日下午, 礼物想要送给您! 里收到了一 总统哈洛宁在“冰壶”

想着芬兰总统 感谢的话

制图 邵 竞

□ 芬兰拉普兰圣诞

老人村 的圣诞老人在办

索要晨报留 我坐过了站 作永久纪念

■芬兰 电梯开门时长 大有学问

加拿大人是心情最放松 不同。比如, 的电梯使用者,英国人 在电梯里就 常常感到焦躁;美国人 是最开心的 电梯使用者,德国人则 是最随和的

使用者。” Liisa 简单说明研究背景之后 , Kivela 重点介绍了对芬兰人和中国

“ 最极端的情况出现 人的调查结果。 乘坐的都是这部电梯。 在芬兰人和法国人身上 。调查结果 “ 听说芬兰馆的通力电梯没有中 表明,芬兰人在乘坐电 梯时是最沉 央机房,为展馆节约了空间,而且智 默寡言的,同为欧洲兄 弟的法国人 噪音小。在芬兰国家馆日那 能化高、 则是最善于交际的电梯 搭乘者。相 我还看到通力电梯为中国小朋友 天, 比之下,东方人比较关 注电梯的安 书 捐赠了一部卡车改 装 的 流 动 图 电梯 全性。新加坡人在调查中 表示, 世博家庭成员朱文颖就 一见面, ” 馆。 中 的安全和轿厢的味道同 样重要; 与通力电梯公司的工作 人员谈起了 国人则永远把电梯的安 全性能放在 “ 通力印象”,这让工作人员 自己的 第一位。” “ 看来你们已经对通力很 大喜过望。 Liisa Kivela 的介绍让 世博家 我都没什么可介绍的了。” 了解了嘛, 庭大开眼界,徐炜和朱 文颖惊叹: 负责接待世博家庭的通 力公司对外 “ 原来小小的电梯里蕴藏 着这么多 传媒总监 Liisa Kivela 笑着说。 这些研究结果对于通 学问啊!那么, 说笑归说笑,这次短暂 的通力 ” 力电梯的产品设计有什么意义呢? 之行还是给世博家庭带 来了不少惊 用性能 来自研发部门的高级使 Liisa Kivela 向世博 喜。午餐期间, 话 专家 Hannu Kuoppala 接 过 了 家庭介绍了通力公司几 年前就各国 “ 我们在全球市场出品的电梯 茬儿: 电梯使用者的喜好倾向 所进行的一 都要具备很好的质量。 但在这个基 “ 这项研究调查非常有 项全球调查。

inside was better than average. »It was not the best. There weren’t so many surprises. But the yard and the sky in Kirnu reminded me of my experiences in Finland.» For a Chinese journalist Finland offers three angles for stories: the beautiful landscape and the slow lifestyle as well as the similarities between the two countries — including the Finnish language, surprisingly. »I didn’t know it originated far from the East.»


…26 日晚, 边呼啸而过的疾风… 带来的一场令 着 4 名“空中飞人”

从罗瓦涅米市区往北, 拉脱维亚国家 不多时 人屏息的精彩表演, 。 就到了圣诞老人村。 并于昨日向游客开放 馆正式开馆, 村口一条粗粗 有独立自建国 的白线赫然躺在地上, 至此,上海世博会所 用芬兰语和 家馆全部开馆。 英语分别写着 的拉 “ 北纬 主题为“科技创新城 66°32′35 市” 区的 C 片区, 〞” “ 、 北极圈”等字样。跨过这 脱维亚馆位于世博园 条 线,就进入了北极圈 与比利时 - 欧盟馆毗邻。 “快乐科 。圣诞老人办 拉脱维亚馆最能体现 莫属: 公室则是一排童话般的尖顶小屋 技”理念的非“垂直风洞机” ,由玻璃制成的 横跨北极圈内外。 位于展馆顶楼的三个 可以在瞬间制造出 “垂直风洞机”, 夏天是拉普兰旅 灯光 公里 / 小时的风速。在舞台 20游淡季, 村里 行 几乎看不到人,像是一座空城。 的配合下,来自拉脱维亚的“飞 直 30 米的高处为 到走进圣诞老人的 员们”,将在离地面 “ 办公楼” ,世 。 游客进行“飞翔表演” 年 博家庭才惊喜地 娟 现 场 图 片 发现, 据了解,该表演曾在 2006 世博记者 钟子 原来人们都 中表演过。而 在办公室门外排 的都灵冬奥会闭幕式 队等待圣诞老人 2 天进行一 接见。淡季已有这么多在世博园区的表演每 人等着见圣 表演时间定在傍晚。 诞老人,不难想象, 次, 当然,到拉脱维亚馆,除了每两 到了旺季圣诞 表演外, 老人该有多忙。 天能看到一次“高空飞翔” 2 楼的 “垂直风洞 大约排了十分钟 游客还能馆内 馆方透露, 后, 中实地体验一番。据 晨报 机” “ 世 的游客可以参 博·家”探访团终于进入每天参观拉脱维亚馆 圣诞老人 戏、回答问题, 的办公室。头戴垂肩红软帽、 与馆内的互动屏幕游 问题的游客中 身穿 红皮袍、脚蹬长筒靴, “馆方每天将在答对 人,他们可以体验风洞机 满头银发、 抽取 200 卷 曲的白胡子垂过腰际, 飞行。” 维亚馆 2 仿佛从童话 在开馆当晚,在拉脱 中走来的圣诞老 人在充满圣诞色 4 位身着白底绿花航 彩的办公室热情相迎。 楼的体验区, 走进风洞,展示了 天服的“飞行员”

—一个圣诞老人和 份意外的礼物—— 装饰盘、一条 海宝亲切握手的水晶 围巾。 织有海宝图案的手工 礼物的是 赠送哈洛宁总统上述 61 号世博家 即将访问芬兰的晨报 、别致的礼物 的强大力量和风洞 庭。看到这两件温馨 “垂直风洞机” 。 有任何保护措 哈洛宁总统爱不释手 后, 体验的巨大魅力:没 要到世博 的作用下逐渐 得知哈洛宁总统昨日 施的他们,在风洞机 晨报 61 的身体在空中 找到类似的。” 园区,即将启程访问芬兰的 腾空,并控制着自己 中国国家馆 □世博家庭徐炜 备了一份特别 哈洛宁同时表示, …… 片 朱文颖跨越北极圈 记 者 钟 子 娟 现 场 图我们 做出各种各样的动作 象, 报 特 派 世 博号世博家庭早早就准 晨“和芬兰 得知晨报世博家 ”们表演 “这个水晶装饰盘是 给自己留下了深刻印 庭来自中国 的礼物, 或许是看到“飞行员 内敛 生活 圣诞老人的故 后, 我给哈洛宁总统 圣诞老人高兴地 为了告诉游客 号世博家庭 朱文颖 馆一样,中国馆也用展示家居 姓的 自己设计的,芬兰是 晨报 发布会最后 得轻松惬意,又或是 用中文说了一 的吉祥物, 那么高难度, 的方式,表现了中国普通老百 馆 一是自己设计的水晶 海宝则是上海世博会 乡, 声 “ 你好!” 送上了礼物 这个游戏没有想象中 海宝亲切握手 心越来越淡 圣诞老人 拉脱维亚首相 生活和 30 年来的变化。两个展 随着年龄的增长 装饰盘用圣诞老人和 装饰盘 在冰壶的背景下 从未有过风洞体验的 道,其中还提到这位 客 这个 冰 中国的友好情 世博家庭成员徐 短时间内摇身 五 湖 四 海 的 宾炜、 有异曲同工之妙。” 圣诞老人 的图案,喻指芬兰和 泊 而今天我却在芬兰馆 “ 入 和海宝携手欢迎 东布罗夫斯基斯竟在 上 朱文颖夫 2 戏太深” 。只见他在 友谊 源远流长 妇赶紧送上专门 怎么都不肯暴露 谊。”朱文颖说。 壶 里被震撼了三次 也象征着两国的 一变成为了“飞行员” , 制作的礼物—— 更是凝结 真实身 震撼 事 缓缓进 — 日 正是芬兰国 另一份礼物海宝围巾 还要到园区参观 第一次是为芬兰馆所 份的趣事。世博 还刻了 月 面 一只圣诞老人和 总 位“高手”的陪伴和指导下, 的围 已有两年的情缘 海宝亲切握手的 现了一次短暂会开幕后, 他又到 了晨报 61 号世博家庭对哈洛宁 实上 我和 冰壶 家馆日 二是家里纯手工制作 是否起 入风洞,并成功地实 芬兰馆助阵。一 芬兰很 水晶装饰盘。朱 “想到芬兰比较冷, 当有记者问及芬兰语 月 我在世博展示中心担 。 来二往,圣诞老人 年 统的美好祝福, 文颖同时介绍说 巾 上面绣了可爱的海宝 的“超低空飞行” 总统幽默地 当时 围巾。围巾上 海的温 : 上 的 扮 演 者 彭 迪·奥 源于东方时,哈洛宁 “冷和圣诞老人握 我们就想到要织一条 任志愿者时 恰好遇到芬兰展 希望海宝围巾能带去 于欧洲大 亚 拉( Pentti 手的 蓝色小人是 图案,还织有 平方米的展 “是的,芬兰语不属 说, 面有一个蓝色的海宝 我就发现 芬兰人将 暖 Ojala)与记者结成了好朋友。 上海世博会的吉 甚至远东传来 而那个小小的 的字样,是我妈妈 后 说了 语系,而是从东方、 祥物,它叫海宝 ‘E X PO 2010’ 区布置得很有特色 哈洛宁总统接过礼物 听说 所以,虽 。 晨报 般 大小 今天 这个水晶盘我们 这句话让 围巾刚刚织好就赶上 “ 世博·家”探访团要去拉普 的,据说是通古斯语系。 巧得很, 非常好 织的, 冰壶模型犹如白玉碗 句 只送出了两份, 但你可能会 了。” 我发现 环保 一 时 想着 以至 然你听不懂芬兰语, 兰,奥亚拉盛情邀请 哈洛宁总统来世博园 又置身芬兰馆中 份给你, 我在回家的路上还不 们本来就是 另外一份送给了 芬兰总统 的礼物, 我 记者和世博家 游 客的灵感 感觉很亲切,因为我 看到这两件匠心独运 高科技等激发着每个 于坐地铁坐过了站 庭到自己工作的地方 。她开心地捧 总 统 所 震 撼 哈洛宁女士。” 震撼 在 亲戚。” “ 圣诞公园” 第二次是为芬兰 哈洛宁总统非常高兴 第三次是为晨报人所 月 25 日 抵 了影,并向周 者问时的从 记 会了记者的 答 ( 老朋友见面,分外热情。简要 体 哈洛宁总统是 本 回 Santa 在 统 总 起水晶盘与朱文颖合 Park)作客。 听闻此言,圣诞 哈洛宁 期6 芬兰国家馆日我真的 的 老人非常高 “看,这就是芬兰的 还需要极快 深深打动了在场 达北京,并开始对中国进行为 介绍圣诞公园的情况后, 围的人介绍说, 除了要妙笔生花 容 智慧 幽默 辛劳 正巧,晨报 老人的 表示,在世博 记者则拿出准备 哈洛宁 兴。 “ 世博·家”探访 奥亚拉便 天的访问的。哈洛宁 圣诞老人!芬兰是圣诞 标志, 每个人 而在介绍芬兰人时 — 的反应和绝佳的体力 好的报纸—— 让记者亲自体验。 自己将飞回 男人很一份晨报出版的 团导游是曾经在 园的活动结束之后, 故乡!” 圣诞公园做过兼 总统说 芬兰的女人很健谈 上海世博会芬兰 席胡锦涛会 哈洛宁总统再次 “ 不是还没开业 北京,与中国国家主 走出“冰壶”, 职的中国留学生 国家馆日专辑 —晨 60 周年招待 吗, 怎么体 ,对圣诞公园了 《冰 的礼物—— “结果很多人都 芬”》和一份 面,并出席中芬建交 基到上海来看世博, 收到一份与晨报有关 验?”记者正在纳闷, 日谈”》的报 如指掌。他告诉记者, 去年出版的关于 世博报告 《冰 兰师生观博专列“十 北欧神话中 会。 不相信。 圣诞公园与 圣诞老人访华的 报前天出版的 让 哈洛 地道 著名的 圣诞老人村相距 “ 冰雪公主”已来到身边, 道送给哈洛宁总统。 短暂的世博之行似乎 “没关系,如果再有人不相信 《 》。而这次送礼的人是个 世博报告》。 “芬” 图 行的新闻 两公里,是圣诞 博 何雯亚 表示,以后自 故事,总统就 巧合的是,在之前进 —坐火车来上海观 宁意犹未尽。哈洛宁 我们坐火车来上海的 邀请我们参观她的冰雪宫殿。 的芬兰小伙—— 这 , 迷的另一处必访 的报道 虽然不懂中文, ,以便更全 哈洛宁总统特别提到 莫·艾达赫莫。 之地。这个围绕 发布会上, 高空飞翔 但是看到报纸 己还要再次入园参观 可以给他看 《新闻晨报》 的阿尔托大学学生蒂 拉脱维亚首相体验 “不过 告诉中国朋友 会, 原来,为了迎接晨报 芬兰馆出 圣诞节而设置的 上芬兰总统哈洛 次访问中国,她多次 深入地了解上海世博 面、 了。”蒂莫笑着说。 原来,蒂莫一直守在 主题乐园建在一 “ 世博· 宁的头像和圣诞 火车从赫尔辛 馆,可能会特 统合影, 家” 有一帮芬兰大学生坐 探访团, 座小山岗的地下 我还没有想好去哪些 希望能找到机会与总 老人的大幅照片, 口处, 圣诞公园特地开 ,芬 ,故又称圣诞老 显竞争态势 圣诞老人开心极 别关注与芬兰馆有明 并把印有 《从赫尔辛基到上海 个 “ 晨报专场”!冰雪宫殿、 了一 人地洞。 了,摸着白胡子说: 魔术列 的展馆。” “ 原来我在中

不同国家的人 趣。最后的结果显示, 样 乘坐电梯时的精神 状 态 是 不 一 的,对电梯服务的关注 角度也很是


成为他们的一分子 一觉醒来 列 车已开进上海 昨夜的狂欢已然 落幕 桑德瑞的一句话却仍然 回 响耳旁 火车上的阿尔托 的确 是个很独特的活动 但在阿尔托 大学 它只是 之一

全部开馆 所有自建国家馆已

■ “ 官方版”圣诞老人 世博记者 张

了开幕仪式并致辞。 摩·波宏 随后,芬兰艺术家奇 林笛 “东西结 那和中国艺术家

表演。 下午 3 时许,在参观完芬兰馆 “冰壶” 后,哈洛宁总统在芬兰馆 。 三楼的 V IP 区域召开新闻发布会 ,不仅 期间,哈洛宁总统兴致很高 而谈,还主动 就此次中国之行侃侃 交流时间。 延长了与中国记者的 “冰壶” 是芬兰 哈洛宁表示, 续发展的典 现代建筑设计和可持 欢。” “希望参观者都能喜 范, 示,哈洛 对于芬兰馆的内部展 “芬兰馆 定, 宁也给予了充分的肯 生活是最能 二楼展示的芬兰家居 ,那里展示的 代表芬兰特色的部分 能 生活用品,在我们每个人家里都

星期三 执行编辑 吴 志浩


行驶在苍茫的夜 色中 月将再来世博 精力过剩的年轻人终于 渐渐安静 园 下来 各自睡去 我开始庆幸能与

在家 招待上海朋友

闭上眼睛,感受从耳 在办公室接 见各方来客 张开双臂, 随

分,芬兰国 昨天上午 10 点 30 博中心绿厅 家馆日开幕仪式在世 席 正式举行。哈洛宁总统和万钢出

肯定不错。” 由于这个展示厅主要用 于向 VIP 客人介绍诺基亚的最新 成果, 所以布置重点都放在了 新款手机 的展示上。直到快离开 时,世博家 庭才惊喜地发现,展示厅的门厅部 分实际上诺基亚手机的 历史展示


平素积累的 他们中的一


点了 对不起


作演绎了 合”,用手风琴和琵琶合 ,拉开了芬兰 一曲《比遥远更远》 序幕。 国家馆日文化活动的 音 乐 剧《 诽 此 外 ,芬 兰 热 门 兰国 家芭蕾舞 闻 绯 闻 》剧 组 、芬 上进行了节选 团也在开幕仪式

毋庸置疑的是 经验起了很大作用

些人 大学还未毕业就已拥有 一 到两家公司 又有另一些人 会讲 多国语言 有与总统 外长接触的 经历 可想而知 当这样一群人 为了一个共同的梦想而 聚到一起

时 会爆发出多么大的力量 于 是 也就无怪乎 每个人都觉得不 责任编辑 秦 岭 可思议 每个人又都认为志在必 得

许多世博信息,从西班牙到芬 兰 留学的马德里小伙子何塞就提 前 规划好了观博路线: “我们 27 日 去参加芬兰馆国家馆日 活动,所 以芬兰馆肯定有机会看的。中 国 馆、西班牙馆也一定要去,还有马 德里案例馆,那里要展出我们 马 德里的竹屋。” 说完自己的计划后,憨态可 掬的何塞还兴奋地向记者介绍 起 家乡馆来: “你知道吗,西班牙馆 里的‘小米宝宝’是专 门为上海 世博会设计的哦!”

