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HISTORY BELONGS TO YOUR ERA Unforgettable weddings call for Cleveland’s most memorable venue. Impress your guests with a backdrop that is rich with historical details and stunning character.

10510 Park Lane, Cleveland 216-415-6171 The Ballroom at Park Lane, located in the heart of Cleveland’s University Circle, embraces the old world and the new with roaring history, vintage architecture, local fare and modern facilities. The majestic spaces, and exceptional amenities allow The Ballroom at Park Lane to transform any occasion into a bright and beautiful moment in time.





27 N. Franklin Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022 c h e s t nu t h i l l ho m e . c o m




FineLifestyles CLEVELAND

With Fine Lifestyles editor PATTI LONDON

Fine Lifestyles Cleveland 2015 Volume 3 Issue 5 Publisher Marc London Associate Editor Patti London


y the time you read this you’ve been listening to Christmas music piped through muzak systems for a month now. Whether you’ve been waiting ten months for its return or you’re already sick of it, that holiday soundtrack flavors our daily life. I’ve read that scent can be strongly evocative of memories, but songs must be at the top of the sensory list with smells. That song from the radio the summer before senior year will pop up on your Spotify playlist and suddenly you’re speeding along in that yellow Chevy Nova, the future looking so bright you gotta wear shades. Certain songs define those moments in your life and you only need to hear a few bars before you’re transported in time. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of so much of that music. You can easily visit the Rock Hall week after week and continue to make new discoveries, so comprehensive is its archive. Stand inches away from Kurt Cobain’s handwritten lyrics, Britney Spears’ plaid school “uniform” or a flyer for the Grateful Dead show, tickets $7. Music history was made in Cleveland and the Rock Hall fits into our downtown skyline quite comfortably. I hope you enjoy Peter Max’s awesome art on our cover and that you enjoy reading our piece on the Rock Hall as much as I enjoyed writing it. Put some Celtic Christmas classics on the stereo and relax as you browse through this issue and complete your gift shopping list. We’ve made some fun book recommendations in “Fine Lifestyles’ Very First Holiday Book Buying Guide.” If you’re looking for that really unique gift, read about Plantation Home, Lowe’s Greenhouse and Perrino Furniture’s distinctive gift selections. Holiday Valley ski packages also make a great gift for the family who wants to guarantee some quality time together this winter.

Staff Writers Dylan Yépez Meg Pauken Kristal Pettit Janine Purcell Graphic Design and Layout Kelsey Elling Fine Lifestyles Magazine Staff Cover Art Peter Max Photography Vincent Pearson Photography Aaron Leyser Advertising Consultants Marlon Tussel 216.548.6292

Distribution: Cover: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

From our family at Fine Lifestyles the Magazine, to you and yours: have a safe and happy holiday season with those you hold dear.   Fine Lifestyles Cleveland 


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Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


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“Living in such a vibrant area, right on the lakefront, is really a dream come true.” David & Linda Thompson




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Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



d e t Be o V


en s C ter

t i n F e t s s YeaRS in a ROW!


ndel JCC

See For Yourself Why The J Was Voted #1! Fabulous state-of-the-art fitness center • Indoor pool, gym & track Yoga • Pilates • Spinning® • Zumba • Steam • Sauna • Whirlpools And Award-Winning, Preschool, Child Care, Swim Lessons & Day Camp Check out our affordable rates & special offers and get a FREE guest pass at

Mandel Jewish Community Center

Call Jake at (216)593-6227 • 26001 S. Woodland Road, Beachwood, OH You don’t have to be Jewish or live in Beachwood to join in the fun!


FINE Vintage

Jewelry By Tonya Lambert


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

As the saying goes, “What’s old is new again.” With the popularity of vintage jewelry, everyone is searching for the next big find!


t’s important to note that not all old jewelry is vintage. Vintage refers to older items of very high craftsmanship, materials and design that is still relevant and useful in today’s world. Real vintage jewelry is timeless and, hence, valuable. A rare vintage piece may cost more than a similar new item. Vintage-themed weddings are the latest trend, and many couples are opting for a vintage or vintage-look engagement ring. Couples can choose from a new ring made in an older style, an older setting with new diamonds, or an actual vintage ring, whether a family heirloom or something specially purchased for the occasion. Associated with romance, enduring love and traditional moral values, a vintage engagement ring is one-of-a-kind. In addition, an older piece of jewelry can be more meaningful because of the stories and the people connected with it.

Tips When Purchasing Vintage Fine Jewelry Once the decision has been made to purchase a piece of vintage fine jewelry, there are several things you will need to consider. • Reason for Buying. People buy vintage jewelry for a variety of reasons. Is it an investment? Do you desire something truly unique or are you searching for a particular style of jewelry? Perhaps you want to own something that once belonged to a celebrity? Your reason for buying will greatly affect what you buy. If you are investing, research the market trends. For example, seven years ago, the desire for natural pearls was strong but now buyers are looking increasingly for coral pieces. Gemstones from long-closed mines, such as Golconda diamonds or Kashmir sapphires, are always in demand, as pre-owned jewelry is the only source for these precious stones. Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


JEWELRY DESIGN PERIODS Georgian (1714-1837) Victorian (1837-1901) • Early Victorian or Romantic (1837-1860) • Mid-Victorian or Grand (1860-1885) • Late Victorian or Aesthetic (1880-1901) Art Nouveau or Arts & Crafts (1890-1914) Edwardian or Belle Époque (1890-1915) Art Deco (1915-1935) Retro (1935-1955) 

• Educate Yourself. Informed buyers make better decisions. The more you know about a product, the more likely the piece you purchase will be genuine. Educate yourself about the different jewelry design periods, specifically about the period you prefer. Learn about the well-known designers of the period — their design characteristics and their signature markings. Pieces made by well-known designers always hold their value better. Finally, gain a

basic understanding of the various cuts of gemstones, especially diamonds. Knowing what was popular or even possible in a period will help you to determine the authenticity of a piece.

all sides. Repair work or construction flaws are often only visible from the back. Check any clasps to see if the metal looks newer than the rest of the piece. Do you see a jeweler’s mark?

• Examine the Jewelry Carefully. Purchasing vintage fine jewelry is a big financial investment and every care should be taken to ensure the jewelry is authentic and in excellent condition. Examine the piece carefully with a jeweler’s loupe. Be sure to examine

Vintage jewelry has almost certainly been worn before, possibly even frequently. You should see evidence of normal wear and tear. However, more extensive damage, such as chips or cracks to the stones or metal, will lessen its value and be difficult and costly to repair. • Authentication. There are a number of things you can do to ascertain the authenticity of a piece of jewelry, beginning with educating yourself. Buy only from a reputable, experienced dealer. Ask for the original proof of purchase or packaging or mention of the piece in old letters or photos. Discover how the seller acquired the jewelry. Have the jewelry authenticated by an expert, such as a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified gemologist. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to ask if the dealer offers any warranty for your purchase. Find out about their return policy, especially when purchasing an engagement ring or jewelry as a gift. Finally, get an insurance appraisal on any piece of vintage fine jewelry you buy. Happy hunting!


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Experts In That One Special Gift 516 E. Washington Street | Chagrin Falls | 440.247.5600

516 E. Washington St. | Chagrin Falls | 440.247.5600 Mon, Tues, Weds & Fri 10-5:30, Thurs 10-7, Sat 10-5

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Art Photography with a Dose of Awesome By Janine Purcell Photos Vincent Pearson Photography


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Vincent is the staff photographer for a number of Northern Ohio publications, including Fine Lifestyles. His business includes commercial product shots, commercial and private portraiture and fine art photography. Art has been a constant in his life. As a child, drawing was something he simply liked to do. In elementary school, he drew for teachers and was asked to “illustrate” the Mayor of Cleveland, Carl B. Stokes.


incent remembers the day that photography entered his life. When he was twelve years old, his cousin, an experienced photographer, placed a camera in his hands. He recalls the inspiration that camera transferred to him, as they would sometimes stay up all night long developing photos in the darkroom era of photo processing by hand. Later in college he was able to do what he loved he shot photos for the school newspaper, everything from sports, events, weddings and portraits.

When it was time to develop an occupation he followed his love of fashion into a major in Fashion Design at the University of Cincinnati. A long, successful career followed in visual merchandising, store planning and store design. Some of these designs are still around today. When his first grandson was born, his daughter asked him to shoot photos of the baby. When her friends saw the pictures, they wanted to get photos of their children, too. He realized a career in photography was feasible. He loves creating portraits and has a special sense for being able to capture a

person at that moment in their life. Talking to him, you get a sense of the authentic connection he feels with history, people, and creating art that is really not about words. To fuel the fine art side of his work, Vincent travels internationally every other year to build his portfolio. Currently this body of work is energized by architecture - buildings, structure, landmarks. The photo of Paris accompanying this article demonstrates his mastery of composition. The dramatic statue, the fountain in the far middle distance, and the Eiffel Tower in the upper left distance assemble three triangular areas of focus that pull the eye through the picture. Meanwhile each horizontal third has a lush field of interest – the near range garden, the middle range garden and bridge and finally the upper third with the remaining city scape and iconic tower. If you like this kind of thing, it can almost make your brain dance. Or simply make you sigh. In between travel, he participates in about six juried art shows each year. These events expose his work to people who share his passion. Through Vincent’s skill you can vicariously enjoy distant places

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


or commemorate a trip you have taken with a stunning memento. For some lucky Clevelanders in 2016 he plans to offer the inaugural version of the Vincent Pearson Photo Workshop to teach and inspire beginning camera buffs and lead them into the adventure he’s enjoyed for a lifetime. The aim of the course is to introduce basic technical tools and artistry so that folks will feel comfortable switching to manual mode to get the pictures they want to create, as opposed to the pictures the camera wants to take in automatic mode. Awesome is a common word in conversation today. If you want an uncommon experience of awesome,


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

I suggest a visit to the website of Vincent Pearson photography at If you’d like to bring some of this awesome to your next occasion or family portrait, give him a call.

Vincent Pearson Photography 216.385.5452




Swim Year Round Inside or Outside Join the Swimming Revolution

The sleek European-Inspired styling of the Michael Phelps Signature Swi Spa by Master Spa is unlike any swim spa that has come before. Enjoy swimming, aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy and family fun any day of the y in your back yard.

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Pick up & Delivery

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Peace and Well-Being Through Meditation


By Patti London Photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles

odern living draws our attention in dozens of different directions from the moment we get up in the morning. Our smart phones demand to be monitored as notifications pop up throughout the day. And then there are the real stressors like kids, jobs, relationships, money. If only there existed a magic pill to quiet the mind and allow a calm, focused approach to living. Brain research studies have identified something even better than a pill meditation. The neurological benefits of meditation have been confirmed by measuring reduced brain activity and increased gray matter volume throughout the brain, including the hippocampus, which governs learning and memory. Recent studies have been published from


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

the UCLA Brain Mapping Center, Johns Hopkins, Yale and others, supporting the proposition that even a short eight weeks of mindfulness meditation can reduce anxiety and increase focus and attention.

