Finelifestyles Saskatoon Volume 6 Issue 4 2015

Page 93

Versatile Vinyl: Flooring for Every Style & Every Budget What kind of look can I get with vinyl flooring? Vinyl is available in a multitude of colours and patterns, and there are options to meet all design needs. Many vinyl products also mimic the look of wood or stone flooring — combining the beauty of natural flooring with the practicality of an affordable product that is engineered to last.

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When it comes to vinyl, your options extend to the smallest detail. You can choose from tiles that simply click together, tiles with adhesive backing, or tiles called luxury vinyl tile/plank that are grouted just like stone. There are even products on the market that have added cushioning for increased warmth and durability. I have a very busy, hectic household. Can vinyl work for me?


udget, décor and durability are some of the top considerations for homeowners trying to decide on new flooring. Vinyl is a popular choice because it performs incredibly well in all three of those categories. It’s a versatile, affordable and robust type of flooring that comes in a wide range of options to meet all budgets and styles.

Vinyl is an incredibly sturdy flooring option, making it a great choice for active households with kids and pets, as well as high-traffic areas like entrances, hallways and kitchens. It is hypoallergenic, scratch resistant, fade resistant, moisture resistant and very easy to maintain. It also wears well: with proper care a highquality vinyl can last up to 25 years, and many products offer warranties upwards of 15 years. While vinyl is known for its durability, it can be cut or scratched. Keep in mind that it’s important to use furniture pads


and to keep pets’ nails short. I’ve decided on vinyl flooring, how do I install it? True to form, vinyl offers a lot of options when it comes to installation. Certain types of vinyl flooring, such as tiles with adhesive backing or tiles that click together, are relatively easy to install and can be a good DIY project. These can even be installed directly over the subfloor or over existing vinyl or linoleum, without requiring any complicated, timeconsuming demolition. If you do decide to install your vinyl flooring yourself, make sure there is absolutely no dirt or particles of any sort under your flooring, as that can cause lumps to appear. Also, vinyl tiles that are stuck onto a dirty floor will become loose sooner than those stuck on a clean floor. If you have chosen a sheet vinyl product, on the other hand, it can be very difficult to install and should be done by a professional. WE CAN HELP At Prestige Flooring, we have a large selection of vinyl flooring on hand and can order in countless other options. Our team of dedicated professionals can help you navigate the many options offered by this versatile product, always considering your budget, the look you want and your lifestyle. From product selection to professional installation services, we support you every step of the way.