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in the store,” says Kirk. “We are as much advisors as we are a retail outlet that simply prints logos. We value servicing the customer and providing them with something they can use. Ideally, we hope some of our own customers will read this and come to understand we do so much more than what they even thought.” In addition to having the standard embroidery and screen printing equipment, Source Embroidery also employs as many as three graphic artists who work two wide-format printers that are recognized as being top-ofthe-line with the latest cutting edge digital technology. “I’d like to see us evolve into a marketing company where we totally look after our customers and offer them advice on how to better maximize advertising dollars. We are often asked about how busy we are with sports teams and schools. The

reality is that while we appreciate their business, we are most successful at helping the corporate community.” “It’s been a good day when we find out we have a new customer because of something that’s been seen somewhere that we’ve been responsible for,” says Sheri. A more recent piece of work was laying floor and stair graphics at the Farrell Agencies Arena for the Painted Hand Casino. After all, putting a logo on the front of a step doesn’t do anyone much good if it can’t be seen. Source Embroidery has also had a long standing relationship with Seed Hawk. This relationship has been so successful that Seed Hawk recently had a run of four straight “Booth of the Year” awards at the Farm Progress Show. Source Embroidery’s contribution includes, but isn’t limited to, decals on ABOVE RiGHT Mike Stackhouse

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Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013  

Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013