The studies further found that meditation has the effect of reducing the symptoms of depression, inspiring creativity and countering the natural aging process in the brain. Who needs a silly magic pill? While meditation has been around a thousand years, only recently has the practice been utilized without a spiritual goal. Mindfulness practitioners seeking peace and a respite from all the noise of urban living may end up feeling like they’re

in a sacred place, nevertheless. The goal of a regular practice is not just to find peace for those 15 minutes, but to be able to use the skills learned during practice in situations which would normally cause physical and psychological stress. Guided meditation sessions are available from a number of sources: from classes to CD’s, books to websites. For the last few years I’ve used a subscription based membership to the website headspace. com. The meditation sessions last from ten to twenty minutes and come in series which build particular skills. For example, there are series for anxiety and creativity, sleep troubles and relationships. After several weeks of practice, just a few minutes a day, you might find yourself in a particularly slow line at the grocery store or stuck in traffic and, instead

of ruminating on the incompetence of the checkout clerk or the state of road construction in Cleveland, you very well may find yourself breathing deeply and steadily and just noticing the irritability. Before that emotion has a chance to take hold and grow into full on stress, you’ve recognized it, accepted it and let it move on. Quieting the mind for only a few minutes a day has similar lasting physiological effects. Researchers have measured structural changes in the brain such as increased connectivity of neurons and increased volume of gray matter. These physiological changes could very well be responsible for the ability to focus, learn and retain new information, even as we age. The study done at UCLA’s Brain Mapping Center found that older adults who had been meditating for 20 years experienced less loss of the brain’s gray matter than older adults who did not meditate. From our mid 20’s we gradually lose gray matter in the brain as a natural consequence of aging. Meditating seems to slow that loss so that learning and memory are less affected by the aging process. Meditating seems like an excellent investment of time when you might otherwise be scrolling through your Twitter account or checking Facebook. After eight weeks of practice you’ll probably feel less compelled to respond to the notifications popping up on your phone. You may even feel inclined to engage the person next to you in that slow checkout line in calm, friendly conversation. Namaste.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Decompression Therapy: A Painless & Effective Alternative to Surgery By Dylan Yépez Photos Vincent Pearson Photography


ain, numbness or weakness in your lower back or a limb may be symptomatic of a problem often treated by surgery. For spinal conditions such as disc protrusions, pinched nerves or sciatica, surgery is a double whammy: it costs tens of thousands of dollars, and often fails to correct the ailment. These ailments, however, can frequently be addressed through non-invasive spinal decompression therapy. Decompression therapy is a nonsurgical alternative treatment that is effective and painless. In fact, research places the effectiveness of this therapy between 86 and 93 percent; surgery, on the other hand, yields an estimated success rate of between 20 and 50 percent — and it costs about onetenth the price of surgery.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Nearly 15 years ago, Dr. John Livingston began using spinal decompression therapy for his patients with spinal disc problems. The treatment was so successful that Dr. Livingston continues to use it to treat a variety of spinal issues in the back and neck, such as disc protrusions, herniations, and bulges, as well as conditions including pinched nerves and sciatica. Dr. Livingston is a third-generation chiropractic physician who has been in practice for 20 years. He and his partners at Livingston Chiropractic Center take a holistic approach to health care, to identify and address the causes of pain, rather than masking the symptoms. Beyond cost and efficacy, decompression

therapy provides a plethora of benefits over surgical alternatives like trimming the affected disc or cutting open the spine to remove the disc. Decompression therapy is simple, easy, and even relaxing. The therapy requires the patient to lie horizontally on the table-like decompression machine, while it provides gentle, intermittent, angled traction to the affected area of the spine. This gentle traction separates the vertebrae around the protruded disc, creating a vacuum-like effect that draws the disc away from the spinal nerve and back where it belongs. “It’s quick and easy,” Dr. Livingston says. “A lot of people actually fall asleep.” This therapy is noninvasive, painless, and gradual in nature. It incrementally moves the disc back into place over four to eight

weeks of treatment, depending on how significant the protrusion is. “Much like orthodontics moves the teeth slowly into place with time and pressure,” Dr. Livingston explains, “decompression therapy moves the discs slowly with time and pressure.” Because spinal decompression therapy is painless, it doesn’t involve cortisone injections or any other dangerous or addictive medications. Patients also experience significantly shorter recovery times than those following surgery. Dr. Livingston follows up decompression therapy with adjunctive treatments, which help to keep the disc in the right place, and nutritional counseling to promote his patients’ recovery and overall health. “That’s almost as important as the treatment itself,” Dr. Livingston explains.

If you experience pain, numbness, or weakness in your back or neck, or pain traveling down your arms or legs, this may indicate a problem that can be addressed through spinal decompression therapy. For more information, visit, call 440.528.0005. Livingston Chiropractic Center is located at 25111 Miles Road, Suite D, near the intersection of Miles and Richmond roads in Warrensville Heights.

Livingston Chiropractic Center 25111 Miles Road, Suite D 440.528.0005

Dr. John Livingston

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


EXPERTAdvice Don’t Rely on Medication for Every Symptom

with performing small tasks or activities with your hands that are normally not difficult? You may have been trying for months or years to find treatment answers for these questions and are just not getting the results you need. Why is that?

Dr. John Livingston Livingston Chiropractic Center 25111 Miles Road, Suite D 440.528.0005

“My arm and fingers go to sleep, especially at night.” “My neck hurts and I’m even dropping things now.” “I feel pain behind my shoulder blade and months of medication and physical therapy is not helping.”


hese are statements I hear frequently from patients visiting my office. Do you suffer with similar chronic neck pain or arm symptoms? Are you having problems


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Often the answer isn’t that you haven’t sought help from a doctor. Most primary care physicians will prescribe pain medications, anti-inflammatories, or muscle relaxers to combat the symptoms or refer you for physical therapy to improve flexibility and muscle strength. Other doctors recommend a series of steroid injections. But in my experience, this may not be enough. If the condition is caused from inflammation of a nerve or a problem with an intervertebral disc in the neck, then the forms of therapy mentioned above may not do the trick. In these instances, medicines and shots are Band-Aids and only mask the symptoms. Physical therapy is excellent for working with muscular tightness and restoring range of motion, but has poor outcomes with disc and nerve issues, according to published medical research. That’s why Livingston Chiropractic Center can help. We take the time to fully

listen to you and assess what is going on and give you treatment options that get to the root of the problem. If there is pain in the neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, arm or hand, it may very well be emanating from the neck. A thorough evaluation is the key to success. X-rays, MRI or EMG testing may help as well, but the answer, more times than not, is getting to the root of the problem quickly before nerve root damage takes place so that recovery times remain short. Treatment options are often conservative and may involve gentle manipulations, stretching, myofascial release techniques or cold-power laser. An extremely effective therapy to address nerve entrapment is painless, nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy. It is an FDA-approved treatment device that can provide you with long-term correction of spine and nerve problems. So don’t let neck, shoulder and arm problems get you down. Schedule an appointment today at Livingston Chiropractic Center at 440.528.0005, because: “When your health is in a bad way, don’t wait, call Dr. J!”

EXPERTAdvice Leaving the HospitalNow What?

Typically the first decision requires a choice between either going home for recovery and rehabilitation or going to a rehabilitation facility. This requires a strong reality check – be honest with yourself. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. Most important is to determine which option will best support and enhance your recovery process.

Scott Michaels Home Care Assistance 33790 Bainbridge Road, Solon 440.332.0170


ou’ve just spent some time in the hospital recuperating. Maybe you’ve had surgery or suffered injury in an accident. Now that you’re leaving the hospital, you need to make decisions regarding your recovery and rehabilitation. Our hope is that this article will equip you with information that enables you to make informed and appropriate decisions about your posthospital care. First, start planning early. Don’t wait until the day before, or day of, your discharge. You need time to adequately consider your options. This requires that you be an active participant in managing your care and making decisions. This is critical.

To make this decision, enlist the aid of your current support team, including your family, caregivers, medical professionals, social worker, therapists, and/or discharge planner. This multiperson team approach will provide the necessary input, insights and observations to your unique medical situation and the best avenue to recovery and rehabilitation. Obtain a written discharge plan from the hospital that addresses your post-hospital needs and recovery recommendations. Ensure that your team has reviewed and understands the plan. Ideally, your team will have reached a consensus about implementing the plan. Ask questions. Lots of questions. Ensure that you clearly understand the plan’s recommendations, the medicines prescribed and next steps. Keep this plan with you and take it with you to all subsequent medical appointments. If you go directly to a rehabilitation facility from the hospital, the doctors at the rehabilitation facility will then be in charge of your medical care. Communication and coordination of

your care is absolutely crucial. This only occurs if you and/or your support team actively manage your care in accordance with your discharge plan. When you do go home, either directly or after being in a rehabilitation facility, perform a thorough review of the resources needed to continue a successful recovery. Do you need a cane, a walker, a wheel chair? Do you need assistance with personal care? Can you drive? Who will help you with any recommended therapy? What about your medicines? Are you clear on when medicines should be taken, with food, without food, frequency, etc.? All of us guard our independence, and want to recover as fast as possible. Above all, guard and preserve your safety. Follow your medical professionals’ and team’s recommendations to ensure a full and complete recovery. At Home Care Assistance, we are committed to the wellbeing and safety of the clients we are privileged to serve. Health and wellness professionals know that the transition from hospital to either your home or a rehabilitation facility can be a challenging one for patients and their families. One of the leading causes of hospital readmission or slow posthospitalization recovery is the lack of proper support immediately following a hospital discharge. Please feel free to call us and discuss how we may support your recovery and rehabilitation.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Setting the “Barre� for Fitness By Meg Pauken Photos Brad Cohn


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


hen Barre Cleveland opened in Beachwood in June 2012, it was the first studio in Cleveland to offer the Barre workout. As with many trends, lookalikes pop up everywhere, but they are not all created equal. Yana Salwan opened Barre Cleveland because she wanted to create a space where women could find a complete and personalized workout that would be sustainable for the long term. A seasoned fitness professional, Yana began researching Barre years earlier, driven in part by the effects of a lifetime of highimpact exercise upon her body. The low-impact program incorporates elements of classical ballet, yoga and Pilates to develop a strong core; to strengthen arms, legs and back; and to improve posture, flexibility and overall health. Since opening the studio in 2012, Yana has seen a number of other barre-style studios come and go. “Some of these places are franchises that are opened by people with no experience in fitness or instruction,” she says. “They hire inexperienced teachers because it’s more profitable.” What sets Barre Cleveland apart is Yana’s experience and expertise coupled with the personal approach offered by the studio. Yana has been a lifelong athlete and fitness aficionado, running track

throughout college and maintaining various fitness certifications since 1991. She has made fitness instruction her fulltime career at Bally’s, Urban Active and Lifetime Fitness before opening Barre Cleveland. Yana teaches every class offered at the studio. Her expertise and dedication to fitness enable her to guide clients of all fitness levels.

of their choice ahead of time. We have found that, because they know they can’t just drop in, they put it in their calendars and it increases their commitment to working out and ultimately improves their success,” Yana explains.

“If someone needs an adjustment because of their physical limitations, I know how to do that properly so they do not injure themselves,” she explains.

Barre Cleveland is located at 3737 Park East Drive, Suite 209 in Beachwood. Call the studio at 216.342.4229 or visit the website for more information:

Yana has been teaching group fitness for years and enjoys choreographing her classes, changing them weekly so neither she nor her students get bored nor complacent. She limits class size to 20 participants, so that she can give very personalized instruction.

Raise the “barre” for yourself and try a class at Barre Cleveland.

Barre Cleveland 3737 Park East Drive, Suite 209 Beachwood, Ohio 44122 216.342.4229

“I want my clients to see progress and to stick with their workouts, so I mix it up and keep it fresh, while staying within the overall barre principles,” Yana says. Barre Cleveland has been so successful since it opened, that it has gone to a membership-only format with no dropins. First-timers can purchase a oneclass pass, followed by a discounted first month to try it out before they commit to the 6 month, “Rockstar,” subscription. Because class sizes are small, members must reserve a spot in class ahead of time online. “In order to keep class sizes small, we ask members to reserve a spot in the classes Yana Salwan

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Fine Lifestyles’ Very First Holiday Book Buying Guide By Patti London


he books which have caught our attention this year happen to be a happy convergence of mediums which have found their way into print. The authors of this year’s gift ideas have been honing their craft on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, with incredible success. Their followers have ensured that the authors’ messages are now part of our cultural currency - and if they aren’t yet, they soon will be.

Humans of New York: Stories by: Brandon Stanton


his is Brandon Stanton’s second compilation of photographs of every day people and their stories. If you’re one of the 12 million followers of Humans of New York on Instagram or Facebook, you’re already aware of its powerful narratives. With this volume, Brandon acknowledges that the stories have developed great substance since he began shooting photographs of people on the streets of New York City five years ago. What began as captions and short quotes have evolved into a new form of literature, of the truly non-fiction, super real-life genre. Brandon’s subjects cover the wide range that one would expect from humans, from the ever-adorable “Today in micro-fashion” to the tragedy of everyday loss and struggle we can each relate to. Brandon’s book sales allow him to continue to connect us to the humanity of individuals, not just in New York, but all over the globe. So buy two.

The Dogist by: Elias Weiss Friedman


ven if your dog-loving grandma isn’t on Instagram, where she can follow @thedogist for a daily dose of adorable dog posts, she’ll appreciate the photographic skills Elias Weiss Friedman applies to his canine subjects in this wonderful book. Taking a page from Brandon Stanton’s book, Friedman captures the essence of puppy personalities with his camera. For a little more than two years Friedman has been visiting cities, 30 in the last year alone, stopping strangers and asking, “Can I take a picture of your dog?” The results are shared with his followers on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Instagram, and include a brief caption indicating the name, breed, age and a little note about the dog pictured. The book is going to be extremely popular with the dog owners on your list.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

The Notorious RBG: the Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by: Irin Carmon & Shana Knizhnik


armon and Knizhnik’s blog on Tumblr about the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg has spawned a new market for Notorious RBG t-shirts and coffee mugs, but, more importantly, interest in one of the most important legal scholars of our time. Their new book has been described as a mashup of legal scholarship, delving into her important career and opinions, and her cultural importance as a pop-icon. The New York Times review calls it a “playful project” which deserves to be “read seriously.” I will be giving this to everyone on my list.

