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Style & Presence Fine Fashion Meets Luxury Motorcars and Private Aviation

Live Scandinavia

The Emergence of

$5.95 US

VOL5ISS10 2011

Swedish Interior Design F I N E sd. c o m



Sold $1,600,000 - Solana Beach

Beach Homes, Exclusively.

FOR SALE $515,000 – $549,000 Solana Beach n SALE PENDING n Gated, Ocean Front Complex n 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths n Short Walk to Del Mar Race Track

FOR SALE $850,000 – san elijo ave, Cardiff by the Sea ENCINITAS BEACH FRONT HOME

Guy Bahringer

Broker, CEO

n SALE PENDING n Over 4300 Square Feet n Contemporary Design, Ocean View Townhome n Two Houses Away from Stonesteps Beach Access n Views of Beaches from La Jolla to Encinitas n Offered at $4,950,000 n Walk to Beaches and Downtown Cardiff and Encinitas


FOR SALE $10,000,000 - La Paz, Mexico

La Paz and Los Cabos Real Estate Sales Living West RealtY

n La Ballena - “The Whale” n 13,000 acres – the size of Manhattan! n 2.5 Miles of pristine, white sand beaches n A developer’s dream, Master Planned and Ready to go!

FOR SALE $4,790,000 ENCINITAS BEACH FRONT HOME n Over 4500 Square Feet n Two Houses Away from Stonesteps Beach Access n 5 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths

Ocean Front | Ocean View | Ocean Close

S t y l i sh F ur n i ture


n Custom Sofa & Sectionals made in 7-10 days

INTERIOR + EXTERIOR FURNITURE. CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA | 760.729.3100 | Skylar’s Home & Patio is a store where quality, price, and service matter. Located in the village of Carlsbad in sunny San Diego, we offer a wide array of home furnishings. Our experts have over 12 years of home decor experience to help you furnish every room of your home. Our showroom is stocked with hundreds of selections for indoor and outdoor living. We feature Made in the USA furniture and specialize in custom sectionals and sofas.




Broker for Costa Baja


Upcoming San Diego Resort Events



• • • •

Masterplanned Community Lasting investment Exclusive Loans GARY PLAYER, 18-hole golf course

Lifestyle is what distinguishes you from others; where we live is an expression of our lives. CostaBaja offers a unique lifestyle filled with comfort, state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional service. If you have ever considered living or retire in Mexico or just owning real estate in Mexico, CostaBaja is the place you have been looking for. LUXURY HOMES FROM $600,000 - $2,000,000

C A R O L M AT H E R - L A B A R G E





November 1, 2011 6pm-8pm Red Tractons 550 Via De La Valle Solana Beach, CA 92075 November 2, 2011 6pm-8pm TRIO BUILDING Penthouse 2306 1240 India Street San Diego, CA 92101 November 3, 2011 6pm-8pm Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Estate 5720 San Elijo Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067




Seven Continents + 196 Countries + Four Oceans = One Global Village. Dear Readers, While the fall fashion shows and inter national film festivals have come and gone, we welcome the arrival of autumn in Souther n Califor nia. Interestingly, upon reviewing upcoming events for the month of October, I discovered it’s not just for pumpkins, hallows and the colorful leaves of fall; historically and culturally, it is a month of great celebration and significance. Aside from hosting National Day fetes in Croatia, Austria and Spain, consider the following October events of note: • The fall of the Berlin Wall was formally concluded, paving the way for German reunification. [October 3, 1990] • The







by Hugh Her ndon and Clyde Pangbor n, who flew from Sabishiro, Japan to Wenatchee, Washington – a distance of 4,860 miles in 41 hours and 15 minutes. [October 5, 1931] • The Beatles’ first hit single, “Love Me Do,” was first released in the UK. [October 5, 1962] • Columbus







expedition in present-day Bahamas. [October 12, 1492] • The








completed when the Gamboa Dike was blown up – officially connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. President Woodrow W ilson relayed by telegraph the signal to explode. [October 13, 1913] • “I Love Lucy” premiered on CBS-TV. [October 15, 1951] • Thomas Edison invented the light bulb; the first successful test generated light for 40 continuous hours. [October 22, 1879] • Orson Welles performed his “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, resulting in widespread panic when listeners took as true the realistically performed news reports of an invasion from Mars. [October 30, 1938] W ith these dates and events in mind, we were inspired to dedicate this month’s issue to Inter national Style. No matter how cliché-ish, the world will forever be connected as a global village – a perspective often gained through travel or even advances in technology. And while Jules Ver ne may have toured the world in 80 days,

we encourage you to expand

your worldview and explore your surroundings; whether you sail the seven seas or trek the four cor ners of the earth, we hope you are inspired by FINE’s October pages.

Enjoy! John Winfield Publisher, FINE Magazine Comments or suggestions? Contact us at


THE RITUAL Step Nº 9 : The Bestowal

The perfect Stella Artois is not only poured. It is served. A ritual that for centuries has left patrons the world over watching and wanting. And this, their refreshing reward. So before you say cheers, expect to hear a few of them.

Always Enjoy Responsibly.

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Stella Artois® Beer, Imported by Import Brands Alliance, St. Louis, MO


FASHION 2011-2012 10

1019 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach |

COVER [ more on page 44 ] Featured: [ Caroline ] in Sugar Lips animal print dress, black sunglasses and


grey satchel from GOGA by Gordana of San Diego. Andrea black flat with silver toe available at Tutto Cuore in Pacific Beach. Diamond slice necklace with rubber cord, 18k white gold bangle and platinum engagement ring with 2.17 ct radiant cut center 34 diamonds = .90 ct by Charles Koll Jewellers of San Diego.


[ Lon ] in a black knit turtleneck from Zegna Baruffa, Paul Betenly sport blazer in heather grey. Fashions provided by GSB Men’s Clothier in Rancho Santa Fe. The stunning 2012 Range Rover shown in Sumatra Black, courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Carlsbad.


[] More online at

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Your Mortgage And Financial Resource

Is Risk Required to

AcCumulate $1,000,000?


he word “risk” comes from the

on the company. The long term historical

Does it make sense to expose yourself to

Italian “riskare” which means “to

average is around 7-8%. Will you make that

that level of Risk by choice when you could

dare”. So in this sense, risk is a

every year starting year one? No, 7-8 % is

get a similar rate of return over the long

choice! But, if it is a choice then how do

the historical average over a 60 year time

haul with the protections and guarantees to

we avoid risk, and still achieve financial

frame, but you will not lose in any year with

the downside?


a guaranteed floor. You will never go below

By the way, did I mention you have life

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family financial just in case, God forbid,

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ciples of wealth accumulation. It is Warren

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according financial product trends it is a go-

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ing to be the way many more Americans will

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protects your family in case of untimely

So the question stands: Where and how can

There is a vehicle that can do this! And,

save for retirement, college planning for

Another powerful wealth accumulation

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principle that is incorporated into properly

that way, regardless of market conditions,

structured Indexed Universal Life Insurance

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So when I say risk is a choice, I really

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How does it work? Indexed Universal Life,





It’s Not My Fault: The Art of Everett Peck Through January 29, Oceanside Museum of Art Fourth Annual Art of Fashion Exhibition October 1-30, Timken Museum of Art Photo Auction 2011 October 5, Museum of Photographic Arts Theatre, Broadway & Dance Somewhere Through October 30, The Old Globe 26 Miles by Quiara Alegria Hudes Through October 23, Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company Hair by Broadway San Diego October 18-23, San Diego Civic Theatre San Diego Ballet: Alice in Wonderland October 14-16, Horton Plaza Theatre October 16 Madhatter’s Tea Party Nevermore: An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe October 24 & 25, North Coast Repertory Music San Diego Symphony: Pinchas Zuckerman October 14-16, Copley Symphony Hall La Jolla Symphony & Chorus: Stravinsky Circus October 29 & 30, Mandeville Auditorium at UCSD Food & Wine Third Annual La Jolla Art & Wine Festival October 1 & 2, Upper Girard Avenue Taste & Art Stroll October 2, Del Mar Village



Art Exhibits & Events Spencer Finch: Rome Through Jan 22, MCASD La Jolla

The Gourmet Experience – ‘Bounty of the County’ October 8 & 9, Del Mar Fairgrounds Fall Harvest Cooking Class with Su-Mei Yu October 15, Saffron in Mission Hills Community Interest Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park October 1, Opening Day Celebration of the Ro Ho En October 15, Otsukimi (Annual Moon Viewing Festival) THREAD Show San Diego: Holiday Independent Designer Shopping Tour October 9, 4th & Broadway Non-Profit Fundraisers & Events Heels to Heal: 2nd Annual Fashion Show Benefiting Angels Foster Family Network October 1, La Jolla 8th Annual Wine D’Vine Benefiting Walden Family Services October 12, Grand Del Mar Resort Just Like My Child Foundation Gala Benefiting Work in Rural Uganda October 13, El Cortez Hotel 35th Anniversary Gala: Mining for a Cure Benefiting Sanford-Burnham Institute October 15, Wyland Center at the Del Mar Fairgrounds 20th Annual Butterfly Ball Benefiting Fresh Start Surgical Gifts October 29, Hotel del Coronado Lunafest Benefiting the Junior League of San Diego and the Breast Cancer Fund October 14, La Jolla Chairs for Chair’ity Benefiting Make-A-Wish San Diego October 20, Hold It Contemporary Home

Do you have an event you would like featured in our monthly calendar? If so, forward the details to

F I N E sd. c o m



A Global Family Tree San Diego-based Adoption Options has since 1996 assisted families and individuals with intercountry adoption – a commitment that seeks to improve the lives of orphans, uniting them with loving families. In the process, the nonprofit organization has saved nearly 2,500 children worldwide. By Michele Lynne All photography courtesy of Jessie Aguayo

by Jeanne Ferris


edefining with





i n t e rc o u n t r y



f r a m e - o f - re f e re n c e ,




b o t h f o r o r p h a n e d c h i l d re n a n d t h e i r a d o p t i v e f a m i l i e s . A c c o rd i n g t o s e v e r a l w o r l d w i d e a i d e organizations, orphans too often succumb to poverty,





p ro p e r c a re . T h e r i s e o f i n t e r n a t i o n a l a d o p t i o n , h o w e v e r, a s a v i a b l e s o l u t i o n h a s g e n e r a t e d a s e i s m i c c u l t u r a l re i n v e n t i o n o v e r t h e p a s t s e v e r a l d e c a d e s , a c c o rd i n g t o A d a m P e r t m a n , a d v o c a t e and







A d o p t i o n R e v o l u t i o n i s Tr a n s f o r m i n g O u r F a m i l i e s – and America.” W i t h m o re t h a n 1 0 , 0 0 0 i n t e r n a t i o n a l a d o p t i o n s t a k i n g p l a c e w i t h i n t h e U . S . a n n u a l l y , i t i s h a rd t o overlook the heartwarming stories and individual faces of newfound families and their impact within the community. Meet Laura and Tessa. After taking three trips overseas to finalize the adoption, Laura brought Tessa home on May 7 – the day before Mother’s Day. “My first visit to meet Tessa was in January. It was



F I N E sd. c o m


w i nter in Russia and so [very] cold – I wou l d w a l k

her face and her smile is the best feeling in the

[ o utside] for about 10 minutes and wou l d t u r n


b ack despite being fully covered,” she r e c a l l s .

