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13 Reasons why... You should continue with EYP by Umut Uygur & Güneş Uğuz


Pros and Cons of EYP by Lucy Zhang


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Coffee Break Polls by Atakan Çağlayan & Lucy Zhang

Great Leaders Alwa


Hello Lena, it is a great honour for me to have a chance to talk with you. Today, I would like to make an interview with you about both your daily life and your EYP career. I believe you are such a role model both, for the officials and the delegates. To start with an easy and a short question: How would you describe yourself in three words? Lena: I’d say positive, thoughtful and open minded. Do you do things more planned or you just let the things flow and find the way? Lena: That’s an interesting question because I used to be someone who plans everything but I got a lot more confidence over the time so I would say, now I go more with the flow of the things and appreciate that things find a way and this is also good. At the moment, I enjoy not so much planning everything but rather having a good overview; of course, that’s something I need but I used to be very different, I used to plan everything. How do you handle stress and pressure? Lena: Hmm… Stress and pressure… I‘m really bad with my time management for the university for example. I work very well under pressure and I think I need this pressure sometimes to get work done. For example, my theses, I had to write four of them and I wrote all of them just one night before the deadline, because I needed the pressure to get started and then I had a really good flow, but also I was a terrible person that night because I couldn‘t speak to anyone and I shut everything down just to read the paper. hen it goes in a very good flow as well, but until then I really need this pressure and the stress to get it done. I feel terrible when I‘m that stressed, but I sometimes need that stress to get work done and apart from that, I‘m also someone who really needs to speak my issues with my friends as I would when I‘m stressed. I would talk a lot about this to my friends and they’d give me advice on how to handle the situation better and become a bit more easy going and actually sit down and get work done instead of procrastinating and waiting until things get more stressful. What inspires you the most? Lena: The people around me I would say and I think what inspires me are the people and hearing about their ideas and visions and values. And I think this is also why it‘s interesting for me to keep doing EYP because in every session I meet new people I meet other people with different ideas and approaches and I think that‘s what inspires me. Just keep working looking for people that have new ideas that make me think and then do something else and do something new and create something new. I think it‘s the most of the people that inspire me.

How do you evaluate success? Lena: Pretty good question. Success… I think to evaluate success you need to know what you want which is very difficult because I think if you just live your life and do whatever you want, then it‘s hard to say I was successful in it or not. If you can set a goal for what you want to achieve then it is easier to tick the boxes. I think evaluating success works best if you know what you want to learn and have specific learning objectives for your experiences or just you know goals that you want to achieve and I think what this action here it‘s also a bit different because I wasn‘t really sure what I want from it but afterwards I think I can measure many things as success that happened here. For example, this new innovative opening ceremony concept I think it was a great success and also the Inter-Team Buddy Groups are a cool idea and a great success and I think it‘s smaller things that add up to a success. How did you start EYP? Lena: In 2011, my geography teacher talked to me after class and told me that there is this organisation, EYP, and that she really thinks I‘m good for it and I should try it out. The deadline for registration for the Nationals that year had long passed but they were still looking for delegates because they had a couple of cancellations so I managed to gather four students from my class and around me. We made a formal delegation and went to that session in Vienna -3-

