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Dr. le Roux

Physician, heal thyself – with help from WLF I’m a family physician. Like many of my patients, I have struggled with weight for a long time, despite trying many diets and exercise to lose weight. I had hypertension, daily heartburn and shortness of breath with any exertion. As a physician, I knew well the health risks of obesity. Melanie and Dr. Pompa have changed many lives. Now I have had over 100 of my own patients who had surgery through WLF. Having gone through the weight loss surgery myself makes a huge difference in how I counsel patients struggling with obesity. I understand what hard work it is to go through this process, but patients can also see the difference it made in me. I can more easily discuss with patients my experience with Dr. Pompa and her staff at the hospital. I am also able to help patients through the post op stages. It brings me great joy to see the trust that patients have in me when they realize that I was a patient myself. It feels good to have patients and friends compliment me on how well I look now. I enjoy having more energy and being able to exercise without limitation. Going up and down stairs is easy! It is wonderful to be off my blood pressure medication, to have no heartburn (which I had daily before!) and to have a normal cholesterol level again. Surgery seems like a drastic procedure to lose weight, but doing it with the support of the team at WLF and Dr. Pompa, this has been a success when nothing else worked before. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to improve my life and health, and to continue to support and counsel my patients who struggle with obesity.

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Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013  

Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013