Air by: Vincent Laforet


aforet has his own following, established while he was a young photojournalist on staff at the New York Times. He won the Pulitzer prize for Feature Photography with four other staff photographers for their post9/11 work overseas in 2002. His latest endeavor is hanging from a helicopter, camera in hand, to capture the glorious beauty of cities at night. Laforet’s book, published later this month, contains aerial photos of ten cities including London, New York, Miami and Las Vegas. You’ll never look at Big Ben or the Strip the same way again. His stunning work is also available in lithograph format - add a frame and a bow, and cross an art lover off your list.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Genuine Mexican Cuisine, Right Around the Corner By Meg Pauken Photos Aaron Leyser


res Potrillos Restaurant in Beachwood is one of the area’s most successful Mexican restaurants for three very good reasons: the food is tasty, fresh and authentic. The menu has plenty of choices to please every palate.

ripe avocados. No other guacamole can compare to this personalized preparation, a must-try for guacamole aficionados.

Founded by three brothers who wanted to bring the best, most authentic food from the Mexican heartland to northeast Ohio, the restaurant features an extensive menu of Mexican favorites, including a wide variety of vegetarian, seafood, chicken, beef and pork options.

The menu includes an array of other appetizers, including several unusual options, such as Momias, bacon-wrapped shrimp served with a spicy chipotle sauce, and Fajita Nachos, nachos smothered with cheese and grilled chicken, steak or veggies. A variety of soup and salad choices round out the starters, including Sopa Azteca, a homemade chicken soup with Mexican rice, tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro.

Guacamole gets no fresher than when it is prepared tableside, a specialty at Tres Potrillos. Customers choose custom ingredients and then observe while waitstaff hand-mix them with fresh-cut,

Tres Potrillos offers a variety of taco, enchilada and fajita preparations, including authentic “street” tacos with steak, chorizo and pineapple, topped with cilantro. Diners may also choose


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

from a large selection of unique, gourmet burritos, many featuring spicy chorizo sausage. Other filling options include chicken, shrimp, and vegetables with different sauces and seasonings. Riviera Salmon and Seafood Parillada, a delectable combination of grilled tilapia, shrimp, scallops and crab, accompanied by grilled vegetables and sides of rice, beans, sour cream and guacamole are excellent choices for seafood lovers. Other possibilities include fish tacos, shrimp quesadillas and “Camarones La Diabla,” grilled shrimp with zucchini and red peppers in a special sauce. Vegetarians have an impressive number of choices, including enchiladas, burritos, avocado tacos, fajitas and a grilled vegetable entree with special Yucatan

sauce. Diners may create their own combination platters, selecting from burrito, tostada, taco, taquito, enchilada, tamale and chile relleno options. Tres Potrillos has a full bar, where diners may enjoy hand-crafted specialty margaritas and house-made sangria, plus beer and other spirits. The Skinny, Agave and Cadillac margaritas are especially popular choices. The ambiance of Tres Potrillos adds to the complete dining experience. The decor of the restaurant was carefully planned to create a genuine Mexican atmosphere. Beautifully crafted stone walls and custom furniture created from actual seven-year, aged tequila barrels create a relaxing and unique ambiance. Waitstaff are attentive and efficient. The restaurant boasts a party room for up to 65 people that may be reserved for private events. For authentic Mexican food in a charming atmosphere, visit Tres Potrillos. Conveniently located at 25765 Chagrin Boulevard at Richmond Road, the restaurant is open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. on Sunday. Call 216.591.1202 for reservations or visit the website, for more information. Tres Potrillos 25765 Chagrin Blvd, Beachwood 216.591.1202

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Pollo Espinaca Ingredients


4 chicken breasts

We chose to grill our chicken, so we gave it a little olive oil rub and seasoned with salt and pepper before cooking.

fresh spinach, washed and stems removed 1 jalapeño, diced 1 package cream cheese 1/2 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup parmesan cheese (or use crema mexicana or oaxaca, but it can be pricey) salt and pepper olive oil


Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a large pan. Sauté spinach until wilted. Stir in softened cream cheese and plain yogurt. Allow to melt, stirring constantly to break up the spinach. Add cheese and allow to melt. Continue stirring. Add jalapeño, salt and pepper to taste. We served the grilled chicken and the sauce with rice and beans. Quite delicious, and healthy too! This will definitely be an addition to your regular dinner rotation.

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WINTER SPECIAL ON HOT TUB & SPA SERVICE AND REPAIR Swimming Pool Service and Repair Specialists • Year-Round Service • Maintenance Contracts • Parts/Service/Repair/Installation

Pool and Spa Installations • In-Ground Vinyl-Lined/Concrete Pools • In-Ground Swimming Pool Liners • Hot Tub & Spa Service and Repair

Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner for six years in a row!

216.355.7168 | |

Peter Max: An Artist for the People By Meg Pauken Photos Vincent Pearson Photography


eter Max’s success is proof that art does not have to be dark and tortured to be meaningful. His vivid, upbeat works are popular among multiple generations and around the world. Max recently appeared in Beachwood as part of its centennial celebration, having created a commissioned painting of a beech tree to commemorate the milestone. His appearance capped off a week long exhibit of his works at the Beachwood Community Center. Teachers at Beachwood’s Hilltop Elementary School used Max’s appearance, exhibition and commission as an opportunity for the students to study a living artist whose works are accessible to children. Students were tasked with creating their own pieces with the theme: “What would Peter Max have done if he were a student at Hilltop?” The project allowed the students to observe and analyze his style, while making their own interpretation. During his previous visit to Beachwood, to celebrate the 2006 dedication of the city’s community center, he was presented with a key to the city by Mayor Merle Gorden. Despite his age, Max continues to exhibit his works around the country and to make frequent appearances. “I love getting out there and meeting people,” he enthuses. “I have such a good time.” A resident of Manhattan, Max has a longstanding relationship with the Cleveland area. He created an early poster for the Rock and Roll Museum in 1992.The poster, with its iconic guitar, is still available for sale on his website, and was created in order to promote the recently established hall of fame and museum. A few years later, he designed the poster celebrating Cleveland’s bicentennial in 1996. A classic Max work, it features a stylized skyline of Cleveland as viewed


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Left: Peter Max

from Lake Erie, with the Rock Hall at its center. Max is quick to acknowledge a special place in his heart for rock and roll, even going so far as to say “it is in [his] blood.” He has designed posters and album covers for the likes of The Grateful Dead and The Band as well as for numerous music festivals. He counts Ringo Starr among his friends and recalls meeting Jimi Hendrixx just before his appearance at Woodstock.

Max participated in the 2002 GuitarMania promotion at the Rock Hall, contributing 3 painted guitars to the collection: Blue Note, Jingle and Midnight Sound. Most recently, he designed the program cover and poster for 2015’s 30th annual Rock and Roll Hall of fame induction ceremony. Max is an avid music lover. He paints daily, always to music, though not always rock and roll. “I listen to a little bit of everything,” he says. He even employs

a deejay in his studio to keep the tunes flowing while he paints. At 78, Max has no intention of slowing down: “Every time I pick up a paintbrush, it’s like the first time. I’m so lucky to have this life.” Additional information about Peter Max, including works for sale and scheduled appearances, may be found on his website at Think of his pieces as music for the eyes.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


The Soundtrack of Your Life on Exhibit Now By Patti London Photos Vincent Pearson Photography and courtesy Fine Lifestyles

Once upon a time, several forward thinking government officials from the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio approached the newly formed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation with an idea. Thirty years, and 10 million visitors, later, an iconic landmark sits on the shore of Lake Erie, beckoning music lovers from all


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

parts of the planet. Cleveland wasn’t the only city competing for the opportunity to host the Hall of Fame. But we had some strong historical support. Our own WJW disc jockey, Alan Freed, coined the phrase “rock and roll” and organized the first large-scale

rock concert, the Moondog Coronation Ball. Cleveland radio was also a major influence during the 1970’s and 80’s when WMMS introduced new bands like Bruce Springsteen, Roxy Music and David Bowie. Cleveland was routinely included on the tour itineraries of all the major bands, as well. Although Memphis,

Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco made offers to host the Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland convinced the foundation that it would thrive in our city. Architect I.M. Pei listened to a lot of rock while preparing his design. It was his intention to convey the energy of the music into the structure. His building is instantly recognizable and in the 20 years since its completion has become a symbol of Cleveland - much better than the previous burning river metaphor. On the occasion of the ribbon cutting in 1995, Pete Townshend donated his Gibson J-200, on which he’d composed the music

for Tommy. The ribbon cutting ceremony included Yoko Ono, Little Richard, and a crowd of more than 10,000 people. A celebratory concert the next night at the stadium featured Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Al Green, Jerry Lee Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Pop and many others. The Rock Hall had arrived. Many performances, programs and major exhibits later, we look forward to the annual class of nominations and inductees as part of our city’s seasonal rituals. The process is not without controversy, given that a relatively small group of 40 music experts proposes the nominations each year. There has been an effort in recent

years to diversify this group of industry insiders and musicians, including the retirement of more than a dozen longterm members of the committee this summer. The annual dilemma appears to be a problem of balance: recognizing the significant contributions of musicians and songwriters who may be obscure to the average music fan, while generating public interest in the induction ceremony by nominating better known bands from more current genres like hip-hop and dance. Meanwhile, everyone keeps asking, “What about the Monkees?” For the 2016 induction class, Chic has been nominated for the tenth time - a Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Exhibition Hall like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. On the entrance level to the museum, visitors encounter a stage, used for special performances and events throughout the year, and a section of the museum dedicated to contemporary music. The second floor includes multimedia exhibits of music videos and onehit wonders and a gallery of rock artifacts from Les Paul, Alan Freed, Sam Phillips and the evolution of audio technology. You’ll recognize at least one of the radios from your grandmother’s house. The actual Hall of Fame is an elegantly lit glass wall etched with inductees’ signatures, located on the third level. Have a seat in the stylish theater and watch highlights of the inductees’ performances. It’s a nostalgic ride through a history many of us remember well - alright, some of it’s a little hazy.

Rock Hall record. Nile Rodgers of Chic has worked most recently with Daft Punk and Lady Gaga, indicating that the band remains relevant and influential, in spite of not being a household name. Other nominees for the class of 2016 include, Janet Jackson, N.W.A. with its fourth nomination, Chicago, Cheap Trick, the Cars, the J.B.s, Los Lobos, Steve Miller, Deep Purple and the Spinners, both with their third nominations, and Nine Inch Nails, the Smiths and Yes, each receiving their second nomination. A group becomes eligible for nomination only after 25 years has passed from the release of their first recording. The voting for the inductees is done by more than 800 music industry veterans. The induction class will be named in December and the actual induction ceremony will be held in New York in 2016. The ceremony has been held in Cleveland on four occasions, in 1997, 2009, 2012 and 2015. The week long events coinciding with the induction ceremony have included free admission to the museum,


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

free concerts, lectures and exhibition openings. When the ceremony has been held here, the Cleveland economy has benefitted significantly. Even without the induction ceremony, the presence of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame contributes $100 million annually to the local economy. Of the ten million visitors since its opening, 90% of them have been from out-of-town. This statistic means that more of us local types should be visiting the shrine on the shore. For those who have yet to explore the Rock Hall, the building houses six levels. The Ahmet M. Ertegun Exhibition Hall, the museum’s main gallery, is on the lower level and includes exhibits on the roots of rock and roll: gospel, blues, folk, country and bluegrass. It also features exhibits on cities that have had a major impact on rock and roll and exhibits on soul music, the Fifties, Sun Records, Atlantic Records, Cleveland’s rock and roll legacy, rock and roll radio and dee-jays, and a very interesting exhibit of video and audio recordings of the protests against rock and roll - remember Anita Bryant? Individual artists are included in the main

The fifth and sixth floors contain the major temporary exhibits. We’ve enjoyed seeing some phenomenal and educational exhibits featuring U2, the Grateful Dead and the Rolling Stones. Seeing the original artwork for the cover of It’s Only Rock ’n Roll after the hours spent studying it as a teenager was a rather sacred moment for me. You might have the same experience in the current exhibit featuring the iconic portrait photography of Herb Ritts, including 30 portraits never seen before and his award-winning music videos. The Museum has mounted many exhibits to promote photography and artwork related to rock and roll. Among the photographers whose work has been featured at the Hall of Fame are George Kalinsky, Kevin Mazur, Janet Macoska, Lynn Goldsmith, Robert Alford and George Shuba. The artwork of Philip Burke was featured in one of the Rock Hall’s temporary exhibits and our cover artist for this issue, Peter Max, has his works regularly displayed at the Museum. In fact, the poster and the program cover

for the 30th Anniversary Rock Hall Induction earlier this year were Peter Max originals. While the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame memorializes important musical history, Cleveland continues its role as a home for the audio arts. Many venues bring important current acts to the city, allowing us to experience the best of live musical performances on almost any night of the week. The Beachland Ballroom in Collinwood, opened in the old Croatian Hall 15 years ago, when Waterloo was more scary than trendy. The Beachland brought the White Stripes and Black Keys to town for our musical edification and Cindy Barber continues to entertain and educate with bands we’ll be hearing about in the future. The Grog Shop recently celebrated its 23rd anniversary on Coventry. Over the years artists like Elliot Smith, Oasis, the Flaming Lips, the Meat Puppets, Sleater-Kinney (who’ll be at the Masonic Auditorium with Waxahatchee on December 9th!) and Guided by Voices have performed at the Grog Shop. Like the Beachland, the ambiance of the Grog Shop is pure oldschool Cleveland.

as host of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Spend a day with the music history which has touched your life at the Rock Hall and an evening experiencing live performance in any of our city’s great venues. You’ll feel truly connected to Cleveland’s roots.