N o w 1 7 m o n t h s , Te s s a i s a n e x t re m e l y h a p p y

“ I went to the orphanage and I knew. I f e l t v e r y

a n d a c t i v e l i t t l e g i r l ; w i t h a g ro w i n g l i b r a r y ,

g ood after that.”

a p l a y h o u s e a n d ro c k i n g h o r s e i n i m m e d i a t e adopting

re a c h , s h e i s a l s o e x t re m e l y l o v e d . He r g ro w i n g

i n ter nationally, the B oston native – tur ned D e l M a r

vocabulary consists of “mama,” “apple,” “hot,”

re sident vividly describes every detail; a d e c i s i o n

a n d “ a u n t i e , ” n o t t o m e n t i o n h a v i n g al s o re c e n t l y

t h at spanned the course of two and half ye a r s , y e t

learned sign language.






t r anslates grea t joy with ease. Approach i n g h e r

“I took 10 weeks off [of work] when we returned

4 0 th birthday, Laura knew she wanted a fa m i l y , a

[to the States] to bond with my daughter. I visited

c hild to raise and a home to of fer. Despite s e v e r a l

family on the east coast, and just had fun [getting

s e tbacks with program closures in Kazakhz t a n a n d

to know one another]. She is extremely inquisitive,

K y r gyzstan, she pursued an opportunity in R u s s i a ;

and loves to read her books. I love just spending

a little girl named Tessa from Alexandrov, a s m a l l

time with her. She is so happy and curious, and I

t o wn 75 miles northeast of Moscow.

hope she continues to be as she grows. People

“ You try not to get attached, as thin g s c a n

say that kids are like sponges, and it’s true. She is

f a il; but I [was determined to] remain ca u t i o u s l y

constantly learning new things. We are so lucky,

o ptimistic. I thought, she is so perfect, I r e a l l y

and are a perfect fit.”

h oped she would be mine. But when th e j u d g e

Having chosen Adoption Options, Laura was

f i nally granted [the adoption], I knew. I j u s t h a d

c o n f i d e n t i n b o t h t h e p ro g r a m a n d t h e i r re s u l t s ;

t o wait through the process. She was we l l w o r t h

t h ro u g h t h e re c o m m e n d a t i o n o f a f r i e n d , s h e

e verything. Coming home after work and s e e i n g

b e g a n t o l e a r n o f a c t u a l a d o p t i o n s t o r i e s re l a y i n g

F I N E sd. c o m



Upcoming Events n Informational Meetings on International Adoptions Date: October 20 & November 17 Time: 6:30 pm Location: Adoption Options Headquarters 411 Camino del Rio South

Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92108

RSVP requested: Please call: 619.294.7772 or Email:

t h e s uccess of the or ganization’s outreach. A f t e r

looking to adopt; and many of these cases are in

m e e t i ng

or ganizati o n ’ s

fact open adoptions – allowing continued rights

e x e c utive director and advocate for child wel f a re

to the birth parent(s). International adoption,

w i t h more than 20 years of expertise as a so c i a l

[on the other hand], offers greater availability of

w o r k er, she decided to move forward.

children and infants; and there is little likelihood


O r i g i nally for



a doptive








ser v i c e



of the birth parent ever being involved. And contrary to popular belief, 95 percent of all

o f f e r s successful adoptions programs in Ru s s i a ,


K a z a k hztan



fronts. In most cases, the entire process takes less

c o m pleted



than two years, depending upon the country of

C h i n a,

Kyr gyzstan; studies


they for





Ko re a ,

V i e t n am and others. The or ganization is Hag u e a c c redited, meaning it is in compliance w i t h t h e Hague Convention on Intercountry Adop t i o n i n t e r n ational





c h i l d ren and pract icing high ethical standard s . A c c ording to Yoder, their mission is simple, “ t o f i n d l oving homes for children in need, [w h i l e a l s o ] finding children for families wanting t o a d o p t internationally.” Post





ong o i n g

e d u c ation courses are also made available – a n i m p o r tant element that does not end after t h e a d o p tion is completed. W ith her daughter n o w h o m e , Laura was able to finally introduce Te s s a t o o t her adoptive families during a recent “Fa m i l y R e u n i on” hosted by the non-profit for Sout h e r n






choice. Q: For you, what is most rewarding? Yoder: [ B y f a r ] , t h i s i s t h e h a r d e s t j o b I ’ v e e v e r done. In helping couples and individuals through the adoption process, it’s very emotional and extremely personal. But it’s also the best job anyone could have. The most rewarding aspect is









children around the world. On average, the life expectancy of a child in a Russian orphanage is 23-24 years as a result of disease. The knowledge that we are influencing the lives of children and families touches your heart unlike anything else. [In addition], it’s such a joy receiving parent updates, photos and announcements from our adoptive families.

C a l i f or nia residents. I n a recent interview, Yoder of fered the follow i n g : Q: Why is international adoption a viable option for individuals and couples looking to adopt? Yoder: With domestic adoptions, there is a l o t o f c ompetition among couples and individ u a l s



F I N E sd. c o m

Adoption Options, Inc. a d o p t i o n - o p tions.or g

Discover the Extraordinary

Uncommon design and construction Cost-Saving green solutions for any garden Experience artisan craftsmanship Unique finish techniques Estate gardening and yard maintenance Affordable prices for any budget

Call today for a free consultation and estimate

858.335.8151 Visit our website for more inspiration at License c-27 #942252

Power and Style The innovative new Ducati Diavel combines decades of twin-cylinder heritage and Italian style with a bold, world-beating technical confidence strong enough to extend the boundaries of motorcycle design. By Jimmy Cathey All Photography Courtesy of Ducati


ard to be seen, easy to be noticed is h o w

b i k e ’ s u l t i m a t e e x p e r i e n c e f o r s p o r t an d t o u r

Ducati describes the magic of the n e w

r i d e r s . A n d a c c o rd i n g t o J o s h S p r i n g s p e d , o f G P

Diavel cycle. Sporting the spirit of Ita l i a n

M o t o rc y c l e s , “ T h e re d e f i n i t e l y i s n o t a n o t h e r b i k e

p r i d e and drive, the Diavel has once again s e t a h i g h e r standard for luxury motorcycles; per fe c t l y

B re e d i n g t h e w o r l d ’ s f i n e s t c o m p e t i t i v e a n d s p o r t

b l e n ding state-of-the-art technology, innova t i v e

m o t o rc y c l e s s i n c e 1 9 2 6 , D u c a t i h a s e s t a b l i s h e d i t s

d e s i g n and extraordinary riding pleasure.

re p u t a t i o n o n a l o n g l i n e o f r a c i n g v i c t o r i e s a n d

“ I t ’ s a dif ferent kind of mentality from the o t h e r

d e s i g n i n n o v a t i o n s t h a t a re c l e a r l y p re s e n t i n t h e

D u c a tis,” notes Paul Lima, owner of GP Motorcy c l e s

n e w D i a v e l . S o h o w d i d D u c a t i c re a t e a n e x c e l l e n t

i n S a n Diego. “The Diavel is sure to satisfy the m o s t

balance between form and per formance that

d i s c r i minating rider. Their engineers say it is t h e

h a s m o t o rc y c l e e n t h u s i a s t s a n x i o u s t o d i s c o v e r

c u l m i nation of more than three years of resea rc h

the magic of the Diavel?

a n d t echnology. The result is a combinatio n o f

For starters, the Diavel has a not-so-timid 162

t e c h n ology, design, speed, agility and bea u t y .

horse-power engine and colossal 941 lb-ft of

T h e D iavel is a Ducati in every single detail. I n i t s

t o rq u e – g e t t i n g y o u w h e re y o u w a n t t o g o , w h i l e

o w n way, the Diavel sets a new precedence f o r

k e e p i n g y o u i n t h e a c t i o n w i t h p o w e r t o s p a re .

s p o r t and tour bike enthusiasts. When you wan t t o

T h e e n g i n e i s s e t b a c k f ro m t h e f ro n t w h ee l i n t h e

b e n oticed before you are gone [with] a twi s t o f

f a s h i o n o f a c r u i s e r a n d t h e s e a t i s l o w , a f f o rd i n g

y o u r wrist on the throttle, the Diavel is the Du c a t i

a lean appearance that is accommodating to

o f c h oice.”

a r a n g e o f r i d e r s . T h re e r i d i n g m o d e s – s p o r t ,

W i t h a commanding presence and authe n t i c

t o u r i n g a n d u r b a n – g i v e y o u p o w e r a n d c o n t ro l

D u c a ti Desmodromic per for mance, the Di a v e l

of the massive high per formance engine, taking

p e r f e ctly blends for m, function and com f o r t .

y o u f ro m z e ro t o 6 0 m p h i n 2 . 6 s e c o n d s .

E n g i n eers and designers purposefully evalua t e d every


like it. The Diavel has a distinctive design.”





F I N E sd. c o m



“ T h e re v i s e d i n t a k e a n d e x h a u s t p o r t s c o m b i n e d with radical adjustment of the cam timing have

Ducati Diavel Model Specs

Testastretta 11째, L-Twin cylinder, 4 valve per cylinder, Desmodromic, liquid cooled Displacement: 1198.4 cc Power: 162hp (119kW) @ 9500rpm Torque: 94lb-ft (127.5Nm) @ 8000rpm Emissions: Euro 3 Gearbox: 6 speed Primary Drive: Straight cut gears, ratio 1.84:1 Frame: Tubular steel Trellis frame Fuel Capacity: 171 (5.3 U.S. gal) Electronics: Riding Modes, RbW, DTC, Versions: ABS, Hands Free Dual seat


Engine Type:

e n a b l ed Ducati to achieve a fantastic torq u e

“The challenge of building a muscular silhouette

c u r v e at low rpm, which remains strong thro u g h

o v e r a p u re - b re d c o m p e t i t i o n m o t o r h a d t o b e

a w i der rev-range,” notes Ducati Design. “ T h e

met with determination and a delicate touch,

i n c re ase

a n d t h e re s u l t i s a f ro n t a l a re a t h a t l o o k s l i k e a







Ride-by-W ire




mana g e d system


p o w e r a t h l e t e o n t h e s t a r t i n g b l o c k s , ” e x p l a i n s

ef for t l e s s

t h e t e a m a t D u c a t i D e s i g n re s p o n s i b l e f o r t h e

r i d a b i lity, while ensuring plenty of power rem a i n s

p ro j e c t . “ W i t h t h e f ro n t w h e e l k e p t c l o s e t o t h e

o n t a p for high-rpm riding.”

