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A Fairytale

about Flowers, Gifts and a Steaming Hot Cup of Coffee By Tonya LamberT Photos JuLie Shiner


nce upon a time, there was a beautiful woman named Gina Hiebert, who desired to open a business in her hometown of Grandview, Manitoba. Nestled between the Duck Mountains to the north and the Riding Mountains to the south, this fairytale village of 800 people was in need of a new owner for its floral shop. “I am going to buy that shop,” thought the enterprising Gina, “and transform it into a magical place where people can come to shop, visit and enjoy a cup of coffee with their neighbours.” The adventure was about to begin.




Gina set about with the help of her family and friends, including her ‘fairy godmother’ Ardithe McNabb, to make her dream a reality. Through a combination of elbow grease and laughter, Pink Petals and The Black Bean was born in July 2009. An enchanting blend of fine floral designs, great giftware and creamy cappuccinos, Pink Petals and The Black Bean quickly cast a spell over the people of Grandview, becoming a hub of the local community. People of all ages gather at the shop to relax, visit and enjoy a tasty beverage. The

coffee bar serves a variety of aromatic potions, including coffees, cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, steamers, iced coffees, herbal teas and biscotti. The friendly, welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by the display of captivating watercolours by local artist and schoolteacher, Barbara Grexton. Those on a quest for the perfect present are likely to find whatever it is that their heart desires at Pink Petals and The Black Bean. “Wow! I always make time to stop by Pink Petals and The Black Bean when passing through Grandview. You have

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Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013  

Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013