Clearly, our city has a thriving music scene and is most deserving of its place

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Get Ready for Winter Fun Family-Style By Janine Purcell Photos courtesy Holiday Valley Resort


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


this year-round recreation destination. Readers of SKI Magazine continue to rank Holiday Valley the third best resort in eastern North America and #2 for “Kid Friendly” in 2015.

This season special events include Santa and His Reindogs on December 5th, free equipment demo day on December 19th, and the January 23rd Harley-Day Valley party in the lodge with music, Harleys on display and beer specials (please check for updates to event dates).

If you plan to bring little ones, there’s no shortage of fun for them. The fullservice daycare center runs all week. You can combine daycare services with ski lessons for children as young as three and be assured they are in qualified and caring hands. Instructors visit the daycare center to get the children clothed in their ski outfits, take them to their lessons, and bring them back to the daycare afterward.

The 2015-16 season schedule includes additional opportunities to grow your winter sports skills. In January, National Learn a Snowsport Month, Holiday Valley will offer two Learn to Ski or Snowboard Packages for the price of one midweek package. Also in January stay midweek at the Inn at Holiday Valley and get a Free Learn to Ski Package. The “Your Turn Women’s Ski Clinic” with Lisa Densmore Ballard takes place February 11–12.

Holiday Valley, New York’s most popular ski resort, began as four slopes and a T-bar 57 years ago. It since has evolved into a full-service winter getaway which includes 58 slopes and trails and spans four mountain faces. Over the last 20 years, the resort has invested more than $118 million in improvements to create

Beginners of all ages are welcome. Small snowboarders will love the Riglet Park. Sponsored by Burton, the park provides teaching terrain for young riders, who receive one-on-one training from Holiday Valley’s experienced snowboarding instructors. Adult beginner packages which include a beginner area lift ticket,

Holiday Valley also has plenty of fun and challenging runs for more experienced skiers and snowboarders. The resort offers 23 black diamonds, as well as a nearly vertical double black diamond, the Wall. The woods are open for skiing and snowboarding, if you’re looking for an extra challenge.

et your winter sports gear packed for the quick three hour drive from Cleveland to Ellicottville, home to Holiday Valley Resort. Ski and Snowboarding season begins November 27 if Old Man Winter makes it to the slopes in time.

lesson and equipment for $60, are available at the Creekside Lodge, a special building that caters to all the needs of beginner skiers and snowboarders.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Holiday Valley reinvested $4 million in resort improvements for the 201516 season. For example, to stay in the forefront of technology, 37 new automated snow guns were installed, bringing the total to 237 automated guns now. Automated guns automatically adjust for air temperature and humidity resulting in energy savings. The resort now has 611 snowguns in total, providing impressive manmade snow quality and quantity, expanding each year to more runs. The whole family will enjoy tubing at the Holiday Valley Tubing Company, located just four miles away from the resort, with a free shuttle running every hour. They can warm up at the outdoor bonfire pit, as well. “Tubing is a great family activity because it requires no skill or athletic ability,” says Jane Eshbaugh, marketing director for Holiday Valley. “It’s just fun!” After a day on the slopes, parents can unwind in the Falling Waters Spa, conveniently located in the Tamarack Club. The full-service spa offers a variety of massages as well as the gamut of other essential spa services. The Inn at Holiday Valley continued renovations in 2015 with resurfacing of the pool interior and decks, new furniture, outdoor seating area, wall coverings and redecorating of the Presidential Suite. The Inn and the Tamarack Club provide ski-in/ski-out lodging with heated indooroutdoor pools, outdoor hot tubs, saunas, Wi-Fi, private conference rooms and numerous other amenities. For those interested in making Holiday Valley their second home, Holiday Valley Real Estate has stunning properties for sale on the slopes, nearby and in

the village of Ellicottville. When you aren’t using that vacation property, the agency will help you lease to other families, managing the listing of your rental and arranging for the after-lease housekeeping. Holiday Valley is located just three hours from Cleveland, at 6557 Holiday Valley Road in Ellicottville, New York. Call 716.699.2345 or email info@ with any questions, and visit for photos, videos, maps, and a variety of other information about the resort. “Like” Holiday Valley Resort on Facebook, and follow @holidayvalley on Twitter for frequent updates. Holiday Valley 6557 Holiday Valley Road Ellicottville, NY 716.699.2345 800.323.0020 @holidayvalley

Skiing Tips for Beginners Take a lesson:

Probably the best advice and I promise you won’t regret it. Learning from a family member or a friend can be nice because you trust them, but it can also get very frustrating and ski instructors know how to handle the difficulties of a beginner.

Dress Appropriately:

Dress in layers. You might be cold at the beginning of the day, but as you move around you’ll start to warm up. You can bring a back pack or rent a locker to keep your extra layers as you put them on and take them off.

Right Size Equipment:

As a rule of thumb, a beginner should have their skis come between their chin and mouth. As you get more advanced, the longer your skis can become.

Get Your Balance:

Start by sliding your feet forward without lifting them in the air. You’ll learn your range of motion and balance quickly.

Get to Know The Wedge:

The Wedge or as some people like to call it, The Pizza, is when the tips of your skis come together. This is an important position because you’ll need it to slow down and stop.

Have Fun:

Remember you’re here with your family and friends to have fun. See you out there! 42

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

OPEN NOW Herb Ritts: The Rock Portraits Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum




THROUGH JAN 5 Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse Cleveland Museum of Art

DEC 6 - LATE DEC Winter Lights Lantern Festival/ Holiday CircleFest Wade Oval

DECEMBER 9 Sleater-Kinney

Cleveland Masonic Auditorium

DECEMBER 25 Grateful Phish-mas with Dead Ahead Ohio Beachland Ballroom

JANUARY 8 National Learn to Ski Day Ski Resorts Everywhere

JAN 9 - FEB 7 Little Shop of Horrors Allen Theater Cleveland Play House JANUARY 23 Momix DanceCleveland Connor Palace Playhouse Square FEBRUARY 9-21 If/Then Connor Palace Playhouse Square FEBRUARY 18 Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls Quicken Loans Arena

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Another Midwest Destination:


By Patti London Photos Vincent Pearson Photography and courtesy Fine Lifestyles


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


ecause we’re in the music mindset for this issue, it made sense to include a travel piece on the home of the blues, Chicago home to many Cleveland ex-pats and one of our favorite cities to visit. It’s a short, albeit boring, five hour drive or an easy flight from Cleveland. Chicago has a distinctive feel, thanks to the design aesthetics of Frank Lloyd Wright and other proponents of Prairie Style architecture. The skyscrapers and blocks of brownstones are laid out beautifully along the edge of Lake Michigan. Clevelanders have to be a bit envious when traveling into the city on Lake Shore Drive and watching the bikes and runners and windsurfers reveling in the sparkling lake view. In comparison to Cleveland, Chicago is a big sprawling city. It’s the third most populous city in the country, but somehow doesn’t feel crowded - even though the city hosted more than 50 million visitors last year. The green spaces are plentiful and public transportation, pedestrians and bikers keep the traffic from being unbearable. Parking is plentiful in the area near Grant and Millennium Parks, but can be a challenge in other neighborhoods. Be prepared to pay more than we’re accustomed to in downtown Cleveland for parking. The Loop is also an excellent way to get around and to experience life in the big city. The Art Institute of Chicago, located between Grant and Millennium Parks, is not to be missed. One of my favorite places on the planet is the Thorne miniature room on the lower level of the museum. It contains 68 miniature rooms depicting European and American interior design, spanning 800 years. The Art Institute itself was recently remodeled, adding a new Modern wing by Renzo Piano in 2009. While exploring that wing, be sure to visit the huge collection of Joseph Cornell shadow boxes, filled with found objects. Besides the miniatures and art boxes, the museum’s collection contains many instantly recognizable pieces. If you’re visiting during a warmer season, book a guided architectural boat tour. You’ll see the city from an entirely new perspective and gain a fresh appreciation for the city’s architectural history. Thanks to a large fire, the invention of steel

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Glass Floor at The Willis Tower

The Publican

framing and architects, Daniel Burnham and John Root, the modern era of skyscrapers was born in Chicago. As seen from the river, the history really comes to life. Although there are a number of tours in operation, we enjoyed the 90 minute Chicago Line Cruise. Tickets are available online at No matter what time of year you’re visiting, the Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower, offers a unique view of the city from its suspended glass floor viewing boxes on the 103rd floor. The tallest building in the world until 1998, the Willis Tower remains the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The glass floored viewing space is called “The Ledge” and for a nominal ticket price, offers a priceless view of Chicago. While standing in the glass viewing box, visitors are 1,353 feet above the street level. From that height your heart is pounding and your car looks like one of the miniatures in the Thorne room at the Art Institute. While eating is a necessary activity, we try to elevate it to an art form while exploring another city. Chicago makes this easy. Our best meals in Chicago in 2015 were at the Publican and Ceres’ Table. Chefs Paul Kahan and Cosmo Goss describe their menu at the Publican as “an homage to beer, pork and oysters.” Diners are seated communally along a lengthy walnut table and service is family


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

style. Every item on the menu is labeled by source and most are local. Oysters are flown in from both coasts and the assortment we ordered paired very well with the beer. We visited Ceres’ Table last month for authentic and traditional Italian fare. Executive Chef Craig Degel creates a seasonal menu based on the freshest produce available at the weekly market. We shared an amazing white funghi pizze to start, and Marc had the black pepper orechhiette, while I enjoyed the pumpkin risotto. The wine list is 100% Italian, yet comprehensive and affordably priced.

Ceres’ is appropriately named for the Roman goddess of the harvest. If you can plan far enough in advance, you might be able to snag reservations at the Girl and the Goat. It’s on our list for the next trip. While Cleveland has so much to offer, it’s a worthy endeavor to support other midwestern destinations. Maybe bring some ideas back to improve our hometown. Did I mention the gorgeous trails and views of Chicago’s parks on the lakefront?


By Melanie Furlong Photos courtesy of Homepolish

PREVIOUS & LEFT Design by Vanessa De Vargas for Homepolish, photo by Bethany Nauert BELOW Design by Vanessa De Vargas for Homepolish, photo by Bethany Nauert

Peggy Reid, owner of Reid & Siemonsen Design Group, says the main thing is to never eyeball and nail. “It’s worth measuring the piece and doing the math to get it right,” she says. “Once you hang it, it will be there for a period of time and it’s worth it to take your time and do it right.” Tracing the frames you plan to use on plain paper and then taping them to the wall is a great way to get a good visual of your layout before you make any holes. Statement Pieces From five-by-ninefoot black-and-white photos to full wall murals, rooms sporting large-scale art prove that bigger is often better. If you’re attracted to a large art piece, but are


rt can be playful, relaxing or inspiring for its viewers. It can add warmth, make you laugh, whet your appetite or bring tranquility to a room. Deciding on the feeling you want to evoke in your home, and in each particular room, will help you choose the right artwork for your space. Whatever you do, make sure you surround yourself with pieces you love.

