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FineLifestyles Lifestyles JULY/AUGUST 2014 | VOLUME 3 ISSUE 3

GREG JOHNSON The Thrill of the Chase



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first word With Fine Lifestyles editor Sarah Vermette


t’s hard to believe it’s already July. But hopefully by now, most of us have relaxed into the gentleness of summer and have embraced the serenity and openness it brings. The next couple months come with several opportunities to get out and enjoy different events, including the races held by the Melville Mud Runners Association, which you can read about in the business section. I recently went to the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards in Nipawin, where I was pleased to have the opportunity to interview several musicians, including Yorkton’s own, Jackie Guy. She has a few shows coming up in the area, just released a brand new single to country radio and continues to work in the studio on her upcoming album. A big thank you goes out to Greg Johnson, our cover story, for taking the time to tell us about his storm chasing adventures. When you see the stellar photos he provided, you’ll be blown away. Yes, pun intended. Having edited several issues for Fine Lifestyles, I have begun to take special notice of the unique diversity within each community, business and person. Beyond advertising and promotion, these pages are an invitation from everyone who appears within. Enjoy the rest of summer — we’ll see you again in the fall.

FineLifestyles PARKLAND SASKATCHEWAN July/August 2014 Volume 3, Issue 3 Editor Sarah Vermette Art Direction Amber Moon (Senior), Lisa Redden (Associate) Design Deanne Bell, Natasha Burkholder Staff Writers Courtney Tait, Henny Buffinga, Melanie Furlong Rebecca Henderson, Tobie Hainstock, Tonya Lambert Tori Stafford, Trina Annand Cover Photography Courtesy Greg Johnson Photography Carol’s Photography, Chantelle Rivers, Judith Stewart Photography, Photographic Art by Mitch, Simple Shots by Jackie, Tracy Portraits Contributing Writers Amy Nelson-Mile, Brook Thalgott, Candace M. Fox, Katrina Geenevasen, Kim Mannix Vermette, Kimberly Patzer, Sarah Vermette Associate Publisher Susan Gellert, 306.641.5616 Subscriptions Printed by Transcontinental Printers in Winnipeg & Montreal


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36 For Johnson, storm chasing began as a hobby 10 years ago. Already an avid photographer, Johnson sold his marketing and communications firm four years ago to pursue chasing lightning storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards full-time. “It’s a lot of fun,” he says. “I get to make my living doing something I love. It’s a dream come true.”

CONTENTS STYLE ..................................................... 8 HEALTH AND WELLNESS ................ 10 DINING, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT ..............................20

Johnson’s storm-chased for two seasons with Chittick and for three seasons with Forbes. Chittick grew up in Grand Rapids, Mich. and has been chasing storms for 15 years. Chittick’s seen over 423 tornadoes and 10 hurricanes and was even featured on the Discovery Channel’s show Storm Chasers. Forbes hails from Martensville, Sask. and although he’s only in his third year of storm-chasing — he’s a natural according to Johnson. “Ricky is a daredevil kind of guy,” says Johnson. “His first chase was with me and we were covering one of the largest


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COVER STORY The Thrill of the Chase ....................... 28 From Saskatchewan to Sochi: Olympic Athletes Pursue their Dreams ........... 36 Kimberly Patzer on Home Staging ..50 Melville Mud Runners Makes Getting Dirty, Fun ......................58



Parkland Saskatchewan


Regina’s Scott Perras when the shooting portion of h biathlon performance proved disappointing. We clappe and flinched every time McMorris landed a flip with h snowboard, knowing he was competing with a broke rib. For the first time ever, the Saskatchewan governmen allowed bars in the province to open early so fans coul cheer on the men’s hockey team in the gold medal fina in the early hours of the morning on February 23. Hude declares, “Sochi was an incredible experience; I’ll neve forget stepping onto the ice the day of my event and goin to the starting line. It was an absolute thrill to skate for m country and wear that Canada suit, knowing that you hav an entire nation at your back.”

The 2014 Winter Olympics are now over, and the athlete returned home to relax for awhile before resuming trainin and competing. Some have families to raise (Rush an his wife are expecting their fourth child), while other have university courses to complete (Makowsky will b graduating with a double major in chemical engineering an economics from the University of Calgary in the spring).

Wickenheiser is embarking on a new journey as a newl elected member of the International Olympic Committee This eight-year position has interested this female hocke great for years. While her role on the Committee is ye to be determined, Wickenheiser is certain to undertak it with the same determination and dedication that ha seen her — and the province’s other Olympic athletes — successfully compete on the world stage.

— Make the Most out of Summer — Summer is here and so is your local Yorkton Mark’s store with everything you need to make the most of our precious Saskatchewan summer. Everything except the groceries, of course. Mark’s really is more than just great work wear and they recognized a long time ago that the old axiom of “work hard and play hard” applied to their customers as well. Mark’s is where the hard working men and women of east central Saskatchewan and western Manitoba come to buy their work clothes and their play and casual clothes for nearly any summer activity. From men’s golf and polo shirts, T-shirts, tank tops and muscle shirts to ladies dresses, shorts, capris and summer tops you will find it all at Mark’s. Come in to Mark’s and celebrate summer in style. If you want to play hard and look good while you’re doing it, shopping at Mark’s is a logical and smart choice. With the following brands to choose from it’s easy to relax and enjoy summer with Mark’s…

CaTErpIllar • SIlvEr • BurnSIdE • HEllY HanSEn • ColuMBIa • nIkE • dEnvEr HaYES nIColE BEnISTI • oGIo • WIndrIvEr • dH3 • dakoTa • poInT ZEro • CoBIan


NEW Frenzy MOM ON THE RUN Look Together on the Fly Simplify your beauty regime; skip the concealer and foundation and stick to mascara, blush and lip gloss — or nothing at all. Your skin will thank you.

Shower the night before to save time in the morning — wet hair takes awhile to style.

A basic jersey dress or capris can be dressed up with some jewellery, a scarf, a smart bag and comfortable flats for a well put together look.

Make a habit of cleaning out your purse (or bag) once a week. It's much easier to retrieve items from a tidy purse and will literally take a weight off your shoulders, making every step you take lighter.



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HABITS FOR Free Mornings

BACK TO SCHOOL Eliminate Common Stresses Back to school shopping can be overwhelming with more than one child. Plan a separate back to school shopping and lunch outing for each child and parent(s) to alleviate stress all around. Lunches prepared the night before will be made in less of a rush, increasing the likelihood of a more nutritious and enjoyable meal.

Choose kids' outfit the night before to free up precious morning time. Young children can help until eventually they take on this responsibility themselves.

Before shopping for new clothes, spend a few hours with your child/children getting rid of anything that no longer fits, or is used, to make room for the new.


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From Root to Crown:

How Yoga Benefits The Mind BY coUrtneY tait



Parkland Saskatchewan

If you’ve tried yoga, you’ve likely experienced the sense of calm that follows a session of downward dogs, shoulder stands, and other stressreleasing poses. While improved flexibility and muscle strength are excellent reasons to embark on the yoga path, perhaps the greatest benefits of this ancient practice are what it can do for your mind. From easing depression to increasing clarity, reviews of a variety of yoga styles have suggested that the practice enhances one’s well-being far beyond the physical realm.

So how does it work? Yoga Brings awareness to the Breath Throughout our daily lives, most of us breathe shallowly, drawing minimal breath into the lungs rather than taking full, deep breaths, which are required for optimal health. While moving through yoga poses, an awareness of and attention to the breath is created, which helps to regulate the breath and bring fresh oxygen to the brain. Focusing on inhaling and exhaling in a smooth, even way brings a sense of relaxation to the body and mind. Yo g a U n B lo c ks Yo U r chakras The body has seven energy centers called chakras, located along the spine up to the crown of the head. Chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, and the chakras are points through which we receive and distribute life energy. Each chakra correlates with specific functions in our body and aspects of our being. Tension can block the chakras and lead to physiological, emotional, and spiritual imbalance. Performing yoga poses unblocks the chakras, so energy can flow freely. root chakra The first chakra is the root chakra, found at the base of the spine. This chakra correlates to the feeling of being grounded. When it is in balance, you feel secure, stable, and connected to what’s around you. When the root chakra

is out of balance, you may feel restless and anxious. Grounding yoga poses such as mountain, side angle, and warrior II help bring the root chakra into balance. sacral chakra The sacral chakra is connected with self worth, creativity, sexuality, and emotions, and is located below the navel. A balanced sacral chakra shows in a feeling of abundance and the ability to flow with one’s emotions. When the sacral chakra is blocked, you might feel a lack of energy or be highly emotional. Yoga poses that move energy through the hips and lower abdomen, such as dancer’s pose, help to unblock the sacral chakra. solar PlexUs chakra This chakra is found in the upper abdomen behind the stomach, and correlates with ego, confidence, and passions. A solar plexus chakra that is in balance will help bring about a sense of personal power and feeling of expressiveness. When out of balance, you may feel confused, concerned with what others think, or depressed. Sun salutations and abdominal strengtheners can aid in restoring vitality to this chakra. heart chakra The heart chakra is connected with harmony, peace, and the quality of love present in our life. It’s the balancing point of the chakras, located


Parkland Saskatchewan


in the chest between the three lower and three upper chakras. An unbalanced heart chakra may show in physical signs such as sitting with your head forward and shoulder rounded. You may feel lonely, shy, or less empathetic that you wish. Chest openers such as shoulder stretches and backbends help us to lead with our heart. throat chakra This chakra is related to communication and inner truth, and is found in the throat, neck, and mouth areas. When the energy of the throat chakra is deficient, you might experience shoulder tension, teeth grinding, or a fear of speaking. Excessive energy in this chakra is revealed by an inability to listen. Shoulder openers and neck stretches such as camel, bridge, and plow poses can bring the throat chakra, and therefore your communication, into balance. third eYe chakra Imagination, visualization, and intuition are aspects of the third eye chakra, located between and above the eyes. When this chakra’s energy is blocked, your memory may feel fuzzy and you may have difficulty visualizing. An overactive third eye chakra can lead to headaches and difficulty concentrating. You can begin to bring balance to this chakra with forward bends, adding a cushion or blanket that presses on the third eye. Incorporating meditation into your yoga practice will strengthen your third eye chakra, making your perception sharper.

Crown Chakra

Brow Chakra

Throat Chakra

Heart Chakra

Solar Chakra

Spleen Chakra

Root Chakra



Parkland Saskatchewan

crown chakra The seventh chakra is found at the crown of the head, and can be perceived as a halo that connects you with the spiritual world. Deficient energy in this chakra may reveal itself through apathy or an emphasis on materialism. If you feel skeptical about or lost in your connection to your spirituality, the crown chakra may need attention. While meditation is the most effective practice for balancing the crown chakra, inversion postures such as shoulder and headstands are also helpful, bringing about a sense of rejuvenation. Tuning into how your mind, body and spirit are feeling can help you to get the most out of your yoga practice. Whether you wish to ease stress, enhance your mood, or increase your ability to focus, regularly practicing specific breathing exercises and postures aimed at your areas of need can bring lasting results. Once you learn which poses correlate with what aspects of your body and mind, you can practice them with more intention. This awareness will expand your ability to nurture yourself through yoga, bringing about greater happiness and overall health.



Diabetes Care Centre Surgical stockings and medical supplies Sports medicine products Ostomy and wound care supplies Compliance packaging services FREE DELIVERY SERVICE ON PRESCRIPTIONS.

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Closed Sundays 41 Broadway Street West (Parker Quine Building) • Yorkton • 306.786.6636



















For more information, call: 306.540.3320 or visit:

Body Poetry Fitness Studio Come As You Are and Experience The Benefits of Yoga By Candace Fox Photos Simple Shots by Jackie


endy Nesseth is a testament to how Yoga can change lives. Facing cancer treatments in 1995, she researched alternatives to traditional western medicine that might help her overcome the diagnosis and make her an overall healthier person. Each article she read pointed her towards yoga and meditation. She tested her research by starting her lifelong practice right then and there and the results were astounding. “The changes were immediate, I felt so much better and from that point on I’ve been down this path,” explains Wendy. With many transitions along the way, including leaving her Special Education teaching job, completing certifications in advanced yoga training in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and North Carolina, raising two boys, becoming the owner of Body Poetry Studio, and travelling around the world meeting some monumental beings in the yoga/spiritual realm, Wendy’s journey has led her to where yoga and meditation are the ground that she walks upon. ExpEriEncE thE BEnEfits Yoga is for everyone, and it does not matter at what age you start or where you are mentally, physically or emotionally. “I hear a lot of people say they will start when they lose that extra 10 pounds or when they finally kick their smoking habit… what people don’t realize is that yoga can



Parkland Saskatchewan

ABOVE Wendy Nesseth, owner

help them make those positive changes in their lives,” states Wendy who insists imperfection is a fact of life and people shouldn’t put off joining yoga because they don’t feel like they are their best selves. Yoga has helped Wendy become more patient and centered and it helps her stay grounded. Describing it as ‘a light turning on’ the owner of Body Poetry herself states she is more in tune with herself, others, and her surroundings. “I have an 84 year-old male client and an 11 year-old female client, and every age in between, every body shape, people with various backgrounds…yoga really can benefit all people, it is a work in progress for all of us,” says Wendy. Body poEtry sErvicEs With a mandate that includes ‘committing to the spiritual, emotional and physical health,

happiness and peace of mind of our clients’, Wendy and her staff offer a wide range of services from yoga to ballroom dancing. Yoga: with classes varying from gentle to multi-level, clients can feel comfortable at whatever stage they feel they are at, advancing at their own pace and time. Private Sessions: for those with physical limitations, who may be nervous to join a class or who want to learn specific yoga asanas, one-on-one sessions with Wendy and her nearly 20 years of yoga practice are available. Meditation: learn how to calm your mind’s thoughts, transform it from negative to positive and tune out the busy world with different meditation techniques. Belly Fit: a fun, holistic fitness system with combination dance moves, Pilates, and

yoga-based stretches to get the heart rate up for some cardiac health. Art of Living Part 1 course: learn breath techniques that will melt stress, increase energy and calm the mind. Raindrop Massage Technique: there are thousands of benefits to the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. This technique supports physical, mental and emotional balance while assisting in the harmony of body and mind. To learn more about the services at Body Poetry or how yoga and meditation can benefit your life, stop by the studio or catch Wendy on Access Television with the Body Poetry Real Yoga show. Body Poetry Fitness Studio 2–7 Broadway Street West, Yorkton |


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armen Goebel may be a new Enlighten Laser franchise owner, but she’s an old pro when it comes to running her own salon in Melville, Sask.

