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MYTHS AND FACTS and your age. Unless you have legs like Tina Turner, avoid the mini-skirt. Myth 5: Don’t wear sequins during the day. Wear your bling during the day, but keep it to a minimum. At night knock yourself out, and be a disco ball if you want.



rowing up, we all took fashion advice from well-meaning family members and other “trendy tell-alls.” The fashion world is rapidly changing; what was once taboo is now considered chic. It can be confusing. How do you know what the fashion rules are? It’s time to separate the facts from the myths with these hot tips. Myth 1: No white after Labour Day. It’s now totally acceptable to wear white any time of the year. Stay away from wearing white bottoms in winter; you don’t want to look like you only have half a torso. Myth 2: Dark colours for fall and winter. Not at all! Bright colours are a must for those seasons. On cloudy days, they add a splash of sun, and always bring out more brightness.

Myth 6: Showing skin is sexy or sophisticated. Take the occasion into consideration and use discretion and taste. On the right dress, a well placed “peek-a-boo” can be both sexy and sophisticated. Myth 7: Don’t clash your colours. This is an old rule you can ignore. Make a statement in a hot pink dress with a bright orange jacket, if you’re so inclined. Just remember to make sure all your colours are in the same intensity range. Myth 8: Match, match, match. Your grandmother might have taught you to match the purse, shoes, lipstick, nail polish and hat, but it’s much more fun to mix it up a bit. Your accessories should go together nicely, but don’t have to match.

Myth 3: Black makes you look slimmer. Sorry ladies, this is simply not the case. Black is not slimming, it just makes you look older and frumpier.

Myth 9: Don’t mix your patterns. Patterns that you were once told not to mix can now be thrown together in a great way. For example, try a large floral blouse with a striped jacket. As long as some of the colours in the patterns go with each other, then go for it. The matching colours will pull everything together in a fantastic way

Myth 4: If you wore it once, you can wear it again. Don’t kid yourself: just because it’s become trendy again, it doesn’t mean you can still wear it. Unfortunately, time plays mean tricks on our bodies, so wear what’s appropriate for your body type

Myth 10. Long dresses on short women don’t always work. If you keep to an empire style, you will visually elongate the torso. Top it off with a comfortable height-adding shoe, and you will look like a tall drink of water.

NOW FOR SOME FACTS. Fact 1. Never wear denim with denim. Stay away from denim on denim, unless you’re wearing different colours of denim, and something else in-between to break it up. Fact 2. Not all sizes are the same. Each clothing manufacturer and each style within that manufacturer can be different. You must try everything on, and have a good alterationist on speed dial. Fact 3. Black tights don’t make your legs look thinner. In fact, unless you are a skinny 12-year old, they make your legs look like stovepipes. The same goes for white tights: stay away from them. Fact 4. The neutral colours are white, black, navy, taupe, beige and grey. Any colours will coordinate with these. If you need to wear your grey suit for that court date, dress it up with a yellow top, red heels and a turquoise bag. You’ll look great! Fact 5. Always invest in one or two good suits. They will become a staple in your wardrobe. You don’t have to wear the pieces together; tear the suits apart and wear as separates. Doing this will double your wardrobe and you will get more out of your investment. Just remember to dry clean all the pieces at the same time to keep them looking the same. Above all, remember to have fun. Fashion is not something to be taken too seriously. Take note of what others are wearing and how they are wearing it. It just might open your world and wardrobe to a whole new way of self expression.




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