等于没到过芬兰 去拉普兰不 晋 见 圣诞老人 探访团一行从芬 兰首都 赫尔辛基飞抵拉 在这个世界上唯 普兰省 一建在 北极圈上的省会 庭最 重 要 的 一 项 城市 晨报世博家 活 动 自 然 就馆 拉脱维亚开 是去圣诞老人村 诞老人 拜访 而在 8 月酷暑之际 验 首相上阵体 今年 5 月坐镇芬兰馆的正 在 家 中 消 夏 的 圣 到世博园 也许能为大家带 圣诞老 人将再次来 来一股 清凉的北欧之风


。正在中 昨日是芬兰国家馆日 洛宁出席了 国访问的芬兰总统哈 并在中国科技部 当天的开幕仪式, 观了中国馆、 部长万钢的陪同下参 芬兰馆。 哈洛宁表示,中国已成为芬兰 伙伴,也是芬 在亚洲的第一大贸易 “今 易伙伴, 兰在全球的第四大贸 60 周年,很高兴 年恰逢中芬建交 海世博会,继 看到芬兰通过参与上 。” 续加强与中国的合作

与俄罗斯车长 列车员合影

“ 你看,这是我爸以前用过的 台。 大哥大,砖头那么大!”看着这 些 “ 老爷爷”手机,世博 家庭才忽然 “ 科技前进的步伐真是快 得 感叹, 惊人啊!”

尔托’还要不可思议的地方啊!” 快到上海了,师生们对于上 海世博会的期待显然也 愈加强 烈。得知记者每天都在世博园区 工作后,一群学生便围上来问 个 不停。不过,大部分人对于世 博 会似乎还没有做好功课。当听说 有的热门场馆需要排队两三个小 时才能进入时,他们睁大眼睛 望 着记者说: “这样的话,根本不可 能在一天之内看完所有展馆 啊!” 也有同学在出发前就收集了

晨报 世博 家 探访芬 兰圣诞老人村


告 学生送晨报世博报 到了芬兰不洗桑 拿 海宝围巾 观博芬兰 等于没去过拉普 兰 馆竞争的展馆 日前 晨报 世博 家 会特别关注与芬兰 首府罗瓦涅米

号世博家 晨报 园区 芬兰总统称还要到


直接的采访显然得不到回 答 因为他们大都觉得只是 想到 了 然后就做了 虽然大部分人第 一次听到米可的梦想时 也是大 呼 不可思议 但是 没有人认为 这是个不可能完成的任 务 相反 每一个分享了米可梦想 的人都积 极地出谋划策 与他一起披荆斩 棘 建网站 办杂志 游说企业 对 话外长 一个分工明晰的团队 在很短的时间内组建起 来 并朝 着目标步步逼近

酷 暑专辑


老人 连收上海礼 揭幕芬兰馆日 总统

钟 子娟

努力 把一项需要 万欧元 近 乎天方夜谭的项目变成 现实 在 与他们的接触中 我尝试寻找答 案

一分钟的西伯利亚旷野景致。” 内蒙古二连浩特。 当地时间 5 月 19 日清晨,列 由于俄罗斯私人专列不能驶 车途经贝加尔湖。此时的贝加 尔 入中国境内,师生们在二连浩 特 湖仍在冰下沉睡,远山上的积 雪 换乘两辆旅游大巴, 开往北京。没 还未融化。随着太阳从地平线 下 想到,在旅游大巴上,师生们经历 升起,天边顿时呈现出五彩霞光。 了这次旅行中的最大的 一次意 虽然来自“千湖之国”,芬兰青年 外,导致晚点约 10 小时才抵达北 显然还是被眼前的壮观景象所 震 京。 慑,庆幸自己早起而没有错过 这 “一开始是司机走错了路,不 场美景。后来, 他们在网络日志上 得不调头往回开了百十公里。 后 写下“令人窒息的美”,把这次贝 来,其中一辆汽车又出现了故障。 加尔湖日出列为 “截至目前旅途 当时是晚上 11 点,我们被卡在路 中的最大亮点”。 上等了 3 个小时,车修好了才能 告别贝加尔湖一天之后 ,列 又上路。”米可告诉记者, “整个 车抵达蒙古国首都乌兰巴托。 师 过程让人疲惫不堪,但没有一 个 生们下车进行了 “乌兰巴托一日 人抱怨。”对于同伴们的包容,米 游”。 可觉得很欣喜。他说: “很多人走 之后,列车于北京时间 21 日 下车去呼吸新鲜空气,还有人 在 上午 9 点半,驶抵中国边境城市、 车子外面复习汉语呢!”

中国动车让人叹 上海世博惹人盼

简短交流后,师生们于 22 日晚坐 动车前往终点站上海。一上动车, 车厢内整洁的环境、先进的设 施 星期五 就引起了师生们的阵阵惊叹: “这 道权 执行编辑 李 比欧洲的火车还要好呢!” 许多学生还好奇地向记者打 听,上海磁悬浮列车的时速最 高 可达多少公里,北京到上海的 高 铁什么时候开通。当听说高铁 开 通后,从北京到上海只需 5 个钟 头时,他们眼里惊讶的表情似 乎 晨报特派世博记 者 钟 子娟 在说: “中国是个比‘火车上的阿

大 年的手机品牌不仅自身 拥 有 了 一 是诺基亚 这个在中国市场耕耘多 北欧小国何以 一提到芬兰企业 许多中国人第一反应便 禁 要 问 一 个 只 有 530 万 人 口 的 形象在中国深入人心 许 多 人 不 成 批忠实拥趸 也让芬兰的 科技强国 埃斯波市的高科技园区 探访芬兰的高科技企业 参观位于上海姐妹城市 具有如此强大的科研能 力 鉴于此 为本次 世博 家 活动的重要内容 庭赠水晶装饰盘

机,诺基亚的各项新款产 品让世博 家庭大开眼界。 一种新近面市的自行车 手机 充电器更是引起了朱文 颖的强烈 兴趣。据 Jonne Hirvonen 介绍, 这是一款用自行车动力 充电的手

□ 芬兰馆里没有中央机房 的智能电梯

发时阿尔托大学还有部分课程尚 未结束, 学生们就向老师申请, 在 火车上考试。考试由三年级学生 欧拉·赫尔卡莫主持, 每次考试与 学校里的考试同步进行。不同的 是, 当火车在俄罗斯境内行驶时, 考试时间就使用莫斯科时间;当

实 却并非人人皆能办到 是什么 秘诀 让这群看似内向的年轻 人 在短短半年里 完全凭借自己的

小时 贝加尔湖景最美

由于火车从莫斯科一路向东 穿过了 5 个时区,因此,师生们最 奇妙的经历莫过于每天都要把 时 钟往前拨一个钟头。于是, 有人在 公共信息栏上调皮地贴上字 条—— —“今天没有 20 点了,对不 起”,更有人“惋惜”地说: “我们 每天只有 23 小时。” “到了后来,我们都不知道确 切时间了,只能大概地说,现在到 吃饭时间了。”说起这桩由时差引 发的趣事, 萨克哈哈大笑起来。 时间出现了混乱,空间的美 感却让这群年轻人难以忘怀。 桑 德瑞说: “每次在餐车吃饭,你都 会发现,有人手中拿着刀叉,眼睛 却痴痴望着窗外美景,忘记了 把 饭菜送进嘴里。有的人甚至整 天 整天地坐在窗前,不忍错过哪 怕


有过这样那样天马行 空的想法 广告词不也说吗 年轻 没有什么 不可以 不过 要把梦想化为现


与世隔绝真美妙 车上活动很丰富 赫尔辛基时间 5 月 14 日 18 时 23 分, “火车上的阿尔托”正 式启程。师生们乘坐“托尔斯泰 号” 列车于次日清晨到达莫斯 科。短暂休整之后, 三 星 期他们登上俄 罗斯铁路公司提供的一列私人列 车,于莫斯科时间中午 执 行 编 辑 吴 志 浩12 时 50 岭 分出发, 开往万里之外的中国。 从莫斯科到中国边境的 旅 程, 是“火车上的阿尔托”带给师 生们最独特的一段时光。这列私 人列车是典型的欧式风格,由一

础上,电梯的一些细节 设计就与刚 生 才提到的喜好研究有关了 。比如, 我 产面向中国和新加坡的 电梯时, 红 们通常把紧急通话 的 按 钮 做 成 色,让它十分显眼,并且放在明显的 位置,让人们一上电梯 就能注意到 从而产生一种安全感。俄罗斯 它们, 人不喜欢长时间等待, 所以在俄罗 斯的一些摩天大楼里, 我们都建议 人们 在电梯等待间多装镜子。这样, 就容易不自觉地被镜子 中的自己吸 于是让等待显得更快。而在 引过去, 法国,鉴于法国人善于社交,并且不 我 介意让更多人走进同一 个轿厢, 们就可以把电梯的开门 时长设计得 稍长。但是面向芬兰市 场的电梯就 最好不要这样做,因为 芬兰人很害 羞,与陌生人同处一个 轿厢会让芬 兰人觉得不自在。相反,有时我们还 多装些显示 会考虑在芬兰的电梯里 屏和广告,这样人们就 可以把注意 力集中在电视或者广告 上,不用担

心沉默带来的尴尬。” “ 科技的发展不能只是纯 粹的 技术进步为标尺,而要 考虑到人的 需求,并根据人们的不 同需求设计 出不同的产品,这才是 真正的高科 Liisa Kivela 为芬 技。”探访最后, 兰的高科技作了一个精辟 的概括。


圣诞乐园开 晨报专场

国也这么受欢迎啊!”随后, 他主 动向记者索要报纸, 要把晨报留在 自己的办公室作为永久纪念。

■ “ 世博版”圣诞老人

邀 世博 家 作客地洞 “ 官方版”圣诞老 人对世博 家庭的礼物喜爱 有加, “ 世博版” 圣诞老人则早已 成为晨报的老朋 友。 去年 12 月,应上海世博 会芬 兰馆邀请,圣诞老人到访北京、 都、上海三地,给中国小朋友带 成 来 圣诞祝福。记者曾随访这位 圣诞老 人的成都之行, 并发表了详细报

车、精灵学校……圣 不过,导游一再提醒说 诞公园为晨报 圣诞公 世博家庭准备了全套的体验项目 园正在装修,暂时关闭了, 让世博 , 十足的贵宾待遇。 家庭对这项探访不要报太大希望 总经理兰基宁还 。 邀请记者敲制了 原来,由于淡季游客不 一枚圣诞公园的 多,圣诞乐 纪念币。 园每年只开三个月, 分别是 6 月底 据介绍,这个新的体验项 到 8 月初和 11 月底到 1 月初,其 目原 计划要等到 6 月 余时间都闭门谢客。 28 日开业时才正 今年的夏季乐 式推出。而为了迎接晨报 园定于 6 月 28 日正式开业,世 “ 世博 博 家”探访团,连纪念币敲制器 · 家庭到访时圣诞 公园正在做最后 也提 前 “ 上岗”了。 的装修。 奥亚拉告诉记者, 正说着,车已驶抵圣诞公 冬季是圣诞 园门 公园的旺季,每天的游客数可 口。一个头戴红色尖 顶帽子的精灵 达到 四五千人。临近圣诞节, 忽地从门口一块大石头上跳起, 还时常有 英国等欧洲国家 记者迎入地洞深处。此时, 把 的小朋友组成圣 “ 圣诞 诞旅行团,包专 老人” 奥亚拉和圣诞公 机到圣诞公园 游 园总经理 玩。 “ 希望以后有越来 伊加·兰基宁( Ilkka 越多的中国 Lankinen) 小朋友来圣诞公园, 已在地洞底部等候多时。 他们一定会喜 欢这里的。”奥亚拉说。

公室与 晨报 世博 家 一行合影



去芬兰度蜜月 □ 晨报世博家庭


躺在大床上 仰望玻璃穹顶 漫 天 的 星 光 在 10 月之后 还有极 光 划过天际 喝香 槟 享美食 蒸桑 拿 和爱人相拥 曼妙的感觉 在芬兰北 方小镇列维的山 顶 就有这样的玻璃 房 屋外是森林 天空是屏幕 当地旅 游局负责人还介 绍说 极光对孕育下 一代有益 在这之前 在赫尔辛基的岩 石教 堂或者古老的白 教堂 举行结婚 再合适不过 岩石教堂自然质 仪 式 朴 它 没有一般教堂的 尖顶 钟楼 而是 一 个铜丝围绕的拱 顶搭 建在天然的 岩 石上 独有一番风韵 如果喜欢时尚 赫尔辛基附近的 万塔有着购物街 室内水上乐园 高

尔 夫 还 有 SPA 举行婚礼前 可 以 好好保养一下 如果喜欢运动 可以在南部城市 埃斯波尝试皮划 艇 划累了就去小岛 休息 喝茶 吃点心 在芬兰 所有的小 岛 丛林都免费对公 众开放 如果有兴 趣 还可以采摘路边 的浆果品尝 如果喜欢动物 这里有驯鹿 北 极熊 哈士奇狗 野猪 最有意思 的是看到了羊驼 长得真是 第一 次骑马在森林里 行走 腰背挺直 人 随着马有节奏地 摆动 仿佛变成了中 世纪的骑士 如果喜欢童话 拉普兰有圣诞 村 在北极圈里 拜访可爱 的圣诞 老 人 从圣诞邮局寄出 一封爱 的宣言 离开芬兰的前夜 我和老公开玩笑 说 当初我们蛮好来 芬兰度蜜月的

快乐教育 □ 晨报世博家庭


耍 一方面 让小朋友有安全 感 慢慢 去熟悉新的环境 从小宝呱呱坠地 另一方面 让大人进 开始 看报上 一步考察这个幼 网总会特别关注 儿园是 否真的合适 宝宝的相关信息 此外 小朋友还可以带 而幼儿园则是一 个热 门话题 以 上妈妈的围巾 前 爸爸的照片 自己喜欢的玩具 只知道就业有面 经 现在惊觉幼 等 让幼 儿 儿园有家的感觉 园也有面经 考 颜色 数数 走小 桥 串珠子 再次 所有芬兰 这次探访芬兰幼 幼儿园的老 师 儿园 都有硕士学位 我带着满腹问题 平均一个老师只 园长则亲切诚恳 负 责 7 个学生 不 地解答了我的疑 管是刚满一岁的 惑 小 朋友还是学龄前 首先 芬兰幼儿 儿童 在幼儿园 园没有挑选 儿 里 都会被充分尊重 童的面试 相反 是儿童和家长去 挑 选幼儿园 根据 访谈的一上午 自己的喜好对周 看到小朋友在 边 屋外开心地玩沙 几个幼儿园排序 荡秋千 捉小虫 选择适合自己的 回到屋内 小朋 其次 芬兰幼儿园非常 友都自己换鞋 换上 人性化 干净的衣服 我 在国内 有时看到这样的 问一个胖嘟嘟的 场景 小朋友 小 男孩几岁了 他 一把眼泪一把鼻 害羞地伸出小 涕地被大人拖进 幼儿 摆了个三岁 先培养这些自理 胖 手 园 而在芬兰 有一个 软着陆 即在 能力 还是像国内先会 入园的前六周 学科 知识 仁者 家长可以陪同小 见 朋友 仁智者见智 而最重要的是 一起在幼儿园 看他们吃饭 让每个 睡觉 玩 小朋友都能快乐 成长

Angela’s articles about Finland during the Expo.


composite shingles made by UPM Kymmene from recycled materials were used for Kirnu.




Yrjรถ Sotamaa and the official university cat Alvar were photographed in the Aalto Tongji Design Factory.


