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Dauphin Plains Credit Union Dauphin Plains Credit Union (DPCU) was established in 1940 when 16 founding members deposited a total of $11.50. An office was opened in the Mayo Building in 1948, the same year chequing accounts were introduced to members. The following decades were marked by steady growth, with Gilbert Plains (in 1967) and Winnipegosis (1970) credit unions joining the family. In 1974, DPCU moved from its offices at 305 Main Street North to a modern new building at 505 Main Street North. The 1980’s saw more growth and new technology for DPCU. Members of Sifton Credit Union were welcomed in 1985 and DPCU now offered ATM, INTERAC and telephone banking services. Internet banking would be introduced in the 1990s. DPCU’s steady growth continued, with assets reaching $50 million in 1996, $100 million in 2005 and $200 million in 2012. Substantial investments in Credit Union Place and Dauphin’s community cinema, and sponsorships of Countryfest and other events, are just a few examples of DPCU’s support for the community.

Roblin Credit Union Roblin Credit Union got its start in the Tummel community hall in 1941, when a group of citizens decided to learn more about the credit union movement that was emerging throughout Manitoba — while, at the same time, similar discussions were taking place in Roblin. Roblin Credit Union’s charter was signed by the Provincial Secretary on July 25, 1941, and officially registered on August 14. Tummel and Roblin Credit Unions worked cooperatively together until July 13, 1944, when they amalgamated to become Roblin and District Credit Union.

As the years passed, the credit union grew, and so did its use of technology. In September 1982, all loans transactions were computerized. By the close of the 1980s, Roblin Credit Union held over $14 million in assets and served almost 3,000 members. On September 26, 1988 a new building opened for business. Community involvement was always a priority for the credit union. Promoting youth events such as golf tournaments and 4-H clubs, and offering scholarships and other incentives to enterprising young people were some of the many ways Roblin Credit Union supported the area.

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