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irk and Sheri Weinmaster have been in the embroidery and screen printing business since the mid-1990s. Source Embroidery and Screenprinting has been evolving into a well-rounded company offering solutions for all forms of signage. “Sheri and I pride ourselves on being creative and that’s been one of our main motivators all along. It’s one thing to slap a logo on the front of a jacket, but something else altogether to create a visual graphic that makes people stop and look. After all, that’s what our clients want. They want to advertise and

advertising doesn’t work if people aren’t paying attention,” says Kirk. The vinyl part of the business has been a major key to selling attention. “Screen printing to embroidery was a natural progression, but we were actually at a trade show in 2006 when someone asked why we weren’t in the vinyl business. We didn’t have a good answer for that. In fact, we didn’t like saying ‘no’ to our customers, and soon realized the possibilities were endless,” says Sheri. You will find Source Embroidery fingerprints all over Saskatchewan, from

highway billboards for real estate agents to rink boards and in-ice logos at all junior hockey centres. Lucky raffle draw winners may be in possession of a fully wrapped fridge from Source Embroidery. “The fridge wraps are really popular for service groups looking to make money without having to go door-to-door selling chocolate bars or collecting bottles,” says Kirk. Kirk has pride in the company being well-rounded. “We don’t ever say ‘no’ anymore without providing an alternative for our customer. We do everything and most of what is produced is done right ABOVE Kirk and Sheri Weinmaster




Profile for Fine Lifestyles

Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013  

Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013