Diavel’s body and using the short tail of a sport

c o n s i derably


T h e engineer and design team did not s t o p t h e re ; the Diavel comes with an ABS and trac t i o n

with a chassis that matched.”

c o n t rol systems as well. It can bring you t o a

D u c a t i i s t h e e s s e n c e o f I t a l i a n - s t y l e m o t o rc y c l e s

c o n t rolled, complete stop faster and safer t h a n

a n d D i a v e l i s t h e e p i t o m e o f t h e n e w me n t a l i t y

e v e r imagined – much like one expects fro m a

that is visible in the design and per formance of this

S u p e r bike. A massive 240 section rear tire i s a

q u a n t u m l e a p f o r w a rd f o r t h e I t a l i a n m o n ik e r. T h e

p e r f e ct example of how Diavel designers u s e d

Diavel is a seductive high per formance machine

a n o -compromise attitude when applying t h e i r

t h a t re d e f i n e s t h e e s s e n c e o f e v e r y t h i n g a b o u t

w i s h list of features. The sheer width of rub b e r

a s p o r t b i k e w i t h t h e p o w e r a n d p ro w e s s o f a

c o m municates so much power and style t h a t

r a c i n g w i n n e r ; m i r ro r i n g t h e m o n i k e r ’ s p h il o s o p h y

t h e R &D team vowed to find a way to mak e i t

for innovation and need to push boundaries

h a n d l e – even if they knew the image would s e n d

o f d e s i g n i n t h e n a m e o f e x c i t i n g m o t o rc y c l e s .

a s e i s mic shock through the industry.

The Diavel will no doubt dominate per formance

T h e latest ground-breaking Ducati is availa b l e




s t a n d a rd s

a ro u n d


i n t w o versions: The brand new Diavel and t h e

world; but it is the experience of the ride that will

f l a g s hip Diavel Carbon with a character-for m i n g

h a v e r i d e r s a n d m o t o rc y c l e e n t h u s i a s t s re a d y t o

m i x o f aesthetic and per for mance compon e n t s

ro l l . u

f ro m





for ged

s p e c i ally machined Marchesini wheels.


b i k e , w e w e re a b l e t o b l e n d t h i s m u s c u l a r d e s i g n


F I N E sd. c o m


GP Motorcycles – Ducati of S a n D i e g o gpmotorcy c l e s . c o m


Artesian adventures

from around the globe

The Art and Design of Olde World Antiques By Michelle Armstrong All photography used with permission


nveiling a narrative and the ambiance of

showrooms of antique doors and stained glass

yesteryear, antiques have become quite

windows, vintage knobs and eclectic one-of-a-

the trend in home design. Adding war mth

kind items; most definitely noted for their supply of

and comfort to a moder n setting with traditional

period building, restoration and design materials.

and timeless elements, artisan artifacts have an

Established in 1996, the warehouse continuously

uncanny ability to evoke depth and history through

receives rave reviews for its vast selection and

the simplicity of their design and presence. With

showroom displays; their collection features a wide

any given style, highlighting antiques – whether

range of home and garden fur nishings, including

it be a clock or a painting, a statue or even

doors, hardware, windows, lighting, kitchen and

an ar moire – marries old and new designs, thus

bath items of note.

fostering both art and conversation.








With much interest, antiques in San Diego have

“Located adjacent to Little Italy, [Architectural

gar nered a large following and demand; from

Salvage] is one of San Diego’s best finds. Whether

Newport Avenue and the Ocean Beach Antique

you are looking for a vintage piece of hardware,

District, to India Street Antiques, the Carlsbad

or just want to visit and walk through the ‘gallery’

Village Arts & Antiques and the Le Mesa Antique

and memory lane, it will well be worth your while.”

Mall, there is certainly no shortage of supply or opportunity to capture a treasured find. As

Bellini’s Antique Italia

such, the following is a listing of local San Diego

118 South Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday, 12-5 p.m. Web:

boutique antique shops known for their collection quality and expertise within the industry – handpicked by the editors of FINE.

Jacopo Bellini – a fifth generation antique dealer hailing from norther n Italy, and his wife April [a San

Architectural Salvage 2401 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10a.m.-6p.m.; Sunday and Monday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Web:


Diego native] bring together the style, char m and brilliance of their old world Italia boutique; Bellini knew he wanted to continue the family tradition, having spent much of his childhood attending

Preservation-oriented, emphasizing sustainable

antique fairs with his father and managing business

practices through reuse, Architectural Salvage

affairs with his grandfather. Located in the Cedros









F I N E sd. c o m








photo by Jessie Aquayo

Photo courtesy of C’est la Vie Antiques

imports an exquisite blend of 18th century Italian

regularly; making it San Diego’s largest source for

antiques to mid-century moder n décor; ranging

fine and unusual period antiques and decorative

from mirrors and candelabras, to chandeliers,


statues, estate fur niture and pottery, the boutique

gates and a pair of arched windows, an Italian


credenza, carved walnut ar moires and a French





timeless quality and craftsmanship apparent in also





Tole chandelier. And according to its clientele, C’est la Vie is

their selection. Bellini’s





the “Best antique store [with] beautiful quality

services with worldwide shipping accommodations







as well.

“I love this store! It is packed wall-to-wall with authentic European/French antiques! [The] owner


is an expert on French antiques and goes on

565 Westlake Street, Encinitas Hours: Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Web:

buying trips to Europe to pick them out herself!!! A must see!”

Captured by the spirit and simple beauty of antiques, proprietor Sara Wardrip [a Canadian

McNally Company Antiques, Inc.

native and 30 year San Diego resident] realized

6033 L&M Paseo Delicias, Rancho Santa Fe Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Web:

her dream of owning a French antique boutique in 1998; after retur ning from England and France with a 40 foot container of antiques during an inaugural buying trip, C’est la Vie was bor n. And

Gar nering a distinct and trusted reputation for

with a longstanding passion for European antiques

their expertise and offerings of quality antiques,

and home design, Wardrip has since become a

Connie and Bill McNally have more than 33 years of

reliable and trusted source for collectors and

experience in the industry; their acumen also holds

enthusiasts alike.

association with the Antique Dealers Association

Now settled in the comfort of a 6,000 square foot renovated industrial warehouse, C’est la

of Califor nia, the New York Silver Society and the Society for American Silversmiths.

Vie is home to an impeccable collection of 18th

Established for more than two decades, the

and 19th century Italian, French and Swedish

Rancho Santa Fe gallery offers a diverse range

imports – consistently refreshed and replenished






F I N E sd. c o m





Photo courtesy of C’est la Vie Antiques

including Spanish Colonial, Italian, French and

of one-of-kind items and antiques from the past;

English fur nishings and paintings; not to mention

whether it be a grand Rococo mirror, a French

an impressive array of American, English and

ballroom chandelier from the 1800s, vintage Dior

Continental silver. In fact, the pair is widely known

and Chanel, or even leather bound first edition

for their silver collection and topic proficiency; a


passion that even provided Connie the opportunity

The French boutique is also known for its well-

to hold the publisher and editor roles at Silver

designed displays and boutique gallery; room

Magazine for 10 years.

vignettes for the home and garden infuse the

McNally Company Antiques recently unveiled

space with a much anticipated and lauded char m

a redesign of their antique gallery with the goal

– a defining characteristic that has become the

of better serving their clientele. Current items of

heart and soul of Chandler’s outreach. And for an

note showcased in the gallery include: a tea and

added touch of ambiance and design inspiration,

coffee service by John Figg of London; bronze

French music is heard throughout the space daily.

Ger man short haired pointer sculpture; four lifesized statues of the four seasons; George III breakfront bookcase; and a T iffany & Co three handled silver cup.

Vignettes Antiques







grandeur of Paris, Vignettes Antiques [neighboring the Newport Avenue and Ocean Beach Antique Districts] affords a life and style all its own – while


202 North Cedros Avenue, Solana Beach Hours: Tuesday though Saturday, 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Phone: 858.847.0345 A

4828 Newport Avenue, San Diego Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Web: Inspired

Village Consignments


homeowners, ever-famed



Village Cedros







and the



consistently touted as one of Solana Beach’s best kept secrets. For 19 years, the resale shop has offered a premier selection of home and lifestyle fur nishings; including moder n, traditional, vintage and antique designs, artwork, jewelry, gifts and décor.

emulating quintessential French home couture

“SCORE! I found some [amazing] mid-century

and design. For more than a decade, owner Lori

patio chairs,” notes one Village Consignments

Chandler has offered clientele a romantic setting

shopper on a recent visit. “I met with the owner


F I N E sd. c o m


Photo courtesy of Vignettes Antiques

Photo courtesy of Vignettes Antiques

and she is fabulous! I love people that really and truly care about what they do. She gave me a recommendation for a powder coating place she uses. I [personally appreciate] people that just love to make old things look beautiful and this is her specialty. Don’t forget to sneak out back and peek in the nearby garage which is hiding a few more pretties.”

West Sea Company 2495 Congress Street, San Diego Hours: Wednesday though Saturday, 12:00 p.m.-4 p.m. Web: Renowned for authenticity and quality, West Sea Company – having originated as a ‘mom and pop’ operation in 1979 – extends a vast inventory of nautical antiques to both private collectors and institutions worldwide; notable clients have included The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., the New Bedford Whaling Museum in Maine, the National Maritime Museum in San Francisco, as well as film set designers for “T itanic” and “Master and Commander,” among others. Now home to the celebrated Historic Old Town District,







artifacts, nautical décor and antiques, fine art photography and appraisals. Current offerings include an American whale oil globe lamp from the mid 1800s, an extra fancy Victorian-era stereo viewer and magnifier, nautical instruments and hardware, military relics, ship models and sailor folk art. u

Photo courtesy of C’est la Vie Antiques

Would you stake your companies reputation on next month’s results? We would.

“Darren’s fresh, energetic enthusiasm and passionate “Darren’s methods have proven to be invaluable to

“The training Darren Cecil provides is an excellant

desire to help his clients find and develop the

our company. After implementing even the basic

investment in the success of any company. He is not

professional sales person within each of us is infectious.

sales principles found in his training we noticed

only knowledgeable and an excellant communicator,

If you believe you are already at the top of your game

immediate, exponential increases in our profitability.”

he personalizes the training to your specific business.

you’re probably thinking you have no need to meet a

I highly recommend his service.”

person like Darren, right? His persona goes way beyond what he does. I encourage you to get to know him and find out for yourself.”

Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales and sales management training. For more than 40 years, Sandler has taught its distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology, which has helped salespeople and sales managers take charge of the process. Our training is designed to create lasting “performance improvement” rather than the motivational “quick fix” typical of many seminar-based training programs. To help you accomplish your goals, Sandler provides “reinforcement training,” a system that combines quality materials along with access to ongoing training workshops and individual coaching sessions.

To learn more or register to attend visit:

Darren Cecil Personally

619.295.2222 28

According to Hal

Touring Cote d’Azur Written and photographed by Harold S. Small


he Cote d’Azur, sometimes referred to as t h e

f ro m m a n y v i s t a s q u i t e re m a r k a b l e a s w e l l .

French Riviera, is set along the striking b l u e

A f t e r a r r i v a l a t t h e N i c e a i r p o r t , t h e b re a t h t a k i n g

Mediterranean Sea with towns whose na m e s

b e a u t y o f t h e a re a c a n b e s t b e a c h i e v e d b y

a re f amiliar to all dotting its shore. Who has n o t

taking a helicopter to Monaco; although only a

h e a rd of St. Trope z, Cap d’Antibes, Cap Fe r r a t ,

30 minute taxi ride, the eight minute helicopter

C a n n es, Nice, or the Principality of Mona c o /

f l i g h t a f f o rd s p a n o r a m a s t h a t m a y o n l y o t h e r w i s e

M o n t e Carlo? They are the towns of which sto r i e s

b e i m a g i n e d . A q u i c k t a k e - o f f f ro m t h e a i r p o r t

a n d books have been written and artists h a v e

a n d y o u a re o v e r t h e a z u r b l u e w a t e r s o f t h e

p a i n t ed – but experiencing them in perso n , i s

Mediterranean with views of Nice, Cap-Ferrat,

q u i t e dif ferent.

B e a u l i e u S u r M e r, C a p d ’ A i l a n d t h e n M o n a c o .

T h e size of some of the yachts that ply th e s e

With the palace of the Principality of Monaco in

w a t e rs (especially during the summer mon t h s )

f ro n t o f y o u , a p i c t u re s q u e h a r b o r, a n d h i g h - r i s e

c a n be quite intimidating, but they provid e a

buildings filling every inch of this tiny country, it is

b e a u ty and mystique that adds to the roma n c e

a fascinating place. This is the site of the annual

o f F r ance’s southe r n coast. The “yacht” of P e t e r

Monaco Grand Prix that has formula one cars

A l l e n is more like a ship as it is approxima t e l y

r a c i n g t h ro u g h t h e s t re e t s ; t h e e n t i re p r i n c i p a l i t y

4 5 0 f eet in length, and the same may be s a i d

comes to a halt for the race. In June, everything

f o r t h e yacht of Steve Forbes of approxima t e l y

c a m e t o a h a l t f o r a d i f f e re n t re a s o n – t h e m u c h

3 5 0 f eet; both of which are at times seen sa i l i n g

a n t i c i p a t e d w e d d i n g o f A l b e r t I I , S o v e re i g n P r i n c e

t h e s e waters. While they are enor mous and a re

of Monaco and the head of the House of Grimaldi

o n t h e scale of some cruise ships, yachts of 1 2 5 -

t o C h a r l e n e Ly n e t t e W i t t s t o c k . A t o n e t i m e t h e re

2 0 0 f eet are commonplace from Portofino, I t a l y

was talk that if Prince Albert did not have a

t o B arcelona, Spain. They not only provide f o r

male heir (a son born during wedlock) that the

i n t e re sting sightings with their names (such a s

p r i n c i p a l i t y w o u l d re v e r t t o F r a n c e . T h e l a w w a s

“ W i l l Power” or “l’Opera”), but make the v i e w s

changed in 2002 to extend the successorship F I N E sd. c o m



Fresh Fish Market in St. Tropez

Provence fresh vegetables displayed for al fresco Chaine dinner at Le Meridien

r i ghts to his sist ers and children.

i n a p p e a r a n c e r a n g i n g f ro m a n a m u s e b o u c h e

p rominent of hotel locations with the outs t a n d i n g

served on a slab of agate, an open egg laying

H er mitage and Le Meridien Hotels near b y ; t h e

i n a b i rd ’ s n e s t w i t h t h e a p p e t i z e r v i s ib l e , o r p re -

f amous casino is perched on the sam e b l u f f

dessert followed by dessert. The food is as tasty

a nd the structure is magnificent. Unfortu n a t e l y ,

a s t h e a p p e a r a n c e i s t a n t a l i z i n g . T h e re s t a u r a n t

t h e days of James Bond playing bacca r a t i n a

was voted 35th best in the world in 2006 and it is

t uxedo and drinking Bollinger or a freshly s h a k e n

w o r t h a v i s i t i f y o u a re i n t h e a re a .

m artini are memories as the attire of thos e i n t h e

For nearby hotels not in Monaco, La Reserve

g ambling palace leaves much to be desire d . T h e

in Beaulieu Sur Mer or Hotel Royal Riviera at the

b eaches are limited, but Monte Carlo is in a c l a s s

beginning of St. Jean Cap-Ferrat both continue

b y itself.

t o p ro v i d e p i c t u re s q u e a c c o m m o d a t i o n s w i t h a

I n 1990, restaurants and dining in the a re a h i t


a m a z i n g c re a t i o n s . E a c h d i s h s e r v e d i s s t u n n i n g

T he classic Hotel de Paris still has th e m o s t

high quality of food and service (with a Michelin

a high note with the advent of Louis X V w i t h

s t a r re d

re s t a u r a n t






A lain Ducasse preparing the food at the H o t e l d e

i n t e re s t e d i n s e e i n g a n i n t e re s t i n g h o m e a n d

P aris. It was awarded three Michelin star s i n t h e

m a g n i f i c e n t g a rd e n s , g o t o t h e n e a r b y V i l l a

R ed Book, the first restaurant in a hotel t o b e s o

Ephrussi de Rothschild (yes, of a member of the

recognized; Ducasse was only 33. The g l e a m i n g

f a m i l y b e a r i n g t h a t n a m e ) . K e r y l o s G re e k V i l l a

s i l ver Christofle carts brought to the tab l e s e t a

a l s o p ro v i d e s a g l i m p s e o f t h e c o u n t r y s i d e s t y l e ,

d i ning standard; Tete du Cuvee Champa g n e s o n

w h i l e s e t i n B e a u l i e u S u r M e r.

o ne, freshly baked breads and rolls on a n o t h e r,

Not too far away and nestled near Nice is the

s orbets, on still another, and then after d i n n e r

t o w n o f S t . P a u l d e Ve n c e . I t i s b e s t k n o w n a s

l i quors on the last of the carts. W ith fresco s o n t h e

a n a r t i s t e n c l a v e ; i t i s a h i l l s i d e t o w n , w h e re y o u

c eiling, or nate decor details and a mag n i f i c e n t

c a n w a l k t h e s t re e t s , e n j o y t h e l o c a l a r t , a n d

d i splay of flowers, you feel like royalty.

f i n d a b i s t ro f o r a q u i c k l u n c h . R e s e rv a t i o n s a re

T he restaurant Mirazur in Menton (just e a s t o f

necessary for lunch or dinner at Colombe d’Or

M onaco at 500 feet from the border of I t a l y ) i s

w h e re t h e y h a v e w o r k s o f P i c a s s o , M a t i s s e a n d

s i tuated on a bluf f overlooking the Mediter r a n e a n .

others on the walls. The Foundation Maeght is a

W ith stunning vi ews as a backdrop, Ar genti n e C h e f

small art museum just outside the walls of St. Paul

M auro Colagreco puts art on a plate (som e t i m e s

d e Ve n c e ; t h e g ro u n d s a re q u i t e m e m o r a b l e , t h e

e ven a rock) and also on your palate w i t h h i s

a rc h i t e c t u re i n t e re s t i n g , t h e g a rd e n s c u l p t u re s


F I N E sd. c o m


Egg in Bird’s Nest Appetizer at Mirzaur

Arugula with beet strips atop bream sashimi, olive oil and decorated with balsamic vinegar at Les Mas de Pierre

Amuse Bouche on Agate at Mirzaur

Crab rolled in Peruvian cucumbers, topped with hamachi sashimi and edible flowers with red pepper coulis as Les Mas de Pierre

b e a u tiful, and magnificent art ador ns its ex h i b i t

with all of the names and brands that you can

a re a s .

imagine. They have an open-air fish market and

T h e best hotel in the area (also a quiet resp i t e –

a small hole-in-the-wall wine shop called La

l i k e a n island on a hillside), is Le Mas de Pierre – a

C a v e d u G o l f e – a s h o r t d i s t a n c e f ro m t h e n e a r b y

R e l a i s & Chateau property. Beautifully decora t e d

yachts. Its owner Armel Aloche, indicates his

ro o m s, sculptures in the garden (including gra z i n g

t i t l e o n h i s b u s i n e s s c a rd s a s C a v i s t e ; h e s u p p l i e s

s h e e p as you enter the grounds), outstand i n g

the wines to outfit the visiting yachts. Do not be

s e r v i c e and two styles of dining (both excell e n t )

surprised to see cases of Cristal, Dom Perignon,

m a k e this a terrific place to linger a few day s .

a n y o r a l l o f t h e F i r s t G ro w t h s f ro m B o rd e au x – t h e

T h e re are grapevines wherever you drive in t h e

b e s t w i n e s f ro m B u r g u n d y , a n d m a n y o t h e r f i n e

s o u t h of France, with rosé wines being produ c e d

selections. This shop also sells some of the best

i n a n d around Cassis and in the Bandol a re a .

ro s é w i n e s a n d w i n e s p ro d u c e d i n B a n d o l , C a s s i s

T h e y also produce some interesting white w i n e s

a n d P ro v e n c e . T h e C a v i s t e h a s g o o d t a s t e a n d

a n d age-worthy red wines as well. Domaine d e

p ro b a b l y d o e s n o t h a v e a b a d b o t t l e i n h i s s h o p .

