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Welcome to the Manufactory

Many exclusive hotels, luxury yachts and private villas have one thing in common: their owners and guests make themselves comfortable on upholstered furniture manufactured by Finkeldei. Interior designers like choosing Finkeldei because we can put challenging furnishing ideas into practice perfectly. As a partner, Finkeldei also offers you the maximum level of efficiency, flexibility and reliability – qualities which bring success to complex furnishing projects. We provide you with support from advice and planning to production. Whether you are looking for individual items of furniture, or full outfitting, even challenging projects are in the best of hands with us. In this brochure, we would like to show you what we can do. We would be happy to provide you with further information or to discuss your next project with you at any time. Alexander Knoche

Manuel Del Colombo

Every item of upholstered furniture manufactured by Finkeldei is 100% made in Germany. From the manufacture of the frame to the upholstering, all the steps are performed by the experienced upholstering specialists and woodworkers in our company.

About Finkeldei

The Finkeldei manufactory has produced upholstered furniture for customers with the highest standards for more than half a century. Our motto is: the best is just good enough. Upholstered furniture from our manufactory is leading in terms of quality, incomparable in terms of sitting comfort and unique in terms of design. Our company is active in two areas of business: international trade and the furnishing of exclusive properties. Our collection includes several hundred models, from traditional upholstered furniture to high-quality cabinets and accessories. Our particular strength is that we are able to put all our customers’ individual furnishing ideas perfectly into practice. Whether it is a matter of custom-made individual pieces of furniture or elaborate full outfitting – your project is in the best hands at Finkeldei.

Profile  Founded in 1958  50 employees  Located in North Rhine Westphalia  Family business  30 years in the contract business

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Uncompromising high quality

The Finkeldei manufactory is the ideal partner for interior furnishing where quality and individuality are important. Finkeldei’s customers enjoy the certainty that they possess products of the highest quality. Our production is characterised by meticulous work by hand and takes place exclusively in Germany. We do a lot to ensure perfect quality: • Experienced specialist upholsterers and woodworkers with various specialisations in our company • Exclusive use of high-quality raw materials • Rigid quality controls during the entire manufacturing process • Certified Quality and Environment Management System according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 We invite you to visit our large showroom and see the unique quality of our upholstered furniture for yourselves.

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style, Finkeldei is at home in both worlds of design

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Our services

The Finkeldei manufactory offers you comprehensive support for your project, from the initial idea to the finished product. • Advice • Project management • Planning • Creation of mock-ups • Production • Delivery and assembly • After sales service • Refurbishment and maintenance

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Our collection

In our collection, you can find hundreds of models, ranging from traditional to modern designs. We would be happy to inform you in detail about our whole range from the areas: • Arm chairs • Sofas • Sofa beds • Bar stools • Chairs • Upholstered beds • Upholstered benches • Mattresses / bed frames / box springs • Tables • Cabinets • Outdoor furniture • Fabrics / curtains / drapes / bedcovers • Carpets / Rugs • Accessories We can, of course, adapt every model in our collection to your requirements. We are also happy to develop and manufacture unique items for you – on a completely individual basis, in accordance with your personal ideas.

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Production to the customer’s specifications

You have found the furniture that you are looking for in our collection, but you need it with different dimensions? No problem. Perhaps, however, the requirements for your project are very particular: you need an upholstered seating group with twelve seats and electrically adjustable heights? Or perhaps you want a custom-made cinema seat with ebony armrests? Or does your project require wall panels that are covered with goatskin vellum? You’ve probably guessed it: this isn’t a problem either. Ask us: if something is technically possible, we will implement it for you with our experienced specialists and technicians.

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Here, you can see a small selection of the unique items that we have developed and manufactured on behalf of our customers

To full outfitting

Over the decades, the Finkeldei manufactory has built up an extensive manufacturing expertise which extends beyond upholstered furniture. Today, our manufacturing and product range includes exclusive cabinets, tables, drapes, carpets, lamps, and much more. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with full outfitting services from one source. Through our network of partners, it is also possible to use us for all the work on the interior of the property.