Profile OF

YRJÖ SOTAMAA Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Helsinki 25.9.1942 »The best way to predict the future is to design it.» Relationship Status Married Activities / Interests Gardening Favourite Music Ella Fitzgerald, jazz Favourite Books The poems of Pentti Saarikoski Favourite Movies Out of Africa, Casablanca, Rear Window Favourite Artists Giacometti, Anish Kapoor Job Professor in the Aalto and Tongji Universities, Executive Vice Director of the Sino-Finnish Centre at the Tongji University


Ni Bing

Did exactly what

Jaana Partanen

Johan Storgård

The grand old man of Finnish design education, served as President at the University of Art and Design Helsinki from 1986 to 2008. He has had a hand in establishing several major art and design organizations. His latest projects are the Sino-Finnish Centre at Tongji University and the Aalto Tongji Design Factory in Shanghai.

WELCOME TO AALTo TONgJI The Design Factory does things in new ways, Yrjö Sotamaa explains.

Design Factory shows how fast things can happen in China. The first time we discussed the idea of building a joint platform for Aalto and Tongji Universities’ cocreation, interaction and learning was at a dinner party on November 14th, 2009. It took two months to plan and build and we opened the place May 25th, 2010.»


© M I K KO R Y H Ä N E N

» the quick start of the Aalto Tongji

» it’s common to establish such pilot schools in China. The Rector of the Tongji University is a tireless innovator. We have the opportunity to do things in new ways. » » the design factory now has 1,000 square meters of space. The idea is to bring a variety of functions into the same space, and to make it extremely flexible. We intend to take the next floor of the building after one year and the whole house within five years. We have discussed cooperation with people from various countries with an aim to build a space for researchers, exchange students and business cooperation.» » here you can play soccer or ping pong. We want the students to have fun — learning is not just memorizing, it is a passionate experience. We always have windows open to the Otaniemi Design Factory in Finland via video link.»

» this room takes inspiration from the Finnish sauna. The person seated in the front is like the one who throws the water on the rocks, heating up the place mentally.» » in the chinese education system you will receive the best grades if you repeat exactly what the teacher has showed. Student-driven learning is new here. Sometimes Chinese students want to push their ideas and don’t leave any space for group interaction. It can be a challenge.» » for chinese cities,

we can provide comprehensive urban planning. We have a cooperative venture with Nokia, a Chinese bank, a big city and a telecommunications operator. We try to think of the mobility in the city from the perspective of sustainable development.» 33



Al Di came to see Tuomas Toivonen perform at Mao Livehouse.


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AL DI Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship Status

China 11.11. »Let the passion be the destiny.» Single / It’s complicated / In an open relationship Activities / Interests Karaoke, bikerides with Finnish girls Favourite Music Indie rock, heavy metal, jazz Favourite Movies Almost Famous, School of Rock Favourite Television Everybody Loves Raymond Job Concert Promoter, Music Festival Booker, TV Show Host Website


Tuomas Toivonen

Did exactly what

Santa Claus Ni Bing

OLL ROCK’NO’R TY! I R AUTHmake money

How to ic promoter. s a s a mu

#1 Metal is for the Chinese » if i do metal shows, 80 % of the

people are from China. But if I do an indie show 80 % of the people are from the western countries. If I promote heavy metal bands, I’ll spend more time with the Chinese media.»


Famous for his ability to organize successful tours, Al Di’s company Icon Promotions has worked together with numerous Finnish bands such as Stalingrad Cowgirls, Snipe Drive and Ensiferum. He has his own AL D TV television show.


Al Di organized Zhou Qi (above, right) to direct a music video for Finnish band Husky Rescue (above, middle). His favourite Finnish band Stratovarius plays heroic metal. »They’re skillful musicians. The vocalist Timo’s (pic on the left) voice is so high. The bass player, my friend Lauri, is very handsome. I love you Lauri!»

#2 Know your crowd

» i always spend time and communicate with people who come to my shows, so that I know what they care about and which bands are not their cup of tea. The bands that fill venues from city to city in the USA, don’t naturally become famous in Asia. It’s not like that.»

#3 Do some market research » choose the right artist.

Sometimes I choose my favorite artist and later realize they don’t have a market here. It doesn’t make sense to fly over here and play for 100 people.» 37



Tuomas Toivonen is a modern working man and that is exactly who the artwork by Huaihai West Road praises.

AS 39

Profile OF

TUOMAS TOIVONEN Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Helsinki Tuesday Things I like to repeat in my own words, out of their original context Relationship Status Married Activities / Interests Thinking and Doing Favourite Music Music I make and choose Favourite Books Books I write and draw into Favourite Movies Films I want to see or do Favourite Television Ulisse 31, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Suberanai Hanashii Favourite Artists …are friends and teachers Architect Job Website


Martta Louekari


Did exactly what

Knucklebone Oscar

Lin Di


What Helsinki needs from Shanghai and vice versa.


Helsinki « Shanghai » If you’d put together all the Northern European cities you’d get the same mass of people as in Shanghai. There several metro lines can be built in five years. In Helsinki, we have fought 25 years to get 13 more metro stations.» 40

Do you want to talk about urbanism? Architect–performer–artist–DJ–thinker Tuomas Toivonen is the man too meet. Toivonen moderated the Urban Density Dialogue at the Expo’s UN Pavilion and co-organized the Snowball event on Finnish and Chinese Architecture. Toivonen also performed as a solo musical artist at the Shanghai NO+CH festival.

Helsinki » Shanghai » Helsinki is so small you can walk out of the city whenever you want to. It’s crazy! You can take a bus to the Nuuksio forests or to the archipelago. You can’t easily get out of Shanghai.» Helsinki « Shanghai » Don’t even try to plan too much in Shanghai. You just have go through the situations. It’s liberating after Helsinki that things just flow forward.» Helsinki » Shanghai » Helsinki is good at being international. It’s a bit of a boring city for tourists

»In Helsinki it’s closely scripted, what a person can do in certain public spaces — unlike in Shanghai.» but living there isn’t too demanding for foreigners.» Helsinki « Shanghai » The multiple layers of Shanghai are aesthetically exciting: the traditional, the new and the different historical eras. You can easily read this city. Shanghai is less polished than Helsinki. It has complexity over complexity. The city will eat itself and there is no final balance. Change is a sign of vitality.» Helsinki » Shanghai » Helsinki looks like a whole. A big effort is made to make everything seem seamless and consistent in quality. In Shanghai you forget what there was

before, because a new thing is already replacing the old thing.» Helsinki « Shanghai » The way of using the city is different

in Shanghai. The street becomes personal when you see people sleeping on benches and family parties in the park. In Helsinki it’s closely scripted, what a person can do in certain public spaces.»

Helsinki » Shanghai » Our homes in Helsinki have a public

function and the amount of personal space has increased over the years. A hundred years ago it was more common for people in Helsinki to hang out in the streets. In Shanghai people live in close quarters. Home is an extremely private place where you just do your laundry.»

Helsinki ‹› Shanghai ›› You could take a hell of a lot people

from Shanghai to Helsinki. And maybe you could bring some of the easy living from Helsinki to Shanghai.»


The street becomes personal in Shanghai, claims Tuomas Toivonen.



Ren Yuqing banged a gong in his office’s yard.



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任宇清 REN YUQING Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Movies Job Website


Santa Claus

Did exactly what

Mark Bai

Lin Di

JAZZ GOES CHI King of jazz Ren Yuqing loves quality, quality and quality.


» the stupid finnish heavy metalists are humorous,» Ren Yuqing grins at his office. Our mistake. We shouldn’t have asked the king of Shanghai’s jazz scene about other Finnish music than jazz. He’s the founder of Shanghai’s JZ school and jazz club and the JZ International Music Festival. Ren’s employees run around making phone calls and writing emails like maniacs. They have a big festival to organize. The boss keeps his calm. There is something gangster-like in Ren’s 44

Shanghai 1975 »Feel free.» Clubs & festivals Quality jazz The Godfather Manager of JZ Club,,

The founder of the distinguished JZ school and jazz club wants to make jazz the sound of Shanghai. His first club opened in 2004, the school two years later and his jazz festival is growing year by year. Finnish jazz artists The Five Corners Quintet and Verneri Pohjola performed in Ren’s club in Shanghai.

appearance. He mumbles like Marlon Brando in his favourite film The Godfather and still everybody listens. Ren keeps repeating three words: Quality, quality and quality. The former bass player of the rock band Shi Tou has a goal. He wants to make jazz the signature music of Shanghai — the music of the city’s soul. A lot has to be done before that is achieved. After the 1950’s the Chinese jazz scene was silenced for 20 years, and the new scene has been slow to grow. Ren would love to hear something unique and not just the copying of classics. Some dare to bring their Chinese roots to their tunes, he mentions. »It’s not the Finnishness. We are all jazz.»


© M I K KO R Y H Ä N E N

1. Vodka … »Finns drink strong spirits.» 2. Weather … »All the day in the summer and all the night in the winter.» 3. Personalities … »When you hear the Finnish jazz players, you smell the cold.»


A nice selection of bongo drums is waiting for the next day on a regular evening in Ren’s office. They also waited for him in 2009, when Ren visited the Pori Jazz Festival.

Improvisation in jazz is similar to the 5,000-year old traditional way of playing, Ren feels. »They were following the chi.» So one could go as far as say that the Chinese invented jazz thousands of years before America was even found. But because we are Finnish we still really want to know what others think of us, so Ren makes a list of the features of Finnish jazz. Nonetheless, he grunts that nationality is not an important issue. »It’s not the Finnishness. We are all jazz.»


concerts were organized in China as part of Finland’s cultural program related to the Shanghai Expo.




Pekka Toivanen took a break from lecturing and leaned on a Finnish classic, the Finlandia Hall.


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PEKKA TOIVANEN Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

I live in the middle of a forest March 24th »Encourage, don’t depress.» I saw this in a dusty smoke-filled office in a used car shop, decorated with posters of pin up girls, American cars, and Michelin tyres. This note taped on the office door was fantastic — you should always encourage and share good spirit! Relationship status Married and engaged with two small children Activities / Interests Catching my daughter (2 years), she thinks she can fly. And my son is a devoted Spider-Man fan so he can surely climb up trees, bookshelves etc. Football on two late nights a week in the suburb of Espoo and forest walks with my dog, who is a half-wolf. Sauna at least once a week! U2 Favourite Music Mikhail Bulgakov: The Master Favourite Books and Margarita, Marguerite Duras: La Douleur Favourite Movies Woody Allen: The Sleeper Favourite Television No television, please James Turrell, Nina Roos, Gerhard Favourite Artists Richter, Anish Kapoor Job Managing creativity, inspiring people, problem solving, reaching the unexpected Website


Teemu Kurkela

Did exactly what

Kari Karppinen



Design studio Muotohiomo were joint winners in the competition to design Kirnu’s exhibition. Pekka Toivanen led Muotohiomo’s part of the project in Shanghai. »Maybe this was the process that tested whether our experience accounts to anything and our team is up to intuitive decision-making — it was,» he says of the experience.


The Art Director of this book Pekka Toivonen (Kasino Creative Studio, left) had a chat with Kirnu’s exhibition designer Pekka Toivanen (Muotohiomo, right). Mix it up!

So. How long was the process? Must have taken a while...

A year. At times it felt like a lightyear and at times like a bolt of lightning. Shanghai Expo was not like a train running according to schedule, it was a rollercoaster, which had an unkown route and only the final station and schedule were known.

How was the collaboration with the Chinese — was there any?

Of course there was. In the early stages we recruited Chinese designer Jing Jiang. This project was a great shower of »Chineseness», about how many things can be done at once even if you don’t quite understand what is being done — and things get done!

Did it all go as planned?

In the early stages there was an eager plan to make a large 3D-animation, which we opposed like mad, because we didn’t think the idea was Finnish, not in the scope of the production’s budget or in a realistic schedule. In the end it wasn’t done because our client, Finpro, realised this too. Then we started hearing that all the other pavilions had done some 3D-thing, and the client was really proud they hadn’t.

The worst compromise?

That the exhibition design had to be divided between two completely different concepts and teams — Muotohiomo and the Kuopio team (Partanen & Lamusuo Partnership). The result would have been better and more clear if the client hadn’t compromised.

Would you slip something from Chinese to Finnish design?

Trust in your own starting point and culture. Chinese designers and artists are in a strong dialogue with themselves and their own cultural context.

What was THE craziest thing that happened in China?

A group of wild monkeys grabbed my ankles in the Chinese countryside, in the mountains!

Wowza! Ok, time’s up. When will we go for a beer?

The best place for beer was the street grill at 4 am in front of our hotel Urb. Ice cold Chinese beer was served to the pavement, where we sat on three-legged stools in the shadow of soft and thick Mangolia branches… We’ll go for a beer as soon as we meet!




Pan Jianfeng hears the sound of crickets in his countryside house near the Songjiang University Town.


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潘剑锋 PAN JIANFENG Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Artists Job Website

Zhejiang Rui An 18.11.1973 Married Fish breeding, the sound of the nature Takashi Murakami Between a designer and an artist


Did exactly what

Teemu Kurkela

This Chinese visual artist works with painting, porcelain, design, video installations and animation. Pan was in artist residency in Helsinki in February 2010 as a guest of the Greater Helsinki Promotion’s Invitation to Helsinki program and Helsinki International Artist-inresidence Programme.

Lou Yongqi

Ni Bing



Collaborations sparked during artist Pan Jianfeng’s residency in Helsinki.

A > Belly Dance

© PA N J I A N F E N G & T U O M A S L A I T I N E N

The video with Tuomas Laitinen is one of the videos Pan filmed in Helsinki. The video shows three hairy bellies dancing. »It’s fat moving. In China a big belly means you’re rich but in Western countries it means you’re not healthy.» B > HÄ? — Finnish-Chinese Visual Dictionary

Kasino Creative Studio brought the Chinese language to the Finnish landscape in its visual dictionary. Pan designed the characters, the largest of which was cow-sized (and meant »cow» in Chinese). The images were 52

Belly moving, belly moving... The body is the key element in Pan’s and Tuomas Laitinen’s art flick.


In the collaboration between Pan and Kasino Creative Studio, this cow blossomed to pose like in a glossy fashion title.

exhibited in the Finnish Pavilion, the 2010 International Calligraphy Art Festival Hangzhou, Helsinki Design Week as well as Shanghai’s City Festival and NO+CH Festival. »I was very impressed by the color tones captured in the images. People loved them!» C > Wonderful

Nature pendants Pan painted pendants Bamboo and Fenlan for the Finnish jewelry collection Kaipaus. »In the wintertime the city is black and white just like in Chinese ink paintings.»


© K A S I N O C R E AT I V E S T U D I O


a big rock. The Chinese character of Finland is made from two old masterpieces. I put them together to create a new design. The colour light-blue is like Finland to me.» F > Helsinki Nights logo

The Helsinki Nights mobile club moved around Shanghai. Pan designed the logo. »I noticed that Helsinki means double red or double flame in Chinese.»

D > My Helsinki

Pan captured the sights on the snowy highway or on a ferry trip through the icy sea. »I painted a lot of everyday life in Helsinki.» E > Chinese Sign for Kirnu

© PA N J I A N F E N G

Pan got acquainted with the Finnish Pavilion’s architect Teemu Kurkela. He asked Pan to make a sign for the pavilion. »I noticed the small stones around Kirnu and thought that the sign had to be part of the environment. So I bought 53


KARI Kari Karppinen was photographed in the Vallila industrial area, where his company Durat has its showroom.



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KARI KARPPINEN Hometown Turku Birthday 19.12.1951 Activities / Interests Running, tennis, books, skiing and Durat Jimi Hendrix Favourite Music Favourite Books Mika Waltari Favourite Movies Milos Forman films Favourite Television The news Favourite Artists Picasso Job Managing Director of Durat Website


Did exactly what

Mikko Punakivi

Ni Bing

Durat was a partner and sponsor of Finland’s Expo-project. Karppinen’s company also opened showroom in Shanghai during the design Snowball seminar. Durat has also had a locally run facility in Ganzhou, China since 2008. Durat is a 100% recyclable surface material used in bathrooms and kitchens.


FINLAND NEEDS VISIBILITY » i hope kirnu stays in China as a permanent building for friendship and collaboration between Finland and China. We need to be visible in China and this great creation would be a perfect place to meet, do business, show products and exhibit art. China is an opportunity for Finland and Kirnu is an opportunity to create a steady base for cooperation between Finland and China.» 56

As a businessman with close ties to China, Kari Karppinen believes Finland needs a constant presence in the country. Kirnu would be perfect for the role.



NS 3 LESSOpinen

rp Kari Ka doing n has bee China s in busines years. for 10


» invest in people and friendship. It is a path of building collaboration and trust with patience. That can take a longer or shorter while, but it is important.»


