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Auto Detailing Supplies Renu Cleaners LLC is based in Corona, California with a secondary distribution warehouse in San Jose, Ca. We are a manufacturing and supply company for the automotive aftermarket industry. We pride ourselves in providing premium quality automotive products and accessories. We offer over 23 years of experience with product research and developement as well as an advanced background in automotive reconditioning, sales and customer service. High pH Foaming Soap is an ultra concentrated presoak formulated to effectively remove stubborn traffic film, residues, and grime. High pH Soap is step two of a two step process. High Foaming pH is one of many products manufactured by Finish Renu for tunnel wash systems.As our growth continues to move forward into the automotive reconditioning after market, are resources will be devoted to ensure we are the most service orientated and innovative company in the industry.

Vacuum Hose Kit 12FT

Vacuum Crevice Large

Finish Renu Car Care Products is a division of Renu cleaners LLC. Finish Renu Car Care was created for the automotive industry with the intension of providing professional quality customer service and exceptional products to our customers. Stemming from our vast experience in the industry for 23 years and using, selling and manufacturing some of the larger well know names in the industry, we have decided to use their strengths and grow from their oversights.

A.P.C. Citrus + - 1 Gallon

A.P.C. Citrus + was developed as a super concentrated cleaner for all surfaces. This unique NonButyl formulation blend makes our citrus cleaner a strong and effective product for all around surface cleaning. A.P.C. Citrus + also works well in carpet extractor machines. A.P.C. Citrus + is ECO friendly and biodegradable.

Low pH High Foaming Soap - 5 Gallon

Low pH Foaming Soap is the first step of a two step process designed for tunnel car washes. Low pH Foaming Soap has great suds and lubricity action to help brightens chrome and glass. Low pH Foaming Soap is one of many products manufactured by Finish Renu for tunnel wash systems.

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