Elegant study with a wall unit, sideboard, table, chair and stool from our manufactory

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As a manufactory, we are particularly flexible: customised production is not the exception, but the rule. This is made possible by optimum workflows and our qualified upholstering specialists and woodworkers.


Services for hotels

The furnishing of your hotel is in good hands at Finkeldei: we are happy to support you from advice and individual production to refurbishment. We can offer you the appropriate furniture for all areas of the hotel. Choose from our extensive selection or have unique upholstered furniture, tables and cabinets developed and manufactured according to your own ideas. We develop a style and colour concept for your furniture on request, discuss the options with you with regard to the sitting properties, and take into consideration all the specific requirements that arise from the planned use of your furniture. As a cost-effective alternative to new purchases, we offer to refurbish and re-upholster your upholstered furniture and tables using all the methods of our craft, so that they look as good as new.

Services  Advice  Project management  Planning  Production  Delivery and assembly  Refurbishment  Maintenance

Areas of the hotel  Bedrooms  Lobby  Restaurant  Bar / lounge About us Services Hotels Yachts Villas Contact

 Terraces  Spa

Finkeldei’s chairs and custom-made tables in the Wald- und Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe

Competence from one source

The selection of the correct upholstered furniture is one of the most important furnishing decisions facing the hotelier, as this furniture comes into direct contact with the guests and has a major impact on their wellbeing or perception of quality. A presentable design, certified high-quality workmanship and sturdy materials make the Finkeldei manufactory the first choice for furnishing in exclusive hotels. Finkeldei offers you all the services of a complete outfitter, extending beyond upholstered furniture.

Our range  Arm chairs  Sofas  Sofa beds  Bar stools  Chairs  Upholstered beds  Upholstered benches  Mattresses  Bed frames  Box springs  Coffee tables  Dining tables  Desks  Wardrobes  Display cabinets  Sideboards  Fabrics

Arm chair manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirements in the Marriot Hotel in Portsmouth

 Bedspreads  Curtains  Drapes  Carpets  Lamps

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Refurbishment and maintenance

Have the many years of use of your hotel furniture left behind visible traces? Regardless of whether your upholstered furniture needs a new cover, or is to be reupholstered or whether the wooden frame needs to be touched up, Finkeldei is the perfect partner for the high-quality and prompt refurbishment of your upholstered furniture and tables. We will perform all upholstering and carpentry work for you, directly on your premises if possible. You can be sure of one thing: we can do it really well. We would be happy conduct a survey free of charge and will submit a quote to you.

Even difficult cases are in good hands at Finkeldei. Recently, we were able to refurbish a historic sofa that had belonged to the poet August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798-1874).

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Popular hotel models

In our collection, you can find many models that are particularly suitable for use in hotels or restaurants. Our upholstered furniture offers exclusive design and comfort, optimally combined with qualities such as durability, resilience and a long life, even after intensive use.

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Example: Hotel Gran Belveder

The Finkeldei manufactory was commissioned with furnishing the Hotel Gran Belveder in Scharbeutz at Timmendorfer Strand with upholstered furniture and other hotel room furniture. In all 68 rooms and 15 suites, Finkeldei’s furniture guarantees a luxurious stay: arm chairs, tables, desks, chests of drawers, wardrobes, wall mirrors, bedside tables and bed headboards were designed and implemented as a complete solution by Finkeldei in cooperation with the interior designer and architect responsible, Michael Harbarth. In all the public areas of the hotel too, guests do not have to dispense with the exclusive Finkeldei comfort: in the restaurant, bar, spa area and foyer, all the chairs have been manufactured by Finkeldei according to individual requirements.