» a reliable chinese business partner is important. One can be found by following lesson number one.»


» your own product has to be good and ready for the market. There is much competition so your concept must be clear. The brand is important and should be invested in, because in China they really understand its significance. The locals are creating better and better brands themselves now as well as investing in or buying foreign brands.»

The Snowball events caught the attention of the Chinese media. This clip is from the Design Snowball during which Durat’s Shanghai showroom was opened. The Design Snowball was chosen as the Most Creative Design Event of the Year 2009 by Surface Magazine.



Kristal Li was photographed under the trees of FinChi.





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李红 KRISTAL LI Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Movies Job Website

Dalian 5.4. »Knowledge drives the future.» Married Movies, sports, traveling Pop & jazz Alice in Wonderland Farewell My Concubine General Manager


Matti Teemu Hämäläinen Kurkela

Did exactly what

Ann Zhang

AYS THREEi W lp he s. FinCh

A OFFICERENTAL many finnish companies have stayed in FinChi for 1–2 years and after that stand on their own feet. The lock manufacturer Abloy had their office in Finchi for two years during their registration process. 60

The general manager of FinChi since the beginning of the organisation 2005. Kristal Li is dedicated to assisting Finnish companies establish networks in the Chinese market. She has studied enterpreneur management in Canada.

B HELPINHIRING finchi can help companies hire the right Chinese people. They helped gather the whole Shanghai team for Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

C MONEYFLOW during the transition period the company can’t have a bank account in China. FinChi can pay on behalf of the client. It’s a low risk operation for both parties.


companies were involved in the design side of things in Kirnu, both on the VIP-floor and in the exhibition.


FinChi? A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Finnish high-tech companies in entering and expanding in China. Established by the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry together with Finpro and Tekes. Shanghai FinChi Innovation Center is located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. The companies can start their Chinese operation in FinChi to ease the registration and transition.



Freeman took a mid-day walk around the block near CTRL’s showroom and offices in Punavuori, Helsinki.





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FREEMAN Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Activities / Interests

Helsinki 14.8.1975 In a relationship The internet, art around, exotic everything, snow Favourite Music Favourite Books Vincent Gallo 1962–1999 Favourite Movies Zerkalo, Blade Runner, Groundhog Day Favourite Television All Attenborough, Bored to Death, Eastbound and Down Warhol, David Shrigley, Vincent Favourite Artists Gallo, Olafur Eliasson, Man Ray Job Art Director / Fashion Designer Website


Did exactly what

Yrjö Sotamaa

Streetwear brand CTRL was founded in 1995 and Freeman is its founder, art director, designer, marketer and all-round guy-in-charge. CTRL is now a staple of any self-respecting retailer of t-shirts with credible prints, hoodies, denim and shirts. In Shanghai Freeman exhibited works familiar from CTRL clothes.

Tuomas Toivonen

Ni Bing

OUT OF CONTROL Freeman put the Finnish street to the Shanghai wall.

OUT / 1 What’s the deal with the Shanghai exhibition you had at the The Source gallery space?

» it all started from a meeting with Jani Joenniemi, and the idea was to do a kind of retrospective installation of the the last ten years of CTRL in the form of printed artwork. And it came out pretty nice indeed. 64

Invitation to hip heaven.

Some of the Chinese visitors even got the subliminal jokes about the Swedes hidden in the artworks. The overall look and feel of the exhibition on opening night was pretty much the same as it would’ve been in Finland except everybody had black hair.»

OF / 2 What’s the chinese scene like from CTRL’s perspective? Do they have stuff sorted?

» the scene in china is really challenging, since the whole culture of small contemporary street-related fashion labels has just started and the audience has not gone through the same school of life as we have in the western culture. Therefore it’s the local brands that own the scene there, and it could all develop into something new and unique.»

»If you build it, they will come.» CTRL used their full Hel-freezin’ street-cred together with the vivid graphic style for the invasion of The Source gallery in Shanghai.

CONTROL / 3 Was all the stuff on the exhibition walls designed for clothes?

» some have been designed prima-

rily for clothes, yeah. But basically everything has been designed with traditional poster art in mind. We just had a similar exhibition in Berlin and Stuttgart, and next in Hong Kong.» 65



Li Zhenhua was hanging around in his friend’s studios in the M50 Creative Garden in Shanghai.


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李振华 LI ZHENHUA Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Movies Favourite Artists Job Website


Ni Bing

Beijing 1975 »Let’s go home?» Art shows, concerts and films Mongolian folk, ambient, new composing stuff Jack Weatherford: Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World 1930’s Chinese and some Japanese and Spanish films Mika Taanila, Luc Tuymans, Stelarc, Yang Fudong, Wang Jianwei, Qiu Zhijie Curator

Did exactly what

Johanna Eiramo

Teemu Kurkela

A former chef who got into the gallery business and started curating. He is also a multimedia artist, photographer and designer. As a curator he has introduced the world to the work of emerging Chinese filmmakers. He lives in Beijing and Zürich but will work in Finland in the winter of 2011.



ART IS NOT PROMOTION Art curator Li Zhenhua says the Expo was too big for art.

Q > How’s life? »Life flies by very fast.

I’m turning 35 in three weeks. I’m old! I never thought of myself being 30 but when the day came I was like: Shit!» Q > You visited Finland as a partici-

pant of the Invitation to Helsinki program 2010. What interests you in the Finnish art scene? »The his-


tory of the Finnish culture and the Russian culture. For me it’s interesting to see what elements structure the culture. And I had heard a lot about Kiasma (The Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki) as a media art space, but when I got to Helsinki they had turned the space more into a contemporary art space. The works there where good but for me contemporary art is not special. We are losing the point of communication by focusing on contemporary art. It would be special if people were more updated with more updated media.»

Li’s colleague, famed artist Hu Jie Ming chopping a huge grapefruit for us. Delicious like art!

Q > You’ll move to the island of

Suomenlinna in Helsinki for the winter of 2011. What are your expectations? »I’m waiting for the long night. It quite attracts me to be in a situation where you’ve never been before. And we are going to talk a lot about future projects in Finland with the curators. How are we going to work together to bring Finnish artists to China and vice versa? And create something real. What can I learn from you? We really need more time to know who you are and what kind of background you have. Maybe then I can make a point of what kind of life I could have with you.»

© M I K KO R Y H Ä N E N

»We are overloaded with everything. Overloaded with culture and pleasure. What happens afterwards?»

Q > You interviewed Finnish film

maker Mika Taanila. What makes an artist special? »Today it doesn’t matter if you are a contemporary artist or not but you have to be truthful to yourself. Do you really have the question? If you make art you have to have your question.»

Q > Is there something wrong with the business-orientation of the art world? »Everybody thinks they have to act this way. Chinese want to sell their product in Finland and Finnish their products in China. It’s a little pathetic if everything is driven by business. We are still human. We have others ways of dealing with each other. Maybe we can start to swap things. I give you my art work and you give me yours. For me it’s interesting to be independent and survive in this kind of society.»

Q > Were the exhibitions in the

Expo successful from your point of view? »Oh yes. Super success! Hahahahaha.»

Q > I mean the art exhibited there.

»There is no art in the Expo. There’s only one grand ideology called promotion. So of course it was successful but there was no individual voice, which is a problem. If it would have been a party, I would have had nothing to say there. It’s too big and the people are too drunk and the music is too good. It’s hard to speak.» Q > Is there going to be a hangover in

Shanghai? »Oh yeah, for everybody, I think. We are overloaded with everything. Overloaded with culture and pleasure. What happens afterwards? We need a bigger party to fulfil the need. It’s getting dangerous and hard to please people.»

Q > It can’t get any bigger. »Yeah.

Every country promoted themselves by showing the picture the Chinese already had of them. I know many people from the pavilions who handle cultural programs. They have no money for culture but they have money for bringing the traditional stuff. They have no money to get the local people here involved.» 69

Teemu Kurkela was photographed in the bushes next to JKMM’s office in Kamppi, Helsinki.





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TEEMU KURKELA Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship Status

Helsinki 5.8.1966 »Happiness comes from within.» In a relationship with Jenni Erkintalo Activities / Interests Sailing, wooden boats, ashtanga, meditation Favourite Music Silence… Favourite Books Italo Calvino: Invisible Cities Job Architect / CEO, JKMM Architects; Professor of Public Building Design, School of Architecture, Aalto University Website


Pekka Toivanen

Pan Jianfeng

THE MOST FAMOUS FINN Kirnu was at the centre of Finland’s operations at the Shanghai Expo. ALL T AB O U U KIRN

Finding inspiration: »When I was working on the Kirnu design, I rented a small island near Helsinki. This is possible in Finland because we have thousands of islands. So, I quieted down and observed, drawing inspiration from nature like all Finnish people do when they go to their summer cottages.» 72

As the main architect of the Finnish Pavilion aka Kirnu, Teemu Kurkela has been very central to Finland’s presence at the Shanghai Expo. Kirnu has been one of the best known pavilions overall, and that has lead to projects in China for JKMM and Kurkela,who are known as experts at combining technical excellence with innovation.

The Ice Age’s »kirnu» formations: »The cavities that were formed by heavy ice drilling holes in the bedrock gave the shape and name for the Finnish building at the Expo, Kirnu. The hollow space in the centre of the pavilion is a newly created giant’s kettle, where cultural ideas can meet and mix.»


Martta Louekari

Did exactly what

These quotes from Teemu Kurkela are from the Double Happy magazine published in conjunction with the Shanghai Expo in October 2010.




Less and more detailed plans about making the best pavillion in its category.


Adjustment for shingle Stainless steel tube, curved, ca. 50x20, silicon sealant if needed HEIGHT LIMIT FOR BUILDING


+24 700 48

- Primary structure positioning and dimensioning to be confirmed by structural design - Shingle positioning (overlap, height, frame position etc.) according to shingle detail drawings

Facade surface limit line, current place in the architectural model 199

Dimension variation between 220...290 according to shingle facade design

PVC water proofing material +24 400



Wool roofing, inclination 3% Rs1



+23 700







+23 700

EXTERNAL WALL STRUCTURE Es1 60 20 1,5 80 1,5 ---100

Shingle facade, from outside (++) to inside (+) Surface cladding, wood-plastic composite (shingle) 1,5mm bended steel profile Sheet steel, hot galvanized Vertical steel profile+insulation Sheet steel, hot galvanized, painted Adjustment Ring frames according to structure design Primary steel structure

Es1 ++

+ +23 100


(F1) Facade surface limit line, according to the architectural model (surface for shingle)





+9 100 Surface

+8 980 +8 880


+21 520

(F1) Facade surface limit line, according to the architectural model (surface for shingle)

+8 980 Structure



+22 250




+8 280


3 550


+21 530

Clear PC shingle, according to shingle design drawings

ABOVE F2 (+7.700): Horizontal positioning for secondary steel frame, spacing varies according to modules, minimum MOD 17-18 ca. 220mm ... maximum MOD 12-13 ca. 290mm


Sealed insulation glass element, 2x 6mm float+ 15mm air space, dimensions and details according to window design drawings



+7 700

+7 700


BELOW F2 (+7.700): 1 220

Positioning for secondary steel frame is not horizontal, spacing varies according to modules, average spacing is ca. 260mm


+7 380


+6 195


+5 520


+5 150

+20 370 +20 300


+19 550



C1 3 000

S1 350


+19 550

+6 000

+19 430




+18 730

1 300


+19 330




The Best Pavilion the finnish pavilion aka Kirnu was rewarded as the best Pavilion in its category by the World Expo authority, Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). In a pre-Expo public survey on »pavilion appeal» Kirnu was ranked as 3rd. In a similar survey asking »which pavilion would you visit» Finland ranked in the top 20.







+4 420




+4 700 +4 620


+4 270





and friends during the project with colleagues even commenting that the two men are like versions of each other in different nationalities. Both are also among the most interesting young architects from each country. At the time of printing the planned projects are still waiting to bear fruit, but interesting things are in the works, Kurkela promises. SHINGLE WALL SECTIONS

More & More Chinese Projects kirnu has been a significant calling card for Teemu Kurkela and JKMM Architects in China. The pavilion has really been noticed, and when we met Kurkela, he was again just leaving for Beijing and Shanghai. JKMM are working on new projects in China and also making competition entries together with Chinese collaborators in Finland as Chinese expertise of high-rise building is required for a project. Kurkela and architect Zhang Ke have become close collaborators

Above: When kirnu was still a baby. Sketches around these pages are from Kurkela’s pen.






Ann Lin showed us some dance moves in an alley outside her office.


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林依韵 ANN LIN Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Movies Favourite Artists Job Website


Shanghai 1.5.1985 Single Contemporary theatre Nico: Chelsea Girl I Ching — The Book of Changes Tekkon Kinkreet Pina Bausch, Zhang Xian, Rong Nian Zeng Freelance Producer, ZuHe Niao Dance Company Manager

Did exactly what

Nick Lou Yongqi Rongjun Yu

Johanna Uupi Tirronen

The ZuHe Niao Dance Company is run by Ann, who is also the executive producer of the Fringe Shanghai performance art festival for non-mainstream acts as well as Dans Storm — a new contemporary dance festival, which was organized in close collaboration with Dance Info Finland.She travelled to Helsinki as part of the Invitation to Helsinki program.



Finnish and Chinese companies altogether took part in the five Snowball seminars focused on architecture, design, music (twice) and the performing arts.


ZuHe Niao Dance Company makes a new kind of »physical theater» in Shanghai. Its performances combine poetry, spoken word, movement, music and visual art.

4 WAYSngs

bri dance r by s close culture Lin. Ann



tions even though we live far from each other. We share a lot of intimacy in dance performances.»

design in the Finnish Pavilion and it inspired me. The Finnish dancers said that dance is all about energy. A lot of our contemporary dancers were inspired by their example as well as by Zodiak’s performances in which the Finns used new media and video. That’s new here.»

» we have similar emo-


» dance group zodiak’s

dancers were here. The ideal figure in our scene is that of a a skinny ballet dancer. But Finns didn’t look like classic ballet dancers. Their body and their energy were encouraging. They wanted to express themselves and tried to push themselves forward.»

Shake it like a polaroid picture!

» i saw a lot of Finnish


» local chinese people

don’t have an image in their mind about Finland, but when we move into the field of dance and Finnish productions, the feeling about Finland changes. Some of the Finnish productions provide us a feeling of pure and simple, they give us a fantasy of the real country.»


Johan Storg책rd was photographed outside Aleksanterin teatteri, where Svenska Teatern is located while its regular HQ is renovated.






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JOHAN STORGÅRD Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Artists Job Website

Helsinki 31.10.1964 Father of two children People in creative areas All kinds of music Facts and novels My best colleagues Director of Svenska Teatern, Chairman of the Cultural Export Development Board


Nick Rongjun Yu

Did exactly what

Elukka Eskelinen

Guo Xi

A well-known actor and theatre director in Finland, Johan Storgård is in charge of Svenska Teatern. Internationalising the theatre’s operations has been one of his top priorities. He was involved in exporting both Spin — The Musical and Moominpappa and the Sea to China, where 14,000 people saw them between May and October.



NEW WORLD ORDER Johan Storgård is ready to help Shanghai build its own Broadway.

Q > How did you end up taking

theatre to China? »We initially created Spin — The Musical as a project that could be exported. It premiered in Finland in 2005 and 30,000 people saw it including 25 producers from other countries. It was premiered in Poland and Russia in 2007, and already then there was talk of Finland taking part in the Shanghai Expo. Shanghai, of course, is a gigantic developing city, which would like to have its own tradition of drama — its own Broadway or


Dance is a major element of Spin – The Musical. The style is quite a new thing for Chinese audiences unaccustomed to musicals.

»We don’t need to take a big step, but we must show more courage and the world is at our hands.»

West End. Something like that isn’t created quickly.» Q > Was it is easy to find the right

contacts there? »We got in touch with General Manager Nick Yu from the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre through the Finnish Theatre Information Centre. He helped us ahead.»

Q > How did the funding work out?

»We split responsibilities of the production half and half with the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre. We looked for funding and collaborators mainly from companies who have operations in China: Wärtsilä, UPM-Kymmene, Pöyry and Valilla were involved. We were also backed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Finpro.» Q > Does Nick Yu’s reputation as

a forward-thinking theatre-man come from the fact that he’s open to western ways of doing theatre? »He is one of the few who produce western plays in Chinese and creates new Chinese drama.»

Can’t touch this!