Goebel has 10 years of salon expertise with the After Hours salon, which hosts a variety of spalike treatments such as manicures, pedicures, tanning and acrylic and gel-nail services. Goebel says she also offers courses for clients on how to apply gel-nails. “Just reach out to me through my Facebook page,” she says. “It’s available whenever someone asks.” Goebel recently became Enlighten Laser’s 16th franchise owner in Canada — and the first Enlighten Laser franchise owner in Saskatchewan. Enlighten Laser is a Canadian company, established in 2010 to provide affordable, high quality skin care treatments while ensuring comfort, privacy and satisfaction. Enlighten Laser also prides itself on personal attention, communication and individualized care before, during and after treatments — characteristics that Goebel was immediately drawn to. Goebel says it was also Enlighten Laser’s competitive pricing that she found in line with the prices she offered at her own salon. “Merging with Enlighten Laser allowed my business to evolve and grow,” says Goebel.

PROMOTING Body Confidence & Personal Pampering By Rebecca Henderson Photos Chantelle Rivers



Parkland Saskatchewan

It also gives Goebel more time to spend with her customers. Already a believer in personal attention and individual care, she says she gets more positive feedback every day with the added treatments offered by Enlighten Laser. Goebel remembers a woman calling her to share that she already noticed three quarters of an inch gone from her body because of Enlighten Laser’s body slimming treatment. “The body slimming treatment is a non-invasive procedure using ultrasonic technology (UT), which heats fat cells to a therapeutic temperature where fluid and toxins — stored within the cells — are then released,” explains Goebel. For those looking to improve skin imperfections, there’s photorejuvenation, a non-invasive procedure where intense pulse light is used to improve a variety of skin imperfections like

damage from excessive exposure to the sun, brown spots, birthmarks and skin marks. Hair removal is also another treatment offered at Goebel’s salon through Enlighten Laser. Goebel says the treatments are fast, hygienic and do not require any numbing agents. The results can also take as little as six treatments to remove the hair

permanently. “It’s particularly therapeutic for cancer patients, who can have their hair grow back in spots where they don’t want it to,” says Goebel. “I can remove it.” Other treatments offered at Goebel’s Enlighten Laser include tattoo removal, skin tightening and hair rejuvenation. Like the body slimming and photorejuvenation treatments, many of the treatments

offered by Enlighten Laser are noninvasive, and results are often seen after a single treatment. For many of these treatments, Goebel notes she has grand-opening specials running, and will also have monthly specials to ensure everyone has a chance to experience body confidence in a variety of new ways. LEFT Carmen Goebel, owner

Enlighten Laser 620 Main St., Melville 306.728.0127


Parkland Saskatchewan


Spa Therapy By Rebecca Henderson Photos Judith Stewart Photography


efresh Massage Studio and Spa owner Lindsay O’Quinn encourages clients to take the time to focus on a part of their lives that’s often forgotten: themselves. “At Refresh we focus on creating a place where a client will receive therapeutic benefits to all services, even something like an eyebrow wax, or half hour massage,” says O’Quinn. “It’s not just about pampering, it’s about fixing and repairing through the therapeutic aspects of pampering and relaxation.”

O’Quinn became a registered massage therapist in 2003, and moved back to Yorkton, her hometown, where she worked steadily for eight years. However, O’Quinn knew, deep down, she wanted to get into the spa business and saw that Yorkton lacked a deeply therapeutic spa. O’Quinn employs two registered massage therapists, herself and Kelly Hyrich, as well as graduating student, Shantelle Fisher. On staff, there are two licensed estheticians, Amanda Lauer and Roxanne Smith, to accommodate other spa services and

round out the Refresh team along with three customer service reps, Dale, Meghan and Brooke. To tie all the services together, Refresh carries Eminence Organic Skin Care. “It’s like a raw food diet for your skin, the ingredients are all organic, hand picked, hand processed and hand packaged to ensure 95 to 98 per cent active ingredients.” O’Quinn says they encourage clients to head out on the town after a facial or waxing. “Clients can’t believe how great their skin looks after.” ABOVE Shantelle Fisher, massage therapist



Parkland Saskatchewan

PREVIOUS PAGE Shantelle Fisher, massage therapist LEFT Amanda Lauer TOP Janna Glasman, body talk BELOW Lindsay O’Quinn, owner

Developing a solid well being and using products that are safe and natural for the body are very important to the staff at Refresh, O’Quinn brought in BioSculpture Soak Off Colour Gel — a product that is safe and easier on nails than common gel colour or acrylics. Furthermore, the colour gel can last for weeks without fading, chipping or wearing away. “The product actually strengthens nails.” O’Quinn also introduced microdermabrasion, which is a non invasive treatment to help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, scars and acne. Advance Foot Therapy is also available for clients who need more attention to their feet than with Refresh’s classic or luxury foot facials. Other services at Refresh include an infrared sauna, body treatments, hand

and foot treatments, BodyTalk treatments done by Janna Glasman and Waxing, where O’Quinn says they use Eminence to calm the redness, “It’s something you can do on a lunch break from work!” They also have makeup services, where they use Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics — a mineral makeup that heals as it conceals. Furthermore, the staff are trained on a regular basis to help clients who want a makeup application for any event whether it’s a grad, wedding, or just a special night on the town. Michelle Smith, who participated in the Novice Bodybuilding Show, says, “They helped me, a gal, who never wears makeup, learn how not only to apply makeup for a daily wear, but apply stage makeup. Truly amazing ladies who love what they do.”

Appointments can be made by phone and through their website or Facebook page. Be sure to follow Refresh on Instagram and Twitter for more up-to-date information on new products and services. Refresh Massage Studio and Spa Lindsay O’Quinn 75 Broadway Street West, Yorkton 306.783.1370


Parkland Saskatchewan


Jackie Guy

Celebrating Life Through Music by Sarah Vermette



Parkland Saskatchewan

The 25th Annual Saskatchewan Country Music Association (SCMA) Awards were held in Nipawin in April, and I had the pleasure of attending and speaking with several of our provincial musicians to be featured in Fine Lifestyles. In this Parkland Saskatchewan edition, we meet Jackie Guy, a long-time musician who calls Yorkton home.


he SCMA is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the promotion, development and enhancement of all aspects of Saskatchewan country music at the local, national and international levels. The awards are Canada’s longest running awards show. Over the years they’ve expanded from giving out 19 awards to 33. As of March 2014, the Office of Parks, Culture and Sport with the Saskatchewan government is in the process of designating an official Country Music Week in Saskatchewan. Aside from honouring provincial musicians, the SCMA Awards are a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate their love of music. “It’s a big country music family,” says Murray Yung, president of the board and a musician himself. Yung first came to be involved with the SCMA while nurturing the career of his daughter, Samara Yung, a solo artist. Indeed, I quickly noticed family and love were common themes at the SCMA Awards. Jackie Guy, who was nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year, has recently returned to music after a long hiatus. She says much

of her inspiration comes from her husband and her seven children who encouraged her to return to songwriting and recording her own music, rather than simply writing for other musicians. On the songwriting process she says, “I get an idea for a song and then I start with my guitar and start feeling out where I want it to go. All the lyrics don’t have to be there right away, but I have to know the rhythm and where it’s going before the words get completed.” When speaking about the inevitable creative lull that an artist experiences, she says, “The people in Yorkton have been incredible. Someone can say the tiniest

thing that will be enough to bring you back to it.” Support from fans is a vital part of a music career and Guy is very grateful to have the support of her community. Her first album, Right Where I Wanna Be, was nominated for Country Gospel Album of the Year at the 2012 SCMA Awards. “You can write when you’re sad and you can write when you’re happy. I’ve been blessed by God and I want to share that joy,” says Guy. Keep an eye on her website and watch for the release of her second album, which is planned for the fall.

OPPOSITE PAGE Photo by Veronica K Photography CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT L-R Ronda, Murray and Samara Yung at the 2014 SCMA Awards (photo: Jan Thesen JRK Photography); 2014 SCMA Female Vocalist of the Year nominee, Jackie Guy in the recording studio; Jackie with husband and family. FineLifestyles

Parkland Saskatchewan


Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds, and Exciting Times at Dance Innovations By Henny Buffinga Photos Carol’s Photography and Photographic ART by -MITCH-


erving the Yorkton community for 19 seasons, Dance Innovations is a great place for children to have fun, get healthy, develop life skills and become an active part of their community. “Dance Innovations has a place for every child to shine, whether they take the competitive route or the recreational route, they learn the skills they need to be positive, productive members of our community,” says Tammy Kostersky, director and instructor of Dance Innovations.



Parkland Saskatchewan

Dance Innovations offers classes in tap, jazz, ballet, creative dance, contemporary and hip-hop. Their programs are designed to suit any student’s needs whether they are competitive or recreational. In addition, Dance Innovations works hard to ensure their students have all the same options students in larger cities have. “For example, our hip hop and contemporary programs were introduced when these genres became popular in the larger cities,” says Kostersky. “Dance Innovations is now a strong force at competitions in those genres along with

jazz, tap and ballet.” In keeping with that mandate, during their 20th anniversary season, Dance Innovations is introducing a new acro-cheer program, for which Kostersky says they have the perfect instructor. They will also be offering a new Parent and Tot program for children as young as 18 months. Kostersky found her true calling in teaching dance and believes strongly in the physical and mental benefits of dance for children. “I knew from a very young

age that teaching dance was my passion,” she says. ”It is wonderful to be a part of something so positive for our youth. Every day, I am grateful for my role as a dance instructor. Dance Innovation students have danced with the Moscow Ballet, have performed for Princess Anne during the Royal Visit, and have performed for the Olympic Torch tour. We are so proud to help provide so many opportunities for our youth here in Yorkton.” Recently Miss Tammy, as her students call her, has been asked to choreograph for the Canadian National Tap Team for the World Tap Dance Championships in Germany this December. “This is such an honour and amazing opportunity for both myself and for the students of Dance Innovations,” enthuses Kostersky. Dance Innovations has something for everyone. “Dance is such a great activity

for children,” she says. “It’s great for growing healthy bodies and healthy minds, and even if they are just dancing for the fun of it, Dance Innovations’ students learn life skills such as team work, how to challenge themselves to meet their goals and how to have confidence in themselves even in the most challenging of settings,” states Kostersky. This summer Miss Tammy and 31 of her students are going to New York to train, perform and compete. To find out how their trip went, as well as how their rehearsals for the World Tap Dance Championships are going, check out the next issue of Fine Lifestyles Parkland. RIGHT Tammy Kostersky, director and instructor

Dance Innovations 82 First Avenue North, Yorkton 306.786.6814 |


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A Place for the People,

Memories for the Heart By Rebecca Henderson Photos Carol’s Photography


auricio Gomez likes to describe the 50 employees who work at his Tim Hortons as the unofficial United Nations of Yorkton, Sask. “We employ people from all over the world,” says Gomez. “Jamaica, the Philippines, India, Fiji, Mexico. We recently won the Yorkton Diversity Leadership award, which comes from the Chamber of Commerce.”

Gomez is originally from Cuernavaca, Mexico, but after meeting his wife while living in New York, he moved to Canada to be with her, eventually settling in Yorkton. Gomez’s first job in Canada was as a regular Tim Hortons employee at his mother-in-law’s franchise. “It’s an amazing thing to be able to talk to so many people, and help so many people each day,” says Gomez, who looks back fondly on his early days at Tim Hortons.

