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an Layh has been creating visual images as long as she can remember. After her first child was born Layh started working more diligently at developing her craft. She is completely self-taught and notes that experience and much practice has been her guide. Jan and her husband, Don, live on the Assinaboine River Valley east of Langenburg. Her love for that area and for the prairies in general comes through in her art. “I started out in water colours and worked with that medium for about 15 years,” explains




Layh. Eventually she switched to acrylic for larger scale paintings that more aptly capture the vastness of the prairie landscape. About eight years ago, she switched from using a brush to working solely with a palette knife. Two years ago she began working in oil using that medium for her landscape studies. Layh recently began to paint portraits; a very new and difficult subject for her. She humbly states “I have a lot to learn.” “I know that each new medium and each new subject helps to inform my work.” Layh points out that she still uses each medium for different reasons and

to get different results. For example, she uses only watercolours for her travel journals. Layh recently retired from teaching Arts Education at Langenburg High School. Her experience as an artist and her enthusiasm for sharing her passion has helped to encourage many young, emerging artists. Layh continues to give encouragement and mentorship to artists. Her drawing and painting workshops attract artists of all ages and abilities. “I love to share my passion,” says Layh, “I’m a born teacher and I am inspired by the artists with whom

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Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013  

Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013