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HOME COOKING San Diego dining destinations allude to familiar places of home. Written by Maria Desiderata Montana | Photos by Maria Desiderata Montana


ooking for the right place to eat with family and

a legendary group of family-owned restaurants, including

friends, but yearn for a menu steeped in tradition

Villa Saverios, Casa Plascencia, Caesar’s Restaurant and

and generations-old recipes? Whether you’re craving

Giuseppi’s located in Tijuana, along with Finca Altozano

something simple or exotic, there are many choices in our fair

in Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada. The Plascencia family

city to satisfy the masses. Come with me as we journey down

offers an old-world ambiance at this hidden gem boasting

the road to taste cuisine ranging from old-world, south-of-

a traditional wooden bar and black-and-white bistro floors.

the-border dishes, to great American comfort food. We also

Mexican recipes utilizing Mediterranean techniques continue

travel to a rustic French bistro, a hidden gem found on a road

to delight food critics, locals and out-of-towners. “We

less traveled, and an over-the-top fancy Southern California

opened Romesco so that our friends and family could enjoy

landmark. Each boasts its own heritage, but all invite you

Mediterranean-style dishes featuring the distinct flavors of

to join their tables and stroll down memory lane for one of

Baja cuisine that we love here in San Diego,” says Executive

the oldest excuses for gathering the family together. Buon

Chef Javier Plascencia. The Tapas Bar offers a lively, casual


space with an extensive happy hour menu. Favorites include Caesar’s Piquillos Rellenos De Salmon, stuffed sweet piquillo Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro

Opened in 2006 and located in San Diego’s Bonita neighborhood, Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro is part of

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peppers topped with mango basil vinaigrette, and specialty drinks like the acclaimed Tamarindo Martini.