It only made sense that in 2012, he partnered with his mother-in-law’s franchise on the east end of Broadway and then opened a second location later that year on the west end of Broadway. Gomez says his goal is to make Tim Hortons feel like an extension of home. “We build memories and provide our guests with memories. You can bring your child from a hockey game here, you can bring your family from abroad here — it’s simply

Above Mauricio Gomez, Owner oPPoSITe mIddle Sabapathy Kathiravan, General Manager and Mauricio Gomez boTTom Maryanne Sarpanan & Customer



Parkland Saskatchewan

providing a wonderful experience for the people here in Yorkton.” As an immigrant, Gomez understands the importance of promoting inclusivity in his business. He regularly employs persons with disabilities and invests time and guidance toward aboriginal youth by providing them with work and training at his restaurants through Dreambuilders Learning Centre. Gomez says it’s important to give back to the community where you can. He finds it especially rewarding when people give back to one another through his restaurant. “In the drive-thru, people will pay for the order behind them. I remember one time a guy couldn’t believe someone had paid for his coffee and meal — he wanted to pay for it himself and I had to say no! Take your food!” Laughs Gomez. Many of Gomez’s customers, at both locations, are seniors and families — especially families with young kids. However, because Yorkton is a town of just 15,038 people, Gomez’s customers vary and therefore, he likes his staff to be very customer-oriented; always asking, “How can we make it better?” “I’m not afraid to say we have the best service in town — we are friendly and our team members are dedicated and want to solve the problems related to every customer’s order.” Even if it’s buying lunch for people who don’t have enough money to pay —Gomez is incredibly proud of his employees’ willingness to go the extra mile for customers. “We like people — we’re a place for the people.” It’s paid off as well. Gomez says he often receives cards from customers thanking his staff for making their order right. Gomez likes to joke, “You Canadian people are so particular about your coffee,” but he likes it that way — just right.

Tim Hortons 160 Broadway St. E. & 375 Broadway St. W. Yorkton


Parkland Saskatchewan





JULY 1 Canada Day Picnic WDM Grounds, Yorkton

JULY 1 Canada Day Picnic in the Park Centennial Park, Melville

JULY 2-5 Summer Fair and Exhibition Yorkton Exhibition Grounds

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Parkland Saskatchewan

THE THRILL OF THE CHasE By Rebecca Henderson

Storm chaser Greg Johnson was trapped inside his truck (Flash) as the largest tornado to ever hit Earth tore through El Reno, Okla. last May.



Parkland Saskatchewan


ohnson remembers being inside the truck as it was tossed around — out of control. A few yards away, he and his team witnessed a farmyard explode and the debris come hurling towards his truck.

He now breathes a sigh of relief. “Our truck was built to be bullet proof,” he says of the Ford F150, which is a truck that’s made to withstand intense storms, and appropriately named Flash. “In that moment it really proved its worth.” Thankfully none of Johnson’s team — Chris Chittick and Ricky Forbes — were injured during the El Reno chase, however, Johnson says solemnly, other storm chasers were not as fortunate. The tornado in El Reno killed three storm chasers, becoming the first recognized deaths in storm chasing due to a tornado.


Parkland Saskatchewan


For Johnson, storm chasing began as a hobby 10 years ago. Already an avid photographer, Johnson sold his marketing and communications firm four years ago to pursue chasing lightning storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards full-time. “It’s a lot of fun,” he says. “I get to make my living doing something I love. It’s a dream come true.” Johnson’s storm-chased for two seasons with Chittick and for three seasons with Forbes. Chittick grew up in Grand Rapids, Mich. and has been chasing storms for 15 years. Chittick’s seen over 423 tornadoes and 10 hurricanes and was even featured on the Discovery Channel’s show Storm Chasers. Forbes hails from Martensville, Sask. and although he’s only in his third year of storm-chasing — he’s a natural according to Johnson. “Ricky is a daredevil kind of guy,” says Johnson. “His first chase was with me and we were covering one of the largest

tornados to ever hit Kansas in 2012. It was a great chase,” he remembers. “We watched it for three hours within a couple hundred yards.” While storm chasing inside Flash — which Johnson describes as the safety cocoon — he shoots stills and operates navigation while Chittick shoots video and live streams the storm to their social media following. Johnson says Forbes normally drives, weaving through the flying debris, getting as close to the storm as possible. Johnson reveals that the first tornado to ever be broadcast live in Canada was his footage. “It was west of Moose Jaw, Sask. on June 26, 2012,” he says. “And thankfully it never hit any populated areas.”

Johnson says the teams footage is not only featured in Canada, but is often played around the world in countries like England, Australia and Japan as well as major media news outlets like CNN, Good Morning America and Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai. For the public, Johnson, Chittick and Forbes’ photos and videos are available online through their website, where it’s free to view. Johnson and his team have travelled all over North America, but they mostly focus on Tornado Alley, which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska — although it sometimes includes the Prairies as well. “Tornados are the holy grail of storms,” says Johnson. “When they happen — they’re crazy.”

Canada on average sees about 100 tornados a year — second only to the United States with an average of 17001800 tornadoes a year. In 2007, Canada saw its worst tornado hit in Elie, Man., which Johnson says was an EF5 tornado, meaning, winds reached up to 261 and 318 miles per hour. EF stands for the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which rates the strength of tornadoes in the United States and Canada based on the damage they cause. There are six categories, from zero to five, and five is by far the most disastrous and deadly. This year, however, tornado damage may be minimal in North America as Johnson says the United States has seen fewer than 400 tornadoes blow through, meaning the season will end well below normal.


Parkland Saskatchewan


Johnson says tornadoes fester in heat and moisture — and Canada will see its tornado season heat up by mid-June.

arrive. “We witnessed a truck flip over, so we did our best to help out.”

The Prairies have seen many tornadoes pass through and while many of them happen in scarcely populated areas, Johnson remembers one that passed incredibly close to his in-laws in Wadena, Sask. Johnson says his in-laws hid underground, but “It developed right over our heads,” he remembers, “We were just 100 yards away.”

When a tornado tore through Vilonia, Ark. this past April, Johnson and his team performed first aid and search and rescue till the sun came up the next day. “The tornado was an EF4 [where wind speed can be anywhere from 166 to 200 miles per hour] when it went through Vilonia,” says Johnson. “It was perhaps the worst scenario I have ever witnessed, particularly because the tornado hit after dark.”

As storm chasers, Johnson and his team often act as first responders as well. When a tornado hit north of Regina in 2012, Johnson and his team were the first to

Storm chaser enthusiasts can follow the adventure as it happens or catch up on some of the most severe weather that occurs in North America by tuning into



Parkland Saskatchewan

Tornado Hunter’s live stream or following Johnson and his team on social media like Twitter (@CanadoGreg), Facebook (GregJohnsonTornadoHunter) and Instagram (also @CanadoGreg). However, for those who enjoy good oldfashioned television, very recently, CMT Canada approached Johnson and his team for a television project. Johnson won’t reveal many details regarding the project, but he’s excited. “It will be myself, Chris and Ricky.” It’s another added element in Johnson’s future plans to continue growing and developing his career — and television will be a part of it.

Are you ready for



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From Saskatchewan to Sochi:

Olympic Athletes Pursue Their Dreams By TONYA LAMBERT

Medals Ryan Getzlaf (Regina) Men’s Hockey – Gold ChRis Kunitz (Regina) Men’s Hockey – Gold MaRK MCMoRRis (Regina) Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle – Bronze hayley WiCKenheiseR (Shaunavon) Women’s Hockey – Gold PatRiCK MaRleau (Aneroid) Men’s Hockey – Gold


nce again, Saskatchewan’s Olympic athletes have done their province proud. From Canada’s first medal of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi — a bronze in men’s snowboard slopestyle won by Regina’s Mark McMorris — to the country’s last medal in the men’s hockey finals (the team included Regina’s Ryan Getzlaf and Chris Kunitz, as well as Aneroid’s Patrick Marleau), Saskatchewan athletes were there every step of the way.

The games kicked off February 7 with a spectacular opening ceremony at Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Russia. The country’s Olympic athletes were proudly led in by flag bearer Hayley Wickenheiser of Shaunavon, who was competing in her sixth Olympic games. Wickenheiser describes the experience as one of her highlights of the games. “It was an incredible honour to be lifted by the spirit of so many talented athletes behind that flag. I wasn’t worried about any curse or pressure. I play hockey in Canada — there isn’t much in the way of pressure I haven’t felt,” she chuckles.



Parkland Saskatchewan

The opening ceremony was also a high point of Zenon Park’s bobsledder Chelsea Valois’ first Olympic experience. “Walking in the opening ceremonies was one of the highlights of the Games. That moment when I entered the stadium while in the spotlight with the best athletes in the world was very striking. That’s when you know you’ve made it. The excitement and energy in the stadium was intense.” Some of the athletes have been competing in their sport from a very young age, like Wickenheiser who began playing organized hockey at age five. Regina’s Lucas Makowsky and White City’s Marsha Hudey started speed skating at the ages of six and four respectively, while others are fairly new to their sport. Bobsledders, for example, do not begin racing down tracks until they are adults, and have the strength to actually push the heavy sleds. Each of Saskatchewan’s Olympic bobsledders participated in other sports before being recruited to try out for the national team — both Humboldt’s Lyndon Rush and Moose Jaw’s Ben Coakwell played football with the University of Saskatchewan’s Huskies, while Valois was on the University of Regina’s track and field team. When asked how a kid from the Prairies got into snowboarding, Mark McMorris responds, “I grew up skateboarding and wakeboarding in Regina. It’s a very cold place in the winter, so snowboarding seemed like the natural extension of skateboarding during the cold winter months. My older brother Craig got a board and I always wanted to do whatever he was doing.”  No matter how long they have been participating in their sport, each of the athletes trains hard all year round to perform at such a high level. Training five or six days a week, and sometimes twice a day, most of these athletes now live in Alberta to take advantage of the Rocky Mountains and Calgary training facilities built when that city hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics. Some have moved even further afield to pursue their sport. Speed skater, William Dutton of Regina, has moved to Norway to train with the American coach and former Olympic gold medalist, Peter Mueller. Getzlaf, Kunitz and Marleau all play for American teams in the NHL — the TOP LEFT Champion snowboarder, Mark McMorris of Regina, SK., brought home a bronze medal from Sochi 2014 and Canada’s first of the games. Photo courtesy Rhosa Khutor, Russia & G.L’Heureux. ABOVE Shaunavon native, Hayley Wickenheiser, added another Olympic gold medal to her collection, helping lead the Canadian women’s hockey team to victory. Photo courtesy Dave Holland, High Performance Photography LEFT Paige Lawrence of Kennedy, SK., and her partner, Rudi Sweigers of Kipling, SK treated the world to dazzling performances at Sochi 2014. Photo courtesy ©Skate Canada/Stephan Potopnyk


Parkland Saskatchewan


“Sports have always been a part of my life. I have always learned a lot from sports. Parents should value sports and encourage their children to stick with sports. It is a great way to spend your time and it keeps kids out of trouble.” Lyndon Rush bobsled

Anaheim Ducks, Pittsburgh Penguins and San Jose Sharks respectively. The athletes’ training includes exercises to improve speed, endurance and strength, as well work on the technical aspects of the sport. Many coaches, dieticians, massage therapists and others help the athletes prepare. Makowsky notes that his sport psychologist has helped teach him how to overcome adversity, as well as how to relax. Competing at an international level puts a lot pressure on athletes and each one has to find their own way to manage the stress. Rush, who is a strong Christian, says his faith helps him deal with the stresses he faces in life, giving him perspective and helping him to see the bigger picture. Hudey uses visualization techniques to help her cope. “I like to visualize the outcome to the situation because the mind is very powerful. It is a very useful technique — the better you can be at creating the perfect situation in your mind, the better your chances are of being successful through a stressful situation.”



Parkland Saskatchewan

Makowsky, along with Kennedy pairs figure skater, Paige Lawrence, and Regina speed skater, Kali Christ, all feel that an athlete needs to have confidence in their training. Says Lawrence, “High-pressure situations are a part of the job description of any competitive athlete and, for me, I find the best way to deal with them is to be prepared. Being prepared creates confidence for me, and allows me to step into high-pressure situations knowing that I am ready for what is ahead of me. In order to do this, while training I set goals, create a plan to reach those goals, and then follow through with that plan.” McMorris, on the other hand, finds the high pressure of international competitions to be beneficial. “I guess I’m just a very competitive person. I thrive on the pressure, and use it to mentally focus and apply that into my snowboarding while competing.” Their years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice paid off when each of the athletes was named to Canada’s Olympic team. The two weeks in Sochi were a mixture of exhilaration, wonder, triumph and disappointment for the province’s

athletes who divided their time between competing, watching their teammates and exploring this area on the other side of the world. Family and friends in the stands and their countrymen back home cheered them on. Makowsky’s brother, Mykola, who trained with him for years, as well as Hudey’s father and coach, Brad, were among the many family members there to offer their support. Valois, whose family traveled to Sochi to watch her compete, remarks, “Another high point of the Olympics was seeing my family cheering for me at the finish and waving both the Canadian and Saskatchewan Roughriders flags. It meant so much to have their support and for them to share the experience with me.” For two weeks, the best athletes in the world competed, and we cheered them on. We sat on the edge of our seats as the women’s hockey gold medal game went into overtime. We watched in horror as the men’s bobsled team crashed on the 14th turn of their second run, and were relieved that none of the men had been seriously hurt. We empathized with

Ben CoaKWell (Bobsled, Moose Jaw) Chelsea Valois (Bobsled, Zenon Park) ChRis Kunitz (Hockey, Regina) GRaeMe RinholM (Bobsled, Saskatoon) hayley WiCKenheiseR (Hockey, Shaunavon) Kali ChRist (Speed Skating, Regina) luCas MaKoWsKy (Speed Skating, Regina) lyndon Rush (Bobsled, Humboldt) MaRK MCMoRRis (Snowboard, Regina) MaRsha hudey (Speed Skating, White City) PaiGe laWRenCe (Pairs Figure Skating, Kennedy) PatRiCK MaRleau (Hockey, Aneroid) Rudi sWeiGeRs (Pairs Figure Skating, Kipling) Ryan Getzlaf (Hockey, Regina) sCott PeRRas (Biathlon, Regina) WilliaM dutton (Speed Skating, Humboldt)

OPPOSITE The Canadian men bobsled team captured 9th in Sochi 2014 and bronze in Vancouver 2010. Photo courtesy Lyndon Rush. LEFT Speed skater, Marsha Hudey of White City, SK. Photo courtesy Harry Mah, Calgary BELOW Saskatchewan speed skaters (L-R), William Dutton, Marsha Hudey, Kali Christ and Lucas Makowsky. Photos courtesy Lucas Makowsky.

