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Why You Should Consider Floor Sanding And Polishing After Renovations For those who are planning on having renovations done at their place, it is necessary for you to know that floor sanding and polishing is a procedure that needs to be taken care of once all the other trade work has been taken care of. The thing is that you risk substantial amounts of damage if you get this procedure done prior to getting all other work completed. Don’t believe it? Well how does having to get a full recoat done in order to repair a single minor scratch sound? Expensive, right? Well that is the major reason why you need to pay attention here and don’t fall victim to having your flooring carried out before any other renovation procedure done around your house. Your kitchen guy might approach you and ask you to get done with your floor sanding and polishing before anything else, but you need to be rather meticulous here. Suppose they install the kitchen once the flooring has been taken care of, don’t you think they would actually need to walk all over it, bring in the cabinetry, use coats of glue, tile on the adhesive and create mountains of grout? Also, let’s not forget that they would actually be installing all those countless appliances in your kitchen, which just goes on to show how dangerous and risky the entire procedure is going to be for your new floor! However, if you hire a professional later on who can work on your floor using a high quality floor sander you can rest-assured that there wouldn’t be any marks all over your floor, and that you would be able to achieve that flat and fine appearance that you had always craved for. Remember, if your kitchen floor is even a tad bit uneven, it can cause major issues, at times even injuries later on! Now, if the timber floor around your place has been put through an extension and has conjoined with a polished floor in really good condition, then it is necessary for you to ask your floor sanding services provider to apply a top coat over the polished area as soon as he gets done with the floor sanding and polishing of the new one so that the level of gloss can be evened out all through your place. To be honest, uneven gloss coatings are a major eye sore considering that they tend to highlight as soon as light is placed over them! Prevent yourself from this misery and make sure that a top coat is added over your already polished floor.

One thing that you need to remember is that you must not bring in your furniture till the time that the floor has hardened up. To be honest, this is basically going to depend on the finish that has been used, so give it just the right amount of time or else you would actually be spoiling its looks. You specifically need to pay attention to heavy items, which are inclusive of your fridge in particular. For more details visit :

Why You Should Consider Floor Sanding And Polishing After Renovations