ays Lead to Success

al Interview

and that‘s how I started. It was mainly my geography teacher who had been to EYP many many years before that already with different students but then hadn’t done it for a long time because she didn‘t feel like she had a student that really fit there. But then she found me and she thought it was good. I‘m very thankful. What made you continue EYP after your first session? Lena: I was very overwhelmed by many things but I also made really good friends at that session and I wanted to meet them and stay in touch with them. I think EYP Austria did a good job and then sort of coming up with a network of socialising events and a structure for the delegates to meet up again with the people that they met at the National session where I kept on meeting new people and then I had the idea to organise an event with another friend who I had met in EYP. Then EYP Austria asked me whether I want to be part of a fundraising team of EYP Austria. I think what really made me stay is that they trusted my skills so early onwards and empowered me too. They gave me a lot of responsibility just after I was a delegate once they offered me to contact sponsors for EYP Austria, which is a big responsibility but they taught me how to do it and they were confident in that I could do it. So, I think I‘ve got very empowered by EYP Austria and learned so much and developed a lot. I was being appreciated a lot and I think that‘s why I stayed. Considering the fact that EYP is a journey and you made a long way through it, what is the best thing you gained from this journey? Lena: Confidence in my skills and I learned that my opinion is important but also that other people‘s opinions are important. What impacted me most were the people that I‘ve got to work with and got to know through the organisation and that kept inspiring me every day and that just makes me think about things from another viewpoint. After speaking to them I think I just never get tired of getting to hear new perspectives on things. It‘s given me a lot of confidence. I traveled through Europe. I have organised stuff. I really have the feeling, that I can do whatever I want to do and I have the tools that I need to achieve whatever I want to achieve and this my parents provided me with analysis but also EYP. Do you have any recommendation for the participants? Lena: Two things actually. The first thing: get to know as many people as you can and I think there are so many cool people at the session and everyone comes from somewhere else and everyone has a different background and a different viewpoint. It‘s so nice that you can build a network of friends all around Europe and I have to say that I have really good friends. I meet with Rose a couple of times every year and I really like spending time with her and she‘s just a really good friend of mine. We met through EYP as well as Can and Martin. Luckily, I am also living in the same city as Martin and we can also catch up randomly over a beer. I really encourage everyone to just meet people, asking them about who they are and making friends because this is something that will last even after EYP. You will still be having these friendships and they will still be a network for you to have really good debates and exchange ideas and opinions and thoughts and I think that this is a really really really great opportunity that you really shouldn‘t miss out on. The second thing is probably failure because I think. Especially in such a competitive selection process that we have here and I think that failure is something really normal and telling something really good and I failed many many times during my time in EYP and all it did to me was help me learn from the failures and help me do things better next time and I think of course it‘s hard to deal with failure at the beginning but I think we should appreciate failure more and we learned so much from the from the things from our failures. We can draw any conclusions and learn so much about ourselves and if we reflect that properly so don‘t be afraid if something goes wrong don‘t be afraid, if something doesn‘t go the way you initially wanted it to go, but do reflect on it. How you can make it differently or do it differently next time. Thank you. Thank you for your questions. Thank you, Lena, for answering my questions in the best way. Thank you for your inspirational answers. -4-

EYP is a safe place to fail. The main mission of EYP is to raise awareness about current issues in Europe while building bridges between different cultures. That is why if you pronounce a word wrong, people do not laugh to mock you. They laugh to support you. This friendly environment encourages people to fall freely because people know that other participants will be there to catch the person.



In EYP you will be pushing yourself all the time. The sessions are short. The longest session in EYP is 11 days. To get most out of the session, participants push themselves all the time most of the time waiving from their time to sleep. Although this may seem scary, the fruitful results after the session motivates people to do EYP.

EYP is a great place to make unforgettable memories. EYP is undoubtedly the fastest way to make new friends. The icebreaker games and the trust games are designed to turn a stranger to your best friend in couple of hours. Sessions are places to act freely without the stress of thinking how everyone would judge your actions. This freedom enables the participants to have fun and make unforgettable memories. And also the media team works very hard to make every moment of the sessions unforgettable.


In EYP, you can learn about different cultures. EYP hosts more than 600 events per year with more than 35000 active members all around the Europe. In Eurovillage one can eat a meal with Italian appetizers, French, Russian and Swiss main dishes and can sum it up with delicious sweets from Netherlands. EYP is surely a very good way to learn about a lot of cultures in such a limited time. And to eat awesome food from everywhere in Europe.



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There is always to learn in EYP, you are. You will attend ferent partici rent ro of the will ha somet will me extraordinary p will be given dis it’s your first se on, you will be rent things in d as every one of is unique.



EYP is a youth-run organisation. From Board of National Committees to a small Regional Session in Romania, EYP is run by European youth. This helps the organisation to relate more to young people, to relate more to you. This attribute of EYP will help you to get most out of the sessions in every way.