Regina’s Scott Perras when the shooting portion of his biathlon performance proved disappointing. We clapped and flinched every time McMorris landed a flip with his snowboard, knowing he was competing with a broken rib. For the first time ever, the Saskatchewan government allowed bars in the province to open early so fans could cheer on the men’s hockey team in the gold medal final in the early hours of the morning on February 23. Hudey declares, “Sochi was an incredible experience; I’ll never forget stepping onto the ice the day of my event and going to the starting line. It was an absolute thrill to skate for my country and wear that Canada suit, knowing that you have an entire nation at your back.” The 2014 Winter Olympics are now over, and the athletes returned home to relax for awhile before resuming training and competing. Some have families to raise (Rush and his wife are expecting their fourth child), while others have university courses to complete (Makowsky will be graduating with a double major in chemical engineering and economics from the University of Calgary in the spring). Wickenheiser is embarking on a new journey as a newly elected member of the International Olympic Committee. This eight-year position has interested this female hockey great for years. While her role on the Committee is yet to be determined, Wickenheiser is certain to undertake it with the same determination and dedication that has seen her — and the province’s other Olympic athletes — successfully compete on the world stage.


Parkland Saskatchewan


Breaking Down Barriers: Saskatchewan at the 2014 Winter Paralympics


he 2014 Winter Paralympics held in Sochi, Russia, March 7 to 16, were all about breaking down barriers. As Dmitry Chernyshenko, president of the Sochi 2014 organizing committee, stated at the opening ceremony, “It is time for the athletes to break down barriers both on and off the field of play.” The games welcomed athletes from 45 countries — the most ever in a Winter Paralympics. Canadian para-nordic sit-skier, Colette Bourgonje, of Prince Albert, who has competed in 10 Paralympics, said the opening and closing ceremonies held at FIsht Stadium were the best that she has ever attended. The messages were presented in phenomenally impactful ways. For example, the opening ceremony featured an ice breaker that made its way across the stage, breaking through icy barriers and opening up new channels of communication. The closing ceremony, entitled “Reaching the Possible,” included the changing of the large hanging word “IMPOSSIBLE” to “I’M POSSIBLE”, by London 2012 medal-winning rower, Aleksey Chuvashev, who climbed up 15 feet of rope using only his arms.

Impossible is exactly what standing para-alpine skier, Brittany Hudak, of Prince Albert thought of her chances of competing in the 2014 Paralympics. Having only participated in the sport for two years — following a chance meeting with Bourgonje while Hudak was working at Canadian Tire, — she did not think she would qualify. However, at the World Cup competitions held at Canmore in December, the 20-year-old found herself in top place and on route to Sochi, where she competed in the women’s 1 km Sprint Standing (sixth), Women’s 5 km Standing (12th), and Women’s 15 km Standing (10th). She advises, “Don’t pass up an opportunity. Don’t be afraid to embrace a challenge. you don’t know what you are capable of until you are in a situation.” Sochi was also the first Paralympics for Kurt Oatway, a para-nordic sitskier and graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. Oatway, who has been skiing since he was five, broke his back in a fall in 2007. He thought his skiing days were over until he was inspired to give sit-skiing a try after watching the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver. His first attempt was at Mission Ridge near Regina; within a month, he was


competing in races. At Sochi, he was fifth in men’s downhill sitting and ninth in men’s Super G sitting. He also competed in the slalom and giant slalom, in which a minor crash took him out of contention. Bourgonje says Sochi was her final Paralympics. She has competed in both the Summer and Winter Paralympics, been a flag bearer for Canada, and was the recipient of the Whang youn Dai Achievement in 2010 in Vancouver for exemplifying the spirit of the games. Currently working part-time with SaskSport to get more people involved in para-nordic skiing, Bourgonje says that the future is wide open and full of possibilities, though she does intend to continue sitskiing recreationally. Sir Philip Craven, president of the International Paralympic Committee described the 547 athletes at the 2014 Winter Paralympics as “… role models, heroes and pioneers. Together you are catalysts for change. United as one, you have the ability to change perceptions and alter attitudes like no other.” Bourgonje, Hudak and Oatway are doing just that here at home in Saskatchewan.

ABOVE Canada’s Paralympic Team enters Fisht Stadium led by flag bearer Sonja Gaudet during the Opening Ceremonies. Photo: Matthew Murnaghan/Canadian Paralympic Committee. Colette Bourgonje competes in Cross Country Skiing Women’s 5km Sitting. Photo: Matthew Murnaghan/Canadian Paralympic Committee.



Parkland Saskatchewan


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How to Bring organization to Your Home By Katrina Geenevasen


here’s always a sense of rejuvenation as the cold winter months make way for the balmy days of summer, inspiring many of us to begin the dreaded task of organizing our homes. While it may be tempting to put off this rather dreadful task, Fine Lifestyles is here to help you get the main rooms of your home in order in no time at all — so you can get back to enjoying that refreshing margarita on the porch sooner, rather than later.



Parkland Saskatchewan

Kitchen—Before you get started, consider installing sliding shelves, which effortlessly glide out for easy access to all the items that tend to get lost into the abyss near the back. Adding risers will give you even more space to store smaller items. Meanwhile, vertical cabinets with dividers are great for storing tall items like cutting boards and cookie sheets. To keep all those pot lids organized and out of the way, hang a rack on the inside of the cupboard. Next, consider how you use your kitchen and what items you require the most. Create “zones,” so daily activities can be done quickly and easily. For example, if you like to bake, store all of your baking ingredients, electronics and supplies in one cupboard. If you’re an avid tea or coffee drinker, consider designating a cabinet to store your mugs, teabags, coffee pods, sweeteners and honey. Meanwhile, to encourage effortless recycling, stow bins for paper, plastic and glass near your kitchen cleanup zone — which might contain paper towels, disinfectant and rags. Hang spray bottles from a tension rod for added space.

purchase coordinating glass jars with lids and affix labels to the front for easy identification. Consider doing the same thing with your spices, and tuck them all neatly and alphabetically into one drawer or cabinet.

To keep your pantry clutter-free, first purge it by getting rid of anything that’s expired, then purchase clear containers or wire baskets and begin grouping like items together. Ensure kid-friendly snacks are on lower shelves for easy access. For items that tend to come in bulky bags and boxes,

Bathroom—For a luxurious bathroom that boasts organized function, begin by purging your cupboards of anything you don’t use or love. Be ruthless! If you don’t have any built-ins, consider adding shelves or cabinets to store fluffy towels and other necessities within handy reach.

To bring order to your shower, pour all of your shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc. into uniform plastic bottles. Clear apothecary jars for cotton balls, bath salts and the like will give your bathroom a pretty, spa-like feel, while decorative antique glass dishes or bowls can be used to hold and display jewellery. Much like in the kitchen, drawer organizers are also functional in the bathroom, helping to corral small items that tend to create clutter.


Parkland Saskatchewan


you want to create a reading nook, for example, you may wish to include not only a comfortable chair, but to install shelves to store your treasured books — alphabetically or, for aesthetic appeal, by colour. If you want to save on shelf space, consider decorative boxes that can house all the works by your favourite authors and can be tucked away into a closet at a moments notice if you wish. If you use the space mainly for entertaining, on the other hand, you might want to consider installing a bar area so glasses are always within easy reach. For those last minute get-togethers, an ottoman with storage space can make tidying up in a hurry a cinch, and provide extra seating, as well. If you have children, you know all too well how quickly toys tend to take over the space in the living room. First, weed out the toys the children don’t use often, and put them in another room or donate them. Next, ensure there are plenty of shelves and large boxes that can store toys of various shapes and sizes, and are within easy reach for small children. Make your kids a part of cleaning, and before too long, it will become second nature for them to put their toys away when they are done playing with them.

Living rooms—The place where all the family activities seem to take place, the “living” room is aptly named — so it comes as no surprise that it can become a disaster zone in no time at all. But with cleverly planned storage, corralling “stuff ” becomes a much easier task. Consider first how you use the room — in many homes, it has many different functions. Do you use it to watch television? Is it play space for your children? Do you use it for reading, or for entertaining guests? Once you’ve figured out how the space is mostly used, it’s time to create zones — much like in the kitchen. If



Parkland Saskatchewan

Bedroom—It’s hard to feel relaxed (let alone romantic!) in a cluttered bedroom. But sweet dreams are possible with a few quick fixes. Begin by purging your closet and dressers. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing in a year, it’s time to get rid of it. Next, purchase some vacuum–sealable bags or containers on wheels to store heavy sweaters and pants under your bed. When you’re putting items of clothing back into your closet, consider whether you’d like to organize by colour — which is more aesthetically pleasing for some — or by item (blouses with blouses, skirts with skirts, etc.) Getting dressed in the morning will be a breeze when you know exactly where an item of clothing will be in your closet. Meanwhile, shoes (which are an integral part of any wardrobe!) should have their own dedicated space in your closet. Consider angled shelves, which present shoes in an easy-to-see way and make matching footwear to your outfits easy. Pullout shelves are another option, and maximize valuable closet space. If you have a lot of accessories and scarves, consider jewellery rolls and clear storage boxes to hold your baubles.


Parkland Saskatchewan


McTavish Concrete Goes Above and Beyond By Amy Nelson-Mile Photos Carol’s Photography


cTavish Concrete has been providing Yorkton and area with decorative stamped concrete for over five years now, and there’s an almost endless variation to the products they offer. “We can add impressions, patterns, and colour to whatever you like,” says Alex McTavish. “We can make it look like any texture such as rock, brick, tile, or wood plank.” There are also a variety of spots that people can fit the concrete into, explains Alex’s son Kelly McTavish. “We’ve done patios, driveways, decks, pools, basements, firepits, and many more types of jobs.” McTavish Concrete does work that stands out simply because of their expertise. Kelly himself has over 15 years experience working with concrete, and one of the other six people on the crew has over 40 years experience working on both residential and commercial projects. Perhaps most importantly, they have knowledge specific to the area. “We know we need to approach driveways in a certain way because of salt issues,” says Kelly. “Also, this is a freeze-thaw environment and we know how to work with the concrete to allow for that.” The McTavishes believe in working closely with the customer so that they deliver exactly what is wanted. “Sometimes people come to us knowing specifically what they want,” says Kelly. “In a case like that we let the customer lead and we follow.” Other customers know they would like to have something put in but they are not sure exactly what the final result would look like. The McTavishes are happy to



Parkland Saskatchewan

| LEFT Father and son, Alex and Kelly McTavish

Once work does start, however, everyone involved at McTavish Concrete works carefully to make sure they deliver what the customer wants. “This is a major undertaking for the customer,” says Kelly. “People need to be happy with the results, and we will do what it takes to make sure that happens.” McTavish Concrete 306.620.7715

work closely with them to help them formulate a plan. “We talk to people to get a general sense of what they like,” says Alex. “For example, some prefer edges and others like curved designs.” After that, they will review the area itself to see if there are any potential restraints and to see what would be suitable. The planning is crucial so that the customers can have exactly what they want. The McTavishes understand this and won’t rush anyone. “Sometimes we work with them for a year, doing several quotes for them, before we go ahead,” says Alex. “That’s fine with us — we want them to be happy.” Once the customer has decided on a plan, the McTavishes move as promptly as possible to get to the work, although it will take a minimum of two weeks to ensure that all the supplies are available and that all the municipal requirements are met. When taking into account the company’s schedule, during busy times of the year, it can take up to two months before work can start.