Salon Style Gallery Wa l l s  Gallery walls are a popular option and there are as many ways to do them as there are pieces of art. Galleries of family photos, dog portraits, works by the Masters, album covers, maps, abstracts, botanical prints and collections of just about anything can be hung this way. You can also mix all these items and more in one gallery wall. It will depend completely on the aesthetic you are working towards. Something to remember about salon style galleries is that the real focus is on the overall composition of the wall, not on the individual images themselves. This usually means starting with the largest piece in the center and placing other pieces around it. Keeping the composition visually balanced is key. Some designers prefer using frames of the same size, frames of one color or mats that are the same color and width to unify the gallery. Others insist the distance between the frames be equal on all sides.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

TOP Design by Benni Amadi for Homepolish, photo by Aubrie Pick BOTTOM Design by Gabriel Fontes de Faria, photo by Dustin Halleck

worried about it taking over your room, consider the following. One of the most ideal places for a large work of fine art photography is an open, airy room packed with architectural interest. A single piece of art can strike the perfect balance between the architectural assets and personal contents of a space. If you really want to make a statement with non-representational art, go gigantic. Not only will it be much easier to take notice of the piece but it will also help you define an area or draw people from one space into another. For those who really don’t like a lot of busyness in a room, oversized graphic art may be perfect. By pairing it with just a few key items, the art truly gets to be the star and the overall space will not be overwhelming. Reid says mural or oversized pieces can have quite an impact and create a lot of interest, but they have to be treated individually. “They’re site specific,” she says. “But they have to have enough space around them so they don’t look like they’re crowded in.” Where to Find Art Whether you’re looking for a piece that makes a huge statement, stands alone or makes up part of a gallery, finding art that speaks to you will usually take some time and effort. If you would like something original, look in cafés that display the work of local artists and photographers. Visit art galleries and consider renting a piece you like before purchasing it. Look online, in markets and at art auctions. Limited edition prints may be more affordable and there are all kinds of sources for reproductions and prints. An enormous statement piece doesn’t always have to mean spending big bucks. Simply framing something inexpensive, like a map or even blueprints, can be just as artful as something from an art gallery. There’s a lot of talent out there, and some of it may be yours. Check out DIY tutorials on Pinterest and consider making some of your own art. Inspiration for shadow boxes, collages, paintings and turning vintage paint-by-number kits into statement pieces are just a few ideas to get you started.  Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Express Your Passion in a New Framework By Janine Purcell Photos Vincent Pearson Photography


aureen Innocenzi earned her degree in art history with a background in design. She has been framing art for thirty years and began Innovate Frame & Design, LLC in 2004. From her full service frame design studio she’ll deploy her skill to enliven the space you live or work in with art that matches your aesthetic and personality. Maureen also creates high impact décor for professional spaces. Her client list ranges nationwide, and includes The Cleveland Indians, large corporations such as Swagelok and Nestlé, private professional groups and schools.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

When you work with Maureen, she starts by getting to know you and what type of feeling or look you want to create in your home or office. By familiarizing herself with your style, personality and existing décor, she can determine which frame styles and arrangements would best match your settings.

and preserve their beauty. Maureen can perform color corrections or restore older photos, or have copies printed on archival paper to preserve the memories. She’ll advise you in choosing the ones that go best together, resize them, match their color tones, and arrange them into an elegant and cohesive photo wall. For example, a grouping can be created from family wedding photos from grandparents and parents up to the newest couple in the family to decorate a first home or commemorate an anniversary.

Family photos and memorabilia are deeply personal, and sometimes you need the help of a professional to realize

Consider a wall display based on a favorite interest. Maureen can package items individually or arrange them into

Whatever the scale of your project, Maureen will work within your budget to create a quality result. She wants you to love the finished product.

lovely, conservation-quality displays. A blend of two dimensional items with objects as accent pieces adds dimension to a grouping. Sports, music or other hobbies and interests can provide the theme for your wall gallery. Some families have mounted a child’s artwork gallery on a wall of their home. Maureen can work with you to pull out a good sampling of your collected works and find the best presentation that will make your kids feel famous and give your home a personal touch that celebrates your family. “If it’s something that you want to frame, you probably want it to last a long time,” Maureen says. “The way you frame the pieces affects how long they last.” Maureen employs a range of conservation matting, specialized glass, and most importantly, the proper methods to mount and attach the artwork in order to preserve your decorating investment. For one client’s vacation home in Florida, Maureen created a custom display of the summer clothes her client had saved from when her three sons were young – a sweet sailor outfit, baby bathing suit, summer hat and tennis shoes were among the items shadow boxed and integrated into a fun grouping that’s meaningful for the family. Innovate Frame & Design has thousands of wooden and metal frame options and hundreds of mat choices. She also has a selection of pre-made frames to pair smaller items with larger scale pieces, or to create a grouping composed of photos. You can reach Maureen by phone at 440.567.0109 or by email at maureen@ Visit innovateframe. com for more information on the services available. Whether it’s your child’s painting or a treasured heirloom, Maureen will innovate the way you enjoy it for generations to come. Innovate Frame & Design 440.567.0109

Maureen Innocenzi Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Navigating the Process of Buying or Selling Your Home By Meg Pauken Photos Vincent Pearson Photography


im Kaczorowski, a real estate agent with Keller Williams, has lived in six states and at 19 different addresses as an adult, so she knows a thing or two about home buying, selling and moving. “Real estate was just a natural choice for me,” Kim says with a laugh, “It’s in my blood!” Moving all over the country with her husband and three children has given Kim the kind of personal experience very few realtors possess. She knows how to research schools and neighborhoods. She


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

has staged her own homes and negotiated deals. Now she shares her experience as a licensed real estate agent. Kim entered the real estate business professionally two years ago after advising friends and family for decades. She was helping her son sell his home byowner, when a realtor showing a house across the street suggested she become licensed. In her typical way, Kim prayed on it until she got an answer. “This is very heart-led for me. I really love to help people navigate through this process,” she explains. “If I can share

my experience and expertise and make someone’s life easier, then that’s what I want do. I am very grateful for all of the support I receive from Keller Williams. They offer a lot of training to help their agents be successful,” Kim says. In her second year selling homes, Kim experienced success rarely seen by many more experienced agents. She was in the top 10% of her 108 agent office. She attributes her success to the Lord’s blessing and the care she shows her clients. What sets her apart from other agents is her commitment: “I want what is best for my clients, it’s more about

them than about selling houses. I’m really passionate about that,” says Kim. Kim’s primary geographical focus includes the southeast suburbs of Cleveland: Chagrin Falls, Solon, Twinsburg, Aurora, Hudson and Reminderville, although she will sell homes elsewhere. She is currently listing an elegant Aurora home. The two story foyer is very welcoming and overlooks both the formal dining room on one side and the formal living room on the other. The split staircase gracefully extends to the second floor from the foyer and from the kitchen, which has an abundance of cabinets and a new stainless steel dishwasher and wall oven. A wall of windows looks out to the wooded backyard, which includes both a deck and a patio. The master bedroom suite includes a sitting area, a master bath and a nice walk in closet. The spacious home includes five full baths and four good-sized bedrooms. The finished walk out lower level has the perfect play and

work area with a huge recreation room, two offices and a full bath. Space for three cars and storage in the garage makes this an imminently comfortable home for a family looking for good schools and a friendly community pool. Contact Kim Kaczorowski to take a look at this home in Aurora and or all of your real estate needs. She is with Keller Williams Greater Cleveland Southeast, located at 32875 Solon Road, Solon. She may be reached by phone at 440.781.0111. Visit her website for more information. Kim Kaczorowski, agent Keller Williams 32875 Solon Road, Solon 440.781.0111

Stephanie Stock & Kim Kaczorowski

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Prevent Damage to Your Home with Specialized Ice-Dam Removal By Janine Purcell Photos courtesy of Brad Smith Roofing


inter we a t h e r in Northeast Ohio can deliver severe snow, ice and cold temperatures that may undermine even a well-built roof that behaved well for years. Brad Smith Roofing can provide expert help if your roof leaks when ice and snow hit.

damage done to your property.

Often home owners don’t know where to turn when a leak arises or weather has damaged their roof. Identifying the source of a roof leak requires the skills and experience of a roofing professional, knowledgeable in all types of roof systems and with the ability to work in inclement weather. In an emergency situation, Brad Smith’s expert staff provide an immediate response to minimize the amount of

One specific challenge in winter is a situation called an ice dam. This condition is a build-up of ice near the gutter edge of your roof that may cause water to get trapped under the shingles. As the water freezes further up the roof it may begin to melt from the heat in the attic, causing water to enter the house.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Specifically regarding winter, Brad Smith Roofing has been safely removing ice and snow for homeowners for years. Whether it’s routine snow removal or emergency service, they will tackle the job, big or small.

If your roof and/or gutter system gets a

build-up of ice and snow on it, consider removing it before it melts and potentially damages exterior and interior structures. The company uses a steam machine to remove ice and snow without damaging your home. The machine operates at the optimal temperature of 290 degrees, which results in less water run-off and faster ice removal, unlike a pressure washer that could result in damage. They will also assess if preventive measures can be introduced to decrease the likelihood of recurrence of the problem. Over the course of thirty-five years Brad Smith Roofing has earned the trust and respect of property owners all over

Northeast Ohio. The testimonials on the company’s website from customers demonstrate confidence and satisfaction with the company. Their highly skilled employees take pride in working for a company which values responsible building practices and employs quality materials on the jobs. Customers further appreciate Brad Smith Roofing’s commitment to safety and goal of a zeroaccident rate. While Brad Smith Roofing specializes in residential and commercial roofing, they also have expertise in window and door replacement, interior repair and finish work, siding, masonry, and restoration of the historic features of older homes. No roofing job is considered too small or too

large for Brad Smith Roofing. If you have a roofing question or are concerned about the health of your roof, don’t climb up there! Call the professionals at Brad Smith Roofing and be sure you’re receiving the best options and full information before making any decisions regarding your home’s protective cover. Brad Smith Roofing 24550 Sperry Drive Westlake 440.835.3377

Stacey Kitchen and Drew Smith Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


A Holiday Makeover for Your Kitchen By Meg Pauken Photos Aaron Leyser and Courtesy of Direct Import Home Décor


as HGTV given you kitchen envy? Does your kitchen need an update or a complete renovation before holiday guests arrive? Whatever the reason, visit Direct Import Home Décor and find out just how reasonably priced an updated, modern kitchen can be. Direct Import Home Décor, conveniently located just off Interstate 480, specializes in high quality cabinets as well as granite and quartz countertops at very affordable prices. The secret to their low prices is their direct relationships with cabinet manufacturers and stone fabricators. Those direct relationships have another benefit: much shorter than average turnaround times. “We deal directly with the manufacturer and pass our savings along directly to our customers,” says Fannie Chen, general


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

manager. “We know we have the best prices in town.” Ms. Chen is especially pleased to present two new lines of cabinets to complement their previous offerings. The new lines, Milan and Valentino, are both very ontrend, featuring high gloss finishes in several colors and styles. As with their other cabinet lines, they are solid wood construction and feature soft-close doors and drawers, just as you might find in high-end custom cabinetry. Other popular cabinetry lines include Shakerstyle Soho, offered in both white and espresso and the more detailed and traditional Cambridge line. There are a variety of other lines in a range of colors and styles to suit any design or décor. Coordinating knobs and pulls are also available for easy, one-stop shopping. Natural stone countertops do not have

to be a budget-buster. Granite prices start at just $29.99 per square foot for instock, prefabricated stone. Their process requires less labor and creates less waste, resulting in a lower price to the customer. Direct Import Home Décor also offers quartz countertops in a variety of colors, at very competitive prices. Quartz countertops are both low maintenance and environmentally friendly. Both quartz and granite countertops are wise investments, retaining their value over time. Direct import Home Décor has a huge showroom where customers can experience, first-hand, the quality merchandise they offer. The state of the art, 9000 square foot display space showcases the various cabinetry lines as well as all 12 colors of granite typically in stock. Chen has a skilled design team that is eager to help customers with design

and product selection, providing personal service and design plans at no additional charge. The cabinetry is usually sold “RTA” or ready to assemble, for the greatest value. However, Chen’s team offers installation services at very reasonable prices. All of the installers are company employees, not subcontractors. “We can usually install in 2-3 weeks,” Chen assures. Stop in soon to plan your new kitchen. Direct Import Home Décor is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. The showroom is conveniently located just off Interstate 480 at 4979 West 130th Street in Cleveland. Showroom hours are Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call 216-898-9758 or visit the company website at for more information. Direct Import Home Décor 4979 West 130th Street 216.898.9758