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Hotel Gran Belveder

Selected Hotel References

• Alpenkönig Tirol, Reith bei Seefeld • Golden Tulip Palmengarten, Offenburg • Gran Belveder, Scharbeutz • Grand Elysee, Hamburg • Grand Hotel Schönegg, Zermatt • Hotel Europäischer Hof, Bad Gastein • Hotel Reppert, Hinterzarten • Inn Side Residence Hotel, Bremen • Intercontinental, various locations • Landhaus Stricker, Sylt • Maritim Hotel, various locations • Marriott Hotel, various locations • Palais Coburg, Vienna • Schloss Hubertushöhe, Storkow • Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe, Baden-Baden • Schlosshotel Burg – Schlitz • Seehotel Ahlbecker Hof, Ahlbeck • Strandhotel Atlantik, Heringsdorf • Strandhotel Monbijou, Sylt • Vila Vita Hotel & Residenz, Marburg • Villa Rothschild, Königstein • Wald- und Schlosshotel, Friedrichsruhe • Westin Grand, Berlin

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As a manufactory, we also provide fitters, interior architects and interior designers with the highest level of efficiency, flexibility and reliability – criteria which help challenging projects to achieve success reliably and to the satisfaction of the customer.


Services for yachts

Anyone who owns a luxury yacht sets the highest standards for the quality of the furnishings. It is good that it is also possible to enjoy exclusive Finkeldei comfort at sea – inside as well as on the exterior areas. The interior design of a yacht sets high standards for the efficiency of all the partners for its implementation. With our many years of experience in the area of furnishing yachts, we also deal with complex projects. Our particular strength is that we put the ideas of the yacht designers into practice perfectly. With our experienced specialists and technicians, we make even the most challenging furnishing concepts possible.

We work for  Interior outfitters  Shipyards  Yacht designers

Services  Advice  Project management  Planning  Creation of mock-ups  Production  Delivery and assembly  After sales service

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Makassar ebony arm chair with a high gloss finish. Design: Andrew Winch Design, London

Services for yachts

Regardless of whether it is a new yacht or a refit: the furnishing of a luxury yacht is always unique. Therefore, the following list of our services just includes some examples: • New furniture from our collection or according to the specifications of maritime requirements • Individual design of fitted furniture, arm chair and sofa systems with and without function / storage space • Cinema furniture with and without function • Upholstered beds / individual mattresses • Wall panels / wall coverings • Outdoor teak furniture • Exterior cushions for benches and loungers • Upholstery work, also directly on board You have particular requirements? If your furnishing idea is technically feasible, we will implement it for you with our experienced specialists and technicians.

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Example: Yacht Oasis Shipyard: Lürssen | Design: Glade Johnson Design

For the motor yacht Oasis (60 m), Finkeldei implemented a customised overall concept for the furnishing of the inside, as well as the exterior areas, with luxurious upholstered furniture. The interior design included the furnishing of several living areas, cabins, guest rooms and one study with custom-made upholstered suites and beds. Finkeldei produced luxurious settee cushions and sun pads for the exterior areas, coordinated to the interior furnishings. All aspects of the upholstered furniture – the dimensions, design, wood and sitting properties – were determined individually at the customer’s request.

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Yacht Oasis

Yacht Oasis

Example: Yacht Solemates Shipyard: L端rssen | Design: Glade Johnson Design

Finkeldei furnished the motor yacht Solemates (60 m) with luxurious upholstered furniture in close cooperation with the shipyard and the designer. Customised benches, sunbathing areas and settee cushions were produced for the exterior areas. The living areas and the bedrooms and studies were furnished with upholstered furniture according to particular dimensions (e.g. with upholstered suites, rounded sofas, chairs, benches and bar stools).

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Yacht Solemates

10 selected yacht references

Four of the ten largest yachts in the world are equipped with Finkeldei furniture. In the top 100, every fifth yacht provides its owner with the exclusive comfort of Finkeldei.

VIP Yacht 86m

700 wall panels, which have been covered with goatskin vellum and varnished. A variety of upholstering work directly in the shipyard.

Below, you can find some selected references. For confidentiality reasons, we do not publish any details or photos.

VIP Yacht 84m

Freestanding cinema furniture with a number of additional functions, as well as rounded sofas and arm chairs with decorated Makassar wooden elements.