Te r re brune makes a serious red wine, but t h e i r

N e a r t o S t . Tro p e z a n d s t i l l h o t , h o t , h o t , i s C l u b

w h i t e and rose wines are a special find; t h e

5 5 i n a n a re a k n o w n a s R a m a t u e l l e cl o s e b y

w i n e r y is near Bandol and has a quaint restau r a n t

P a m p e l o n e B e a c h . T h i s re s t a u r a n t f i r s t o pe n e d i n

o n t h e grounds and adjacent to the winery. T h e i r

1 9 5 5 . T h e “ d i n i n g ” ro o m o f t h e re s t a u r a n t h o l d s

w i n e s are imported to the U.S. by Ker mit Ly n c h

o n l y f o u r t a b l e s , b u t t h e o u t d o o r s e a t i n g a re a

a s a re those of Clos Sainte Magdeleine on t h e

( m o s t o f w h i c h i s c o v e re d b y c a n v a s ) c a n s e a t

e a s t e r n side of Cassis. Who would have thou g h t

almost 200 people, and the place is packed –

t h a t a winery would be situated in such a stunn i n g

evidence it has not lost its cache. Reservations

l o c a t i on on the edge of the Mediterranean? T h e

a re a m u s t a n d a re m a d e b y f a x o r t e l e p h o n e .

w i n e r y is now run by the third generation of t h e S a c k family.

W h i l e d i n i n g o n t h e C o t e d ’ A z u r c a n b e as s i m p l e a s l i t t l e b i s t ro s , h a u t e c u i s i n e i s e v e r y w h e re a n d

T h e l ine for tickets to take a boat ride to see t h e

the number of Michelin Stars is almost beyond

C a l a nques is not too long. An hour on the w a t e r

c o u n t i n g . T h i n k f a r m - t o - t a b l e i n f re s h n e s s , a n d

s e e i n g the clif fs adjoining the sea can be q u i t e

t h a t w i l l b e y o u r e x p e r i e n c e t h ro u g h o u t t h i s

p l e a s ant on a war m day.

c o a s t a l a re a o f t h e F re n c h R i v i e r a . u

A v i sit to this area should also include a s t o p i n f a bled St. Tropez. Excellent shopping abou n d s

F I N E sd. c o m




‘Polo for a Purpose’ Raises Awareness and Funds for Kids Korps USA Photography courtesy of FINE magazine A signature event for FINE magazine, ‘Polo for a Purpose’ partnered with the San Diego Polo Club during the USPA Rossmore Cup Tournament in late August. With several hundred in attendance, the much anticipated event hosted an afternoon of polo, wine tastings, a silent auction and a fashion show by Brittany Simpson of Fashion Forward; Leonard Simpson, founder of Fashion Forward and regular fashion contributor to KUSI, also made an appearance. Team FINE won the tournament, 10-7. Kids Korps USA engages young people, ages 5 through 25, in community service; their mission is to instill in America’s youth the spirit of giving while providing valuable education in leadership and responsibility. Web: more event photos online at:

‘Gala in the Garden’ Honors Nature, Art and James Hubbell Photography courtesy of San Diego Botanic Garden One of the largest environmentally responsible events in San Diego County, the San Diego Botanic Garden’s 12th Annual Gala in the Garden: A Celebration of Nature, Art and James Hubbell recently welcomed several hundred supporters and garden enthusiasts for the evening affair in celebration of art, nature and conservation. Hubbell, a world renowned sculptor, award-winning artists and visionary architectural designer, was honored with the Paul Ecke, Jr. Award of Excellence for his more than 60 years of nature-inspired creations. The event raised $17,000 to directly benefit the growth of the Garden and fund essential projects, programs, and exhibits. Set on 37 acres in Encinitas, the San Diego Botanic Garden [formerly known as the Quail Botanical Gardens] seeks to inspire people of all ages to connect with plants and nature. The Garden includes nearly 3,500 kinds of plants representing three general plant habitat types: desert, Mediterranean and subtropical/tropical collections. Web: F I N E sd. c o m



D O O l F a v i E t s N e I F W y a b o h g th e 8 8t i d n & a s a all u u n nn a an

Poster Art By Featured Artist: MICHAEL SUMMERS

A Weeklong Wine & Culinary Classic Sponsored By NOVEMBER 1 6 - 20, 20 1 1


619-342-7337 l For the Latest News & Promos, Find Us On: |

SPONSORS: center for

wine rigins

Produced By: Fast Forward Event Productions

Funded in part by the San Diego Tourism Marketing District with City of San Diego Tourism Marketing District Assessment Funds. Must be 21 or older to attend.


12th Annual FORE the Casa Kids Golf Tournament Raises $68,000 in Funds Photography courtesy of Casa de Amparo Casa de Amparo, a San Diego County leader in the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect recently held its 12th annual FORE the Casa Kids golf tournament at the Rancho Bernardo Resort and Spa; more than $68,000 was raised. Proceeds help fund Casa de Amparo’s five integrated programs helping San Diego County children from birth through age 24 as well as their families. First place was awarded to Chad Miller, Andrew McGregor, Chris Campion and Brett Foulds of Sprouts; with second place taken by Sergio Luna, Tim Walsh, Scott Holtgrieve and Joe DeRosa of OneSource Distributors. “We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our supporters,” said Mark Allyn, tournament chair. “One-third of Casa de Amparo’s funding comes from businesses and individuals in the community including attendance at special events like the tournament.” Web:

Schubach Aviation Grand Opening Reception Celebrating Expanded Headquarters at Palomar Airport Photography courtesy of Frank Thamas Schubach Aviation, San Diego’s premier private air charter firm, celebrated the grand opening of its spacious new 45,000 square foot headquarters with an exclusive cocktail reception held in early September at its private hangar at Palomar Airport – a space that is completely solar-powered; nearly 250 guests were in attendance. The grand opening celebration was co-hosted with several select partners, including the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, Symbolic Motors, Laura Barry of Barry Estates, and Maria Barry of Le Dimora. The event showcased several of Schubach Aviation’s luxury aircraft, which guests were invited to tour; the featured aircraft included a Challenger 601-1A, Challenger 601-3R, Citation CJ3, and the company’s newly acquired and immaculate Gulfstream G-IVSP – which features on-board W i-Fi and accommodates international travel. Web:

F I N E sd. c o m





Merlot Between the Toes: South Coast Winery Hosts Annual Grape Stomp Photography courtesy of South Coast W inery South Coast Winery, a two-time California Winery of the Year and a 2011 Fodor’s Choice destination selection in Temecula’s wine country, recently hosted its 7th annual Harvest Celebration Blessing of the Wines and Grape Stomp. Stepped in tradition, the ever-popular event featured a special wine blessing by Pastor Phil Hottsenpillar of the Yorba Linda Friends Church, live music with the Bayou Brothers Band, tractor rides through the vineyard, barbeque delicacies and grape stomping contests. Since opening in 2003, South Coast Winery has garnered more than 1,600 awards and medals in both regional and international competitions. For the second year in a row, South Coast Winery’s Vineyard Rose Restaurant has been awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator. Web:

Project Ethos: Fashion, Music and Art at the House of Blues Photography courtesy of Project Ethos Project Ethos hit the Gaslamp at the House of Blues, spotlighting the talented works from musicians, artists, fashion designers, and corporate buyers for an evening amongst aspiring local artists all under one roof mid-September. The sounds of music filled the room, setting the stage for this fashion soiree as indie musical acts such as The Maul Shoppe, Cuckoo Sponsor Cardiwrap by Kymaro showcases multi-use garments.

Vitaminwater zero flavor “Squeeze” inspired all of Sheripova’s line.

Chaos, and Republic of Letter and DJ Ayeena spun on the turntables to rock the house creating the tone for models to strut the catwalk. The fashion show closed with the “Flavor Fashionista Challenge,” a competition amongst students from the Art Institute creating a Vitaminwater Zero-inspired couture gown, utilizing the flavors of Vitaminwater zero – a major sponsor of Project Ethos, where fashion fans had the opportunity to engage and text in their vote for their fashion favorite.

Web: Ai student Amanda Alkas’ garment inspired by vitaminwater zero flavor “Drive.”

Ai student Steven Mayor’s garment inspired by vitaminwater zero flavor “Rhythm”

F I N E sd. c o m




Life + Style

The emergence of Swedish home design

By Joyce “JLynn” Gonzalez All photography courtesy of Swedish Interior Design, UK

“People love the Swedish look because it combines a clean, bright fulfilling visual aesthetic with a timelessness that fits both traditional and modern interiors – Gustavian, Biedermeier or Art Deco Swedish pieces are equally at home in an ‘antique setting’ or recovered with a modern fabric can look very cool in an ultra modern setting,” notes Jo Lee of UK-based Swedish Interior Design. “There’s a restrained elegance to the Swedish look that [can in fact] last a lifetime.”



F I N E sd. c o m


Gustavian Drawing Room


n developing a sense of style that add s t h e elements of for m and function, Euro p e a n interior design within Swedish trends m a r r i e s

a l ittle of the old and new; mixing trad i t i o n a l a n d contemporary elements in creating a l i g h t and








s a nctuary – a necessity that stems fro m t h e c o untry’s norther n latitude and minimal da y l i g h t h o urs. Swedish home design with its rather c l e a n , s i m plistic




eleg a n c e

h a s taken fash ionable tastes gaining e s t e e m a round the world; often incorporating ove r s i z e d f u r niture pieces, colors reflective of the se a a n d a n abundance of natural lighting. So, whe t h e r i t i s utilizing the more moder n and angular s h a p e s o f designs to the more traditional, handc r a f t e d a n tique wood textures painted in white [in s p i re d f ro m the 18th Century Gustavian period] , h e re a re a few tips in creating signature looks o f t h e S c andinavian lifestyle.

Utilization of Color [Setting & Backdrop] In






in t e r i o r

d e sign, begin w ith coloring the walls whit e , o f f w h ite, pale yellow or dove grey as your c a n v a s t o provide a rather clean and crisp look ; t h u s c reating a backdrop for the space, and all o w i n g s p ots of color for accent. Additional shad e s o f c o lor to consider would be the ‘earthier ’ a n d

Living Room with Mirror and Mora Clock Details

F I N E sd. c o m



“Swedish home design with its rather clean, simplistic and ultrachic minimalist elegance has taken fashionable tastes gaining esteem arund the world; often incorporating oversized furniture pieces, colors reflective of the sea and an abundance of natural lighting.”