Parkland Saskatchewan





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Home Staging S e t t i n g t h e S ta g e f o r S a l e By Kimberly Patzer



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ome staging helps sell properties faster, whether it’s a currently lived-in home or a brand new build. Staging is not simply a process of decorating. The purpose of staging is to showcase a property’s best selling features and minimize its least desirable ones. Bottom line: professional stagers are hired to improve a property by transforming it into a welcoming, appealing and attractive product for sale. While stagers, designers and decorators all use the same principles, their end goals are different. Decorators and designers set out to create a personalized atmosphere that appeals to those currently living in the home. On the other hand, stagers set out to remove the personal connection in order to open the appeal of the home to a large range of potential buyers and invite them to “fall in love” with the idea of making the space their own. Stagers are hired to be a fresh set of eyes; they are trained to see the wear and tear — and flaws — that homeowners don’t notice. Through a four-step process, the house will be ready to place on the market. The first step is to clean the house; every surface needs to sparkle so the house is move-in ready. The second step is to de-clutter and depersonalize; de-cluttering is about being willing to part with things that are no longer needed and depersonalizing means to remove “you” from the space by taking down personal belongings, such as family photos. The third step is to perform any repairs that need to be done on the interior and exterior of the property. The fourth and final step is to showcase the house by properly placing furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories to accentuate the best features of every room. Most buyers want a house that is move-in ready. Since part of the staging process is to clean and remove clutter, potential buyers can easily see the home has space for their own items. In addition, placing furniture will help potential buyers envision how their own

furniture will fit. A carefully staged home gives buyers peace of mind knowing repairs and updating have already been done. Studies have shown when buyers look at potential properties they take into account three main features: updated flooring, freshly painted walls and adequate storage. As a seller, do not let this intimidate you — the repairs and renovations you put into the house to make it more appealing will determine the amount of return you get back on your investment. Staging is not something sellers always consider for the resale of a home — as it’s often associated with new show homes — but it’s equally beneficial in both cases. Sellers who stage their homes can expect to achieve maximum equity from the sale of the property, since it’s proven that staged properties attract more potential buyers. As an added benefit, the process of de-cluttering and depersonalizing means there will be less stress on the seller once the sale goes through. A fast sale also equals less stress, making the improvements worth the effort. Home staging is an important tool that will greatly aid you in your selling journey. Kimberly Patzer is a certified interior decorator based in Yorkton, Sask. where she has operated her business, Truly You Interiors, for more than two years.


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Life is Better Outside the Box By Trina Annand Photos Judith Stewart Photography


echnology is constantly changing and evolving, and as a result home electronics are becoming increasingly more complex. This is why it is so important for home owners to work with an expert in the field who truly understands their needs. At Epic Audio Video Unlimited Carman Parsons and his team use their passion for electronics to help their clients create the state-of-the-art home they dream of without the frustration of doing it all themselves. The audio video industry is no longer simply about selling the biggest television



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and the loudest stereo system, it is about knowledge, versatility and wireless capabilities. Due to the wide variety of features and components available it is more important than ever to have an expert on your side. “In a world where you can simply buy a TV at the grocery store we felt it was important to base our business on great customer service and product knowledge. People are so surprised with how far electronics have come over the years. Our job is to simplify the process and help clients find the right equipment for their lifestyle,” notes Parsons. With a staff of experienced installers and knowledgeable sales people, Epic AVU can

help clients pick and seamlessly integrate components into their home. Home automation has been popular for several years now, but Epic AVU focuses on finding new ways to make it simple and more accessible to all their clients, not just the tech-savvy ones. They offer products such as Control4, which is a remote system that allows home automation through a smart phone, tablet or even a remote. Imagine the ease of controlling your TV, sound system, home theatre, lighting, HVAC, security and blinds with a handheld device — securing a home for the night can be as simple as the touch of a

button. Whether tucking in for the night or travelling around the world, homeowners have complete peace of mind. With their state-of-the-art home theatre and home automation room the specialists at Epic AVU can demonstrate their products to clients and even give them a sense of how nearly invisible a sound system can be in a home. “Integrated home systems are perfect for our modern lifestyles. People really don’t want the clutter of a big bulky system anymore, they are looking for the best performance without seeing all the components laying around the house,” says Parsons. For those looking for a more immersive experience, Epic AVU specializes in creating custom home theatre systems with the latest projectors and screens to make movie night a must. Epic AVU isn’t simply limited to TVs, they also carry and install a wide range of car and marine audio systems from Kenwood, Pioneer and Alpine. Not simply satisfied with giving their clients the best products and services, the company also offers competitive pricing to maintain an edge on the big box stores. “When you buy from us you can buy with confidence. We offer the same price, but with expert advice. We stand by our products and work,” remarks Parsons. Whether you’re looking for the latest in Paradigm speakers and Samsung’s thinnest TV or the technology to make your home work for you, the experts at Epic AVU have you covered with a combined 65 years in the business — this isn’t their work, it’s their life. BELOW Back John Kominetsky, Carman Parsons FrOnt Ryan Dmitruk, Joe Kowall MISSInG Shawn Martel

Epic Audio Video Unlimited 295 Broadway St. W Yorkton 306.782.4777


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Always Available to Help with Your Real Estate Needs By Tori Stafford  Photos Simple Shots by Jackie


here are two things you can see Wade Windjack is passionate about from the moment you meet him: the Yorkton area he’s called home his whole life, and meeting and helping both those who live here and those looking to relocate to the area. Windjack’s love for these two things is evident, both in the hobbies and interests he pursues, and in his line of work as a new realtor with RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty in Yorkton. Committed to the area he knows and loves, Windjack is active in the community, and is a volunteer with the local exhibition association. He also serves as an auxiliary member of the Yorkton Fire Protective Services, where he has volunteered since 2008. His commitment to volunteerism locally stems from his love for the area, and wanting to be able to give back to it. “This community is very important to me. I love the city I live in,” Windjack says. “Yorkton is my home, a community where I have raised two daughters. Yorkton gives me the opportunity to enjoy the things I like to do, including camping, boating, golfing and dancing.” That latter point is one that Windjack has taken to the next level. An avid ballroom dancer, Windjack was taking lessons when his class’ then-instructor had to move, leaving her position vacant. Now the instructor himself, Windjack took the position when his fellow dancers asked him to, and has enjoyed teaching the classes ever since. It was a challenge, but one he values for the friendships he’s made



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“If a client wants to call me in the evening, that’s fine. I have my laptop at home and I’m ready to help them with any questions they might have,” says Windjack, noting that he’ll meet clients after office hours or on weekends. “I’m not afraid of working the extra hours if that is what works for them.”

and the people he’s had the opportunity to meet along the way, Windjack says. With his appreciation for the Yorkton area combined with his love for meeting and helping people, Windjack became a realtor in March of this year, and is excited to help those looking to buy or sell in the area, he says. With his keen knowledge of the area, and his dedication to ensuring his clients

make the best decisions for themselves and their families, Windjack hopes to help those new to the area in any way possible. He also relishes the idea of helping those locally to buy or sell property, and is committed to creating the best experience possible for his clients. To that end, Windjack prides himself on being flexible and accessible to meet client needs at their convenience.

For Windjack, working as a realtor with RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty here in Yorkton is not only an opportunity to meet new people, it’s a means of helping others make Yorkton their home. “I look at real estate, not just as buying or selling a house, but as investing in a life choice,” Windjack says. “A home is where you live, and where you raise your family — a place of comfort and enjoyment where memories are made, and stories begin.”

BluE CHIP REAlTY Wade Windjack RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty 269 Hamilton Road Yorkton 306.620.6905


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† ®

Carpet One Floor & Home

Glauser’s Drapery Gallery Ltd.

Sew Creative & Interiors

Carpet One Floor & Home

Marj Paulson Design Consultant

Wagner’s Flooring Ltd.

110 Third Ave W Melville, SK 306.728.5432 385 Broadway St E Yorkton, SK 306.782.6556

3 Broadway St E Yorkton, SK 306.782.2786

Foam Lake, SK 306.272.4610

622 Main St Moosomin, SK 306.435.2518

2 - 464 Broadway St E Yorkton, SK 306.783.8392

Effective May 1 until August 31, 2014. † Purchase 3 Pirouette® Window Shadings and receive a $200 rebate. Also, when you purchase any number of these additional shades, you’ll receive an extra $40 for each. Valid at participating retailers only. The rebate will be issued in the form of a Hunter Douglas Prepaid American Express® Gift Card. THE PROMOTION CARD is a trademark of The Hunt Group. All Rights Reserved. THE PROMOTION CARD is a Prepaid American Express® Card issued by Amex Bank of Canada.® Used by Amex Bank of Canada under license from American Express.

For everything that moves you... call

Sandi Shewchuk

Sandi Shewchuk 306.621.9015

Big City SeleCtion with exceptional Customer Service Specializing in everything from quality residential garage doors featuring Amarr and Timber Valley, to garage door openers, featuring Liftmaster.


By Rebecca Henderson Photos Chantelle Rivers

here’s no such thing as a little mud on the tires at the annual Melville Mud Runners Association’s Mud Race and Tuff Truck event. “There’s always been lots of interest in mud trucks,” says Melville Mud Runners President Dean Tank. “We had gone to another local event and thought mud races would be perfect for the people in Melville.” Last year, 2000 people attended the twoday event from all over Saskatchewan and Manitoba — most of who were attendees from previous years. “We definitely have a loyal following,” says Scott Tether, treasurer of the association. The whole weekend is very popular with families, but Tether says it’s the kids who really take a liking to the shows. “They get really excited, especially when the bike jumpers come out.”



Parkland Saskatchewan

As the Melville Mud Runners Association’s Mud Race and Tuff Truck event heads into its sixth year, Tether says spectators can expect more racing through the pits and entertainment such as bike jumper Keith Sayers who’s performed at the Calgary Stampede and the Grey Cup half time show. The bike jumpers perform three 20-minute shows on both Saturday and Sunday. “We are also looking to get lawn mower races going this year as well, if we see that there is an interest.” The Mud Race and Tuff Truck course runs through Saturday and Sunday as well. Tether says anything that races through the mud can participate in the mud race — but wear a helmet with goggles, because you will get messy. The Tuff Truck course (added two years ago) is a series of obstacles designed to

test the limits of both the vehicle and the driver while being timed. “It’s for anyone who thinks their vehicle can beat the obstacle and the time limit without getting towed off the course.” Tether recommends entering an older vehicle for the event. Saturday night is Cabaret night for 19 or older mud truck fans. This year, the classic glam rock band Men without Shame will have people dancing the night away under the big tent. Melville Mud Runners Vice President Tony Dale says the weekend-long event also includes free camping for its patrons — rain or shine. “We’re the only event like this that offers camping.” Tether says it’s very convenient for mud truck fans “because every event takes place in the same area.”

The Melville Mud Runners Association’s Mud Race and Tuff Truck is a nonprofit event. Tether says the price of admission goes towards covering costs and the rest is donated back into the community. “It’s an event to get people together, but it’s also an event to give back to the community.” Tether says they’re constantly looking to evolve and grow the Melville Mud Runners Association through different attractions and offerings. “It’s become such a great way to give back to the community — we’d like to be able to give back more.” The Melville Mud Runners Association’s Mud Race and Tuff Truck will take place August 2 and 3, 2014 in Melville, Sask. For more information on the event and participation criteria, please visit www.


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PARKLAND COLLEGE Transform your future and start on the path to a new career


he 2014-2015 academic year is quickly approaching, and Parkland College continues to serve the needs of adult learners and industry partners in east central Saskatchewan. The College is pleased to offer several new programs for the upcoming year, including more bachelor degree options. Thanks to a partnership with the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) and Sunrise Health



Parkland Saskatchewan

Region, students are able to take the full four-year U of S nursing degree program through Parkland College. The main campus in Yorkton is now offering the four-year bachelor of indigenous education from First Nations University of Canada, a complete teaching degree with a unique focus on aboriginal content. Combined with the University of Regina social work program and other degrees, students now have more options than ever for acquiring

a university degree without leaving the Parkland region. Parkland College continues to offer responsive and flexible options, such as the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) multi-mechanical trades certificate in Yorkton. Students can specialize in heavy equipment, truck and transport, agricultural machinery or automotive service trades.

All of Parkland College’s programs are developed in response to the needs of the community. Current programs will be supplemented with new ones when the Trades and Technology Centre opens in Yorkton in the fall of 2015 construction began this spring and is progressing well. “Employers need skilled workers and we are excited to help address their needs,” says Parkland College president Dr. Fay Myers. “This expansion will let us deliver more programs like power engineering, mechanics and construction trades.” The new facility will have the capacity to produce an additional 350 full-time graduates per year while upgrading the skills of 2,000 workers annually. “The hope is that people who learn here will stay in the region to help keep this momentum going,” adds Myers. Whether you’re interested in the trades, university, health or business, take the first steps to your dream career today. Visit Parkland College and transform your future. Parkland College 306.783.6566 TF: 1.866.783.6766 /CollegeofChoice


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EQUITY & CASH BACK The Original Investment Program Photos Carol’s Photography


orkton Co-op has been in business since 1940 and was formed by a group of individuals who got together to gain purchasing power to bring down the cost of goods and share in any profits that were realized at the end of the year. From this humble beginning, Yorkton Cooperative has grown into a diverse retail with

sales of almost $100 million dollars. With locations is Kamsack, Theodore, Ebenezer and Yorkton, the trading area covers a large part of southeastern Saskatchewan.

owner based on his or her patronage. And the more patronage a Co-op receives, the greater the savings it can generate for its member-owners.

Your Co-op is an attractive alternative to private business because the profits belong to you, the member-owner. That is why Co-ops refer to their profits as “savings.” Savings are distributed to each member-

Your Co-op membership offers you the potential for annual cash-back and an equity account that grows over time. This makes us a different kind of business; our profits are your profits.

