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PRISM NEWS “Reviving Believers, Reaching Friends, Renewing Culture.”

Another Great Easter @ Prism!

Church Celebrates Resurrection & God’s Grace Prism’s third Easter celebration was a great gathering of old friends and new, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and proclaiming the Good News of His forgiveness and love. Because Prism Church’s hope is that wandering souls would be revived in their faith, we were particularly thankful for the presence of a great number of new faces. The church gathered for breakfast, the Risen Savior was worshipped and the gospel was preached! Amen. Above: Prism Church gathers to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Right: Breakfast at the chapel before worship is an annual tradition at Prism

“Why We Are at Prism Church”

Drs. Maureen & Brian Yap Share Their Story My wife and I have different church backgrounds. Thankfully, our differences were reconciled early on in our marriage, as God has moved in our lives individually and as a married couple. We were new to the area and looking for a local church when we stumbled upon Prism! The congregation of Prism Church is a friendly and attractive bunch, but we were particularly drawn to the church by the teaching of Pastor Chuck. He is very knowledgeable and true to the Word, yet his delivery is far from dry. We often crack up in the pews as Chuck preaches the truth in his tongue-in-cheek way.

IMPORTANT Dates to Remember Prayer & Fasting Day Saturday & Sunday, May 11th - 12th Prism’s Spring Day of Prayer and Fasting begins at Noon on Saturday, May 11th. It concludes on Sunday, May 12 th with communion during worship and lunch afterward to break the fast together. Please plan to join us in prayer!

Maureen and Brian (pictured with daughter, Allessia) are doctors at Eye Q Optometry in Eagle Rock.

We love that Prism has a heart for the seeker and for the lost. It is a welcoming place where the gospel is unashamedly proclaimed yet never in a harsh or condescending way. This makes us comfortable as believers. We see our own faith strengthened and the charge to be a witness grows. It is a blessing to have a solid church base to call home on Sunday mornings and a community of believers to encourage one another throughout the week. We are looking forward to the times ahead as God empowers us to serve alongside Prism Church! Prism Church: P.O. Box 70677, Pasadena, CA 91117

Prism Service Project Saturday, June 1st Join us as we work along side the organization “Door of Hope” here in Pasadena. DOH is a non-profit, faith-based organization whose mission is to equip homeless families to rebuild their lives. Prism will be conducting a service project for DOH on June 1st.

Phone: 626-764-9410

A VIEW THRU THE PRISM BY CHUCK RYOR Lately I’ve been in “almost heaven” mode - that’s West Virginia speak for ‘really happy.’ Everything I love about pastoral ministry I’ve been getting to do: Teach the Bible, expose others to God’s grace, baptize new believers, facilitate team building, build genuine community, and see Jesus change lives. The Lord is working in our midst here at Prism Church, and it is an amazing thing to witness! On April 14th I got to baptize my new friend Josh Bowman, who attends my “Mission Community” Bible study. Josh and I prayed together in my office this past winter, and he received Jesus as his Savior. It was an exciting day when our church could celebrate with this brother (see pictures to right). Weeks earlier Prism had a great turn out for Easter (see pictures on front of newsletter), but the real exciting part was that many people in attendance were not believers. They were invited by friends to have breakfast and then stayed to celebrate with us and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed This spring also marked the date of our first “Theology Summit,” a semiannual day of deepening our understanding of God’s Truth – particularly as it relates to our church’s mission. At our “Summits,” members of our church family share in the teaching responsibilities and the coordination of the event. 2013 has also seen an uptick in our small group participation. We have three very active “Mission Communities” and a fourth in the works in the immediate future. People at Prism are connecting with each other and it is an exciting thing to see and experience. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers and support. Prism is a collective effort of volunteers, part-time staff and the support team that provides half of my salary so the church can grow at a healthy pace. We couldn’t do this ministry without the generosity of those who have come along side us financially. Please let us know how we can be a blessing to you, and certainly be sure to pass along how we as a church can pray for you.

Contacting Prism Church Mailing Address: P.O. Box 70677 - Pasadena, CA 91117 -

Prism Ministerial Staff Chuck Ryor, Lead & Teaching Pastor J.T. Tam, Executive Minister Matthew Tinken, Worship-Arts Minister Prism Church is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Contributions are tax-deductible & receipted.

2013 Prism Sermon Schedule `


“The Thessalonians” “My Favorite Psalms” “Heroes” of the Old Testament “Advent Season & Christmas”

Prism Church sermons are available online at or by visiting our iTunes store.

Prism News  
Prism News  

News from Prism Church in Pasadena, CA.