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BOTTOM LEFT Nate Wasylenchuk with a bee. BOTTOM RIGHT Danny and Sasha Wasylenchuk.

in the past few years. Since Sasha and Danny took over the company, Howland’s Honey continues to sell its high-quality white honey across the country, and the operation is as successful as ever. Sasha and Danny currently manage an operation of 1,000 honey-producing colonies. “During the production season, we run a staff of 12 employees and if we are lucky, we can produce a crop of over 350,000 pounds of honey,” says Sasha. Howland’s Honey is a one-source honey harvested entirely from colonies within a 30 mile radius of Good Spirit Lake and area. Saskatchewan honey is one of the best in the world, most often having a light mild taste and a beautiful white colour. The nectar that makes up this first class honey derives from the flowers of clover, alfalfa, canola and local wildflowers.

Sasha and Danny raise their own replacement stock of bees and queens each year, which are selected from the best genetics in their operation. By rearing their own queens, they continually strive to strengthen their bee population, better adapting them to the local environment. This would be a difficult goal to attain if they purchased bees cross-border. “It is crucial to the sustainability of our bees and industry,” says Sasha. “Due to the increasing factors threatening the health of honey bees and air-born pollinators over recent years, it is becoming very difficult to simply keep bees alive and healthy.” Because they take the time to rear their own stock, Howland’s is not only a healthy product, but sustainable, bee-friendly honey as well. Sasha and Danny are settled a mile south of Good Spirit Lake with their

three children, Keyan, Ethan and Nate, and their bees. Their honey can be found across the province: in Yorkton (Yorkton Co-op, Parkland Sobeys, Nutter’s Bulk and Natural Foods, Yorkton Farmers’ Market in Parkland Mall), Melville (Carmen’s Petals, Plants and Flowers), Regina (Costco, Old Fashioned Foods and Regina Farmers’ Market), Saskatoon (Sangster’s Organic Market on Broadway, Costco), Canora (Co-op), Sturgis (Dmytrash One Stop Fuel Shop), Weyburn (Old Fashioned Foods), and Kenosee (Flea Market at the Red Barn). Howland’s Honey R.R. #2, Canora 306.792.2044 sasha@howlandshoney.com www.howlandshoney.com |




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