13 Reasons why... should continue d


EYP is one of the cheapest ways to travel around Europe. Being an official brings lots of difficulties; however, it brings lots of positive things too. One of the positive things is not giving participation fee while enjoying a place to stay and food to eat. With this perks you can travel around Europe while making new friends. Another way to travel around Europe is using the EYP Couchsurfing group. You can find a place to crash for the night via the Facebook group!

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EYP is a great place to widen your horizon. EYP gathers people from various backgrounds, various countries, and various cultures. Discussions made by people from these varsities will lead different perspectives on the same topic to reveal. With the help of these discussions that you are involved in, you can see the world from a lot perspectives and in the long run, you will get an objective point of view. EYP widens your horizon in a way that no other experience can ever do.

The skills you learn in EYP will last for a lifetime. It is quite obvious that you get to learn about the EU by participating in EYP but it also makes you learn and gain some skills that are not only related to EYP but with every single aspect of your lives. From the very beginning, you get to learn how to build a group spirit among total strangers, work as a team, how to express yourselves, practise videography and photography, lead a group, manage time and crisis and so on.


is a great place to see old nds & make new ones. ou have to work with total ngers for almost a week in you might become closer the friends that you have n with others. You all come places for one common purall work hard to reach your ully. The obstacles you face elp you form stronger bonds ers. You can meet with your YP anytime and anywhere. d not have chance to meet, ure that you will definitely er in upcoming EYP sessions



doing EYP

EYP is a great place to transfer experience. In EYP, you get to meet lots of people with different interests, with different knowledge and experiences. Even just in a simple conversation in the coffee break or speed dating game in team building, you might be amazed by all the experiences. while influence others with your own. Whenever someone is having a trouble, you will notice that you and others will help to solve the issue immediately using your previous experiences and by this way, you can not only


EYP is fun. In EYP, you do lots of embarrassing things without even feeling a bit of shame. You can be just yourself and get out of your cave because you are just around your family. You spend days with them and not get bored even


EYP helps you to step out of your comfort zone more bravely. You will have to try so many things you have not tried before, you were afraid to try or did not even have thought of trying. You may be hesitating at first but you will realise that others are at the same position as well and get the courage from each other to try new things. EYP challenges you in all the ways but also provides you endless




Pros and Cons

Meeting up with old friends

Befriending new people

Good excuse to wear kick-ass formal clothes

Cool pictures of yourself


Cool pictures of yourself

the lack of sleep

the interesting discussions and debates


Crossword Puzzle

ACROSS 2 News videos covering all the new developments of the session 3 One of the most vital objects needed during Committee Work 8 You can sit with them and on them 9 The meaning of Segen's (Jury Member) name 11 What the delegates have been working on the past two days 12 The daily sort of transport 13 The main topic of this session 15 The role Lena Strehmann fulfilled during this session 17 One of the objects you could find in your goodie bag 18 What we had for lunch on the first day of Committee Work 19 Half of the officials' team is obsessed with videos of this animal 20 Something we are all heavily deprived of

DOWN 1 The games you play when you need a pickme- up 4 The name of the game that the Media Team played during General Team Building 5 The name of the brand that sponsored our water and fruit juice 6 Absolute fricking angels 7 Luckily you have this on the back of your name card 10 The most used object for Team Building 14 The object you had to keep if you wanted a new one 16 The brand new addition to your wardrobe


for EYP

In EYP, people from different countries come together and stay at the same place for a few days. These days have a lot of impact on us and we will keep these memories forever. Each EYP session we attend offers us many new opportunities, we need new people and learn a lot. We should always be well prepared for the sessions in order to make sure everything is going well. There are a few steps we have to take in order to be well prepared, one of them is to pack the luggage efficiently.


Passport Tickets Insurances Code of conduct Pen and notebook Charger and laptop Formal dress for the GA and Opening Ceremony Casual clothes especially for Teambuildings

Academic Team

Media Team

How to...