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Convenient Technology for Home Security & Management


By Janine Purcell Photos courtesy of Vector Security

ow long have you been in your current home? Like advancing technology in automobiles over the last decade, home and commercial security systems offer new functions that increase safety and also comfort, convenience and cost savings for you. Call upon Vector Security, Inc. to assess and provide your home with state of the art, intelligent security tailored to your situation and budget. Vector Security, Inc. is one of the largest electronic security companies in the U.S. They provide commercial and residential video surveillance; mobile and


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

home functions that are programmed to operate automatically; controlled property access; and fire and intrusion protection across North America, Canada and the Caribbean. They design, install and monitor complete security systems for hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and multi-site retail chains. Locally, Vector is represented by Regional Managers Christine Longley in Geneva, Ohio, and Gordon Zeiler in the Boardman office. They can help you explore the new generation of home security solutions that provide convenient access to a

sophisticated array of tools. From your smart phone, computer or tablet, you can turn lights, radio and televisions on and off to create the impression that you are at home. You can control the door locks, which means you needn’t fret about forgetting to secure your home, and you can also let in family members, visitors or trusted service providers without providing them a key. With “geo-sensing” technology, when you get within a pre-defined distance from your home, your home can get ready for you – adjust the temperature from an energy saving setting to a comfortable

temperature level and unlock the door so you walk right in. Video cameras can operate in live or cliprecording mode. While you are at work, open a window on your computer and observe in real time how your nanny or elder caregiver and family members are getting along. Or you can see when your family members safely arrive home, and maybe get a glimpse of your beloved pet while you’re away. To create security with older loved ones, you can include personal technology with wristband or pendant button activators to summon medical help if needed. Knowing that a call for help is easily accessible provides a sense of safety and peace of mind. When it comes to responding to security alarms, Vector Security’s awardwinning monitoring services start with experienced operators available around the clock to dispatch authorities to your location quickly when an alarm is triggered. They employ a nationally-

recognized false alarm protocol to rule out false alarms and then immediately contact the appropriate emergency responder. Back-up cellular, radio or Internet service options can ensure continuous monitoring of your security system even if standard telephone service is interrupted. As the dark, cold winter arrives, talk to Christine or Gordon at Vector Security to customize security solutions for your home or business. They are happy to discuss your unique needs because their primary concern is the safety of you and your family.

Vector Security 50 E. Main Geneva, Ohio 440.466.7233 970 Windham Court, Suite 2 Boardman, Ohio 330.726.9841

Gordon Zeller and Christine Longley

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Your Local Plumbing Team is Ready to Assist

440-543-1151 • 440-729-1378

• Residential & Commercial Work

• Water Heater Installation & Repairs • Water Treatment Systems • Drain Cleaning & Repairs

• Drain and Water Line Repiping & Relining • Gas Line Repairs & Installations

• Video Inspection of Pipes & Sewer Lines • Air Conditioning

• Heat Pump Service

• Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets • Garbage Disposals • Toilets

• Septic & Aeration Systems • AND MORE!

440-543-1151 • 440-729-1378

Stay Cozy All Winter Long By Kristal Pettit Photos courtesy Northcoast Energy Masters

If you want your home to stay warm this winter without paying hefty bills to the utility company, proper insulation and quality storm windows are key. And autumn is the perfect time to find out where your older home is losing precious heat and what can be done about it.


orthcoast Energy Masters has provided reliable and professional insulation and storm window installation services across Northeast Ohio since 1983. “It’s not glamorous, but it’s important to do it right,” says Ray Sabin, owner of Northcoast Energy Masters. To identify where your home is losing energy, Northcoast Energy Masters can conduct a comprehensive home energy audit. Its technicians will check for all types of energy wasters in the home, including drafty windows and doors; insufficient, old, or ineffective insulation;


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

humidity issues; poor attic ventilation; and bypasses in wall cavities. Then, they will provide you with cost-effective options tailored to the specific needs of your house. Ray worked mainly with windows and doors before expanding his expertise to include all facets of home energy efficiency. Ray believes in treating every home as if it were his own and every client as if he or she were part of his family. High quality storm windows may be all you need to banish leaks and they’re half the cost of replacement windows. High

end storm windows stop air infiltration as well as most replacement windows, at a much lower cost. Low E options are also available which will help tremendously when accounting for the solar heat gain coefficient. Even if you already have insulation in your home, it’s important to double-check it, particularly during the winter. Certain types of insulation may settle and lose their effectiveness over time. Homes that are not properly insulated can continuously lose heat, especially through their attics. Proper attic insulation not only helps to regulate the temperature

inside the home but also drastically reduces energy consumption.

against these unnecessary and expensive headaches.

Northcoast Energy Masters typically uses blow-in cellulose, which is guaranteed to not lose its R Value for as long as you live in your home. This environmentally friendly insulation is made from recycled newsprint and other wood fibers. Beyond being a very effective insulator, cellulose is safe and nonflammable because it is treated with fungicide and fire retardant.

“Ventilation and insulation go hand in hand,” Ray explains. “Together, they’re very effective if done right. Storm windows are able to greatly decrease drafts and address other insulation issues associated with old, leaky windows”

Proper attic ventilation is key to avoiding moisture and heat buildup, which can lead to increased energy costs and, of greater concern, expensive structural damage to the home. Several issues that can result are roof deterioration, warping and cracking of wood framing, mold and mildew growth, and damaging ice buildup on roof overhangs. Northcoast Energy Masters makes it easy to safeguard

For more information on home insulation and insulating storm windows, visit or email Ray at “Like” Northcoast Energy Masters on Facebook and follow @NCEnergyMasters on Twitter for updates and tips. Call 440.439.8250 to schedule your own custom home energy audit before winter arrives. Northcoast Energy Masters 440.439.8250

Ray Sabin, Jr. and Ray Sabin, Sr. Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Homebuilding 101: Start with an Experienced Builder


By Meg Pauken Photos Vincent Pearson Photography and David Alan

hinking of a new home in the new year? Wondering if building might be your best choice? The place to start exploring your options is with an experienced, trusted resource. Pat Perrino, President of Perrino Builders, has been building homes in the Cleveland area for more than 30 years and he has a wealth of experience to share. Often he and his team start discussions with potential clients at the earliest stages, before even a location or plans have been selected. Perrino is committed to helping clients reach the right solution for them.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

“We work with our clients wherever they are in the process,” Perrino says. “We have a huge portfolio of completed projects to help clients with their vision.” Perrino Builders is truly a custom builder: working within a variety of different scenarios. Perrino builds homes at prices starting around $270,000, all the way up to $3 million, so they can work within just about any budget. They will construct on a client’s site or on lots they already own. Perrino are specialists in the tear down of existing homes to build new ones. They can expedite the process with the city to get the new home building started.

“We have a large number of pre-set home plans. About 90% of our clients find one of our pre-set plans to suit them. We can also prepare a totally customized plan,” Perrino says, adding, “We can adjust the designs to fit unique lots and do septic systems and wells, also.” One unique aspect to Perrino Builders is what Pat calls “The Complete Home Solution.” Their one stop shop showroom allows you to choose every detail of your dream home in one location. Through Perrino Builders’ sister company, Perrino Furniture, Pat offers his homebuilding clients complimentary interior design services.

“We offer the interior design services for free to our customers, which is a tremendous benefit. The clients get room-by-room interior design, including everything from flooring to paint to fabrics and window treatments,” he describes. “Our designers will go to their homes and measure their existing furniture to see how it will fit into the new space and then create a custom plan for them.” The response from his clients has been overwhelming. “They absolutely love it,” he says, “It eliminates a lot of delays and the results are just spectacular.” Perrino Home Builders is a leader in green design, incorporating many energy-saving components as standard in their new construction. Everyone who contracts for new construction from now until the end of December 2015 will receive spray foam insulation; an ERV air handling package; a zoning system to control the environment in different areas of the home; and a tankless hot water system. Perrino wants to help you spend less to save more. Perrino invites people considering new home construction to visit their design center, at 6163 Mayfield Road in Mayfield Heights to meet Pat and his team and to see what they have to offer. Portfolios and galleries of their projects are available. Visit the company website to view a complete list of developments where they are currently working, information about open houses, and a photo gallery of completed projects: Design Center hours are 10-5 Monday - Saturday, 10-9 on Thursday, and 12-5 on Sunday. Call 440.487.4021 for more information or to schedule a consultation.. Perrino Builders 440.487.4021

Pat Perrino Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Luxury and High Style For Your Holiday Home By Meg Pauken Photos Vincent Pearson Photography & courtesy Perrino Fine Furniture and Interiors

“Unique.” “One of a kind.” “High quality.” “Unusual.” “Just what I was looking for!”

Perrino’s attention to detail and customer service first-hand.

artwork, rugs, case goods, upholstered pieces, as well as accent and décor items.

hese are the words you’ll hear from other customers while you are exploring Perrino Fine Furniture and Interiors. Online reviews of the store on home design websites like Houzz and Guild Quality, provide glowing recommendations from happy customers who found just what they were looking for and what they could not find elsewhere in the area, and from customers who have experienced

Perrino Fine Furniture and Interiors is a sister company of Perrino Home Builders. According to Pat Perrino, president of both companies, he started the business out of necessity after becoming frustrated when furnishing his own model homes. He could not find the furniture that he was seeking for sale locally, so he opened a furniture store, bringing in lines not found elsewhere. The store carries everything you need to fully furnish a home: lighting,

“We carry furniture lines that aren’t available elsewhere in the area, along with a selection of home décor accessories that is unmatched in the city and window treatments to complete the whole look,” Perrino says. “You must come see for yourself.”

T 66

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

The store carries a wide variety of décor items, perfect for updating and completing your own spaces and for

gift-giving. Instead of mass-market items or other types of gifts, think of presenting a unique vase, blown glass bowl, or a set of unusual candlesticks or bookends. “Accessorizing the home is really what pulls the look all together,” Perrino explains. The décor and smaller items are available in a wide price range to accommodate any budget, making Perrino an ideal spot to shop for holiday and all other gift-giving occasions. Perrino’s showroom is set up with complete room vignettes so you can browse a variety of styles of décor to find just the perfect item, from very traditional to very contemporary and everything in between. Perrino’s team is made up of ASIDcertified interior designers, so expert

advice is available every time you visit the store. Perrino designers often create plans for and coordinate complete home remodeling projects, combining their expertise with the home-building side of the business, to renovate everything from kitchens to basements to bathrooms and more. Specially trained kitchen designers are also available to plan your dream kitchen. When redecorating or updating is your intention, rather than a complete remodel, Perrino designers are happy to work with customers who come in with photos, swatches and measurements from existing rooms, helping them to find additional pieces to compliment what they already own. Come and browse Perrino Fine Furniture

for yourself, for gifts or just to get ideas! The company website provides photos of current stock, a list of lines they carry and a photo gallery of completed projects: Perrino Fine Furniture and Design Center is located at 6163 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Heights. Store hours are 10-5 Monday - Saturday, 10-9 on Thursday, and 12-5 on Sunday. Call 440.919.1000 for more information or to schedule a consultation with Pat and his team.

Perrino Furniture Showroom 6163 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Heights 440.919.1000

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Practical Solutions to Keep the

Winter Chill at Bay By Janine Purcell Photos Aaron Leyser and Courtesy of Martinson-Nichols


s autumn fades into winter in Northeast Ohio, sidewalks and entryways will eventually slicken up with snow, slush and ice. Indoors the balancing act will begin to keep down heating costs while providing the warmth to be productive at work and cozy at home. And we best acknowledge that the concepts of warm and cozy differ from person to person. Martinson-Nicholls can conquer these seasonal challenges with a spectrum of solutions categorized as Heated Mats. The firm has a well-earned reputation as a one-stop shop where owner Dan Ruminski and crew will “pragmatically engineer� a solution to your commercial


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

or residential situation. The heated mats can enhance employee wellbeing, customer experience, and residential ambience, outdoors and indoors. Add to those perks the cost savings on heating, utilities and maintenance, and reduced risks of fire and other harms from other heating approaches. The firm has evolved powerful ways to soften the impact of winter. Here are a few highlights from their offerings. The Heat Trak Entrance Mat System melts snow and ice as well as preventing salt, calcium and dirt from being tracked in.

