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lthough being active and keeping fit is important, for many, the idea of going to a gym to work out is simply uncomfortable. Beginners can feel intimidated, others are apprehensive about using equipment or undertaking a class due to inexperience or preexisting physical conditions — some simply don’t want the eyes of 100 people on them.

This is something Lynndell Popoff noticed when she was working for one of the big chain gyms. “I found that not everyone is comfortable training in a gym full of people,” says Popoff, a personal trainer and the owner of ReFLEXions Personal Training Studio. Popoff knows, however, that one-onone personal training can be expensive.

That’s why ReFLEXions offers group fitness options with smaller class sizes, where individualized training is still a large component of the workout. Also, because it’s a private gym, the classes aren’t in front of an ever-changing mass of people. “Within the classes, I still try to individualize the training,” Popoff explains. “Everything we do takes into above front centre Lynndell Popoff and clientele




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Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013