...pack your luggage

Camera Tripod Stabiliser Microphone Watch for time management Editing software distribution cable

Such as Jury, Chairperson or Board position session program energy watch for time management

Organising Team

Phone for the communication Masterplan Sneakers cause the generally run around Additional chargers for the events and any kinds of urgent situation Energy


You Matter We all are aware that every each individual has a different way of living as well as their different characteristics. Everyone has a different perspective for the complicity of the world. As the Media Team, we wanted to show the diversity in unity while letting you raise your voice high as we wanted to show how much you matter even if you were to end up in jail. We have asked you to fill in the blanks of these sentences by stating your opinion, showing that you are present, which made us overjoyed in many aspects. Lastly, we are glad that you are here - even though some of you are the future’s dictator or a serial killer.

EMPL 1- Boran 2- Pelin 3- Sude 4- Gülce 5- Sinan 6- Emre 7- Dilara 8- Berke

CULT 1- Tanya 2- Aysu 3- Esin 4- Yağmur 5- Baran 6- Elif 7- Iris 8- Kemal



1- Gizem 2- Mete 3- Ata 4- Eda 5- İpek 6- Defne 7- Dilan 8- Teo

1- Asude 2- Melisa 3- İpek 4- Ekin 5- Güneş 6- Sıla 7- Iakov 8- Lara


1. The most likely to end up in jail 2. The most likely to become the future dictator 3. The most likely to break a world record 4. The most likely to be a supermodel 5. The most babbler 6. The most likely to sleep throughout the whole session 7. The most likely to be a serial killer 8. The most likely to end up being a lorry driver IMCO

ITRE 1- Lucy 2- Adnan 3- Sarp 4- Selen 5- Omer 6- Alp 7- Omer 8- Sidar


1- Bedirhan 2- Melisa 3- Nehir 4- Eylül 5- Alp 6- Efe 7- Doğa 8- Görkem

1- Berkan 2- Seden 3- Arda 4- Defne 5- Eren 6- Özge 7- Nilsu 8- Mete

Coffee-Break Polls

Every single day that we have spent here was the same. The same as in every different way. We had to sweat, get out of our comfort zones to see a simple smile on any one of your faces. Sometimes we even had to give up on ourselves to finish up the projects we had for you, just like this one. We had the Coffee Breaks to have a little fairy-touch in our days to brighten up or a glance which was going to leave us with a memory. We made friends, had laughed, we had memories to later look back on while appreciating the warmth of a cup of coffee. As the Media Team, we knew we were all equal without borders. We had started the same, we had days passing-by the same but we all were chasing different dreams as well as different perspectives. Therefore we had an envision of showing you the harmony of diversity. This is the proved voice of Ankara 2018. Would you rather be a beardless pirate or a horseless cowboy/cowgirl? Beardless Pirate 21 Horseless Cowboy/ Cowgirl 8 Just like Yiğit the Organiser said “ A cowboy only has its horse, however, a pirate has his own crew. Losing everything you’ve got might hit harder than you can think of.”.

Would you rather eat only cucumbers for the rest of your life or be a cucumber for the rest of your life? Eat only cucumber for the rest of your life: 13 Be a cucumber for the rest of your life: 15 Apparently being a cucumber can make some people’s life easier while some people are ready to cut off everything tasty in their life, inexplicably.


Which one is better Swiss Chocolate or Belgian Chocolate? Swiss Chocolate: 18 Belgian Chocolate: 11 Having jury members from both nations, this small debate topic was such an intense one even in between delegates. Although it is really hard to defend one side because it’s chocolate duh, Swiss chocolate was the most preferred one among participants. However, it must have been a hard decision to be made as we have seen another choice being added; Both. Pineapple on pizza? Yay or nay? Yay: 16 Nay: 43 Many people of our session thought the way that let alone pineapple being warm is something wrong, warm pineapple on pizza is something too much to handle. Moreover, some of them think that everything should be as it is, not changed in a weird way.

Would you rather being a fainting goat or a sneezing panda? A fainting goat: 26 A sneezing panda: 32 Although, as the Media Team, we have been expecting the fainting goat to win, we were pretty happy with the results of this poll, considering how funny the video of sneezing panda was.

Who would win in a fight? Beyonce or Rihanna? Beyonce: 27 Rihanna: 8 No need for explanation, it’s Beyonce.


Equal Memories  
Equal Memories