ABOVE Jumping for joy coming out of the Coop with his cheque: Sean Allary



Parkland Saskatchewan

Who can become a member? Co-ops have an open membership. Many Co-ops include minimum age requirements for members in their bylaws.

How do I become a member? Purchase an initial share in the Co-op at any Yorkton Co-op location. You will receive a membership number at this time.

Why do I need a Co-op number? Every time you make a purchase at your Co-op, you will be asked for your number, which is used to record your purchases. Your share of the Co-op’s earnings is based on your purchases through the year. Can I use my local Co-op number in other communities? Your local Co-op number works only within the communities served by your local Co-op. Communities served by other Co-ops will not use the same member number. Each Co-op is independent and has different policies regarding equity and cash back Do you have to be a member to shop at Co-op? No, but by becoming a member you become a part owner of the business and share in the earnings of the Co-op. You can also attend annual meetings, vote on resolutions and run for a position on the Board of Directors. What is “Co-op Equity and Cash Back”? Earnings are distributed yearly to members either as equity or cash, depending on each Co-op’s financial situation. The equity portion is your money that is being held back by the co-op to help finance the business, and maintain and upgrade assets to ensure ongoing success. When do I get my equity back? Equity is normally paid out when you move away from the trading area, when you reach a certain age as specified by the Board of Directors, or when the equity is paid to your estate. Yorkton Co-op allocated more than $3.7 million dollars in April of 2014 to members’ accounts based on their support. Are you a member-owner? If not, stop by any of Yorkton Co-op’s locations, sign up, and start investing today. LEFT Predident of the board Gene Krepakevich handing member Mary Balysky her cheque

Yorkton Co-operative Association Limited 306.783.3601


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he future of tough has arrived with the all new 2015 Ford F-150 pickup. “It’s an all new truck,” says Max Farley, Ford

product marketing manager. This exciting new truck has been re-invented from the ground up to offer more power and new technology in safety and fuel efficiency.



Parkland Saskatchewan

High-Strength Frame

Ford has made the use of high-strength,

The innovation begins with a fully boxed

military grade, aluminum alloys in the

high-strength steel frame, making it

body and box. Because the body is made

stronger and more rigid. “The steel

of aluminum, it is more corrosion resistant

is gauged in certain sections, which

and lighter. “This drops the weight of the

maximizes the strength of the frame and

vehicle by 700 pounds,” explains Farley. He

increases the towing and hauling capacity,”

goes on to say that the lighter weight also

states Farley.

contributes to increased fuel efficiency.

independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) efficiency with Ford’s Flex-fuel ability. •

3.5L EcoBoost V6: Already a popular choice among truck owners, Ford has recently sold 500,000 of these engines in the United States. The 3.5L EcoBoost V6 combines the efficiency of a V6 engine with the power of the V8.

5.0L V8: Tried, trusted and true; not only does the classic V8 engine offer the power and performance that is expected from the F-150, it’s also Flex-fuel capable.

Engines that Perform Having power and torque is essential for truck owners; Ford’s innovative fuel efficiency is a welcome addition to the overall performance. The 2015 F-150 offers a choice of four different engines, which include two EcoBoost engines: •

2.7L EcoBoost V6: This is the newest in Ford’s thrilling lineup of engines, which offers great fuel efficiency and extraordinary low-end torque that’s perfect for the worksite or around home. With dynamic features such as stronger yet lighter connecting rods, auto stop/start technology, variabledisplacement oil pump and more, the 2.7L engine is powerful and efficient to carry out whatever tasks you throw at it. 3.5L V6: Another exciting new Ford engine; this one combines twin

A Wide Selection of Top of the Line Features According to Farley, the 2015 F-150 comes with a number of exceptional options that will enhance its ability to perform on the jobsite, the farm, or wherever your lifestyle takes you. LED spotlights located on the front face of the side mirrors and back of the cab are perfect for providing light when

Towing and Hauling with Ease “When it comes to towing and hauling, the F-150 will be our easiest and most capable yet,” remarks Farley. The Dynamic Hitch Assist helps the driver guide the ball right to the trailer’s receiver. With this feature, the driver won’t have to get in and out of the truck to check distance and alignment and less reliance on a signal person. When the job needs you to go to it; the F-150 is there to offer assistance with 400-watt power outlets. Perfect for operating small power tools to help you complete your job.

Safety When built by Ford, safety comes first. The 2015 F-150 comes complete with a variety safety features including inflatable seatbelts, blind spot indicator, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping system, and remote lockable and release tailgate.

The Arrival of the Future of Ford Tough

through trails, jobsites or those tight

It’s an exciting time for Ford and the launch of the new F-150 is greatly anticipated by dealers and customers alike. The new design, the engine options, safety features and more, speak volumes about the time and work that has gone into the recreation of this popular and reliable pickup. Well loved and dependable, as the F-150 moves forward with exciting new technology, it reaches out to serve a new generation of drivers.

parking spaces downtown.

needed for work or for play. The 360 degree camera provides a front, side and rear-view of the pickup. “It’s really a bird’s eye view,” comments Farley, “which gives you a good sense of what’s going on all around the truck.” This feature is ideal for manoeuvring


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Saskatchewan’s Smallest City is One to Watch By Rebecca Henderson Photos By by Chantelle Rivers Photography and courtesy City of Melville


ith a population of approximately 4,600 residents, Melville has seen a population increase of 8.6 per cent according to a 2011 Census report. This, Melville Mayor Walter Streelasky says with pride, is an amazing growth. “I’m very pleased that people are coming into our community.” Streelasky has been mayor for eight years

and was a city councillor for six. During this time he witnessed the economic growth that the city of Melville experienced within the last four to five years. He’s particularly proud of the Cardiac Care Family Fitness Centre inside the Horizon Credit Union Centre with 1,525 arena seats and 450 Convention Hall seating. “It’s an alliance with Sunrise Health Region to promote and protect the wellbeing of

the community,” says Streelasky. “It’s also the only rink in Saskatchewan to have this kind of centre.” Furthermore, Sunrise Health Region contributes two nurses to the Cardiac Care Family Fitness Centre who are available to people who have cardiac risk factors such as diabetes, weight issues, hypertension, smoking or other cardiac issues. Melville is also home to one of the grand

ABOVE Melville City Hall, Right, Millionaire Baseball, the local hospital “Melville & District Health Centre”



Parkland Saskatchewan

old CN stations, built by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in 1908. The station is the only one left of its kind in Canada and as such, has been visited by kings, queens, prime ministers and dignitaries over time. In fact, the theme for this year’s Melville Rail Station gala celebrates the year the king stopped in Melville. “It’s going to be about the 1930s,” explains Streelasky. “And all funds go back to the restoration of the station.” The restoration of the old CN station is something Streelasky says is very important to the city of Melville. Currently 330 employees from Melville work for CN railway’s regional site. Streelasky enjoys seeing the city improve every year. Aside from being safe and welcoming, Melville is recognized as one of the cleanest cities in Canada. “We have an annual clean-up,” says


Parkland Saskatchewan



LEFT Horizon Credit Union Centre, Melville Comprehensive School

Streelasky. “One year we registered 34 per cent of Melville residents who came out and helped.” A citywide spring clean-up prepares Melville for its summer festivities like Railway Days, which happens June 12, 13 and 14 and consists of a parade, delicious food and entertainment at the regional railway site. Melville will also see its first spray park for kids to beat the summer sun and splash around with friends. For parents, there’s the Melville Golf & Country Club 18-hole golf course and the Melville and District Agripark — a 143-acre park that visitors can play baseball or go camping at during the summer. For visitors who may want something indoors, there’s Hospitality Corridor on Highway 10, which Streelasky says is flourishing. “We have 12 new businesses being built and we’re always aiming to improve.” There are a lot of opportunities in Melville says Streelasky. “We’re well-balanced here. We love our sports, we love our arts and we love our community.” Streelasky enjoys investing in Melville and its residents — young, old or new. Whether it’s building new senior condo structures or developing residential areas, he wants to continue building a prosperous community of individuals.



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Choi C e opt i C a l

F lowe rs o n M ai n

Fas h i o n Fix

Visit Choice Optical and check out the classy modern look of the store. Owner Kelly Shyngera, a licensed optician, offers stylish frames, digital lenses and a variety of safety eyewear and sunglasses. Just ask for your prescription after an eye exam and visit Choice Optical to find the frame that suits you best.

When you have something to say — let Flowers on Main say it for you. We take pride in creating unique and beautiful flower arrangements while providing you quality, great value and fantastic customer service. Flowers on Main also has unique giftware and jewellery to compliment any taste. Flowers on Main offers delivery in Melville and surrounding areas and nation-wide delivery through our network of trusted florists.

Hooked on Style The latest in ladies apparel can now be found at 331 Main Street in Melville, Sask. Owned by Kelly Shyngera and Lisa Markham, Fashion Fix offers clothing that is classy and stylish and ranges in size from xs to xxxl. Not just great clothing but accessories and footwear too. Find great brands like MEXX, Calvin Klein, Buffalo, Spanx, Bernie Mev shoes, Point Zero, My Package underwear for men, Hanky Panky panties for women and Upper Canada products as well as more great lingerie and outfits for every occasion. Meet the manager Debbie Morrell and take advantage of her extensive retail experience and great fashion advice.

ChoiCe optiCal 331 Main Street, Melville 1.306.728.3937

Flowers on Main 309 Main Street, Melville 1.306.728.2334 or 1.800.216.5963

Fashion Fix inC. 331 Main Street, Melville 306.728.2737 |

Kelly Shyngera, owner

Back row Cindy Almasi, Tanya Bartlett (manager), Charlotte Maczek Front row Owner Kelly Shyngera, Christy Kushniruk, Kayla Johnson

Kelly Shyngera, co-owner Missing Lisa Markham, co-owner; Debbie Morrell, manager; Mycah Dunlop, assistant manager; Maurisa Slinn


Deliciousness Made In-house By Rebecca Henderson


hat happens when the staff at Chocolate Bean Café asks their 91-yearold regular, who goes by the childhood nickname Beans, whether she needs cream and sugar in her coffee? “She answers ‘Just cream... I’m sweet enough’,” says Chelsy Murray, owner of Chocolate Bean Café. “It’s adorable.” Beans comes in every day for coffee and toast. Murray says she’s become like family to the staff. “We get worried if she doesn’t come in.”



Parkland Saskatchewan

Chocolate Bean Café opened on Jan. 23, 2013, and has already built up a loyal following that come in for the fresh food, and delicious specialty coffees with beans ordered in exclusively from Forbidden Flavours in Brandon, Man. Chocolate Bean Café is the only coffee shop in Melville to do so.

told Murray they have the best clubhouse ever. “It’s very flattering!” says Murray. “It is loaded with roasted turkey, bacon and so much more.”

“We make almost everything on-site,” explains Murray, “except for some of our gluten-free products.” Customer favourites from the menu are the reuben, beef dip and clubhouse sandwiches — people have

Newly added to the Chocolate Bean Café menu is the grilled mac and cheese sandwich on Texas toast filled with cheddar, swiss, shredded and homemade cheese sauce. “There’s also grilled cheese

All meals come with soup, (there are two made daily) salad, chips and salsa (made in-house), veggies and dip, fruit, caesar salad or mashed potatoes.

on the outside of the sandwich too!” reveals Murray. When she first introduced the sandwich, a customer told her it was the best she’d ever tasted. One of Murray’s favourite summer dishes is the spinach strawberry salad with blackberry balsamic vinaigrette — a refreshing flavour created in-house. Chocolate Bean Café carries glutenfree sandwiches along with soft, chewy brownies and rich chocolate cake to satisfy any dietary-restricted sweet tooth. Murray says she opened Chocolate Bean Café in the city of Melville because she felt it was lacking a different kind of coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner spot that could serve high-quality meals such as grilled salmon served with rice pilaf, coleslaw and soup or salad, as well as carry signature espresso beans, which are freshly ground to order. “It was something that I wanted to do and had the opportunity to do so with the ongoing support from my husband, Scott; daughter, Peyton; and son, Jaxon.” Chocolate Bean Café serves cold drinks as well such as its home brewed herbal raspberry lemonade that will curb the summer heat. Of course, if you’re looking for caffeine, enjoy a latte, cappuccino or espresso (or a few) inside the cozy, chic and open concept interior of Chocolate Bean Café. There is also free Wi-Fi inside, so whether you’re catching up with friends or catching up with work, you will be taken care of. Chocolate Bean Café also does lunch catering for meetings and other events. Options for catering include platters of sandwiches, wraps, salads and soups — fresh and made to order. Chocolate Bean Café is open Monday to Friday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.. It’s located at 101 3rd Avenue West in the heart of Melville’s downtown. Chocolate Bean Café 101 3rd Avenue West Chelsy Murray 306.728.2500 | Join us on Facebook for daily specials


Parkland Saskatchewan



A small city where big things are happening.

LEFT - RIGHT, TOP - BOTTOM Tim Hortons, St. Peters Hospital, Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation, Horizon Credit Union Centre, Co-op Gas Bar & New Car Wash Expansion, CN Gym & Fitness Centre, City Hall, Caleb Village, Sigma Inn & Suites

Melville has experienced a tremendous economic and residential development renewal during the last few years. Melville is being considered an economic hot spot in our province.

