Arbitration Rules of the Finland Chamber of Commerce 2020

Page 26


prospective arbitrator shall disclose in the Statement any circumstances likely to give rise to justifiable doubts as to his or her impartiality or independence. 21.3 The Institute shall transmit a copy of the Statement to all parties and set a time limit within which they may submit comments on the Statement or object to the confirmation of the arbitrator. 21.4 An arbitrator shall promptly disclose in writing to the Institute, the parties and the other arbitrators any circumstances referred to in Article 21.2 which may arise during the course of the arbitration.



22.1 All arbitrators are subject to confirmation by the Institute. The mandate of an arbitrator shall begin upon such confirmation. 22.2 The Secretariat may confirm an arbitrator if: (a)

the prospective arbitrator’s Statement contains no qualifications regarding his or her impartiality or independence; and


no party has objected to the confirmation within the time limit set under Article 21.3.

22.3 In all other cases, the Secretariat shall refer the matter to the Board for its decision. The Board may decline the confirmation only if the prospective arbitrator fails to fulfill the requirements of impartiality and independence set forth in Article 21.1, or if he or she is otherwise unsuitable to serve as arbitrator. The Board has no obligation to give reasons for its decision. 22.4 Where the Board declines the confirmation of an arbitrator nominated by a party or by arbitrators, it may: (a)


give the nominating party, or the nominating arbitrators as the case may be, an opportunity to make a new nomination within the time limit set by the Institute; or