In warmer weather, turn off the heat element and the dirt grabbing properties of the carpet surface continue to provide value. Two years of testing at the Cleveland Clinic demonstrated that the deep grooves designed into carpet surface resulted in 85% of salt being captured in the carpet. By stopping unwanted particles from traveling indoors, the facility realizes year round saving in maintenance costs with less need for interior carpet cleaning and floor waxing. Another offering is the industry-quality Greener Heat Door Mat that melts snow and ice at a rate of 2 inches per hour.

The waterproof carpet surface maintains a sleek appearance at your facility entrance while rigorously holding up to the elements. To customize a non-heated mat, logo printing is available. Shifting to indoor comfort, the Toasty Toes Carpeted foot warmer provides efficient and concentrated warmth at home or office by combining the ergonomic utility of a foot rest with a warming solution. The unit also can be used upright as a heated panel. (Frankly, in summer this foot rest can be an antidote to air conditioning for the sandal-attired colleague.) A timer can be integrated so that the unit can automatically switch off during nonwork hours. In contrast to space heaters, it won’t burn skin when touched, it eliminates carbon monoxide risk and uses less energy than a light bulb. For industrial settings, the Greener Heat Anti Fatigue rubber floor mat provides warmth plus cushioning where workers stand on concrete floors. The covering is grease-resistant and withstands common industrial chemicals and oils. Consider this solution in any cold indoor area, such as manufacturing assemblies, industrial shops and shipping/receiving zones. Winter will be here in a matter of days, so consider bringing your concerns about cold spaces, icy sidewalks and salty carpets to Martinson-Nicholls so they can resolve your cold weather issues in almost any area of your home. This sampler is a mere introduction. Martinson-Nicholls offers many other configurations to suit your outdoor and indoor heating and winter weather management needs. Find them on the Internet at

Martinson-Nicholls 4910 East 345th Street, Willoughby 440.951.1312 or 800.876.1312

Dan Ruminski Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland



f truly unique and distinctive home furnishings and accessories are what you crave, you’re willing to travel to find them. Two retail establishments in downtown Lakewood have drawn those interested in singular interior design pieces from distant suburbs for many years. Plantation Home and its sister store, Cotton, located across the street, provide a uniquely satisfying shopping experience. Plantation Home provides an inventory of home furnishings and accessories from traditional to contemporary, but that’s where the similarities to other stores end. David Stein, president of both stores, explains his philosophy, “I never want to carry what all the other stores have or the best sellers. Plantation Home customers are going to see furniture that they can’t find anywhere else. We always stay in front of what’s trending.” Stop in Plantation Home to view the beautiful Fall collections from Bernhardt, Rowe, Robin Bruce, Four Hands and many others. “On the interior design side of the business, we offer custom services from floor coverings to fabrics to wall coverings,” explains Stein. “We also work directly with interior designers who can bring their clients in with them. I did 30 years of interior design on my own, so I know the struggle that designers go through in finding just the right product.” At Cotton shoppers enjoy a multi-sensory experience, from evaluating the feel and drape of the linen and cotton sheets, to embracing plush towels, testing lotions and soaps and inhaling lightly fragrant candles. “Everything we sell is a tactile experience,” says Stein. “We want people to touch the merchandise.”

Luxury and High Style For Your Holiday Home By Kristal Pettit Photos Aaron Leyser


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

This holiday season is the ideal time to experience a few of Cotton and Plantation Home’s refined product lines. Soaps, hand lotions and candles from LAFCO include essential oils from master perfumers in France and Italy but are produced in New England. The fragrance of LAFCO candles creates an even scent in your home which endures over time, but never overpowers. These are available year round but make wonderful gifts for the holidays.

Set your festive table with Simon Pearce glass and tableware. Their Americanmade vases and serving bowls will bring the warmth and cheer, as will table settings and serving pieces by Juliska. Plantation Home and Cotton can inspire your holiday home décor with an extensive holiday trim selection, from individual ornaments to complete trim-atree collections. While indulging in gifts for your home, don’t forget the family and friends on your gift list. You’ll find one-of-a-kind presents from Izola for the men on your list: canvas duffels, shoe bags, cufflinks and dopp kits. Your favorite friends will love you even more when you gift wrap Ruth Hunt candies, Toffee to Go (on Oprah’s favorite list), or Woodford Reserve bourbon balls for them.

Shoppers from all parts of town include Plantation Home and Cotton in their annual holiday preparations. “When I started out, people asked, ‘Why are you opening in Lakewood?’” laughs Stein. “Now it’s a destination suburb!” Cotton and Plantation Home, in the heart of downtown Lakewood, are open extended hours for the holiday seasons check their websites for times.

Cotton 14400 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood 216.712.7500 Plantation Home 14401 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood David Stein, owner, and Cindy Davis, Cotton store manager

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Exceptional Craftsmanship


Custom Fitted for Your Home and Property

§§Air Conditioner Covers §§Pergolas §§Gazebos §§Decks §§Exterior Stairways

§§Fence Construction & Repair §§Deer Fence §§Split Rail §§Cedar, Vinyl, Chainlink and Iron Rail Fences


TRULINE FENCE INC. 440-479-8342

WE DO FENCE WORK 12 MONTHS A YEAR. WINTER DISCOUNTS from January until March 15 on all new fencing projects





FRESH BAKED BISCUITS UNIQUE GIFTS &MORE! Locally Owned and Operated Call Today For Your Reservation 440-442-0876

26700 Highland Rd. Richmond Hts. Ohio

Kelli - Owner and Operator

Shop Locally this Holiday Season By Meg Pauken Photos Aaron Leyser


owe’s Greenhouse and Gift shop in Bainbridge is a busy place during the holidays. Early November marked the grand opening of the expanded Wild Thistle Gift Shop. On November 29, Lowe’s hosts its annual Sugarplum Dreams event for charity and the following weekend, December 5, is the Poinsettia Festival. Lowe’s (not affiliated with Lowe’s home centers) has undergone major renovations this year, culminating in the grand opening of the new Wild Thistle Gift Shop. Jeff Griff, president, explains that he has added new product lines and expanded existing lines. “Response so far as been fantastic – we have had to reorder a few lines already,” he says.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

“We carry locally made pottery, maple and honey products, among other gift items,” Jeff explains.

“As a long-time locally owned business, we feel it is important to showcase other local businesses when we can.” The spacious shop is filled with gift options like cheese and wine accessories, serving pieces, candles, clever décor items and art for the home. For more personal gifts, there are handmade apothecary items, hats, bags, scarves and jewelry, in a range of prices and styles. Everything in the store is artisanal: funky and unique, not massmarket. As a company, Lowe’s is committed to giving back to the local community. The

Sugar Plum Dreams event on November 29 is a good example. The event includes the arrival of Santa from Santa’s Hideaway Hollow, crafts, games and treats. This year, full-size talking Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater will be there to entertain as well. All proceeds go to charity. Lowe’s provides significant support to local food bank, Bainbridge Food for Friends. They offer free delivery and set up for Christmas tree purchases of $99 and more, if the customer makes a donation to the food bank. Typically, Lowe’s delivers over 2 tons of food and around $5,000 in donations to support this community-based charity. In addition to selling Christmas trees, Lowe’s grows all of its own poinsettias and at the Poinsettia Festival on December 5, a variety of holiday decorating workshops

will be offered, including gingerbread houses, table arrangements, indoor and outdoor decorations. These popular workshops fill quickly, so reservations are recommended. Once the holidays are over, Lowe’s makes its space available to local community groups. This year for the first time, the South Russell Farmer’s market will operate indoors at Lowe’s every Saturday in January and February. Community Garage Sales will continue at Lowe’s every Sunday during January and February. “I think the indoor farmer’s markets and community garage sales are a great time for people to come together and visit during the winter months, instead of staying holed up at home,” Jeff says. “We have the space to offer and we are happy to provide a gathering spot.” Now THAT is a community service! Visit Lowe’s for your holiday decorating and gift-giving. Lowe’s Greenhouse and Gift Shop is located at 16540 Chillicothe Road in Bainbridge, Ohio. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 until 6 and Sunday from 10 until 5. Call 440.543.5123 or visit the website for more information. Lowe’s Greenhouse 16540 Chillicothe Road Chagrin Falls 440.543.5123

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Take Action for a Fully Functioning Garage Door By Dylan Yépez Photos Aaron Leyser and Courtesy Action Door


hen your garage door breaks, you call Action Door. With 70 trucks on the road daily and a 24hour service department that runs 365 days per year, Action Door is the largest and most reliable garage door company in Northeast Ohio. But why wait until your garage door breaks when you can avoid an emergency call by scheduling a safety inspection? Action Door guarantees only the highest quality of garage-door service, including routine inspections and maintenance. Their accreditation through the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA) affirms Action Door’s technicians are tested and certified in overhead door service and installation. “Our technicians are tested and approved to be working on whatever equipment they are servicing at your


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

house,” assures Action Door manager Joe Lorello.

may pose many dangers if not routinely inspected.

The same standard applies to Action Door’s work beyond its residential jobs. “We are also the most dominant player commercially in Northeast Ohio. Whether it’s new construction or retrofit, Action Door installs doors at schools, fire stations, hospitals and large-scale industrial sites,” Joe adds.

Consider photo eyes, for example. These are laser sensors positioned along the bottom of garage doors that detect objects beneath the doors. When functioning properly, photo eyes cause the door to automatically stop and go back up the instant something (or someone) breaks the beams. Action Door recommends annual inspections and maintenance of your garage door. “If the safety devices aren’t working properly, there’s a potential that the door could damage property or even people,” Joe explains. Routine maintenance doesn’t cover just the safety devices, but every component of the garage doors, such as its springs, cables, drums, hinges and hardware.

As Northeast Ohio’s most trusted name in garage door installation and maintenance for the past 47 years, Action Door installs only high-quality garage doors that safeguard against many potential dangers associated with them, such as crushing objects beneath them as they close. Nevertheless, as the largest moving object in your home, the garage door

Considering purchasing a new garage door? Action Door offers a variety of colors, styles and windows from which to choose — the most popular being the jack shaft operator which is installed on the side of the garage and not along the top of the ceiling. This style allows for more room above the car and also presents a clean, open look in comparison to the typical overhead garage door operator. With a stylish and properly functioning garage door, you can also enjoy the many high-tech gadgets Action Door has to offer. For instance, do you forget to close the garage door? No problem — you can operate your door from anywhere with your iPhone. And, if you’re the type who frequently runs into the back of the garage as you pull in, laser parking assistance might be for you. With this, the motor operator lets you know when to stop. Not sure if you closed your door at night? The garage door monitor sits on your nightstand and lights up if your door is still open. A button on the monitor can be pressed to shut the door as well. Check out the workable doors and motor operators at Action Door’s showrooms at 201 East Granger Road, right off of 480, in Brooklyn Heights; in Stow, just off Route 8, 3878 Hudson Drive; and in Mentor at 5983 Andrews Road. Visit action-door. com for more information. Email joe@ with questions. Call for more information or to schedule a free inhome estimate.

Samantha Mastantuono and Joe Lorello

Action Door 3878 Hudson Drive Stow 330.928.2727 5983 Andrews Road Mentor-on-the-Lake 440.255.1250 201 East Granger Road Brooklyn Heights 216.739.DOOR (3667)

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Environmentally Responsible Commercial Roofing Systems By Dylan Yépez Photos courtesy MNW Construction


f you’re the owner of commercial property, this is the time of year when snowfall predictions can be a source of anxiety. Has it been a few years since you’ve had your flat or low-slope roof inspected? Whether you have tenants or your own company is operating in your building, you have the responsibility to provide a safe, energy efficient, weather-proof environment. You can alleviate that anxiety if you have MNW Construction take a look at your roof. Maybe a few minor repairs is all that’s required, but if it’s time to upgrade


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

your roofing system it’s better to know now than in February when the melting snow is finding its way inside. MNW, a Middlefield, Ohio, company, specializes in flat and low-slope commercial roofing systems. Thanks to the dedicated professionals who work for them, MNW Construction has made a name for itself in commercial roofing since 2009. Mark Wengerd, owner of MNW Construction, is especially proud of his employees. “Our Amish work crews arrive promptly and work efficiently,” Wengerd explains. “Each employee has been

factory trained and certified by Conklin Roofing Systems, which we promote as the top of the line product available in terms of structural stability, weather-tight protection and energy efficiency.” The Conklin Roofing System has been an industry leader in the commercial roofing market for over 35 years. The technology provides a lightweight, yet industrial strength, solution for commercial roofing. The Conklin Roofing System is seamless to protect against leaks and weather related problems.