Q > What can Finns do? »If we coop-

erate with the Chinese now, we can be part of the creation of new Chinese culture. The Chinese society is one that wants to create its own culture — not buy it. We should raise our chins, realise that our skills at creating quality productions is as good as anyone’s. We don’t need to take a big step, but we must show more courage and the world is at our hands.» Q > And what next? »Spin was a

success and that has led to continued cooperation and development of new projects. We are now waiting for the go ahead on certain planned plays.» The young journalist who dares to question the authorities is faced by spooky government officials in this risque play.



Guo Xi was enjoying her tea in Manabe CafĂŠ right next to the Shanghai Grand Theatre.



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郭茜 GUO XI Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Jiangxi Province 21.9.1980 »In some families, it is the father who decides when it’s time to light the lamp.» — Moominpappa and the Sea Relationship Status Married Activities / Interests Watch performances Favourite Books Moomin books Job Freelance translator / mother


Johan Storgård

Did exactly what

Nick Santa Claus Rongjun Yu

MOOMINS EDUCATE Watch the Moomins and learn to… relax.

» they’re very cute,» Guo Xi said, when she saw Moomintroll for the first time. Her husband brought the puffy white Moomin as a souvenir from Finland five years ago. It was love at first sight. Guo Xi has become a Moomin enthusiast and the main organizer of the Chinese-Finnish play based on the characters of Tove Jansson. »The Moomins can teach us in China a new way of thinking.» Guo Xi met Johan Storgård and got the director of Svenska Teatern excited about a Moomin play in China. The play Moominpappa and the Sea


It was Guo Xi’s idea to produce a Moomin play for the Shanghai Grand Theater. Her husband studied at the Tampere University of Technology and she has visited Finland to see if there are any real Moomins. The freelance translator would love to live in a Finnish summer cottage by the sea like the Moomin family.

had 18 performances in the Shanghai Grand Theater and in the Expo. Guo Xi expects there will be more next year. »Everyone can learn the values of Moomin.» Moomin vs Monkey King We asked Guo Xi to compare the most famous Finnish fiction character Moomin to the famous Chinese character Monkey King. Moomin, Finland »His strength is his cuteness. It’s in the way he walks, the way he interacts with his girlfriend and little sister My. Everybody is connected. Moomintroll has no no bad sides.» Monkey King, China »He’s rebellious. He can change into anything to win. Monkey King always breaks the rules. Everybody likes him because he saves the day.»



Moomin has a huge nose and eyes full of curiosity. No wonder kids love him. Moomin is constantly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Even Martti Ahtisaari adores him.


Unlike in this particular photo, Moomintroll loves to live the natural way: No pants.


Monkey King can command wind, water and demons with his psychedelic eyes. Too much telly?


The pale style from ancient Chinese opera’s masking department! Besides his shapeshifting skills and mighty rod, Monkey King’s superior weapon is his curvy tail.




Minna Nuutila took the KONE elevator down from Kirnu’s office spaces to the inner yard of the Finnish Pavilion.


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MINNA NUUTILA Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music

Shanghai, currently 6.6.1983 »Carpe diem.» Engaged Dancing Makes me want to dance, sometimes even on tables Favourite Movies Memories of a Geisha Favourite Television Mad Men Favourite Artists U2 Events Manager, KONE Corporation Job Website


Santa Claus

Did exactly what

Mark Bai

Tuomas Toivonen

P? GOINtiGng Uride in a

a An elev h elevator. Finnis

can you name any fabulous elevators? Usually it’s about the view more than the equipment. The Finnish Pavilion’s elevator glows in white LED light. The handcrafted ceramic floor gives the smooth ride some glimmer. It’s one beautiful elevator. One of Finland’s biggest business success stories is behind the elevator. It was manufactured and designed by KONE, which is a 100-year-old company. 88

Going up and down in elevators is a quintessential part of Minna Nuutila’s job as Events Manager for the Finnish elevator company KONE. Nuutila moved to Shanghai for a year to organize KONE’s events at the Expo.

»The Chinese appreciate that a company has a long history and that is a respected player in the field,» says Events Manager Minna Nuutila. And Shanghai needs machines that move people from the ground up. The city grows like a son of two basketball players. It is a city of elevators. And Finns want to step in to make the ride as smooth as possible. KONE was heavily involved at the Expo too with 21 pavilions equipped with their elevators and escalators. KONE has a factory not far from Shanghai and the company uses local experts to be able to serve the locals’ tastes and needs. The color palette is totally different in China than in Finland

The newest Destination Control System makes it possible to control the elevator with a hi-tech remote control.

The design was inspired by the five Chinese elements: earth, fire, water, wood and metal.

© M I K KO R Y H Ä N E N

Aimo Katajamäki’s graphics create a moving piece of art.

The elevator was designed to be the highlight of Kirnu in a subtle way. It lures people with the LED lights in the shaft and the elevator.

The floor’s ceramic is handcrafted by wellknown Finnish ceramists Karin Widnäs and Pekka Paikkari. They used semi-transparent glass.

— golden, red, dark brown and lot of wood. The fanciest elevators in China have crystal chandeliers. So is Kirnu’s elevator not beautiful to the Chinese eye? »At first they think the pavilion too simple and empty. But then the tranquility that comes with whiteness and quietness makes an impact.»


bolts were used to construct the Finnish Pavilion. They are designed so that Kirnu can be taken apart and relocated.


Lin Di was photographed in the Red Town, Shanghai.




Profile OF

林笛 LIN DI Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Shanghai 16.12.1975 »Do the things you want before you die.» Relationship Status Married Activities / Interests Photography, traveling, the internet, my cat Original music, folk, classic, Favourite Music modern music, metal One Hundred Years of Solitude Favourite Books Natural Born Killers Favourite Movies Favourite Artists Vincent Van Gogh Musician, composer, singer, player, Job webmaster Website


Lin Lin

Did exactly what

Ni Bing

Ren Yuqing

A musician, composer and vocalist. Lin Di’s band Cold Fairyland mixes metal with traditional Chinese music. The band has toured all over Asia and Europe. Lin Di played the traditional Chinese instrument pipa with the Finnish accordion player Kimmo Pohjonen during The Finland Day at the Expo.


SECRETS OF SUCCESS Lin Di reveals how to make it in the music world.

Secret #1

How to make music your profession?

» i’ve studied music since the

age of four. You have to focus on one thing and you keep getting better and better. Just have fun and don’t think too much about money and stuff.»


Secret #2

How to get into the Finnish music scene?

» the first time I was in Oulu in the summertime and the second time I toured in Helsinki, Kuopio and Tampere in the wintertime. I heard the Finnish band Magyar Posse play and went to talk to them and we became friends. We played in China with them. Magyar Posse introduced me to Jani Joenniemi (Director for Culture Program, Finland at Expo 2010) and Jani

Secret videos of Lin Di! In the first one, she grabbed her »pipa» to play for the Finnish Day audience at the Expo. Funny thing, in Finnish »pipa» means a beanie. That guy with a short mohawk (and no »pipa») is Kimmo Pohjonen.

The Cold Fairyland at Tavastia, best known rock’n’roll club in Finland. In the video you can also take a peak at the salmiakki-patterned backstage — but the Fairylanders act civilized! There’s no sex’n’drugs, just pix’n’shirts.

Oh, poor musicians. It’s the Chinese New Year in Helsinki and probably —20 degrees on the outdoor stage. Lin Di has learned that a woman needs two pipas in Finland. One on her head and one in her hands. Hands must freeze, though!

Here we are at the top of a typical flat in Shanghai 30 metres of the ground. The cat is called Himo, (»lust» in Finnish) and she’s just terrified. The guy trying to teach the white cutie to say »mama» is Lin Di’s husband Seppo.

introduced me to the Finnish accordion player Kimmo Pohjonen. I like Finnish personalities. They are quite honest, very straight, sometimes they’re shy and after drinks they’re really wild. Sometimes Finns come to me and say they love my band.»

Secret #3

How to create your own sound?

» i have made seven albums so the

sound varies. We are looking for a deeper, heavier and more emotional sound. I feel that I’ve been looking for the same kind of sound as the Finnish bands. The Finnish music is really clean and pure.»

Secret #4

How to live with a Finn?

» yeah, i married a Finn four years ago and I’ve been in Finland many times. My husband is not a typical Finn, because he has lived in America for 20 years. I think he’s very organized and very clean. Finns don’t show their emotions a lot. He’s a very quiet guy and focused on technology. It’s good. My family is curious of his culture and country. My mother searches the internet and always tells me if there’s something happening in Finland. They feel close to Finns.» Check out the videos of Lin Di:



Matti H채m채l채inen found a car to his liking in a restaurant in Shanghai.



Profile OF

MATTI HÄMÄLÄINEN Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship status Activities / Interests

Espoo 16.12.1956 »The best way to predict the future is to invent it!» — Alan Kay Working with people who are ready to »predict the future by inventing it» i.e. trying things that may not seem viable, challenging the prevailing models Favourite Music Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Laila Kinnunen Favourite Books Veikko Huovinen: Havukka-ahon ajattelija Favourite Movies Some Like It Hot, Lost in Translation Favourite Television Yle News & Yle Elävä Arkisto Professor of Information Technology Job at Aalto University Website


Yrjö Sotamaa

Did exactly what

Lou Yongqi

Ann Zhang

INDEPENDENCE FOR THE ELDERLY Finland and China want to change the way we live the final years of our lives.



This Aalto University Professor is a major player in many Chinese-Finnish projects that are developing from plans to action. Hämäläinen and his colleagues are creating service platforms that ensure better lives for the elderly and combine broadcast technologies and e-paper to create an ultra-low cost digital media service platform.


» dignity, that’s the center point and everything is built around it,» says professor Matti Hämäläinen from Aalto University’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He’s referring to ageing and caring services. Hämäläinen is part of a Finnish-Chinese cooperation that creates better solutions to the healthcare of elderly people. Chinese culture will

soon face the same problems as Western countries as the number of elderly people is rising rapidly. »It’s the biggest paradoxes of human kind. While it is a great achievement that we live such long lives, at the same time less people will have to take care of more people. The good life has to be achieved with smaller resources than before.» Acute hospital-based care is expensive and in it patients’ quality of life is poor. Homecare gives the patient independence and, yes, some dignity. A small investment makes a great improvement in the quality of life. So how to mix home sweet home with quality healthcare?

The innovations, the ways to produce healthcare services, are made in Finland and then applied to China. If you do research in Finland the maximum number of test users is usually about one hundred but in China you can do the same with a group of one million. The key partners include the City of Shanghai and Espoo, Shanghai Huashan Information Technology Co., Active Life Village and Aalto University. It is a win-win situation for both countries. The costs of the test phases are lower, and China and Finland can offer the solutions to the international healthcare market together. THE SOLUTION

Shaking hands to shake the world.


» we can’s tell the Chinese what

to do because they already know,» Hämäläinen points out. You can see happy elderly people in the parks of Shanghai playing Mahjong together, but as urbanization progresses and families start to live separately, the grandfathers and grandmothers can’t depend on the help of their children. The Finns have seen the same progress decades ago and have a lot of know-how to deal with the problem. »At least we know what healthcare methods don’t work,» Hämäläinen smiles.

» the plan is called ActiveAging. With a new service platform, costefficient caring will be provided, and at the same time safety and activity of the elderly will be ensured. The service is divided into three categories: home-based, physical and virtual services. The solution combines all these together. The idea is to use high technology to monitor and activate the elderly in their own homes. Intelligent devices, sensors, mobile phones and interactive TV solutions are used. The homes are linked to data centers. This may sound a little too technological but the devices are hidden, for instance, in the floor. The ActiveCare solutions make homes flexible to the services needed when residents gets older. The research has begun in universities in China and Finland. The ActiveCare platform could change the way we think about the final years of our lives. »We can design a whole new city to satisfy the needs of the elderly population.» 97

Lin Lin arrived at Helsinki-Vantaa airport at night, and was photographed on the way to the centre of town under the bridge from Hakaniemi to Kruununhaka.





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林琳 LIN LIN Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Movies Favourite Books Favourite Television Job

Shanghai 9.6.1983 »Murder wears a friendly smile.» In a relationship Music, painting, photography Pop/rock, metal American History X, A.I. — Artificial Intelligence Ultraman, Supernatural Rock promoter, band manager, doll sculptor, visual artist


Did exactly what

Santa Claus

During the Shanghai Expo Lin Lin was looking after Finnish bands who performed at the festival. Besides her career in music organising tours, she is a visual artist. She also photographs — though not gigs, because she’s always too busy during the shows.

Lin Di

ROCK’N’DOLLS Lin Lin makes dolls and brings bands to China. PET YOUR ! H ER O

#1 DOLLS lin lin has made dolls for two years. People commission them from her. The dolls she made of Negative were ordered from Japan.

» at first i just wanted to do something to pay my bills, but now I’m more focused on the art part — on how to represent my ideas. I’ve studied art and painting for over 20 years, so making dolls is not too hard for me.» 100

#2 SALES lin lin does not make it too easy for just anyone to order her dolls. She doesn’t even promote them online.

» i never promote myself, people will find me. I take orders both from inside and outside China. Sometimes I don’t even care about the payment, if the idea is interesting enough.»

#3 TOURS sometimes organising tours in China can be tough, because there are a lot of government regulations involved. But that hasn’t stopped Lin Lin, who visited

Germany in autumn 2010, and found music she plans to take to China. She has also organized a tour of China for Negative.

Negative’s gig at the Expo attracted the biggest crowd for an European act and one of the biggest overall with 10,000 people attending. Mr. Cutie-pie leader man Jonne Aaron is quite the fan favourite already. Spot Lin Lin doing her job in the background on backstage.


» the most important thing for a band I bring to China is to have something that makes them conquer the stage and audience. There must be something to impress me. Some bands are great on record but weak on stage — that won’t work. That’s why I have to see the band play on stage before I decide. Of course, a band’s fanbase in China is something I would also consider.»




Jarmo Elukka Eskelinen was enjoying an art exhibition opening at the DDM Warehouse.


KA 103

Profile OF

JARMO ELUKKA ESKELINEN Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Helsinki 20.11.1962 »Creativity is the ability to see relationships where none exist.» — Thomas Disch Relationship status Married Activities / Interests Architecture, pop culture, road cycling Brian Eno & David Byrne: My Life in Favourite Music the Bush of Ghosts Italo Calvino: Invisible Cities Favourite Books The Terminator, Life of Brian Favourite Movies Favourite Television The Fast Show Favourite Artists Eija-Liisa Ahtila CEO of Forum Virium Helsinki Job Website


Did exactly what


When you meet Elukka, it is likely that he will talk to you about the new possibilities of free information. His company Forum Virium created the Helsinki Guestbook for the Finnish pavilion. By the way, Elukka translates as »Animal» (y’know, like in The Muppet Show).

Knucklebone Oscar


0,0 Over 10 inland in the F d te e o ok . re g i Guestb Helsink


Ann Zhang

Some say: »Hi.» Some just stare. The pictures in the Helsinki Guestbook are full of smiles, secret hand signs and lovely greetings.

Visitors to Kirnu had a chance to take a picture of themselves and send it to the people of Helsinki with a message. The visitors loved the cameras, and there are now 100,344 pictures in the digital guestbook. Everybody in it received an email containing a link to a movie called »You Looked Good in Helsinki». An image of the visitor’s face

is placed in the movie as the face of a character, who travels to Helsinki to meet the Mayor. The service was provided by Forum Virium, Greater Helsinki Promotion and Finpro. The Helsinki Guestbook will expand and spread to many countries when Helsinki’s World Design Capital 2012 year begins.

To see more pictures visit



Sara rushed from this picture to the Mao Livehouse to organize a NO+CH event.



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SARA Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Artists Job


Elukka Eskelinen

Did exactly what

Tuomas Toivonen

Lin Di

CAPITALENT! M NOttUinRg thISeHexclama!tion Pu

mark in


no+ch gathers innovations in the fields of music, design and architecture. In 2010 the theme was RE:PUBLIC. In 2009 it was ID-ENTITY. Yep, NO+CH love to do stuff with caps lock on and involving a little wordplay. Maybe that’s part of what makes it one of the most cool events in China, where it has spread its tentacles from Shanghai to Beijing to Guangzhou. This year the event also visited the pavilions of the Nordic countries. 108

Shanghai 3.7.1982 Single Traveling Pop music Novels Gaudi Government official

Both an employee at the Expo bureau and a volunteer organizing exhibitions and performances at the NO+CH festival in Shanghai, Sara has studied art administration in Australia. If you didn’t know it, NO+CH stands for Nordic + China.

nordic culture means Nordic funding. The festival is supported by the embassies and consulate generals of Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. the re:public theme was an invitation to Nordic and Chinese creative groups to explore how public space change could be changed to serve the needs of contemporary Chinese society. Musical performers setting the stages on fire — not literally, we’re just showing our excitement here — were the likes of Annie, Jet Set, Shogun Kunitoki, Lau Nau and Tuomas Toivonen performed. oh yes.