Mayor Streelasky


Top: Terry Rathgeber, Logan Rathgeber L–R: Bert Page, Travis Sawchuk, Hugh Kosedy, Llewellyn Lovelace, Lorne Dobko, Nelson Yelle, Raelyn Issel, Lyle Rathgeber, Adam Tomaschefski, Michael Almasi, Peggy Rathgeber, Royce Gabel, Ray Rathgeber, Justin Waldbauer, Lisa Rathgeber Missing: Don Farwell

N & R CoNCRete F

or over 50 years, Melville and area residents have associated the Rathgeber name with the trucking and construction business. Ray Rathgeber launched a company in 1964 as a general gravel hauling and topsoil delivery business. That business continued to grow and evolve and in 1988 Ray’s son Terry joined his dad in business. As a joint business venture Terry and Ray bought Melville Concrete Ltd. in 1989 and moved N & R Concrete to its present location. Today, N & R Concrete Ltd. located on Highway 15 just west of Melville, still lays claim to the Rathgeber name and the reputation that name has earned over the decades. Family owned and operated by Terry, the company enjoys the benefits of long term and dedicated staff that are part of N & R Concrete. Pride in their products and in the services they offer continues to keep N & R growing in the right direction. With continual product and service growth and diversification, N & R Concrete has kept current and viable and continues to serve the needs of the community and surrounding area.

Call N & R Concrete or visit our website at and discover the difference for yourself. • • •

Redi-Mix Concrete Aggregates (Gravel, Rock) Topsoil

• • •

Excavation (Trackhoe Service) Demolition Earth Work (Loader Service)

• • •

Gravel Crushing Logix ICF Blocks Snow Removal


Because Your Home

Matters Photos Tracy Portraits


entur y Glass is your Saskatchewan expert in windows and exterior doors for renovations and new construction. Locally owned and operated, they have been custom manufacturing PVC windows in their Melville plant since 1979, enabling quality control and attention to detail. “We do our best to make window shopping easy, so we manufacture, we install, and warranty our product. Our biggest strength is our people-friendly, knowledgeable,

and helpful staff who work diligently to deliver the quality and craftsmanship our company is known for,” says Raelene Prieb, who owns and manages the company alongside her husband Bryon. “We are excited to offer new colours: exterior black and brown are becoming our post popular options, as well as our stained PVC that is available in six colours. You can finally have the look of wood without having to refinish your sills every few years!” says Raelene. “We offer free,

informative information and hassle-free estimates. Visit our showroom to see the difference quality makes.” Raelene explains some things to keep in mind when window shopping. “Not all vinyl windows are created equal. Don’t just look through your windows, take a look inside them. Vinyl windows can look similar on the outside but make sure to compare what goes into the products you’re evaluating. The only way others lower pricing is to cut corners on one or above Bryon and Raelene Prieb



Parkland Saskatchewan

all of these three key elements: quality of materials, quality of the manufacturing process, and quality of the installation.” At Century Glass the windows exceed rating standards and most glass options are ENERGY STAR® rated for all four climate zones, saving you energy costs. For renovations, they recommend changing the complete window, removing all existing window framing to the original rough opening. Many times when they remove an old window they find there was little or no insulation. When installing a PVC window into your rough opening and not into your old window frame (box unit/insert), you are getting a proper seal and insulation as well as maximizing the size of your window. If there were any leaks or rots found, the wood can be repaired when the old window is removed. You get a clean PVC finish on the outside, not just metal clad where leaks can occur. You will have a sill space on the inside to hang your blinds, not on the outside for dirt and water to accumulate. They also offer exterior doors for both homes and commercial buildings, offering many doorlite options and made for your building specifications. Their professional and technically correct installation will ensure that your windows and doors will work for years to come. They also remove all the old materials from the site as a free service. “We appreciate that the surrounding community supports us as a local, quality

option for their windows and doors. That is why we believe in giving back. We donate to over 50 local initiatives, sports, fundraisers and charitable organizations every year,” says Raelene. “We also have a heart for missions, and support two that are close to our heart in Cambodia and Uganda.” Take the hassle out of your renovations or new home and call Century Glass. They will take care of each step and make sure you have quality and style . . . because your home matters.

CENTURY GLASS LTD. Rae-lite Windows & Doors

Century Glass Ltd. 306.728.2211


Parkland Saskatchewan



Capturing Smiles By Kim Mannix Vermette Photos Chantelle Rivers Photography


o be a successful professional photographer, you need to possess an artistic eye, and a smart head for business. Chantelle Rivers of Melville has both, but she’s probably too modest to brag about it. Since November 2011, Rivers has been pleasing clients with her energy, skill and ability to capture people at their best. After the birth of her daughter, Rivers received a camera as a gift. She quickly discovered how much she loved taking photos of her child, and soon started taking photos for family and friends.



Parkland Saskatchewan

“People kept saying, you have a real eye for this. You should do this full-time, but I thought they were just being polite,” recalls Rivers with a laugh. But as more and more requests to shoot popped up, and Rivers gained added experience in different styles of photography, she soon realized her passion really could become her business. So Chantelle Rivers Photography was born. Three years in, her business continues to grow, and she is already taking bookings into next year. And even with long and sometimes unpredictable hours, Rivers

says every day, whether it be working in her home studio, sitting at a computer taking care of the business side of things, or photographing an event or outdoor shoot, is a pleasure. “I love it, because it’s a job I get to have fun at.” Rivers says she is comfortable and interested in shooting almost anything, including family parties or occasions, weddings, holidays, as well as corporate and sporting events. Her current hobby is capturing stunning night scenes in nature, but she says she never tires of seeing the smiles — both in-person and in photos —

that come from capturing clients at their best, in their happiest moments. “We all have our own style, but I like to keep photos original and mostly unedited so that the photos show real smiles,” she explains. Rivers’ work has taken her across the province, and in the future she’d love it if she could venture to more exotic places for destination weddings or other jobs. But she also loves her community, and finds time in her busy schedule to sit as first vice president on the Melville and District Chamber of Commerce. Clients have commented on Rivers’ ability to find just the right prop or setting to make the photo. In her spare time, she can often be found scouring garage sales or thrift stores to find that perfect wine box or toy piano, or noting that great shooting site with the broken down old cars. When it comes to weddings or sporting events Rivers says she tries her best to capture the moments, while still blending into the background. And the end goal is always to make sure the clients are happy with what she’s done. “If somebody looks at the photos and feels better about themselves, loves what they see, well that’s just the greatest feeling for me.” Chantelle Rivers Photography 599 Alberta Street Melville 306.720.0580 /ChantelleRiversPhotography


Parkland Saskatchewan



Passionate About Connecting People

With the Right Homes Photos Chantelle Rivers


elville Real Estate Agent, Lisa Kirkwood, understands how hard it is on families to find the perfect home and the right community to put down roots. She and her family relocated several times over the years, travelling across Western Canada from Manitoba to Saskatchewan to Albert to Manitoba and then back to Saskatchewan again. “During those years I became very aware of the ups and downs of relocation,” she says.



Parkland Saskatchewan

When the family arrived in Melville in 2005, it finally felt like they were home. “Melville has city status with a small town atmosphere and was exactly where we wanted to raise our family,” says Lisa. Before joining the real estate industry full time, Lisa worked in the education system as a teaching assistant while working real estate part time. When the Kirkwood family settled in Melville, Lisa started her full time real estate career with Broker Ernie Iluk. “He gave me my start and for that I am

grateful,” says Lisa. After Iluk retired six months later, Jack Wruth and Doris Shank of REMAX Blue Chip Realty asked her to join the REMAX® team. Lisa shares that her mentor at REMAX® is Bill Harrison whom she says leads by example. “I strive to offer the same professional dedication and passion that he provides to all of his clients.” “While I am licensed in all areas of Real Estate I find my passion to be residential real estate and that is where I specialize,” shares Lisa. As a part of the REMAX

TESTIMONIALS “With Lisa as our real estate agent, we were able to buy a new home and sell our existing home all within a few weeks’ time! She encouraged us to contact her any time with any questions, which we did many times! We recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!” — Amber and Darren

“Lisa helped us find the perfect home for our family. She went above and beyond what her duties are as a realtor. She recommended different community professionals to us, as we were not familiar with anyone yet. She even was able to help me get into our new home about a month later when I accidentally locked myself out!” — Chad and Jamie

Top Office in Number of Closed Transactions - Small Market Canada

Your expertise is appreciated, and I know that Mom would not have been able to navigate this step without your professional guidance.” — Ken

Top Small Market Office in Closed Transactions - Western Canada

Blue Chip Realty team Lisa’s colleagues specialize in different areas such as commercial, agricultural and residential in other areas so she has a myriad of options when referring clients and knows that they are being connected with the best professionals in the business. “I feel that it improves me as an agent when I can find the right person to refer to when it comes to different areas across the Parkland and beyond. “

Lisa not only provides realtor services to the city of Melville but also to Grayson, Ituna, Lemberg, Neudorf and Crooked Lake as well. “I’m happy to help people whenever and wherever they are and it is incredibly important to me to be able to provide answers for my clients to whatever questions they have,” she says. “To anyone looking to buy or sell in the area or if you have questions, I look forward to hearing from you.”

Lisa Kirkwood RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty 269 Hamilton Road, Yorkton, SK 306.728.6789


Parkland Saskatchewan



Your Hometown Chevrolet, Buick and GMC Dealer

Community is what makes the day seem just right By Brook Thalgott Photos Chantelle Rivers


love coming to work every day,” says Greg Vaughan, dealer principal. “Every day, our business lets us meet people and do our best to fulfil their vehicle sale and repair needs.” Greg and his team of 18 have built their sterling reputation on providing excellent customer service in all areas of their business: sales, service and parts.

If you’re looking to buy a new or used vehicle, Melville Chevrolet should be



Parkland Saskatchewan

your destination. The dealership features the full lineup of GM vehicles — there’s something for everyone. With a selection of approximately 100 new and 50 used units, the team at Melville Chevrolet can get you a great deal and on the road fast. “This summer, customers can enjoy ‘employee pricing’ on our new vehicles,” says Greg. “And if you’re in the market for a truck, you should come by and see the 2014 1500 series trucks. Their brand-

new award winning design has to be experienced in person.” The excellent customer service provided by Melville Chevrolet doesn’t end at the sale. The service department offers free shuttle service and has two service loaners for those times when your vehicle may have to spend the night. The dealership key drop allows customers to drop off in the evenings — you just have to leave a note on what needs to be done. The parts

department always has a good stock of GM factory supplies and they hold relationships with many aftermarket suppliers to make sure you get going on time. “With the many changes to our automobiles these past few years, we are always taking GM training to stay current,” says Greg. “That way, we can provide the support and service our customers have come to expect.” The team at Melville Chevrolet would like to thank the community and surrounding area for the wonderful support they have shown over the previous two years. The team loves to live in rural Saskatchewan because it lets them know all their customers by name. “Melville is a wonderful place to call home,” says Greg. “And, we’re proud to be your hometown dealer. When we meet our customers on the street, at the hall or the rink and we can talk business or just shoot the breeze, we feel gratitude.” Melville offers a friendly, beautiful, clean and safe community in which to work, play and raise a family. It’s a place residents are proud to call home. Melville Chevrolet is located at 21 Columbia Street, along Highway 10, right on the big corner around town. They are open six days a week, Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Melville Chevrolet Buick GMC 21 Columbia Street Melville 306.728.4567


Parkland Saskatchewan



Repsch Ag is Growing By Melanie Furlong Photos Courtesy Repsch Ag


here’s a lot happening at Repsch Agri Parts & Sales Ltd. in Melville, Sask. If you travel Highway 10 Service Road going towards Regina, you may have noticed some changes. Owner Brent Repsch built an 8,000 sq. ft. addition to his facility just two years ago. Last August, Repsch expanded his business to include construction and agricultural machine rentals. “I’ve partnered with Flaman Rentals,” says Repsch. “And I have $1.5 million worth of my own new rental



Parkland Saskatchewan

equipment too. I just expanded to include more rental equipment.” “Most farmers want to rent,” says Repsch. “They need the extra equipment at certain times of the year, but don’t want to purchase and maintain it.” Clients come to Repsch Ag from a twohour radius around the Parkland area. Many stop in on their way to Farm Progress, an annual event held in Regina. “They’ve seen some new equipment outside and they’re curious about what I

have brought in and whether it’s for sale or for rent,” says Repsch. “There’s not many places like mine. We’re not a dealership, but we have a large customer base. We are just as professional with the same pricing and service as any dealership.” Repsch started his business in 1999 as a certified mechanic with experience working on agricultural machinery. “I started in this sector in 1987 and I’ve never left it,” says Repsch. The business started with machinery repair and service as well as selling salvage parts.

