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t’s that time of year again; the snow is flying and people are getting out their winter gear. It is also time for Easter Seals’ most popular winter event, Snowarama. For 36 years the event has been a huge success, thanks to the generosity of snowmobilers throughout Western Canada, raising over $1.7 million to help children with disabilities. With a strong fan following already, Snowarama 2014 looks to be Easter Seal’s best yet. S n o w a ra m a chairperson and Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association president, Barry Bradshaw, is a perennial participant in the event; “every year the event grew and we saw the countless benefits that were being provided to children. We knew the event would continue to be successful so we kept going.” The funds raised from Snowarama help kids with disabilities lead a more independent and social life. With programs like Camp Easter Seal, Summer Fun and Adaptive Technology Services, Easter Seals is ensuring




children with disabilities have access to as many opportunities as possible. At Camp Easter Seal children enjoy five days of fun in a zero-barrier environment where anything is possible. It costs $1500 to send one child to Camp Easter Seal. With corporate donations and successful fundraising events, such as Snowarama, Camp Easter Seal is offered fully subsidized to each camper. Last year Snowarama sent 112 children to camp. Through several successful fundraisers and community support over 800 children attended Camp Easter Seal in 2013. They enjoy all the perks of camp: games, water fun, cookouts, horses and so much more. Young camper and Snowarama ambassador, Brooke Perepeluk, knows all the benefits of camp, “I have been to camp twice and I can’t wait to go back! I love everything about camp — the water tubing, wagon rides and horseback riding.” The Summer Fun Program allows children, youths and young adults to come together, take


Easter Seal ambassador, Brooke Perepeluk PHOTO Simple Shots by Jackie

part in recreation and leisure activities and truly enjoy the summer. Adaptive Technology Services opens the door to educational and social opportunities by providing electronic and computer assessment services. “Camp is usually that first bit of freedom; kids get to leave their parents and just be kids. Childhood is the best part of your life — we really take it for granted — at Camp Easter Seal we can give back because the barriers are all minimized,” remarks community relations coordinator Deana Jesmer. When looking for winter fun, look no further than Snowarama, where you can enjoy your winter while helping kids enjoy their summer.

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