© A N D R E W R O C H FO R T © M I K KO R Y H Ä N E N

Tuomas Toivonen with a bunch of cables performing live at Mao Livehouse as part of this year’s NO+CH festival.

More electronic music was seen & heard on the Finland Day, when the Hel Yes club featured Jimi Tenor and Villa Nah (pics above) on stage for sold-out crowds. That day other clubs organized by the City of Helsinki in Shanghai included Helfest for metal and Helsinki Jazz, you guessed it, for jazz.





Johanna Eiramo was photographed in a conference room in Kirnu.



Profile OF

JOHANNA EIRAMO Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Helsinki 14.5.1970 »It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got no swing.» Relationship Status In a relationship Activities / Interests Doing (not watching) sports Favourite Music Most music Favourite Movies Como Aqua Para Chocolate Favourite Artists Kandinsky Job Director, Marketing and Communications Website


Lou Yongqi

Did exactly what

Elukka Eskelinen

Guo Xi

THIS ONE’S FOR TOURISTS Ancient forest, anyone? Helsinki’s got it!

» our nature is a good thing for some Chinese people but a bad thing for others. The latter say there’s too much nature and too few people. But everybody appreciates Helsinki’s clean air, the fact that it’s safe and and that you can easily use the public transportation system,» says Johanna Eiramo from Greater Helsinki Promotion. GHP organized some special days at the Expo for the travel industry, which increased the number of contacts to Chinese travel agencies. Espoo — Finland’s second biggest city and 112

The cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen and the surrounding municipalities are known together as the Greater Helsinki region. Johanna Eiramo’s job is to get international companies to establish themselves there. She has worked four years for Greater Helsinki Promotion.


Helsinki’s neighbour — will definitely attract more tourists in the future. Some say Helsinki is small for a tourist. They’re right. Smallness is its greatness. Chinese tourists are attracted to the Helsinki region by things such as: »New urban lifestyle and design. St.Petersburg is nearby. We also have a lot of co-operation with the Baltic countries.» Check out the not-so-obvious hot spots for Chinese tourists in the Greater Helsinki area. Unique experiences guaranteed.



Breathe This is the way a forest should look like.The Haltiala conservation area near the border between Helsinki and Vantaa gives you a chance to experience an ancient, old-grown forest. Trees have fallen in every direction and ripped the ground open. Some are rotting or gathering moss and fungi. The nature has taken control over the routes of man, and that feels comforting.


Eat We don’t know if we should tell you this because we don’t want to ruin our favorite place, but here goes. Kolme Kruunua is the best place to get into the Finnish culinary world. Meatballs and beer. Nothing pretentious about that. The handcrafted wooden interior and glass paintings have been in place since 1952.

See The huge house of WeeGee represents Finnish constructivism and has a calming but enthusiastic atmosphere inside its concrete walls. The art museum Emma has 5000 m2 just for edgy and established contemporary art. In Kamu (The Espoo City museum) you can meet a stuffed Saimaa ringed seal or Ötzi the iceman.

Move Take a ride inside a piece of art. Helsinki’s metro is a manifesto of Finnish design: beauty hides in everyday functionality. This design exhibition is fast and spacious. The seats at the stations are designed by the internationally acclaimed designer Yrjö Kukkapuro and the metro cars by Börje Rajalin and Antti Nurmesniemi. Unlike in Shanghai, you usually find a seat and can test the feel of 30-year-old orange classics.


Benjamin Jia tested the most popular item in Kirnu’s shop, a reindeer pelt.





Profile OF

贾小宝 BENJAMIN JIA Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books Job


Santa Claus

Xi’an 31.12.1972 »Be yourself & feel free.» In a relationship Reading Jazz History Project Manager

Did exactly what

Mikko Punakivi

Pertti Huitu

The manager of the Kirnu shop spent almost every day at the Expo behind the counter. Good idea: the shop was one of the best-selling of all the pavilions. Benjamin praises the simplicity and elegance of the Finnish products, which include reindeer pelts and cell phone bags.

The Kirnu shop was located right where you step in’n’out — no wonder it sold like gold! 25,457,052 rmb to be precise.


© D E R R YC K M E N E R E



opular Most p in The ts c u d pro hop. S u n ir K


» the pelt is something you can’t find in the street. The reindeer is not common in China. The customers ask about this animal and want to know how to take care of the pelt.» Price 1,980 rmb . Sold 2,000 pelts.


» we have ones for mobile phones and laptops.»

Price 89–1,000 rmb . Sold 10,000 bags.


» small pins and stamps.» Price 10–150 rmb . Sold 15,000 items.


MA 118


Mathias Nyg책rd showed what metal stars do so well on the rocks of Kallio.


Profile OF

MATHIAS NYGÅRD Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Helsinki 26.8. »Se, mikä on tekemisen arvoista, kannattaa tehdä hyvin.» From crust core to classical, sugarFavourite Music coated pop to fusion jazz Favourite Books Lonely Planet travel guides ;-) Unfortunately I rarely get the chance to really travel and utilize them, and when touring there’s usually no time to do anything anyway, so it’s usually everything from historical research material to crime novels Indie- / world cinema Favourite Movies Favourite Television YLE Teema, FST & BBC World Queen, Lily Allen, Muse, Favourite Artists Alamaailman Vasarat Producer, composer, musician Job Website


Santa Claus


lea China is siness fast. rock bu

Did exactly what

Epic is the best word to describe Mathias Nygård’s metal band Turisas. Its debut album Battle Metal (2004), and the band gets its name from a warrior god in Finnish mythology. Turisas combines symphonic metal to progressive rock, power metal and even Finnish folk music. Third album coming up in 2011!


» most places you go to you have some expectations of what it’ll be like. With China, I had no idea what to expect. We went on tour there with the attitude that we’ll do the best we can and see what happens.» 120


» our audiences were clearly metal crowds — band t-shirts, dark clothes, subculture people. In the Nordic countries metal is mainstream, so you get all kinds of people. As soon as you go to places where metal is more of a subculture, people want to show they belong to it and look like generic heavy metal fans. Same in China.»


» the gig at the expo… That was weird. The audience was basic Chinese tourists, who were there to check out the pavilions. It was a good crowd still. We were in the Expo area for only like two hours. Mato Valtonen invited us to the sauna in the Finnish Pavilion, which was good.»

In the last few years eight Finnish metal bands have toured China including Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Sonata Arctica, Before The Dawn and Stratovarius. Folk metal has been a hit — represented by Turisas, Ensiferum and Finntroll.


» touring in china is not about the money. Not yet at least. There’s huge potential there, because it’s such a big country, and that’s why so many bands want to go there to see what it’s like. It’s easy to do gigs in Shanghai and Beijing, but beyond that it’s quite unknown even though there are many metropolises. It’s hard to say how it will become worth it financially. The good thing is that even though the touring culture is very young in China, people everywhere were really eager to learn. They always tried their best and even if everything didn’t work as you’d expect, people are learning fast.» 121





Song Ge and his daughter took an evening walk to the Radisson SAS Lanssheng Hotel.


Profile OF

宋革 SONG GE Hometown Birthday Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Movies Job


Santa Claus

Shanghai 1966 Traveling Popular History Foreign films Accountant

Did exactly what

Pertti Huitu

The accountant of a railway company was the third millionth visitor in the Finnish Pavilion. As a reward Song Ge got flight tickets to Helsinki and has already started to get to know Finnish culture via the internet.

PY THE HAGP N SO pavilion g ht In the ri ght time. at the ri

a happy day in August 2010. Song Ge walks into the Finnish Pavilion, and what do you know, he is greeted as the third millionth visitor. What a lucky guy. And surprised too. Santa Claus was there to congratulate him and Finnair gave him a round-trip ticket to Helsinki. The smiling Song Ge toured the pavilion. 124

»Everything was ok. The message is very good. All the pictures of design, especially chairs were good,» he says. Song Ge still is a happy and lucky guy but he has one question. »The flight ticket was for one person and there are three people in my family. Would it be possible to get a ticket for all of us?»

1st MIL ! LION

IL2nd M ! LION

IL4th M ! LION

IL5th M ! LION


is the average number of visitors per day in the Finnish Pavilion. Which is slightly less than the population of Finland’s 32nd largest city, Nokia.

1,2,3,4… Above, all the people who hit Kirun at the right time — it was a one-ina-million chance! On the left page, the guy who was the 5,3 millionth (the number of people living in Finland.) Cheers everybody!




Martta Louekari works a block away from the Kauppatori market place, where she popped by after office hours.



Profile OF

MARTTA LOUEKARI Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Activities / Interests

Favourite Books Favourite Movies

Favourite Artists Job


Teemu Kurkela

Helsinki 12.7.1978 In a relationship Mornings in China, islands, fish and birds, underwater life, Japanese knives, Iranian carpets, Inuit jackets, Summer nights in Finland, museum shops, Icelandic wool, cedar wood, space travel, African landscapes, harbors World Atlas by Readers Digest (1965), World Encyclopedia (1925) Andrey Tarkovsky: Stalker and Solaris, Ridley Scott: Blade Runner, Jean-Luc Godard: Le Mempris, Hayao Miyazaki: Spirited Away, Antti Sepp채nen: Iceberg Shadow Maija Luutonen, Maija Louekari Works with projects, publications and concepts related to design and architecture, Information Officer of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

Did exactly what

Ann Zhang


Lin Di

Together with Tuomas Toivonen, Bert de Muynck and Monica Carrico, Martta Louekari organized the Snowball seminar on architecture. With Toivonen and OK Do she also edited the Double Happy magazine about Finnish and Chinese architecture. Louekari has also set up the Newly Drawn exhibition and book focusing on upcoming Finnish architects.

What Finns find in China

CARCHITSESON I ...SPEED! TURtEMaLrtEta learnedll. Decisions in Finland wb a W ha ing Sno organiz


are made slowly after thorough investigation and thought. When Finns come to China

they are blinded by the pace at which things happen. After the initial shock they notice that speed brings vast opportunities.

What Finns find in China

What CHINA findS in FINNS



The Chinese way of living has changed significantly in the past 10 years. Earlier a family’s three generations from grandparents to little kids would live in one apartment. Now the oldest generation needs to have their own place as do the kids after they turn 18. A similar change happened in Finland almost a century ago. Finns have quality urban planning and building from eg. the 50’s, and the younger architect generation is also bringing a fresh perspective to living.

Finns are used to making things on a human scale. They do architecture for people, and it is very humane by nature. In China there is a huge demand for schools, hospitals and living. Finnish architecture understands what people need in public spaces, and avoid them being too cold or fancy. A humane attitude to large masses is something Finland could bring to China.



There are, of course, a great number of architects in China, but only a handful are significantly taking Chinese architecture forward. The values of this young generation of Chinese architects are surprisingly close to the thoughts and methods of young Finnish architects. There is a will to use local and ecological materials, concern over the future and an aim to improve life through design.

II ...URBAN PLANNING! Building is often more important in China than planning. The focus is on the trees, not the forest, so to speak. Chinese architects are very interested in rules, regulations and legislation that are used to support urban planning. The Finnish way of controlling the development of cities is something new in China.

III ...HISTORY! The history of contemporary architecture is being created in China right now. It is a unique chance to be part of the progress. In China there are old architectural traditions yet today’s architects feel they don’t have any history because there is nothing between now and the ancient.

They build and they tear down and they build and they build and they…


Emily was waiting for a taxi in front of the JZ Club.




Profile OF

杨利华 EMILY YANG Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books

Shanghai 2.7. In a relationship Fashion & food Jazz & rock Books about food but not cookbooks, haha! Favourite Movies Inception Favourite Television Project Runway Design student Job Website Not yet — you can find me on Facebook but I can’t access it at the moment FRIENDS WITH

Did exactly what

Petteri Luoto

A design student from the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, Emily Yang has also taken studies in Aalto Tongji Design Factory. She visited Finland as part of Invitation to Helsinki Programme and fell in love with the city. She is applying to do her MA studies in Helsinki’s Aalto University.

Yrjö Sotamaa

Ren Yuqing


FINAL EXAMS A surprise exam for the best student of the Aalto Tongji Design Factory.

Q/1 What is the biggest difference between Chinese and Finnish education?

» chinese is from top to down and Finnish is flat and open. But progress is being made to understand each other.»


Q/2 How can the Chinese develop their design industry?

» the goverment is trying to encourage the young and creative designers. There is positive cooperation between colleges and corporations.»

Q/3 Name one cool Chinese brand.

» shang xia (Up & Down in Chinese). They work with Hermès, the French fashion house, and design furniture, apparel and jewelry. They combine

Aalto Tongji students living the crazy student life in the Finnish Pavilion. 82 Aalto University students and personnel travelled to Shanghai by train through Siberia. In 2011 Tongij students will do the same to Helsinki.

simple aesthetics with elegant traditional Chinese style.»

Q/4 What are the basic values of Finnish design?

» the philosophy of Finnish design is simple and polished. It’s not exaggerating. Everything is based on material, function and good quality. You don’t design you just discover the right ways to use the material. It’s kind of the Finnish lifestyle, to be part of the nature.»

Q/5 What are the biggest problems of Finnish design?

» sometimes finnish design relies

too much on the 1950’s and 1960’s. They look too well designed. The style is good but you need to have some break.»

End of exam.

Results: ______ /5






Knucklebone Oscar was captured in his band’s basement rehearsal space in Vallila, Helsinki.


Profile OF

KNUCKLEBONE OSCAR Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Movies Favourite Artists

Job Website

Helsinki 14.11.1972 »Hojo!» In a relationship Motorcycles, vintage guitars, sushi, badminton Old school rock’n’roll, blues and soul Rectal Rodeo Little Richard, Elvis, Dr. John, James Brown, The Sonics, Ike Turner, B.B. King, White Stripes, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Jimi Hendrix Musician & Sound Designer


Santa Claus Yrjö Sotamaa

Did exactly what

Elukka Eskelinen

CHINA ROCKS! Knucklebone Oscar and his tour organizer Panda Paananen toured China. I > TIANJIN

panda: »I lived in China for 18 months but didn’t have contacts to local promoters and venues. Jef Vreys, a Belgian tour manager living in China, helped out. In China be prepared for everything. Things that might be self-evident to a westerner might be unheard of in China.» 136

A verified rock’n’roll animal, whose trademark is a rollicking rock’n’roll show. A performer to the bone, Oscar has been raising hectic hell with his punk’n’garage rock since 1993. He and his band have toured extensively around Europe and Russia. Now China too.


oscar: »We played an improvised gig on the pavement outside a bar. Suddenly 100 people had gathered around us. People were dancing, clapping their hands, wanting more. Only later I realized we didn’t see any buskers in China, so I guess music in the street isn’t that common.» III > NANJING

oscar: »It was great meeting people after gigs. Not that many stayed though, because people leave after the show is over like they were in a

regular concert. Rock culture is young in China, so there’s more enthusiasm than knowledge — I imagine Finland in the 1960’s and 1970’s was like that.» IV > SHANGHAI

oscar: »The first gig at the Expo was during the day on the Europe stage. The crowd was really mixed. Grandmas were watching us totally puzzled, not sure what to think. Most people got really into it and asked for autographs afterwards. In the evening we played in Kirnu for a crowd more used to our thing — in the end people were dancing the traditional Finnish letkajenkka.» V > WUHAN — in the train from Shanghai

oscar: »On the train we just set up our equipment and a small amplifier and started playing. We didn’t play

that long, because the conductor came over and asked us to quiet down. It was fun while it lasted!» VI > CHONGQING

oscar: »The clubs were mostly like the ones we tour in Europe. In most places we had a proper rock crowd. People didn’t know what to expect, but after being a little wary at first they got into it quickly. Rock’n’roll’s spirit is universal! No borders can stop a rock show from moving people.» VII > CHENGDU

panda: »The distance and lack of a common language is probably the hardest thing about organizing a tour in China. On the other hand, promotion is easy — it’s all online and word of mouth is really strong.»

Venues 13 Club, Tianjin 13 Club, Beijing The One, Beijing 61 House, Nanjing Europe Stage, Shanghai Kirnu, Shanghai Yuyingtang, Shanghai Vox, Wuhan The Nuts, Chongqing The New Little Bar, Chengdu




Eero was photographed at his workplace, the Finnish Pavilion.