Antique Sleigh

n e u t r al tones to complement the white-was h e d

F u r n i t u re p i e c e s w i t h n a t u r a l w o o d f i n i s h e s a s

w a l l s . The Swedish are known for embrac i n g

well as neutral tones and pale upholstery [having

t h e n atural tranquil surroundings of their lo v e l y

c h ro m e a c c e n t s a n d d e t a i l s ] a re c l a s s i c l o o k s i n

l a n d s cape; taupe, beige, brown and sage gre e n

c o n t e m p o r a r y m o d e r n S w e d i s h d e s i g n . D i s t re s s i n g

a re c olors of choice when creating a more sere n e

t h e w o o d o r e v e n u t i l i z i n g c h e r r y - w o o d f u r n i t u re

i n t e r i or environment.

c a n c re a t e a m o re t i m e l e s s a m b i a n c e . H o w e v e r,

B o l d accented colors – reflecting current seas o n s w i t h s plashes of interest, explore shades of re d ,

c u r re n t t re n d s p r i m a r i l y i m p l e m e n t t h e u s e o f w h i t e - p a i n t e d f u r n i t u re .

b l u e , or navy, reminiscent of the war m winter k n i t

S w e d i s h d e s i g n w o u l d b e re m i s s w i t h o u t m e n t i o n

p a t t e r ns – inviting a more traditional theme of t h e

of the ever-famed Mora clock. With a unique

w i n t e r season with the joys of fireside living. B l u e ,

design and style, the long case Mora clock holds

i n p a rticular, emits the feeling of a clear, f re s h

g re a t c h a r m a n d a p p e a l a s t r a d i t i o n a l S w e d i s h

d a y a nd coordinates easily with other traditio n a l

f o l k a r t a n d l o re ; i t s h e r i t a g e s p a n s t h e c o u r s e o f

t o n e s of the Swedish color palette.

t h re e c e n t u r i e s . W h e n s h o p p i n g f o r t h e s e t i m e l e s s w o r k s o f a r t , l o o k f o r i t s o r i g i n a l c o l o r, o r o n e t h a t


has been taken down to its original pigment;

I n d esigning a more customary Swedish-insp i re d

w h i l e n e w e r p ro d u c t i o n s o f t h e c l o c k h o l d t h e

l o o k , fur niture selections should emphasize t h e

same design, older antiques offer a mystique and

c r a f t s manship and integrity of the design. This c a n

integrity to the time piece.

i n c l u de traditional wooden fur niture with cur v e d l a d d er-backed chairs painted in white, a l o n g


Fabrics & Accessories

w i t h the antique carved-legged table pie c e s .

Authentic fabrics of Swedish interiors employ

A n d while these selections can be either coun t r y -

rustic and vintage-style patterns with the use

i n s p i red or minimally-moder n, they demonst r a t e

of prints - an effective way to add a touch of

f u n c t ionality of Scandinavian living, and c a n

c o l o r a n d t e x t u re t o a ro o m ; i n c l u d i n g : s t r i p e s

o f f e r a narrative of what once was.

a n d c h e c k s ; n a t u re - i n s p i re d d e s i g n s a n d l e a f


F I N E sd. c o m

The Mora Clock Set along England’s southeastern coast, Swedish Interior Design – offering a wide selection and expertise of Swedish Gustavian and Biedermeier furniture, as well as


Honoring Tradition and Fine Craftsmanship

an impressive array of antique Mora clocks – celebrates the simple luxury and tradition of fine craftsmanship from Mother Svea. With a network of contacts in Sweden, and strong family ties, Madeleine and Jo Lee, proprietors of the boutique, hone a deep-seeded passion for the Swedish

handmade bespoke antique pine settle

lifestyle. Aside from their in-house authentic collection from the north, the pair also handcrafts one-of-a-kind bespoke The Mora Clock

items (including furniture, mirrors and hand stitched rugs) from antique woods, lace and hemp linens sourced from Sweden for clientele worldwide. According to the Lee’s, “We love the look and feel of the Swedish way of life; [from] the calmness and tranquility of the colors, [to] the sensuality and eloquent design of the hand carved profiles, the usability and practicality of the handmade artisan furniture.” In regards to the tradition and appeal of the famed Swedish Mora clock, Jo Lee, co-owner of Swedish Interior Design, offered the following: Q: Can you explain the tradition of Mora Clock? Lee: The ubiquitous sexy hourglass Swedish ‘Mora’ clocks that we all know and love originally came from around the town of Mora in the Dalarna region of central Sweden. As agriculture and mining failed in the mid 1700s, the locals

p rints; along with old fashioned rose and f l o w e r

turned to clock making to make ends meet with families specializing in making or painting different parts of the clock, the move-

p rints. Fabrics can also be utilized as th ro w s o r

ment or the face and incorporating them into other furniture [such

b edspreads; cushions as wall hangings an d d é c o r

as] cabinets and even beds.

p i eces also ad d interest while creating c o n t r a s t t o the pale and subdued white-washed w a l l s . S ignature






i mplement artwork with more natural s e t t i n g s

It is said that in the 1800s nearly 100 families were involved at the height of ‘Mora’ production, although taxation and labor costs eventually curtailed production. They differ in their curved shape from the previous squarer 1700s baroque clocks that have a more familiar ‘clock ‘ shape. They are almost always made from pine and each one was a

s uch as botanical prints, beautiful land s c a p e s

unique combination of features, decorations, adornments, crowns

a nd

and finishes - at the whim of the maker. One of the most famous

picturesq ue





S wedish folk art displaying the vibrant blue s , re d s , a nd whites alo ng with authentic wood c a r v i n g s a nd figurines s uch as the ‘Dala’ woode n h o r s e or


or naments



pig s ,


re indeer) tie in traditional elements to a ro o m ; r u stic pottery and Swedish crystal glassw a re f o r

makers was Anders Andersson who built clocks in the late 1700s and known by his initials on the clock faces as ‘A A S Mora’. Q: What is their appeal? Lee: Most people think of grandfather clocks as the dark, heavy somber clocks of their grandparent’s generation with a somber tick shrouded in Victorian gloom. Mora clocks, on the other hand, have a lightness of being and an anthropomorphic shape that

d i splay or to use as daily ware has bec o m e a

gives them the feel of a living person; our clients always end up

re cent trend as well.

giving them ‘names’ and feeling like they have a new friend to talk

L ighting is also really important in Swedish d e s i g n

to in the house. The classic enhanced belly curve of the Mora clock (which

w hen combining the moder n with the trad i t i o n a l ,

probably hails right back to the mother earth pagan shapes of

re flecting the country’s dark winter mon t h s a n d

prehistory) are intensely satisfying to look at [and] be around;

m inimal daylight hours. Incorporating lam p s a n d

each clock is handmade [and] has a unique mixture of features

l i ghting accessories with glass, ‘fisher me n - s t y l e ’ l i ghts and lanter ns are often used to acce n t u a t e t h e colors and flow of a given space; a s d o u l tra-moder n





l a mpshades on sleek chrome fittings. u

creating a unique personality – we find that clients are emotionally drawn to a particular clock because it has a resonance for them. In design terms, they make a very strong visual statement and become a real talking point and focus in a room.

paper Swedish Interior Design



award-winning interior design services

Le Dimora Introduces The Lillian August Collection Exclusively at Le Dimora.

A Unique Collection of Fine Home Furnishings and Accessories

Del Rayo Village Shopping Center • Le Dimora 16089 San Diequito Rd, Ste. H103 • Rancho Santa Fe

Store Hours: Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm • Saturday 10am - 5pm • Sunday 10:00am - 2:00pm

(858) 759.2709


Jet Set International Style & Presence: Fine Fashion Meets Luxury Motorcars and Private Aviation

Fashions by G S B M e n ’s C l o t h i e r [ g s b m e n s c l o t h i e r. c o m ] Tu t t o C u o r e P a c i f i c B e a c h [ t u t t o c u o r e s h o e s . c o m ] GOGA by Gordana [] Charles Koll Jewelers [] Banana Republic [] Perlin Design [] Leather Rock []



F I N E sd. c o m

Shot on location at Jet Source Aviation, Palomar Airport [ ] Photographed by W i l l i a m D a n i e l s [ ] Produced by Michelle Armstrong Production by Brad Froese and Ezekiel Martinez Models Actress Caroline Amiguet and Lon Sierra from Shamon Freitas Agency Special Appearances by Range Rover courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Carlsbad of Hoehn Motors and a Cessna Citation Mustang Light Jet courtesy of Jet Source Aviation Hair + Make-up Artistry Violette Gnyp of Fairytale Wedding Hair [] Special Thanks to Robin Sendlein, Malcolm Koll, Gary and Bella Sanfir and Liz Flower

[ Lon ] in a black knit turtleneck from Zegna Baruffa, 100% wool Mattarazi uomo slack in grey and a Paul Betenly silk and cashmere sport blazer in heather grey. Fashions provided by GSB Men’s Clothier in Rancho Santa Fe. Xen stainless steel and leather bracelet by Charles Koll Jewellers of San Diego. Black slip shoe and aviators. The stunning 2012 Range Rover shown in Sumatra Black, courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Carlsbad [] [ Caroline ] in Sugar Lips animal print dress, black sunglasses and grey satchel from GOGA by Gordana of San Diego. Andrea black flat with silver toe available at Tutto Cuore in Pacific Beach. Diamond slice necklace with rubber cord, 18k white gold bangle and platinum engagement ring with 2.17 ct radiant cut center 34 diamonds = .90 ct by Charles Koll Jewellers of San Diego.


[ Caroline ] Caroline in one shoulder grey dress and black leather belt from GOGA to Go by Gordana of San Diego. Andrea black heel available at Tutto Cuore in Pacific Beach. 18 karat white gold necklace, platinum engagement ring with 2.17 ct radiant cut center 34 diamonds = .90 ct, 18 karat white gold tennis bracelet with 48 diamonds = 1.05 ct and 18 kw teardrop earrings by Charles Koll Jewellers of San Diego. [ Lon ] in a black knit turtleneck from Zegna Baruffa and 100% wool Mattarazi uomo slack in grey. Fashions provided by GSB Men’s Clothier in Rancho Santa Fe. Xen stainless steel and leather bracelet by Charles Koll Jewellers of San Diego.


[ LON ] in a dark indigo St. Croix mac-neck top and 100% wool Mattarazi uomo slacks in grey. Fashions provided by GSB Men’s Clothier in Rancho Santa Fe.

[ Caroline ] in navy S Line dot dress and grey satchel from GOGA by Gordana of San Diego. Andrea bone heel available at Tutto Cuore in Pacific Beach. Fire Agate necklace, jade and gold Swarovski crystal earrings and crochet wire bracelet with brown and gold vintage beads by Linda Persson of Perlin Design. 2010 Cessna Citation Mustang Light Jet courtesy of Jet Source Aviation with seating for five passengers and a range of 1,150 nautical miles.


[ Caroline ] in Blvd khaki dress from GOGA by Gordana of San Diego. Lime green, Jade and brown crystals dangle earrings, loop lime green and Jade bracelet and silk cord and pearls vintage necklace by Linda Persson of Perlin Design. Clutch and ring by Leather Rock.

[ LON ] in straight vintage jean, blue striped dress shirt and sage green sweater by Banana Republic.


[ Caroline ] in Holy 6 plaid jacket, black Sugarlips top and Ya black shorts from GOGA by Gordana of San Diego. Platinum engagement ring with 2.17 ct radiant cut center 34 diamonds = .90 ct, Hearts on Fire Garden Flower necklace with 35 2.10 ct diamonds and 18 k Hearts on Fire Fulfillment Stud earrings with 22 .50 ct diamonds by Charles Koll Jewellers of San Diego. [ Lon ] in light grey straight pant, Merino wool diamond sweater and cream polo by Banana Republic.


