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consideration each client’s individual fitness level, and their specific goals.” ReFLEXions offers two levels of fitness boot camps that combine the concept of military-style workout regimes with fitness-minded training. The 45-minute classes involve body weight exercises, plyometrics, cardio, strength and core work training. Classes incorporate weights, kettle bells and other gym equipment, explains Popoff. “The Boot Camp classes are still designed so that they are able to adapt to all fitness levels,” she says. “It’s all about making it entertaining and making sure everyone in the class feels like they got a good workout.” ReFLEXions also offers kickboxing classes. Popoff runs her kickboxing classes is an MMA style rather than an aerobic style, she says, and is good for

total body conditioning — increasing muscle definition, core strength, and muscle endurance. Perfect for beginners, ReFLEXions also has TRX classes. These classes utilize the TRX Suspension Trainer, which is a piece of fitness equipment that is designed to deliver a total-body workout using the client’s own body weight. “It’s definitely something that any fitness level can do,” says Popoff, noting that TRX classes are a safe way to increase muscle strength because they don’t allow the client to exert themselves beyond their limits. “The feedback that I get about the TRX classes is that it’s very easy to pick up and it’s not intimidating at all. You can take breaks if you need to, you can do less reps if you need to, or more if you want, and you can increase the intensity by adding a hop or a jump into it.”

ReFLEXions also offers hot yoga, a low impact class that increases flexibility and balance, and Zumba, which is a Latin dance-inspired aerobic work-out. All of these classes are offered within the comfort of a private gym. “Our clients feel comfortable here,” says Popoff, “and that’s important.” To find out more about ReFLEXions Personal Training Studio, the classes they offer, scheduling and membership information, call 306.783.3539 or visit The studio is located at 3 Broadway St. W. in Yorkton. ReFLEXions Personal Training Studio 3 Broadway St. W. Yorkton 306.783.3539




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