VIP Yacht 163m

Unique fitted sofas with a storage space function under the seats. Highest requirements with regard to seat assembly, upholstering and comfort.

VIP Yacht 61m

Re-fit of the upholstered furniture. A variety of sofas, arm chairs, chairs and outdoor cushions were re-covered and re-upholstered.

VIP Yacht 155m

A variety of furniture according to design specifications for the owner areas and 70 sofas for the crew area. Owner seat with elaborate carving.

VIP Yacht 61m

Cinema furniture, consisting of a semi-round seating group, adjustable with a motor. Mattresses according to customers’ specifications in terms of design and construction.

VIP Yacht 110m

Outside furniture made from solid teak wood with a removable back rest and a special folding mechanism (specially developed by Finkeldei).

VIP Yacht 61m

Elaborate seats and loungers for the open deck with a folding and storage space function.

VIP Yacht 92m

A variety of seats with the special requirement that these can be dismantled into their individual components quickly and easily.

VIP Yacht 60m

Sofas, arm chairs and chairs from the Finkeldei collection for the owner and crew area and special outdoor furniture.

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Finkeldei only uses the best raw materials in its production process. Finkeldei’s Quality and Environment Management System is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Services for the villa

At Finkeldei, the furnishing of grand villas or apartments with exclusive upholstered furniture is also in the best hands. In addition to our extensive collection of exclusive upholstered furniture, we develop customised upholstered creations that are adjusted precisely to the requirements of the owner. Exclusive cabinets, tables, drapes, carpets, lamps and much more also belong to our product range. We are also able to offer our customers complete outfitting services from one source. From advice and planning to production in our manufactory, we are available for challenging furnishing projects throughout the world.

We work for  Private individuals  Interior architects  Interior outfitters  Fitters  Design offices

Our range  Arm chairs  Sofas  Sofa beds  Bar stools  Chairs  Upholstered beds  Upholstered benches  Mattresses  Bed frames  Box springs  Coffee tables  Dining tables  Desks  Wardrobes  Display cabinets  Sideboards  Fabrics  Bedspreads  Curtains  Carpets / Rugs  Lamps  Chandeliers

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Example: Villa Colani

The “Villa Colani” on the southwest coast of Mallorca is one of the most attractive and extraordinary properties in the Balearic Islands. The owner of this luxury villa is Karl-Heinz Richard Fürst von Sayn-Wittgenstein who completely rebuilt the house and provided it with luxury furnishings. The Finkeldei manufactory furnished the Villa Colani with upholstered suites, dining sets and upholstered beds.

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Example: VIP Villa

This grand villa in a Mediterranean style is impressive because of its decor with a classically elegant design, combined with state-of-the-art technology. The interior design was implemented entirely by Loher Raumexklusiv. The interior design is characterised by furnishing with the highest quality materials, given the perfect setting by a unique lighting concept. Finkeldei furnished the unique villa with specially developed upholstered creations and with chairs and reclining furniture from its collection.

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Our rigid quality controls ensure that only perfect quality leaves our manufactory. See for yourself: visit our showroom and experience for yourselves the perfect workmanship of our almost incomparable upholstered furniture.

Factors that speak in favour of Finkeldei

99 Highest level of quality: Finkeldei offers hand-

made world-class products, 100% “made in Germany".

99 Incomparable flexibility: as a manufactory, Finkeldei is able to put almost any individual design into practice.

99 Huge selection: Finkeldei offers one of the largest collections of exclusive upholstered furniture for interior furnishing in the world.

99 Everything from one source: in addition to exclusive upholstered furniture, Finkeldei also offers complete outfitting.

99 Perfect networking: Finkeldei has an excellent

network of partners which can be used on request.

99 Many years of experience: for over 30 years, we

have enjoyed international success in the field of furnishing exclusive properties.

99 Security through certification: Finkeldei’s Quality

and Environment Management System is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

99 Uncomplicated cooperation: at Finkledei, you always have a direct link to a competent project management.

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