Fashion Forecast: Gorgeous and a little unexpected...


Carlsbad • 2940 State Street • 760-434-1140 Del Mar • 2690 Via de la Valle • 858-259-1120 www. FAIRENDEl .com

Living S AN




Michael Citrin Willis Allen Real Estate

858.688.6277 more on page RE-7


w w w. g a r y m a r t i n . c o m

660 NE PTUNE L e u c a d i a , CA 2 B e d ro o m s n 2 B a t h ro o m s n n

Single story oceanfront home near Beacons Beach Access. Ceramic tiled floors, recessed lighting, security system. Euro-modern fireplace in living room. Commanding whitewater coastline views to La Jolla. Separate guest quarters include 1 bedroom, 1 bath, and living room. 35’ upper and lower seawall. Offered at $2,890,000

510 4th s treet 2C E n c i n i t a s , CA 2 B e d ro o m s n 3 B a t h ro o m s n n

Extensively remodeled single story oceanfront condo adjacent to D Street. Beach Access in downtown Encinitas. Gourmet kitchen with granite counters, recessed lighting and ceramic tiled floors. Oceanfront patio provides breathtaking whitewater coastline views stretching from Carlsbad to La Jolla. Offered at $1,490,000

141 PACIFIC AVE S o l a n a B e a c h , CA 2 B e d ro o m s n 3 B a t h ro o m s n n

Oceanfront home just 2 houses from sandy beach at Fletcher Cove. Remodeled in 2004, gourmet kitchen with granite counters, stainless steel appliances, butcher block with storage armoire. Tiled floors, recessed lighting, floor to ceiling glass windows in living room & dining room and marvelous vistas of coastline. Offered at $2,100,000

Gary Martin 760.436.2219

Email: DRE# 00962104

Oceanfront and Coastal Specialist

140 JASPER STREET LEUCADIA.......................................$890,000 n 1 Block to Beach n Highly Upgraded

132 neptune AVE encinitas......................................$1,900,000 n Perfect For Building Your Estate n Rare Oceanfront Lot

418 N GRANADOS AVE SOLANA BEACH........................$1,050,000 n Spectacular Ocean Views n Old Solana Beach

1045 NEPTUNE AVE LEUCADIA.....................................$1,600,000 n 2 Blocks from Beach Access n Garage & Extra Parking



8001 OCEAN LANE LA JOLLA...........................................$950,000 n Ocean View Cottage n 1 Block to La Jolla Cove

n n n

1238 NEPTUNE AVENUE................................................$2,500,000 n Oceanfront Home n Fully Landscaped Ocean Bluff

177 Oceanfront Properties sold by Gary Martin 206 Properties sold on Neptune AVE by Gary Martin Over 1 Billion in Sales and Listings since 2000! LH-3

6561 VIA DE LA REINA BONSALL, CA Timeless architecture and pristine on 5.29 breathtaking view acres with avocado grove and lush landscaping. Wonderful open floor plan featuring 4/BD, 5.5/BA plus office. Watch the sunset from your veranda overlooking the pool or entertain from the bath house with sauna.

Offered at $1,895,000

2465 Via Oeste


Warm and welcoming featuring all the amenities one wishes for today’s living. Brizilan cherry wood flooring, cherry wood cabinets, Itilian porclian tile plus granite, travertine, vaulted wood ceilings and more in 3649 ESF re-modeled and re-designed home in’07. 3 BR. 2.5 BA., huge game room plus office on 3.68 beautiful view acres with avocado grove.

Offered at $850,000

Jeanne Stuart 760.310.4663 DRE# 01130757


10 GOLDEN MEADOW FALLBROOK, CA 9+ acre estate in the hills of Fallbrook with private gate, rose-lined drive, private pond and expansive circle drive. The 5879 esf main home features nearly every amenity one could wish for. You will love the numerous indoor and outdoor fireplaces, 4 spacious bedrooms, formal living and dining rooms, office/library with state-of-the-art built-ins, and sumptuous Master Suite. Enjoy the fabulous gourmet kitchen with huge sit-down island, breakfast area and wet bar. In addition, there’s a gorgeous flower-covered veranda, wood-fired oven from Italy, private vineyard, and a 1 bedroom, 1 bath guest home with living room, fireplace and kitchenette. SELLER FINANCING AVAILABLE and/or trade in Southern CA. OFFERED AT $3,195,000 - $3,395,000

1286 VIA VISTA FALLBROOK, CA Luxurious, private and gated for total enjoyment on 2.64 acres with lush landscaping, pool/spa, outdoor entertaining area surrouned by an avocado grove. Design, craftmanship and all the amenities that one looks for in this caliber of home are here in 4780 ESF featuring 4 Br., 3.5 Ba. with attached guest quarters.

Offered at $1,500,000

Jeanne Stuart 760.310.4663 DRE# 01130757


A A R O N R O T H R E A L E S T AT E . co m


The Perfect Solana Beach Home, Location and Lifestyle! 610 Glencrest Place, SOLANA BEACH, CA Secluded ranch style home on quiet, cul de sac street west of the 5. Award winning Solana Beach Schools. Elevated lot set back from the street with south westerly views. Yard includes lush gardens, private outdoor living space. Fabulous 40’ length pool and expansive party deck. The floor plan and outdoor living space are a perfect blend of elegance and private seclusion ideal for hosting intimate gatherings or larger affairs. Exceptional value & quality = absolute best of what Solana Beach represents!


AA R ON R OT H | 8 5 8 . 3 5 4 . 9 9 1 3 D RE # 0 1 8 3 3 2 1 8


1 3 7 5 4

Michael Citrin n n

858.688.6277 619.884.2400

estate man4u DRE#0936083




9 2 1 3 0



Thinking about selling your a rc h i t e c t u r a l l y s i g n i f i c a n t h o m e ? Let me help you! LH-7

Contemporary Masterpiece Stunning, artsy, contemporary masterpiece. 3,375 square feet of volume and architectural drama including reclaimed beams, slate and marble accents. Chef’s kitchen, pool, spa, solar, central vac, security system, automatic irrigation fertilization system, 3 car finished garage and mature gardens all in a country setting.


AN open kitchen serves for casual dining

walls of glass

Michael Citrin n n

858.688.6277 619.884.2400

estate DRE#0936083

Estate Statistics • 3,375 Square Feet • 3 Bedrooms + Office • 2 1/2 Bathrooms • 3 Car Garage • Pool and Spa • Wave Crest Construction

“The Agent That Treats You Like Family”

• Convenient + Private Location • Central Vac • Alarm System

Immaculate condition, 3 bedrooms + office, Wave Crest Construction. Incredibly convenient and private location. Unique angles and art niches. Pool / Spa and waterfall feature fountain. Central vac and alarm system included. Exciting!

OFFERED AT $1,745,000 ENJOY THE poolside terracE



Marina District Mission Hills Del Mar Rancho Santa Fe Solana Beach

• • • • •


1 3 7 5 4

Michael Citrin n n

858.688.6277 619.884.2400


Santa Luz Olivenhain Encinitas Leucadia Cardiff-By-The-Sea



• • • •

La Costa Carlsbad Lake Hodges Escondido

9 2 1 3 0



Thinking about selling your a rc h i t e c t u r a l l y s i g n i f i c a n t h o m e ? Let me help you!

estate man4u DRE#0936083

“Let me tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.” LH-10

Take advantage of my knowledge with more than 1,000 closed transactions!

Cardiff Meets Cape Cod

1727 Mackinnon, Cardiff By The Sea. A living testament to Cape Cod design, this Cardiff residence – resting due north of the San Elijo Lagoon and a mere eight blocks from the sand and surf – extends a coastal California lifestyle with a much lauded roof top deck overlooking the expanse of the Pacific horizon. Spanning an estimated 3,055 square feet, the four bedroom home affords custom detail and amenities, including White Oak and Tumbled Travertine flooring, vaulted ceilings and exposed wooden beams, along with Carrera marble counters, surround sound and French doors throughout. Featuring granite counters and custom cabinetry, stainless steel Monogram appliances and island seating for five, a gourmet kitchen overflows to family living; with an open flow floorplan, the space is crowned with a Shellstone custom fireplace and views of an outdoor garden landscape. And in true San Diego style, the brick-laden terrace celebrates alfresco entertaining with fireside dining and lounging. The second floor master suite offers double-sided fireside lounging and spa-bath treatments; a second level balcony unveils an impressive ocean view, with the added benefit of seaside sun-bathing. The beach-close residence is in close proximity to local shopping and dining, along with popular surfing, diving and tide pool locales along the coast.

OFFERED AT $1,059,000

V ic k i Pod w ell, G RI | 7 6 0 . 4 7 3 . 2 0 8 2 D RE # 0 1 0 8 6 3 0 8


View more photos at Email:

Santa Barbara in Rancho Santa Fe rancho santa fe california

Built with impeccable detail, this spectacular custom 9,900 square foot Covenant estate offers 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, an office and a detached guest house. Features include: Beamed cathedral ceilings throughout, hardwood floors, Gourmet kitchen, luxurious master bedroom, two family rooms, home gym or theatre, game room, pool & spa, all on a lushly landscaped 2.83 acres. Enjoy golf course views and a beautiful short walk to town and to local school.

Offered at $6,495,000


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Rancho Santa Fe’s Premier Estate rancho santa fe california

Remarkable hillside estate, lush tropical landscaping, palm lined serpentine drive with lagoon, lavish entry framed with cascading waterfall. Gorgeous Mediterranean architecture with 8 bedrooms, 9 baths, two detached guest homes, pool house/game room, tennis court and detached gym. Outdoor kitchen, wood fire pizza oven, 3 BBQ stations and smoker. 12,000 Sq Ft on 5 acres, gated and private with panoramic views. Every concievable amenity. Architectural magazine quality throughout.

Offered at $9,495,000



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The Bridges

rancho santa fe california

Fabulous custom single-level Spanish Hacienda in The Bridges! Beautifully designed custom estate with 6BR / 5.5BA and 6,100 sq. ft. Rustic interior with distressed hardwood floors & cathedral ceilings. Pool, spa, and golf course frontage. The lowest priced custom home available in the Bridges.

Offered at $2,500,000


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People’s Choice Award San Diego’s Best Realtor 2008/2009/2010

Ocean Front Del Mar california

The most exquisite Del Mar beach house available. Complete and thorough remodel designed by Dean Meridath with 3BR / 3BA. No expense was spared in creating the ultimate beach house. Architectural digest quality. Price includes furnishings. A true turn key opportunity. Rare 50 feet of frontage on the sand in Del Mar, direct oceanfront - your backyard is the beach and ocean. Parking for 5 cars. Cottage style architecture would make Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart envious.