Profile OF

华爷 EERO Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books Job

Nanjing 29.01.1988 »Yrittänyttä ei laiteta.» Single Swimming Faye Wong Harry Potter Student, guide


Petteri Luoto

Did exactly what

Santa Claus Pekka Toivanen

Worked as one of the 38 guides in the Finnish Pavilion and has studied Finnish as his major for four years in university. His favorite word in Finnish is »kova» — which means hard. In spoken language the word is used to emphasize that something is really good.

? 140


Can I take a picture with you?

Is it cold in Finland? Where can I get the stamp?

How can I use the kick bike? Is the sky real or is it a ceiling?

Is Nokia from Finland?

How can I use the Nokia video wall?





Johanna Uupi Tirronen showed us some dance moves near her part-time office, in the wilderness of Arabia, Helsinki.


Profile OF

JOHANNA UUPI TIRRONEN Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Helsinki 30.7. »Kaikilla on tämänsä» —Pentti Saarikoski Activities / Interests Contemporary live culture, photoshopping Favourite Music Gotan Project, Jamiroquai, Redrama, PMMP, Ismo Alanko Job Freelance Art Manager, photographer, part-time lecturer in Cultural Management at University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Website


Ann Lin

Did exactly what

Santa Claus

WORK & DANCE TOGETHER Three observations on the way to more dance collaboration.


The dance producer and photographer organized an art exhibition, dance performances and a few workshops in Shanghai as part of Dance Info Finland’s project and the dance media festival Dans Storm. Uupi is also a photographer, whose pictures were exhibited in Shanghai.

the meeting of two people can spark more collaboration and better understanding between Finland and China,» Tirronen says. Finns have a lot to give especially in the fields of light and sound design and choreography. I. PRODUCING DIFFERENCES

working on a grass roots level in Shanghai taught dance producer Johanna Tirronen first hand a lot about event production in China. »We hope to continue working together with our Chinese partners, maybe through residency projects where artists would have time to work together, meet and exchange ideas and inspirations. Even 144

» at first there was a bit of shock,

because the things that I would have expected to have been done and waiting for us at th´e venue were not. At most venues in Europe technical riders are carefully followed and preparations made in advance. In Shanghai it was also a surprise that the space


just meant the space — no equipment. Even extension chords had to be bought. Hiring equipment and technical staff started when we arrived. But everything worked out well and on time, thanks to our local producers. One just has to adapt to the fact that things are different.»

Palmgren, some participants questioned whether the movement series they were asked to try was dance, because it was ’not beautiful’. It is not necessarily a difference in interpreting art — young Finnish students might ask similar things. It’s just good to be open to different views.»



» most of our audience were

» china’s vast cultural history is

locals. In the discussions after the live performances a lot of people asked for explanations and meanings. Vera Nevanlinna, the dancer, tried to explain that in her piece, The News, there is no clearly defined meaning, she reacts to the moment on instinct. At the contemporary dance workshops by Sari

inspiring. And whereas Finns easily focus on the export angle, we should remember that we are exchanging views and inspiration. When we visit, there is so much new to understand: the huge number of people, the long tradition, the modernity — whatever you can think of is found in Shanghai.»


Shanghai taxis showed The Daily Ape animation series that introduces Finland to the Chinese. It was viewed 350,000 times on Chinese websites and seen by millions on Chinese national tv.




Mark Bai was preparing for his weekly performance at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel and didn’t mind playing some air piano.


Profile OF

白天 MARK BAI Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Favourite Music Favourite Books Job Website


Santa Claus


Nanjing 21.4.1981 Married Brad Mehldau The Bible Jazz guy

Did exactly what

Ren Yuqing Minna Nuutila

A quartet featuring drummer Joonas Riippa, bass player Micheal Brownell, jazz pianist Mark Bai and led by the Finnish trumpet player Verneri Pohjola teamed up in November 2009. Just six months later their album Hot Pot Place Around the Corner was released on the Finnish Day at the Expo, May 27th 2010.

, what a gig!

Jazz pianist Mark Bai can’t forget his first gig with the Finnish trumpet player.

» i was at the jz club when I heard about Verneri Pohjola for the first time. I was told that there’s a really good trumpet player who plays the northern style and he’s coming to Shanghai. So we started emailing and I got to know his music. I was like, wow, this is really fresh. I have studied classical music so I want to bring some classical things to jazz. The first time I got into jazz I was like wow. Improvisation made my mind free and takes my music where it hadn’t been. 148

»The album is elegant as a whole,» wrote Finland’s leading daily Helsingin Sanomat about Hot Pot Place Around the Corner.


We formed a Finnish-Chinese quartet with Verneri but we didn’t have enough time to practice for the first gig. Verneri was so nice. He said: »Don’t worry about my music. It’s not that hard, just try.» He listened to us and respected us.


It wouldn’t be jazz, if the club wasn’t dark and smoky. Here’s Verneri’s quintet performing at the JZ Club. It was a hot, hot place that night!

The audience at the JZ Club was really anticipating the show, because we don’t get too many European jazz players here. Verneri started with a trumpet solo. He played so long and so slow and people listened. Everything was natural. Verneri is very cool. He’s got

a sensible touch. When he finds something he can catch it and give it back to me. He’s got the power to slowly get inside everybody in the audience. »We recorded the tunes for our album Hot Pot Place Around the Corner and played at the Expo. I’ve heard our album is popular in Japan. Maybe we can play together again there.»



Ari Makkonen was photographed with statues and a map of China he received as gifts from China.




Profile OF

ARI MAKKONEN Hometown Birthday Job Website

Helsinki 17.6.1952 VP Finnish Environmental Cluster for China (FECC)


Santa Claus Kristal Li

Did exactly what

Ann Zhang

The Vice President and Executive Director of the Finnish Environmental Cluster for China (FECC) since 2008, Ari Makkonen used to work for Pöyry Environment in Finland and Hungary. Now he is in charge of getting Finnish and Chinese companies involved with each other in environmentally sound solutions.

CLEAN-UP TIME! FECC? The Finnish Environmental Cluster for China (FECC) was founded in 2006 and deals with Chinese companies involving FECC-related companies have increased year-by-year. The Finnish cleantech business is expected to double to 1.8 billion euros by 2013. Finland’s Cleantech Cluster was ranked


© D A N I E L E M AT T I O L I


among the top three cleantech economicdevelopment regions by Sustainable World Capital in 2010. Chinese companies have shown interest

in Finnish solutions in renewable energy such as bio-energy, wind power, water management, waste management and resource efficiency.

LES 3 EXAMpPening of dee h coc Cleante on. operati


» we organized a tour of 25 Finnish companies involved

in the Cleantech Cluster Programme in three days for our Chinese guests. Quite a tight schedule around Finland. Our guests were most impressed by how such small companies can have such top quality technology. Finland has a reputation as a bit of a pioneer in technology and environmental matters. Our reputation is bigger than our size as such would necessarily warrant. Finland is a small country, but there is demand for our technology and knowledge in China.»


» the chinese are founding their first innovation centre abroad in Finland. China is a superpower and becoming a great power in technology, so that is a good motivation to operate side-by-side with Chinese business. There is a lot of potential for synergy. Business is developing at an incredible rate, things are being built and we can help in making sure that ecological matters are taken into consideration.»


» china is making heavy investments in Africa. Finland on the other hand has lengthy experience of development cooperation in various parts of Africa, so we can share our knowledge in the area so that the Chinese companies that do business there do everything right from an ecological and societal point-of-view.»


Nick Rongjun Yu hosted a fake dinner party on the biggest stage of the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center.




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喻荣军 NICK RONGJUN YU Hometown Birthday Relationship Status Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Movies Favourite Artists Job Website


Santa Claus

Anhui, China 6.7.1971 Married Chinese classical music and singers like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan Chinese traditional poems and some western contemporary plays Cinema Paradiso, The Shawshank Redemption Harold Pinter Manager, Producer and Playwright

Did exactly what

Johan Storgård

Ni Bing

The musical Spin, a co-production with Finland’s Svenska Teatern was shown at the Expo and in The Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, which is run by Nick. It is the only national theater in the city. Nick has written 30 plays in ten years and is eager to try new ways of making drama. He visited Finland in 2010 and wishes to bring his theater there.

:-) :-(

THE DRAMA KING Theater manager Nick Rongjun Yu is where Shanghai drama’s at.

thetable is full of shrimp, pork, rice cakes, sea worm, crab and rice wine. Nick Rongjun Yu is having dinner. The man grabs a fish plate and turns it upside down. The fish stays in its plate. All the delicious looking food is fake, and Nick is sitting on the set of a play. »Theater is a place to think. The place to make people feel at peace and confident. To enjoy and to feel proud,» says the Deputy General Manager of 156

The Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre. It’s the only national theater in Shanghai and runs over 40 plays a year. They have a big touring company with loads of international shows. They run plays from classic to contemporary, from kitchen sink drama to romantic comedy. In the year 2010, the Finnish musical Spin took over the theater. The musical — it tells the story of entertainment business backstage — has been made for the foreign market and also sold to Russia and Poland. Five years ago a delegation from Finland visited Nick’s theatre and started planning the cooperation. Nick was introduced to Johan Storgård, the di-

This is it, Chinese theater 2.0.

» I was surprised. Helsinki is not a big city but almost everybody goes to the theatre. » rector of the Finnish Svenska Teatern, the Swedish language theatre company. The Finns organized the director, playwriter, composer and stage designer for Spin, but it was a collaborative effort. This was a new way of working. Spin was performed 18 times on Nick’s stage and twice at the Expo. Everything in the theater world is about contacts. Nick introduced Storgård to leaders of the Shanghai ballet and children’s theater. »And now something has happened with all of them,» Nick says and nods his head. Usually people in China know

something about Northern European modern dance but are not familiar with Finnish theatre. Nick visited Helsinki in May 2010 and went to see drama, opera and ballet. »I was surprised. Helsinki is not a big city but almost everybody goes to the theatre. I got a very deep impression of Johan’s company. We can learn from you.» Nick shows us around his building. It has 15,000 square meters dedicated to theater. In the theater’s café there’s a lively group of actors laughing and telling jokes so loud you can hardly hear their manager speak. Nick raises his voice and tells about their future with pride. He plans to take Chinese theatre to Finland, to a theater festival in Tampere. 157

PETTER Jussi Puikkonen was photographed on Siltasaarenkatu, Helsinki, a block away from his Helsinki office.




Petteri Luoto took a break from preparing a Finnish buffet for Kirnu’s VIP visitors.


Profile OF

PETTERI LUOTO Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Turku 9.2.1974 »Everything is beautiful after the eye gets used to it.» Relationship Status In an open relationship Activities / Interests Taxi driving in Shanghai Favourite Music The songs of Kaj Chydenius Favourite Books Charles Bukowski Favourite Movies Dog Day Afternoon Favourite Television Columbo Job Chef Website



Did exactly what

Teemu Kurkela

Santa Claus

The chef of the Finnish Pavilion has worked in top Finnish restaurants and represented Finland in the Bocuse d’Or competitions. Luoto has a long career as a painter and sculptor. His colorful collages teach us how to live in a society driven by money or how to get a large belly in nine weeks.

NO RYE BREAD, JUST PANCAKES Chef Luoto created a dish for Helsinki.

berries, salmon and other traditional ingredients are the cornerstone of the Finnish food Petteri Luoto, chef of the Finnish Pavilion, and his 12-person local staff prepare. Sometimes they have to make exceptions to the traditional Finnish fare, and serve Chinese meals. The Finnish menu can be a little too exotic for some visitors.

» rye bread is a no-go but Finnish

pancakes — although they aren’t that beautiful — have been really popular,” Luoto says.


Upon request Luoto created a completely new dish for Helsinki and its upcoming World Design Capital year 2012. We’ll let the chef explain the grand idea behind Kun Suomi nousi puuhun*. * The phrase translates as »When Finland got up the tree». It is a reference to the song Kun Suomi putos puusta (»When Finland fell from the tree») by respected Finnish rock musician Ismo Alanko. The song is about an imagined moment when Finland started to lose its innocence as it became more international.

Below: Grillin’n’chillin. Mr. Luoto mastering the BBQ at the WDC party in Kirnu.



Luoto: »There is no actual recipe to this dish. The piece reflects Finnish culinary culture in general. We’re on the way to the top. The meal includes a glazed pork hoof and tongue. The dill that rises from the tomato represents a stunted base for growth from which our robust forest stems from.»

Kun Suomi nousi puuhun 1 pork hoof 1 pork tongue dill tomato Pile the ingredients. Enjoy!


Lou Yongqi was photographed in the Aalto Tongji Design Factory amid wild projections.





Profile OF

娄永琪 LOU YONGQI Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation

Zhejiang 9.4.1974 »Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.» — Margaret Mead Relationship Status Married Activities / Interests Thinking and doing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Favourite Music Favourite Books Laozi: Tao Te Ching Uproar in Heaven Favourite Movies Le Corbusier Favourite Artists Job Professor and designer Website


Did exactly what

Yrjö Sotamaa

The professor of Tongji University’s Art & Design Department directs the Aalto Tongji Design Factory in Shanghai with Yrjö Sotamaa. He holds a PhD in urban design theory and practice and has finished large numbers of architecture, urban design and exhibition design projects.

Pekka Toivanen

Martta Louekari


WE HAVE AN IDEA! Creative minds gathered in Shanghai to share ideas for the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

THE AIM on 27th october 2010, the creative people in Shanghai gathered to AaltoTongji Design Factory to co-create ideas how Shanghai could play a significant role during the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme. The workshop aimed to gather together the people who had already shared ideas and to ensure the continuation of the cooperation after the closure of the Expo. 164

A group of creative minds were invited: People from different Snowball seminars that were organized by the Finnish Expo Cultural Programme during the Expo year as well as top students and professionals from the internationally recognized College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University.

THE TASK the event started with greetings from Pekka Timonen, the Director



of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme, and continued with speeches from Pluto Finland’s Ossi Luoto and Wen-Long Chen, President of Nova Design & Board Member of ICSID. Divided into workshops, the participants focused on the following topics: design, events and landmarks/big things. The workshops were moderated by Professor Lou Yongqi, Tongji University, artist and designer Pan Jianfeng and Jani Joenniemi, Director Culture Programme in Finland at World Expo 2010. At the end of the day, the moderators presented the most interesting ideas, followed by feedback from Mr. Timonen.



days separate the end of the Shanghai Expo to the beginning of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.

utilizing space technology in various modern day applications. Organising Chinese weddings in Finland. Bringing the real Chinese food culture, including the hot pot, to Finland. One of the first concrete projects in which Shanghai will be present in Helsinki will take place in May 2011, when 100 students of Tongji University, accompanied by faculty and industry partners, will travel from Shanghai to Helsinki by train. The journey will include workshops, seminars and social activities. In addition, in the spirit of the Shanghai World Expo, a miniature Tongji Pavilion will be built to Helsinki. 165

Mikko Punakivi hoisting heavy-duty RFID equipment in Vantaa Innovations’ RFID Showroom in Technopolis.





Profile OF

MIKKO PUNAKIVI Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Movies Job Website

Espoo 1.5.1972 »Fair game & Winning together.» Married Sports Jazz Detective Stories Action Director Cluster Programs of Vantaa Innovation Institute Ltd, Director of Airport Cluster Finland


Teemu Kurkela

Did exactly what


Kristal Li


a 10 0 new t in China buil will be 2020. by

fresh from a set of seminars in Shanghai, the Director of Airport Cluster Finland, Mikko Punakivi, is excited about the possibilities China offers, among other things, to the export of airport expertise. He says a lot, so we picked four main points.


Working from Vantaa’s Technopolis, the job of Mikko Punakivi is to set snowballs in motion and if they stop mid-hill, he goes to kick some action in them. The “snowballs” he is in charge of are eg. Airport Cluster Finland and RFID Lab Finland.

#1 THE SITUATION floods don’t stop airplanes. That’s what they realized in central China, where business regularly suffers because of floods that cut off roads, railroads and waterways. Airplanes are the solution and new airports must be built and old ones upgraded.

#2 THE ANSWER eighteen finnish companies involved in airports — from metal detectors to logistics development to deicing

equipment to airfield lighting — come together through Airport Cluster Finland. The aim is that joining forces will open up Chinese doors and lead to business. Early signs are positive. It helps that Finland has a reputation as a trusted land of technology and can offer consultation and planning services.

#3 THE RIGHT SCALE eastern china already has massive airports, but Finns are most interested in the developing central Chinese market, where planned airport capacities are closer to the level of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Finavia and others have plenty of experience in practice and also through extensive future plans for Finland’s largest

…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

airport. Airport Cluster companies also have the benefit of past experience of joint ventures. Finns have good skills of directing vehicles to and from the airport, people in and out of the airport and planes up from the airport and down to the airport.