In the 1970’s hot tar roofs were the standard for commercial buildings. Conklin began installing white acrylic roofs which reflected heat and UV rays for more comfortable interiors, reduced air conditioning costs, and increased energy efficiency. The cost of the roof can be offset by energy savings within 5-7 years. Most importantly today, when we’re concerned about the disposal costs of materials and the environmental costs of disposal, MNW Construction offers roof re-coating. The re-coating process allows the original roofing structure to remain intact which saves time, labor, disposal and landfill costs over the option of replacement. There is no need to tear off the existing roofing structure when MNW

Construction can apply a Conklin Roofing System over it to seal and protect from the elements and reflect the sun’s heat. Although MNW Co n s t r u c t i o n has complete confidence in the professionalism of their certified employees, Mark Wengerd is on the job site during each project to assure the highest quality workmanship. “Our response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. I don’t need to oversee each job, but I just enjoy being on the job sites and participating in the process.” MNW Construction has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau based on the length of time they’ve been operating and the fact that not a single complaint has

ever been filed. If the responsibility for the solid, sound nature of a commercial property rests on your shoulders, talk to Mark Wengerd or his general manager, Patrick Flanagan, about the investment in a Conklin Roofing System. MNW Construction can increase the value of your property and your energy savings at the same time.

MNW Construction Middlefield, Ohio 724.986.1568 Patrick Flanagan 440.321.9434 Mark Wengerd

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The Professional Garage Floor By Dylan Yépez Photos courtesy Garage Finisher


any people have tried to paint their garage floor with store-bought kits or hired a professional to install epoxy flooring only to have a peeling mess a couple years or even months later. After 20 years as an owner of a large painting company, Mario FX Salwan set out to find a better solution. He did just that, with technology invented by Bayer Material Sciences called Polyaspartic. “Polyaspartic is a higher-grade version of a Polyurea coating similar to what is used as a spray-on bedliner for pick-up trucks,” explains Mario. “The difference is Polyaspartic can be rolled on and has improved properties including being harder, non-yellowing and non-peeling


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

due to hot tires from a car, truck or plane.” Using decades of installation experience, Mario worked with a chemist to formulate this resin into the perfect garage and commercial flooring system named the Forever Floor and installed by Garage Finisher around the Cleveland area. Garage Finisher also sells this revolutionary coating system to other professional flooring installers throughout the United States and Canada who are amazed at how great their floors now look, how easy they are to clean and how long they last. The Polyaspartic resin can be applied down to negative 30 degrees and dries in one hour. Due to this innovation, Garage Finisher can install floors year round in residential garages, car dealerships and commercial buildings.

“The installation process involves hundreds of steps and a lot of equipment, but the floor of a normal two car garage can be installed in one day and you can drive on the floor the next day,” says Mario. All the items in your garage are removed by Garage Finisher’s crew and put in a Garage Finisher storage trailer on your driveway while the work is being completed, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Then, Garage Finisher uses concrete grinding equipment connected to specialized vacuums to remove the top layer of your concrete, including any coatings, oil, dirt and contaminants. A two-part liquid Polyurea filler that dries in eight minutes is used to fill all the cracks, pitting and control joints, effectively

providing a seamless floor so there is no place for dirt to hide. Garage Finisher applies five separate layers of flooring to your garage floor, each layer drying in one hour. The result is a decorative, nonporous flooring system that is easy to clean and unfazed by hot tires, salt, oil, gasoline and household chemicals.

Makeover video online at garagefinisher. com and request a free estimate on their website or you can call their office at 216.831.4500.

Garage Finisher 216.831.4500 4530 Renaissance Parkway Cleveland , Ohio 44128

Garage Finisher is so confident in its floor, that after they put away all your belongings, the company provides you with a Lifetime Warranty. All you need to do to maintain the Forever Floor is hose it down and dry it with the complimentary Garage Finisher squeegee, no additional sealing or expense is needed. Once the floor is looking perfect, you may want additional services for your garage like painting, cabinets, slatwall or accessories — all of which Garage Finisher can provide. Watch their Garage

Mario Salwan






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EXPERTAdvice Creative & Directional Advertising

brand. Let’s use a local restaurant as an example to explore the concept of creative advertising.

Marlon Tussel Fine Lifestyles Media Group 216-548-6292


s the owner of a small business, you’d like to be known to your local community and to be easily located when a potential customer is looking for your products or services. To accomplish both of these goals you’ll need to use creative and directional advertising It’s important to recognize what type of advertising most effectively attracts the customers that are right for your business to ultimately get the best return on your advertising investment. Creative advertising encompasses television, radio and magazine ads among other mediums to create an awareness or a need or to build on your


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Your restaurant can create an awareness of its menu concept and location through billboards, radio and magazine ads when you’re ready to stage your soft opening. You want as many potential diners as possible to consider your restaurant as the next place on their list to try out. You can follow up with a leaflet campaign directed at shoppers at your local farmer’s market who will appreciate your fresh, seasonal menu. You can collect emails from customers who’ve stopped in for a meal to maintain an awareness of your restaurant through an email newsletter campaign. When diners are ready to make reservations or locate your restaurant for a meal, it’s time to utilize the other type of marketing, directional advertising. Directional advertising is putting your restaurant in front of customers when they’re ready to eat. They just need a little direction. While this type of advertising uses fewer mediums than creative advertising, it can surpass creative advertising in importance. You’ve invested a lot of time and money creating an awareness of your restaurant, you can’t afford to drop the ball when the potential diner is ready to

make a reservation. You need to make it easy for potential customers to find you rather than going to their regular diner down the street. Restaurants can use apps like Open Table, Yelp or Google Maps to make it easy for diners to find them. Online search engines, like Google, direct hungry people directly to your website. It’s important to keep in mind that, while directional advertising is a great way to track direct inquiries, you can’t think of directional advertising as completely separate from your creative efforts. The two marketing practices often complement each other. A restaurant is not much different than any other local business trying to get attention in the market place. The basic concepts are the same. All businesses need to create an awareness of their products or services, create the need or desire for their products or services, and then be readily accessible to capture the sale when potential customers are ready to buy. For more information on how to get your message to potential clients, please give me a call for a free consultation on your advertising goals. I’d be happy to discuss how to put creative and directional advertising to work for your business.

EXPERTAdvice Adaptive Asset Allocation: Departing from Tradition

Scott B. Kamenir, CFA

expected returns, expected volatility, and expected correlations (each of these forecasts based on long-term historical data) is widely used in the investment management industry. Use of longterm, historical data, however can be misleading and outright dangerous as was evidenced during the 2008 to 2009 financial crisis, when all assets began to move in lock-step with one another, not providing the very diversification required by investors when they needed it most.

Managing Principal


Waypoint Intelligence

While fairly unpublicized in both academic and business circles, adaptive asset allocation is increasingly becoming recognized as a more practical approach to portfolio management. The underpinnings of the strategy incorporate two basic elements: more frequent rebalancing, as well as investing the portfolio in assets that are exhibiting high relative strength as compared to other alternatives.

33 River Street Chagrin Falls 440.394.8067


istorically, strategic asset allocation for both individual and institutional investors has been an application of Modern Portfolio Theory, a fancy moniker for a balanced portfolio, say 60% stocks and 40% bonds, rebalanced on a quarterly basis. Since the dot-com burst, however, in the early part of this century, a growing number of skeptics have emerged questioning the integrity of this approach.

MODERN PORTFOLIO THEORY & ITS FLAWS Modern Portfolio Theory, a theory that incorporates three inputs to create optimal portfolios:

Clients have been used to a quarterly to semi-annual rebalancing of their portfolio. While this has been an industry standard for many decades, we are beginning to see the value of making more frequent adjustments, such as on a monthly basis. Keeping apprised of market conditions, new developments, and potential breakdowns in an investment are all necessary steps in arming an investor to have confidence in making adjustments in the shorter term.

The second component, relative strength investing, means compiling a group of investments from a variety of asset classes (i.e. stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies), and their sub-classes (such as U.S. large, mid and small capitalization stocks, as well as sectors such as technology, healthcare, etc.). Once the inventory of such investment opportunities is assembled, then a variety of ranking analysis can be applied to select those most favorable for the foreseeable future. Generally, this would be in the context of an intermediate time frame, such as three to six months.


Maintaining an adaptability to updated market conditions, as well as having the assurance to make adjustments when needed, and a willingness to depart from “tradition” will help investors to manage their risk in a much more efficient manner. Having a simple, logical, and organized method to filter out all of the “noise” in the financial media that we are saturated with on a minute to minute basis is a great first step to mastering your portfolio. Embracing a disciplined and systematic approach, such as adaptive asset allocation, can be quite a liberating and rewarding experience, allowing you to enjoy more of life, while knowing that your portfolio is participating in any market advances, while at the same time limiting risk of major loss.

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Getting There is Half the Fun By Meg Pauken Photos courtesy of A1 Mr Limo


n your special day, whether it is your wedding, prom or bachelorette party, you want everything to be “just so,” and you don’t want to worry about it. Larry Chrystal, owner of A-1 Mr. Limo, offers a few suggestions for selecting a limousine service to make sure you have the best possible experience. Larry recommends that when booking limousine services, customers take the time to actually visit and look at the fleet of vehicles. As he puts it, “look before you book and you’ll find out why more


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

people choose A1 Mr. Limo for their limo coach weddings than any other limousine service in the state of Ohio.” He and his staff welcome such visits because they know their fleet sets them apart. They are meticulous with maintenance and upkeep of their vehicles. Often, pictures on a company website are dated and don’t accurately reflect the current condition of the vehicles. “If you don’t go look, you might be really embarrassed by what shows up for you,” Larry says. He also suggests that customers check reviews online from The

Knot, Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. At A-1 Mr. Limo, all of their chauffeurs undergo background checks and drug tests to ensure customer safety. To qualify for even basic jobs, drivers must complete extensive training, including more than 12 hours of classroom training, followed by practice runs with veteran drivers and dry runs with an instructor. “By the time they are ready to do weddings and other significant events, they have shown us that they are dependable and

prepared and that they treat customers well,” Larry says. “This level of training is rare in our industry.” The team at A-1 Mr. Limo strives to give their customers a great experience. They start by helping clients determine exactly what they need. The requirements for a wedding party are different than, say, a wine-tasting tour or bachelor party. “Our customers are not looking for a ride. They’re looking for a memory that’ll last a lifetime,” Larry explains. “They want the entire experience to be right so we’ll spend as much time as necessary making sure all the details are carefully considered and accounted for in the itinerary.” Larry encourages people to think about hiring transportation services for other types of outings as well, especially where drinking is involved: “We’re a lot cheaper

than a DUI and more fun than an accident, too!” he says.

For your transportation needs, head straight to A-1 Mr. Limo in Wickliffe.

“We work with customers to determine the best type and size vehicle for their needs. We have limo coaches that can seat up to 35 people, along with ultra luxurious options, like our 12-passenger Mercedes Benz limo coach,” Larry offers.

A-1 Mr. Limo is located at 29555 Lakeland Boulevard in Wickliffe. Call 440.943.5466 to make a reservation and visit their website, for additional information.

Larry Chrystal and his team at A-1 Mr. Limo are 100% focused on customer service, and they have the reviews and testimonials to prove it. Larry has even driven one of his own coaches to provide last-minute transportation for a wedding.

A-1 Mr. Limo 29555 Lakeland Blvd, Wickliffe 440.943.5466

“We provide an essential service to our customers on their most important days. We make sure they don’t have to worry about a thing so they can relax and enjoy themselves.” Judy & Larry Chrystal

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CENTER HTS. SERVICE #1 in Customer Satisfaction

Cooper Tire Prestige Dealer

• Repair All Makes & Models

Toyo Tire Master Dealer

• Wholesale Gas Club

Tire Rack Recommended Installer Interstate Battery Platinum Dealer

• Top Shop Award Winner 13 Years in a row! • ASE Certified Master Technician

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Center Hts. Service 216-751-3387

3884 Warrensville Center Road

Ask Ab out ou r Kitch Huntin en g Knife Sharpe & ning


REAL GENERAC OWNERS AGREE At Generac, we’re happy to talk about how we invented the home standby generator category, how we make them right here in Wisconsin, and how we’re available by phone 24/7/365 if you need assistance. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our satisfied customers have to say. After all, they’re the ones who made Generac the #1 selling brand of home standby generators in America. They’ll tell you that Generac home standby generators give them peace of mind and the power to live. And that just about says it all.

Call today for a free in-home consultation.

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