Fine Lifestyles Santa Fe V1 Iss3 2015

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Gallery Different


ntering Catenary Art Gallery, artseekers leave the southwestern beige of adobe architecture and step into something decidedly modern. As one of the only galleries on Canyon Road with contemporary architecture, viewers and clients know right away they’re in for more than the usual Canyon Road fare. “My background is in science. The name of the gallery, Catenary, is a term for a unique shape that has inspired many artistic and architectural creations. And since we’re a unique gallery, we thought the name was quite fitting,” says Bulgarian-born director Valentin Jordanov. “Most of our artists are contemporary European artists who bring international flair and sensitivity to the gallery, but we also represent local artists whose work is rooted in the Southwest,” adds art director and photographer Rumi Vesselinova. Much of Vesselinova’s work is large-scale landscapes from around the world, as well as conceptual photography: “I am the local European. I’ve lived here for almost 20 years and the Southwest has been in my focal point for just as long.” In addition to Vesselinova’s photography, several other mediums and genres are displayed on Catenary’s walls including acrylic, pastel, mixed media, oil, threedimensional paintings, watercolor and upcycled media. “Some of our artists are well-established and well-known in Europe with a presence in national museums and private collections. However, they have not been represented here,” Vesselinova explains. “We are proud to bring them to the Santa Fe art scene.” During this summer’s city-wide Summer of Color, Catenary joins the color-filled happenings with the designated hues of charcoal and crimson. “Our exhibitions will focus on capturing both the vibrant beauty of the Southwest and the bleakness of devastation that natural disasters, such as Las Conchas fire, have inflicted on the landscape” notes Vesselinova. “We have to find a way to live within that altered landscape and still see beauty.” Catenary Art Gallery 616 1/2 Canyon Rd. 505.982.2700

Top To boTTom: Double Dream by Larisa Ilieva, Charcoal by Rumi Vesselinova, San Isidro Mesa by Scott Swezy, ARTS, DINING & ENTERTAINMENT