Offered at $13,900,000


Presidio Drive, Mission Hills

Located on the hig h s i d e o f P re s i d i o D r i v e i s t h e H G T V s h o w c a s e d d e s i g n e r ’s o w n h o m e w i t h s p e c t a c u l ar views. V isual surprises are p re s e n t f ro m t h e m o m e n t y o u e n t e r t h e p ro p e r t y. O v e r 6 , 0 0 0 s q u a re f e e t o f Ve r m o n t S late used indoors and outdoo r s a l l o w f o r e n t e r t a i n i n g o f l a rg e c ro w d s . T h e c h e f ’s k i t c h e n a l l o w s f o r e x t e n s i v e f o r m al dining. Disappearing doors , h i d d e n c l o s e t s a n d a n e a s y f l o o r p l a n w i l l p l e a s e a l m o s t a n y o n e . T h e re i s a p p ro x i m a t ely 3,300 square feet of living s p a c e w i t h o v e r 1 , 7 0 0 s q u a re f e e t o f p a t i o s , p l u s , a s e p a r a t e l e g a l w o r k s t u d i o o v e r l o oking the pool , garden and o c e a n . A h o m e w h e re f o r m m e e t s f u n c t i o n i n s t y l e .


Michael Citrin







Remodeled to perfection with utmost taste, superior craftsmanship, and exquisite attention to detail. Interiors portray European elegance with granite, rich woods, designer lighting and lovely window treatments! This spectacular 4 acre, 5BD./5.5BTH. Mediterranean single story estate, located in the exclusive guard gated community of Rancho Del Lago, offers lush grounds with beautiful gardens, a tranquil private setting with Pool and Spa and intimate seating areas for private reflection. This exquisite property also boasts a detached Guest House with Bedroom, Living Room and full Bath, a Pool full Bath, in addition to a lighted Tennis Court and tranquil Stream and Pond. The spacious Master Bedroom entertains a fireplace and opens to picturesque grounds. Within the Master Suite there is an Office/Retreat and elegant Master Bathroom. Each of the spacious secondary bedrooms have en suite bathrooms. A beautiful classic Library located just off the Grand Foyer, is sure to impress! OFFERED AT $5,995,000

Robert L. Mani

Betty Hall

858.245.5615 DRE #01383335



LuxeGlobal .com

DRE #01235371

16236 San Dieguito Road, Suite 1-16 • P.O. Box 7302, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067


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Solana Beach






Del Mar





La Jolla



Del Mar

RESORT LIVING IN RANCHO SANTE FE Situated perfectly between the crashing waves of the ocean & the peaceful setting of the mountains overlooking dramatic views and enchanting landscapes of the hills and valleys. A private serene rare 2.10 acre site with fine specimen plantings that change color with the seasons, fruit trees, water fall and spa. This Tuscany style home offers all the features of outdoor living. Open the wall of glass in the logia to let the inside out. Perfect for entertaining. Five bedrooms, five baths: Entry level bedroom/bath, family room with fireplace off designer kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining room, library downstairs, four bedrooms and massive great room, den or second family room upstairs. Verandas off bedrooms, Master suite with luxury bath and closets. Laced elegantly with the perfect matches of Travertine, Marble and Granite to accent the beautiful hardwood floors. Rancho Sante Fe School District.

A Rare Offering at $1,695,000

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BLAINE WASHINGTON PARADISE Beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath oceanfront home. 180 degree ocean views. Sit on your deck and enjoy the flight of the bald eagles overhead. Priceless!

OFFERED AT 1 MILLION â–Ş 619-778-9778

Stunning Ocean View Contemporary BIRD ROCK - LA JOLLA, CA Take in the sights and sounds of the glorious blue Pacific from this expansive two story home across the street from the ocean in West Bird Rock. 4BR/3.5BA plus ocean view office and rooftop view deck to enjoy the crashing waves and sunset. Gourmet kitchen features oversized center island with seating and storage galore. Spacious family room, livingroom, and dining. Great room encompasses living, dining and family room with vaulted ceilings. All opening to inviting patio andbackyard. Direct beach access just one block away.

Offered at $1,999,000

Village Chic LA JOLLA, CA Luxuriously appointed and stylishly elegant Village condominium, north of Pearl with low HOA’s. This 2BR/2BA has been completely remodeled in 2005 with top of the line accoutrements. Gourmet kitchen features stainless steel appliances and slab granite countertops all opening to spacious dining and living area. Large private patio for leisurely lounging plus a deck. A perfect pied -a- terre to walk to the award winning shops, restaurants, and coastline of La Jolla. Home has been professionally decorated.

OFFERED AT $675,000


DRE #01141195

LIVE THE CALIFORNIA LIFESTYLE Del Mar, California This remarkable home was totally remodeled in 2006 with the highest quality finishes, eco-friendly features and attention to every detail. With artistic touches throughout, it offers 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, a media-billiard room with sliding paneled glass doors and an office with built-ins and French doors opening onto a balcony. The great room encompasses a Chef’s kitchen with an expansive island and an eating area overlooking the spacious family room which has a built-in entertainment center. Design details include a 48” Wolf stove, Stainless Steel Farmhouse sink, glass tiles, Tunas green granite and Beech hardwood flooring. Outside living offers sweeping backcountry views, coastal breezes, a private back yard, built-in BBQ, covered outdoor living room, Flagstone patio, fire pit, and best of all an oversized salt water spa with double waterfalls.

OFFERED AT $1,499,500

An address to be proud of Carmel Pointe, California Sited in a pristine and private enclave from which to enjoy all of the pleasures of the coastal life this two bedroom condo features many elegant amenities. Upgrades include a private patio with vistas of a greenbelt, dramatic 9’ ceilings with crown molding, Plantation shutters, luxurious oval soaking tubs in the master suite, central forced-air heating and air conditioning, top quality Stainless steel kitchen appliances and granite counters, a stacked full-size washer and dryer, ceramic tile flooring in entry, kitchen and baths, new carpet, and internet wiring for computers and other hi-tech equipment. Parking facilities include one underground space in the building and one outdoor parking space. Community features include a resort-style swimming pool, state of the art fitness facility and a clubhouse with a kitchen for elegant entertaining and parties.

OFFERED AT $373,000





6856 Citrine Dr - La Costa Greens 5 bedroom + 5 baths, 4530 square feet. Impeccably designed/maintained home in gated community with all bedrooms en suite. Full guest suite downstairs w/private entrance. Nearly 1/2 acre private/usable lot with multiple outdoor entertainment areas, huge pool/spa/fountains and expansive Italian garden including self-irrigating herb/vegetable garden.

OFFERED AT $1,279,000 !








3602 Carvallo Ct

3219 corte paloma - La Costa ridge

7557 Caloma Circle

Offered between $499,000 - $520,000

OFFERED AT $1,495,000

OFFERED AT $469,000

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zoned for unlimited horses

Gorgeous Equestrian property with 5-stall barn includes all equine amenities plus regulation size dressage court and trail access. Spacious app. 6,000 sq. ft. 4BR/4.5BA home. Includes Great Room, Formal Dining Room, Gym, 2 Home Offices and floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the incredible views of lushly landscaped grounds. 1BR/1BA casita, infinity pool with waterfalls, basketball court, 3-car garage. Situated on 3.18 acres. Private, peaceful paradise.

OFFERED AT $2,895,000

Single Level Estate Approximately 4.7 acres. This etate features sumptuous master suite with adjacent gym overlooking park like grounds. Travertine floors, high wood-beamed ceilings, archways, French doors, and built-ins throughout. The Gourmet Kitchen opens to a spacious Great Room with fireplace and entertainment center. All bedrooms are suites with private baths. Equestrian zoned with plenty of room for horses. For the car enthusiast, enjoy two 4-car garages; one limo depth. OFFERED AT $4,200,000

Jodi Anderson 858.775.7368 DRE #00971377



17639 Loma Linda DrIVE An architecturally stunning 11,073 sq. ft. custom equestrian gallant manor estate, auspiciously and prominently situated on almost 4 acres in the heart of the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe. This spacious, elegant and dramatic home has recently been exquisitely updated with attention to every detail and designed to impress with understated elegance. This Sharrat built home has grandeur seen in few properties with voluminous living and entry area ceilings. Excellent spacious floor plan takes advantage of its beautiful surroundings and mature tropical landscaping.

Offered at $8,950,000

30308 Montrachet Very gently lived in house built in 2006. Beautiful Vista views with mountainous backdrop. 4.13 acres of avocado producing grove. Open floor plan with high ceilings excellent for entertainment. Travertine flooring in the Versailles pattern, formal entry outlined in black marble, faux stone painted walls, faux marble painted pillars, cherry wood cabinetry throughout, marble master bathroom vanity counters and oversized shower with engraved glass shower door and engraved glass closet doors. Double view fireplace in the open formal living room and dining rooms. Master bedroom on lower level with additional guest bedroom, two bedrooms upstairs off the game room. Driveway has a 15-car capacity.

Offered at $1,495,000

40150 De Luz, Murrieta This is a beautiful historic California Ranch property which is self sustaining. It offers city water and has 3 wells. It is covered by hundreds of old oak trees and consists of gentle topography of pastures, lake, stream and fantastic views and vistas. The property is gated and has large roaming grassy fields. Suitable for a retreat, ranch for breeding or convalesce, nursery, airstrip or just privacy. Well maintained w/pride of ownership. 95.46 acres.


Offered at $2,495,000

Rebecca Negard Broker Associate [C]

760.522.2288 DRE#: 00766272

CROSBY ESTATES 7506 Top O’ The Morning Imagine that; Adult and Teen living & entertaining under the roof of a Sprawling Country Club Family Estate. A Maticulous home offering: Master retreat with romantic ambience; Large en-suite & clutter free teen rooms; Gourmet Kitchen has Marble top islands & top-of-the-line appliances. Natural Light pours throughout allowing the outdoors to play a key role in the personality of the home. Impressively offering Golf Course view & a to-die-for entertainment Backyard.

OFFERED AT $3,095,000

Joyce DuJour 858-472-1299 DRE# 01859912


OlDE DEl mAR VillAgE 92014 The lowest priced condominium in the center of Olde Del Mar Village! Location, Location, Location! Located across from Seagrove Park and the Pacific Ocean. Just 1 block to shopping, restaurants and beach. L’Auberge Hotel and Spa almost at your doorstep. Charming, quiet, 1st level, with courtyard style garden views. Great full time residence or second home opportunity! This home is filled with character and is not attached on 3 sides! You can’t get any closer to the water at this price at the center of the Village in Olde Del Mar!

OffeReD AT $525,000

Carla D. Hayes (858) 945.7521

b r ok e r

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