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om, I’m bored.” These three words are dreaded by every parent. Kids by nature are curious creatures filled to the brim with energy. Piquing a child’s interest with a new activity is not only a great way to ensure those dreaded words are never spoken (or whined), but gives the child a new outlet for creativity or physicality. “


Creative Play

Sometimes all it takes to beat boredom is let your child explore a new craft, game or imaginative activity. Creative play benefits kids by developing his or her imaginative curiosity, critical thinking skills, fine motor skills and overall intellectual wellbeing. Creative activities are a great outlet for children’s emotions and for learning the oh-so-essential skill of perseverance.




Physical Activity

About one-third of Canadian children and adolescents are overweight or obese. These kids are more likely than children with healthy weights to grow up to be overweight or obese adults. A healthy lifestyle learned at a young age has lifelong effects. In addition to teaching your child healthy eating habits, let him or her explore various forms of physical activity. Not only does physical activity burn energy, it allows for strengthened muscles, improved flexibility and coordination, better sleep habits and overall emotional wellness. Research shows that children who learn new skills and teamwork from group-orientated sports have higher confidence, develop a greater ease of learning later in life, and have improved relationships with peers. Encouraging children to explore different types of creative and physical play opens up a world of endless learning and developmental possibilities. Life really is about fun and games!

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Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013