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group is based out of the Yorkton office, while 25 other associates work out of their respective communities. Monthly meetings, staff barbecues and potlucks bring the team together, along with functions in the agents’ individual communities. A highlight for the brokerage is its annual awards dinner and banquet. “The emphasis that evening is on people who help the most in contributing to the company,” says Shank. Past awards have included a twoweek vacation to Victoria, B.C., tickets to the 50 yard line at a Grey Cup game, and flights to anywhere in the world that WestJet flies. “It’s recognition for doing outstanding work,” says Wruth. “We reward excellence.” Ongoing education and training is encouraged for RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty’s sales associates, from pursuing broker’s licenses to engaging with RE/MAX University webinars. Monthly meetings touch on topics such as how

to operate a business and how to be a community leader. “We spend a lot of time working with people’s business development,” says Wruth. “If people show they have leadership skills, we’ll make financial and personal efforts to give them that kind of role.” Wruth says there is no magic to RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty’s success, but that it stems from the simple approach of being nice, honest and making sure clients are getting their money’s worth. In an industry where agents are often competing with each other, RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty’s emphasis on teamwork sets it apart. “Everyone is supportive of each other and revels in each other’s successes,” says Shank. RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty 269 Hamilton Road, Yorkton P: 306.783.6666 | F: 306.782.4446

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Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013