#4 WINTER MAINTENANCE finns know cold. That equals big business potential in the airport business. Deicing equipment is a must from the southernmost to the northernmost airport in Finland. Some believe it doesn’t get cold in China. It does. The closer you get to Mongolia the colder it gets. Finns have the means and experience of keeping flying safe throughout the winter.

Mikko Punakivi (left) discussing innovations during Vantaa Day in Kirnu.


Hu Jun showed that perfection is reached by endless attention to the finest details.





Profile OF

胡俊 HU JUN Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Activities / Interests Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Movies Favourite Artists Job


Santa Claus

Zhejiang 27.9. 美好生活继续 (»To a better life»)

Traveling 二泉映月 围城

The Godfather Salvador Dali Printing house manager, graphic designer Did exactly what

The boss of a printing company is superbusy. Hu Jun is in charge of 100 people, and her printing company has been involved in making several publications that deal with projects related to Finland’s operations at the Shanghai Expo.


Printin learn to have wants to e a Finn. fun lik

if you want to be a good customer to a printing house, you have to have three features: honesty, sense of responsibility and punctuality. The printing house lady Hu Jun gives us customers rules but underlines that as a representative of a printing house she has to obey them as well. Her printing house has 100 employ172

ees, who complete 6–20 orders per day. There are about 2,000 to 3,000 similar printing houses in Shanghai. A good reputation is the thing that keeps the business flowing. »I’ve never met a bad customer. It’s always important to have a clear idea who has the responsibility, if an error is found in a publication.»

© M I K KO R Y H Ä N E N

Her company has printed most of the publications related to the Finnish Expo projects. She commends her Finnish customers’ communication skills and says they’ve been very accurate. »Finns can separate the working time and spare time. They drink vodka and go to the sauna and have fun. We have a lot to learn from them. I want to learn to enjoy life.»


corporate events were hosted on the VIP-floor of Kirnu.

In the images above: printing in progress. Sharp methods & techniques meet ancient echoes & traditions.



Jaana Partanen was visiting Helsinki and interrupted her coffeedrinking for this photo by Lasipalatsi.



Profile OF

JAANA PARTANEN Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship status Favourite Music Favourite Books Favourite Movies Favourite Artists Job Website

Kuopio, Finland 3.4.1967 »This moment is the best moment!» Married Angelit, Aavikko, Madonna, Ismo Alanko, Kent Paulo Coelho: Alchemist The Matrix Trilogy Architect Heikki Lamusuo Artistic Director of Partanen & Lamusuo Partnership


Did exactly what

Teemu Kurkela

Partanen & Lamusuo Partnership created the massive multimedia pieces that were featured in the three rooms of the Finnish Pavilion. The company’s Artistic Director Jaana Partanen is an artist who specializes in future visions, concepts, photography and film. She has had several solo and group exhibitions.


Pekka Toivanen

Tuomas Toivonen


Three groups collaborated on Finland’s exhibition design.

the winners of the competition to design the exhibition concept for Finland at the Shanghai Expo 2010 were Muotohiomo, Fantasiarakenne and Partanen & Lamusuo Partnership. The role of Jaana Partanen and her colleague Heikki Lamusuo was to design the three projections that filled the spaces in Kirnu. Additionally they coordinated the sound design, which was created by the 176

Resonator Helsinki collective. They also oversaw the design of the guide’s clothing design, which was done by students Cecilia Hammarén, Matti Liimatainen and Nathalie Mustonen from the Aalto University School of Art and Design. The projections were completed in cooperation with the animation studio Anima Vitae. It was the idea of Partanen & Lamusuo to have three levels of guides: the artist guides, the regular hall guides and the virtual guides that were part of the media art. The artist guides were from different parts of Finland and selected through an audition. Each spent a month in Shanghai with a total of 15 artists featuring as artist guides.

The first wall-projection was an introduction, which was intended to calm the visitors from the Expo’s bustle to Kirnu’s calm.



Kirsi Pitkänen and her bubble did two shifts as Kirnu’s artist guide. She spent May and October in China.

The third wall-projection represented the city of the future. And it was the job description of the projections’ guides to guide the visitors to the future.

The idea of the artist guides was that they communicated with the guests nonverbally, like magician Joni Pakanen here playing with the bubble-theme that was central to the media art.


The second wall-projection represented Finland today, and featured many collaborators and sponsors of Finland’s Expo projects. The animation consisted of images that focused on the different cities involved from Helsinki to Lapland.


ANN Z 178


Ann Zhang leaving for a business trip in the yard of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.


Profile OF

张安 ANN ZHANG Hometown Birthday Favourite Quotation Relationship Status Activities / Interests Favourite Music Job Website

Hubei 21.6. »Life is too short to be little.» Married Reading, tennis, piano Jazz, classical Chief Representative of Greater Helsinki Promotion in Shanghai


Did exactly what

Ari Makkonen

As part of the Greater Helsinki Promotion’s Shanghai operations her main task is to get Chinese investors interested in the Greater Helsinki region. She has been in the GHP organization since it was set up in 2007. In Ann’s opinion Fazer sweets are the best thing in Helsinki.

Johanna Eiramo

Kristal Li

FROM ITY DESIGN CTO DESIGN CAPeITsigAnLtitles d Grand enzhen join Sh inki. ls and H e


yes, we’ve all read the news. Helsinki is the World Design Capital 2012. But what does it mean? And what is the effect on the Chinese? »It’s exciting news. It will be a big event,» says Ann Zhang. As the Chief Representative of Greater Helsinki Promotion’s Shanghai office, her job is to get Chinese investors and companies interested in Helsinki. She already has plans for Helsinki’s big year. »The Chinese city Shenzhen was selected as the City of Design in 2008, so we have close co-operation with them and together we can promote the design industry of both cities.» Yes, there are City of Design cities and World Design Capital cities and they both are good at design. City of Design is a title for the cities that are part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Net-



work. The cities include eg. Berlin, Buenos Aires and Kobe. The network is designed to forge new models of public and private partnerships at city level that can help to unlock the creative, social and economic potential of cultural industries. So Helsinki’s title is a bit different. World Design Capitals are chosen by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. The title means a kind of one year celebration for design. And after the party things will never be the same. Ann Zhang can lure all the hip people of Shenzhen to fly to World Design Capital Helsinki, or at least give them an idea that the Finns are top designers. »There’s a lot of work because Nordic design is a well-known brand in China but people don’t know much about Helsinki. Helsinki is a modern city compared to Rome or Paris, and one can see the beauty in its modern structure.

People are attractive, nice, trustworthy and friendly towards foreigners.» The small size of the city is not a problem but Ann Zhang feels that Helsinki is still not international enough. But that is not a problem — it’s part of Ann Zhang’s job to change the atmosphere of Helsinki. »We help the city become more international.»


square metres of painted surface in Kirnu. The foundation was painted twice and the surface once.






Pertti Huitu shook yet another hand on the third floor of the Finnish Pavilion’s VIP-floor.


Profile OF

PERTTI HUITU Hometown Säkylä / Helsinki Birthday 7.9.1944 Favourite Quotations »Ea vita, quae non est libera, non est vera vita.» Relationship Status Married Activities / Interests Literature, winter sports, rotary Favourite Music Organ music, classical guitar Favourite Books History, biographies Favourite Movies Nature, drama Favourite Television BBC World Favourite Artists Andrés Segovia, Michel Dupré, Leonard Cohen, Kalevi Kiviniemi Job Comissioner General Website


Song Ge

Did exactly what

Ari Makkonen

Johan Storgård

HOW TO BE A GOOD HOST I RELAX » the host has to create a cozy atmosphere, where everybody feels they have something to contribute.»

II GET THE SCALE RIGHT » hospitality must match the

importance of the event. If the subject is modest don’t make things too fancy with over-extended schedules.»


The boss of the bosses, Finland’s Commissioner General, Pertti Huitu acted also as a Vice Chairman of The Steering Committee of the Shanghai Expo. He has worked in Expos since the 1980’s and acted as CG of Finland for EXPO 2000 Hanover and as CG of Nordic Countries for Expo 2005 Aichi Japan.

III INVITE WITH CARE » find the guests who can create

fertile opportunities together. The most important thing is to determine what the reason for your event is.»

IV STAND OUT » this has been an important rule when we’ve organized Finnish events in China. For example the Finnish Pavilion’s style is unique and parts of it are open to selected people only. That can make an impression.»



» the leader
should be able to listen to different people and base his analysis on that.»

#2 ASK

» the right questions are often better than the correct answers.”


» the leader must rely on

his employees and know how to handle people. He must have the ability to inspire.»


» issues, schedules,

numbers… The leader has to handle them all.»


» the leader must be able to delegate. It’s usually quite difficult to combine this with the other features.»


This was Finland’s way of saying: welcome to our party. Pretty nice!





Ni Bing bended like bamboo in a park near his workplace, the Mercedes-Benz Arena.



Profile OF

倪兵 NI BING Hometown Favourite Quotation


三人行,必有我师 (»Three people are walking together. One of them can be my teacher.») Single Relationship status Activities / Interests Music, soccer, women Keith Jarrett: The Köln Concert Favourite Music The Hangover Favourite Movies Event director of the Mercedes-Benz Job Arena, Shanghai Website


Al Di

Did exactly what

Tuomas Toivonen

Mikko Punakivi


» you can hear the ferry honk but that’s not important. All you focus on is the enormous UFO that has landed on the bank of Huangpu River, Shanghai. Some call it The MercedesBenz Arena. Its new Event Director, Ni Bing, smiles gently and speaks with a silky voice. You realize why the multinational AEG wanted Ni Bing to work for the groundbreaking arena. Ni Bing has connections. 188

Until recently an independent promoter, Ni Bing is now in charge of the events in the new Mercedes-Benz Arena. He has visited Finland and helped organize the Snowball seminars in Shanghai. The Finnish electronic acts Uusi Fantasia and Eero Johannes performed at his Whisper festival last year.


» sometimes you have to be friends with the artist — not all about making money together but making interesting connections together. You have to be super-nice and take care of the people super-well.»

»I think this will be my last job in the event business. This is big enough.»


» safety issues are always

important in China. People worry about mass events, so you have to have solid government connections. Sometimes it’s difficult, because in China everybody just wants to do their job and no-one wants to take responsibility. You have to know the police and the security company. They keep you safe.»

Connections to the connections

» you have to have traffic experts to plan the transportation to your events. How to walk, how to get to the ferry, how to get to the subway. This is a basic thing in big arena concerts.» Connections to coolness

» the challenge with this new arena is the balance between my interests and making money. The acts that are making money are really cheesy pop music, which I don’t like. I really want to get some cool acts.» True story about the UFO: We couldn’t fit it in one frame. Yep, it’s huge.


cultural performances were organised in China as part of Finland’s cultural program related to the Shanghai Expo.


» the finnish heavy metal scene is full of symbolism. Personally I’m not a fan of this kind of music but I’m curious why it always has die hard fans. The music is more like a religion to them. Finns are really good at this. HIM, Nightwish, Negative. They could work well in my arena.» Connections to NI BING

» i think this will be my last job in the event business. This is big enough. If I don’t want to do it anymore I’ll probably move to another industry. Because I’ve done the best arena in the world.»



Santa Claus was waiting for kids in the Finnish Pavilion.




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SANTA CLAUS 聖誕老人 JOULUPUKKI Hometown Favourite Quotation

Korvatunturi, Finland »Sing we joyous, all together / Fa la la la la, la la la la.» — Deck the Halls Relationship Status Married Activities / Interests Skiing Favourite Music Tapio Rautavaara, Frank Sinatra Favourite Movies Bad Santa Favourite Television Lost (season one) Favourite Artists Albert Edelfelt The Father of Christmas Job Website


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The mythic figure of Christmas lives in the Northern Finland, Lapland. He is also known as Dun Che Lao Ren, Saint Nicholas, Jultomten, Weihnachtsmann, Father Christmas or Joulupukki in his mother language Finnish. Santa worked in the Finnish pavilion during the whole Expo.

Pertti Huitu

Kristal Li


#1 Dolls #2 Stuffed animals #3 Toy cars #4 Toy guns During Expo, everybody wanted a piece of our Santa.


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1. Somebody’s home Santa delivers presents to Finnish homes on Christmas Eve. Hiring a Santa Claus costs about 50 euros per 15 minutes.

2. Company Christmas party Christmas is quite a peaceful party, but Finns let loose during the informal »Little Christmas» celebrations some weeks before the real deal. 3. On television The real Santa Claus appears every year in The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle’s program.


…of Finns feel Christmas is the most important party of the year.

30 %

…of Northern Finland’s tourist income comes in the Christmas season. About 500,000 tourists visit Santa’s home city Rovaniemi each year.

72 %

…of Finns buy Christmas flowers. That’s worth 100 million euros.

22 %

…of the top 3 Finnish films of last years have been Christmas flicks. This year Santa aims at adult audiences with the Finnish action comedy Rare Exports.

50 %

…more alcohol, electronics, phones, books, jewelry and clocks are sold in December than in an average month.


…of Finns suffer from Christmas anxiety.

10 %

…or less of the Chinese celebrate Christmas but the popularity is rising. In addition to the Christian minority, teenagers have started to celebrate Christmas the same way as The Valentine’s Day. 193





it was essential for Finland to be present in the largest ever World Expo in Shanghai, China. The Finnish Pavilion, Kirnu, attracted over 5 million visitors making it one of the most popular spots in the Expo site. However, as pleased as we are with this popularity, the real success of our participation came from establishing new partnerships between Finland and China and strengthening existing ties. As we can see from the preceding articles, Finland’s cultural programme at the Shanghai World Expo engaged many esteemed professionals both in Finland and China. During the networking seminars labelled as Snowballs, ca. 150 Finnish cultural companies and actors met with over 200 of their Chinese counterparts in the fields of music, architecture, design and performing arts. Furthermore, Finnish music, design and performing arts were showcased for significant, and often enthusiastic audiences, both within the Expo site and in Shanghai as well as elsewhere in China. The interest of Finland to enhance cooperation with China in culture and creative economy is in no way limited to the Expo period. Instead, we are looking for longer term and strategic partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. Therefore, the networks and partnerships that have been forged during the Expo are the real assets and outcomes of our cultural programme. It is the objective of the Ministry of Education and — working in close cooperation with the Ministries of Employment and the Economy and Foreign Affairs — to facilitate the harnessing of these partnerships so that they can lead to genuine business.




The Ministry of Education and Culture intends to continue to support networking and projects that are in the pipeline. An important step was the visit by the Minister of Culture and Sports of Finland, H.E. Stefan Wallin, to Beijing and Shanghai at the end of November 2010. The Minister’s delegation was composed of representatives from the mentioned Ministries and business representatives from all the sectors covered by the Snowball seminars. The visit provided an opportunity to pursue cooperation plans at the governmental and business levels. The nomination of Helsinki as the World Design Capital in 2012 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design was a signal that heralded both Finnish design as such but also that design is embedded in Finnish society. Preparations for WDC Helsinki 2012 are already well underway. Using design in city planning and in the development of sustainable urban areas is critical to come up with better cities and better life — a goal shared in Finland and in China. This project forms a logical platform for continued and reinforced cooperation between our countries and designers. Finland may not be big, but our culture and cultural production is thriving. Our cultural and creative economy companies are eager to share the original and distinctive talent we have with Chinese audiences, be it ecological and sustainable architecture, cutting-edge design, heavy music or high-quality theatre and dance. At the same time, we want to learn from our Chinese colleagues and develop ideas for future cooperation. The slogan of Finland’s participation in the Shanghai Expo »Sharing Inspiration» sums up our ambition perfectly.

KIMMO AULAKE — Special Government Advisor, Deputy Head of Cultural Exports and Exchange Unit, Ministry of Education and Culture



MEET JUSSI — The Jussipaita, or Jussi-shirt, is a traditional knit sweater. It is used especially in Southern Ostrobothnia, a rural region in mid-western Finland. The lines on the shirt symbolize the fields and rivers and the boxes represent barns. The Jussipaita symbolizes stamina, honesty, integrity and creativity. It is a classic of Finnish culture. When you wear it, you immediately become more Finnish. The Jussi featured in the profile pictures of this book uses a new coloring with the calm gray coupled with a sturdy black. This particular Jussipaita, featured in the image above, was worn by 21 Chinese and 21 Finnish people during the making of this book. The sweater travelled an estimated 15,778 kilometres to achieve this going from Helsinki to Shanghai and back again. Smells like collaboration.


Tämä passi sisältää 200 sivua.






Connecting the dots from Shanghai Expo to World Design Capital


Connecting the dots from Shanghai Expo to World Design Capital