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Sharing a dinner table, let alone a family feast, with someone who has special dietary requirements can be a challenge. It can be downright nerve-wracking. Put those fears behind you and embrace your next family dinner with an arsenal of tips and recipes for a happy and festive feast for all. Be Aware of CrossContamination

If you’re serving a guest with celiac disease or a serious gluten intolerance, cross-contamination can be a very real threat. Kindly educate the guests on the importance of not double-dipping or using the same utensils for spreading, dipping, scooping which have touched something with gluten or other allergens.

Know What You’re Serving

If you’re making Auntie Greta’s famous pumpkin pie, make sure you know what ingredients are in it for all guests invited. Some of your dinner guests may have dairy, egg, gluten or other allergies that you’re not aware of. If you’ve purchased a food item, it might help to keep the ingredients list handy for any who may need to check it (though you might not be able to pass off a store-bought pumpkin pie as your own homemade this way!).

Be Inclusive

Nobody likes to be the odd person out at the dinner table. Nor does a person enjoy feeling awkward for having special dietary requirements. Providing a few special glutenfree and plant-based dishes for everyone to enjoy, especially those who might not be able to partake in anything else, is a wonderful way to share your hospitality.

Make It Fun!

It might seem like a lot of extra work to prepare an entirely separate menu of glutenfree vegan items but with a bit of advance planning you may find that with a few substitutions to your regular recipes they can easily become gluten-free and/or vegan and still taste amazing. Why not share the load and ask other family members or guests to each prepare a single dish to bring to share? Of course, you can choose to create an entire meal that is completely gluten-free and plant-based! Traditional autumn and winter family feasts generally include things like turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy with stuffing. There’s no need to try and replace the turkey with a faux meat substitute that’s not gluten-free when you can serve up something hearty and satisfying, and equally as festive, as Wild Rice & Pear Stuffed Acorn Squash. Enjoy the following recipe and over a dozen more gluten-free and plant-based recipes, appetizers, soups, side dishes, gravy, desserts, and much more in my complementary Family Feasts Cookbook available for download at

Megan Lust is a freelance writer and foodie, with a focus on gluten-free and vegan recipes. Visit her blog at or her FB page for more healthy eating ideas and recipes.




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