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may call from almost anywhere in order to purchase a vehicle from Cross-Town. “We’ve created a family,” says Colin. He and Jana are confident that CrossTown’s prices are competitive. “It makes sense to buy a car in a small town,” Jana says. “We purchase our vehicles for the same price as city dealerships, but we have lower overhead costs,” so customers receive better deals. “Chances are, we can sell cheaper than any city dealer,” Colin agrees. They also know Cross-Town Motors must maintain impressive selection to bring in city business, and they’ve met the challenge. “We have over 100 vehicles on our lot,” Colin says. They hint that the current truck lineup is especially enticing. “We have a brand new Sierra and Silverado. They’re 100 per cent redesigned trucks, and they’re fantastic. Very quiet to drive — the quietest truck out there.” Cross-Town Motors also offers preowned stock. “We’re a certified used dealer,” says Colin, noting that each

previously owned model receives a 150-point inspection to ensure roadreadiness. “When our used vehicles hit the lot, they’re clean, safe vehicles we stand behind.” Cross-Town Motors also specializes in custom trucks, as well as having a fully stocked pro shop. Finally, says Colin, “If we don’t have what you’re looking for on the lot, we’ll find it for you.” You may peruse Cross-Town Motors’ stock by visiting their website. The site lists every model on the lot, complete with unique shots of each. “You can look at pictures of the vehicle you’re interested in, not stock photographs.” When clients visit in person, Colin and Jana are confident they’ll receive service matching the quality of the merchandise. “Everybody here is young and passionate about cars,” Colin says; staff are enthusiastic, not aggressive. Once clients choose a model, financing is simple. “We can take care of your insurance, your warranties — everything — right in the building.”

When you return to Cross-Town Motors for servicing, your vehicle’s in good hands. “Our award-winning technicians continually train to meet the industry’s needs,” says Jana. “They’re talented, take pride in their work, and we’re proud to have them on our team.” Of her employees, Jana muses, “Would I consider them my family? Absolutely.” After all, “family” is Cross-Town Motors’ way.

Cross-Town Motors Highway 5 East Roblin 800.305.3313

TOP LEFT BACK ROW L–R Shaun Seib, Joerg Morgenstern, Reuben Isaac, Alex Lefave, Fiona Hammond, Trista Beck FRONT ROW L–R Jim Skene, Jason Shoemaker, Mark Griffitts, Jana Knight, Colin Knight RIGHT Colin and Jana Knight




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Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013  

Fine Lifestyles Parkland Winter 2013