Repsch worked hard, especially during those early years. “When other people were going to the beach, I was working 24/7 to keep my business going,” he says. “I invested my money back into the business many times over. I’d like to thank my wife, Michelle, who also played a crucial role in our success. I couldn’t have done it without all her hard work and dedication here and at home.” Now Repsch Ag includes sales, service, repair, and rentals. One of their specialities is Case IH products, but Repsch Ag does work on all makes and models of equipment. Repsch attributes his business success to hands-on customer service and having a personal connection with customers. “We want to make sure our clients are well taken care of,” says Repsch. “Here they don’t have to go to a certain department to get things straightened out. Our staff has a total of 43 years experience in this industry and they know the products well. We are also open long hours, especially during the busiest times of year, to make sure our customers are served in a timely fashion.” Repsch is proud of his team, four of whom are full-time and one who works part-time. “We are busy and growing and are always looking for more staff,” he says.

Stop in at Repsch Ag and see what’s new in store! LEFT L-R Michelle Repsch, Brent Repsch Peter Derks, Quentin Yanke

Repsch Agri Parts & Sales Ltd. Hwy 10 East Melville 306.728.4340


Parkland Saskatchewan



So much more than just Tools

Bobcat service, custom fabrication, suspension lift/ air bag assist kits, fifth wheel/receiver hitch and wiring installs, trailer repair, and hot shot hauling. Call us for pricing and availability.



w w w. t o o l s n t o y s . c a



NEW WEBSITE! AmAzing Recipes FRee DigitAl mAgAzines AnD much moRe


small town feel, Big City style Hair ExpErts • Hair professionals with current education in cuts, colors and the latest styles and expertise with fine or color hair. Service available for your whole family. • Consults to ensure your hair cut and color works for you, your lifestyles and your personality • From natural highlights to funky fun trendy colours — anything is possible • UNITE hair products - Vegan, paraben free and sulphate free — exclusive to Shear Concepts • Joico hair product and colour line and Moroccanoil as well as Orofluido products available BEautiful Nails • Use Biosculpt Nail products — only product that is breathable flexible and does not dry out your natural nail bed • Custom nail art – complete selection of coloured gels • Shellac nail products available. • 21 years combined experience with nail extensions

fasHioN, footwEar aNd fuN • Fun and funky jewellery and fashion accessories • Papillon fashions and more… • J.J.’s footwear for comfort and style Color ME BEautiful • Tattoo/Body piercing and henna tattooing • Biggest ink selection • Body jewellery — stainless steel high quality • Original designs • Health board approved and inspected • Bloodbourn pathogen certified • Call or text Sarah: 306.621.5153

SHEAR CONCEPTS 249 Main St., Melville | 306.728.4800 | Find us on Facebook!


• #1 product quality • Custom Floral arrangements for all occasions • Giftware and garden decor • Large selection of memorial items • Howland’s Honey and Contigo Beverage containers


152 - 3rd Avenue West | Melville, SK | 306.728.2929

MELVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE “Over the next few years, our Chamber focus needs to be on supporting our current business community, having a larger involvement in the economic development of our city and providing training and education opportunities to our newer and younger entrepreneurs in the area.” Melville Chamber Annual Events: • Business Anonymous Meetings: Quarterly Support Programs: ‘Business Anonymous’ is a great way meet and network with new people, hear from some local experts and get answers to some of those questions, as a business owner you may be struggling with. • Spring Trade Show & Sale • Railway Days

• Business Excellence Awards Gala Business of the Year Award – includes: • Employee of the Year Award • Employer of Choice Award • Young Entrepreneur of the Year • Business Person of the Year Award • Best New Business Award • Ambassador of the Year Award • President’s Award

Fall Edition Coming soon

• • • •

Gas Convenience Store Coffee, Donuts and Pizza STC Bus Depot

Mr. T.J.’s shell and robins donuTs/241 Pizza Highway #10, Melville Shell—306.728.5100 Robins and Pizza—306.728.2419



Summertime Dreams For Sale

Home of the $18.18 Roses

Aurora Beach Developments 306.324.4514

All About Flowers #6–146 Broadway Street East, Yorkton | 306.782.4222

Canadian Western WesternBank Bank––The TheWorking WorkingBank® Bank® Canadian

All Your Covering Requirements

CanadianWestern WesternBank Bank Canadian 5 -- 259 Road, Yorkton | 306.782.1002 259Hamilton Hamilton Road, Yorkton | 306.782.1002

Canora Weaving and Manufacturing 811-4th Street, Canora | 306.563.4443

World Class Beauty Salon and Spa

Much More Than Just a Western Store

Danello Beauty Center 209 Main St, Melville | 306.728.2335

Hitching Post 17 Betts Avenue, Yorkton 306.783.5629

Aurora Beach lakefront property for sale (Margo Lake). Come and enjoy the peace and quiet. Real peace … real quiet … real life.

CWB not notonly onlyoffers offersa afull fullsuite suite of banking investment CWB of banking andand investment products,but butpersonal personal service won’t anywhere products, service youyou won’t findfind anywhere else. else. Let’ssee seehow howwewe work together. Let’s cancan work together.

Full spa services including manicures, pedicures, massage, facials, waxing, eyebrow/eyelash tinting as well as complete hair services including extensions. A taste of Hollywood right in Melville.

All about flowers is not only all about flowers. Now carrying fire pots in many shapes and sizes, gourmet baskets, home decor and still home of the $18.18 roses.

From polyester webbing for tie-on straps to covers of all types, Canora Weaving and Manufacturing provides solutions for all your needs.

Hitching Post has something for everyone: a great selection of mens, ladies and childrens clothing, boots, hats, jewellery, home decor, tack and so much more. City or country living, there is something for everyone


Parkland Saskatchewan




100% Pure Saskatchewan Honey

Indulge Yourself

Howland’s Honey R.R. #2, Canora | 306.792.2044 | |

From the Inside Out Beauty Salon 17 1st Ave North, Yorkton | 306.783.1054 |

Hopping from Tot to Tween

Dress Trendy for Less

Joey and Lil’ Roo Playroom 3 - 27 Second Avenue N, Yorkton | 306.782.1332 | | |

Losa Chic Boutique 29 B Broadway Street East, Yorkton | 306.621.2127

Sweetening your day since 1979. Howland’s Honey is a one source honey produced from colonies near Good Spirit Lake. Look for Howland’s Honey at retailers throughout Saskatchewan.

Catering to everything kids, from clothing, accessories, and toys to Yorkton’s only indoor playroom. We offer child and parent related classes, play groups and birthday parties.



We encourage you to feel beautiful from the inside out. Come in and let us help you create your own definition of beautiful.

Spring is in the Air. LosaChic has the look of an upscale boutique with affordable prices and small town personalized service.

We’ve Got You Covered

We Saved you a Spot

LR Futures #7 Broadway St. W, Yorkton 306.783.7737

Mano’s Restaurant & Lounge 119–277 Broadway Street East, Yorkton | 306.786.7555

We are grateful to provide quality investment and insurance so everyone has peace of mind. Empowerment means the choice is yours. We do our best to provide a well-rounded list of quality options.



Parkland Saskatchewan

For the love of good food, come in and experience our famous oven-roasted prime rib. Be sure to also check out the daily chef-created lunch and dinner features.

Smart Clothesfor forEveryday Everyday Living Smart Clothes Living

Big Portions, Personal Service

Mark’s Work WorkWearhouse Wearhouse Mark’s 220A Broadway St E,East, Yorkton | 306.782.1414 220A Broadway Street Yorkton | 306.782.1414 | |

Melrose Place 516 Broadway Street West, Yorkton 306.782.7667

One Stop Bridal Shop

For All the Good Stuff

Memories to Last a Lifetime 33 Broadway Street East, Yorkton | 306.782.3424 |

Merv’s 601 Main St, Swan River 204.734.3252

Computer Service and Solutions with Microage

Locally Owned, Quality Workmanship

MicroAge Yorkton 324 Broadway St W, Yorkton | 306.782.0344 |

NL Construction 306.783.1443

Clothes andfootwear footwear men and ladies; workwear, embroidery Clothes and forfor men and ladies; workwear, embroidery and promotionalproducts productsunder under one roof. Brands and promotional one roof. Brands youyou lovelove and and people whocare. care. people who

One stop for all your wedding needs. From dresses and planning to rentals and decorations. Simplify your wedding with a stop at Memories to Last a Lifetime.

Microage provides complete network design, installation and monitoring services as well as sales, leasing and service of laptops, tablets, desktop computers, servers, printers and most software.

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week with the biggest menu in town, Melrose is sure to have what you want.

Swan River’s electronic retailer supplying all the latest technology in TVs, home theatre and all things electronic. MTS dealer for cell phones and accessories. For all the good stuff shop Merv’s in Swan River.

Full construction, foundations and flatwork, renovations, Rockford Steel Buildings, overhead doors - anything and everything you need. We have new divisions to serve you better.


Parkland Saskatchewan




Transform Your Future Career

From accounting to welding, Parkland College offers a broad range of programs that include bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificates, adult basic education and corporate training. Parkland College Yorkton | 306.783.6566 | TF: 1.866.783.6766 | |


Guaranteed Workmanship, Quality Product The kitchen in the heart of the home and should be both beautiful and functional. Let us design and build your dream kitchen. Premier Cabinets 15 - 8th Avenue North, Yorkton 306.786.6607

The Ultimate Fitness Environment

A New Take on Personal Training and Fitness

Pumphouse Athletic Club 27 - 2nd Avenue North, Yorkton | 306.783.2400 |

ReFLEXions Personal Training Studio 3 Broadway St W, Yorkton | 306.783.3539

For All Your Electrical and More

All Seasons All the Time

RH Electric Ltd 657 Broadway St. W Yorkton | 306.782.5592

SasKam Sportsman Kamsack 306.542.4000

Something for everyone, the PAC provides the ultimate atmosphere for a great workout. Just a walk around our sprawling 12,000 sq.ft. facility is a workout in itself! Join the PAC - your future self will thank you!

Call us for residential, commercial, and industrial electrical and data/com services, in town and rural. Services include renovations and underground trenching, fibre optics, home automation and surveillance camera systems.



Parkland Saskatchewan

Personalized fitness training in private and small group settings. Several classes from kickboxing to Zumba and more, available for fun and variety.

Whatever your favourite sport or activity, you can get the gear and accessories you need anytime of the year at SasKam sportsman in Kamsack. Serving the Parkland area for 35 years — great since ‘78.

Quality Work, Friendly Service

New Face of Law

Sharp Automotive Repair Ltd. 278 Myrtle Avenue, Yorkton | 306.782.2396 |

Shawn Patenaude Law #9-259 Hamilton Road, Yorkton | 306.782.4901 |


Selling Attention

Simple Shots by Jackie Jackie Herman, photographer | 306.621.7913 |

Source Embroidery & Screen Printing 31 – 2nd Ave. N., Yorkton | 306.783.0660

Cupcake Therapy?

Discover All the Possibilities

Spa Habit 10-84 Broadway Street, Yorkton | 306.786.3388 | |

Sveinco Developments Ltd. Yorkton | 306.621.2140

As a NAPA Auto Pro Centre, full service automotive repair shop and SGI inspection centre, we can get you back on the road.

Life is about the moments

Relax in the welcoming environment of Spa Habit and then take home signature spa products to continue your spa treatment at home.

Real estate, wills and estates, corporate and business law, agricultural law. Conveniently located on Hamilton Road with ample parking and ground-level accessibility.

Bringing solutions to your marketing needs; from logos to billboards, print, embroidery, vinyl, decals, banners and more. Reach out and grab people’s attention!

Sveinco provides quality from start to finish with custom cabinets and millwork in every build. Let Sveinco Developments help you discover all the possibilities for your new home.


Parkland Saskatchewan




Quality Tanning Products And Service

Small Town Feel, Big City Style

Tantalize Tanning Studio 77 Broadway St. W., Yorkton 306.782.5757

Shear Concepts 249 Main Street, Melville | 306.728.4800 | Color Me Beautiful | 306.621.5153 |

Small Town, Big Charm

Perfect style for Every Occasion

Town of Canora Town Office: 418 Main Street, Canora | 306.563.5773 |

Tracy’s on Broadway and Tracy’s Bridal #2-84 Broadway St E, Yorkton | 306.783.6360

A Fresh Set of Eyes Makes All the Difference

Our Style, Like Yours, is Always Changing

Truly You Interiors 306.621.9473

Uptown Casuals 19 Broadway Street East, Suite 103, Yorkton 306.783.0303 | | |

Yorkton’s cutting edge tanning salon featuring three intensity levels of tanning beds to meet all tanning needs. Standing bed available! Lotions and sprays to fit all needs Jaco hybrid training clothing available here.

Only half an hour from Yorkton, Canora offers scenic walks, fun events and a special small town charm. It’s worth the drive.

Make sure you are seeing all the possibilities your space has to offer. For your home or your commercial decorating, design or staging needs call Kimberly Patzer at Truly You Interiors.



Parkland Saskatchewan

Hair Experts, Beautiful Nails, Fashion, Footwear and Fun as well as Color Me Beautiful Tattoos – one stop for a beautiful you.

Come in to Yorkton’s newly renovated and widely expanded women’s clothing and bridal shop. For Dazzling Dresses and Forward Fashion shop Tracy’s Bridal and Tracy’s on Broadway.

Fashion boutique offering the best in designer fashions, premium denim, footwear and accessories for men and women. Located in the heart of downtown Yorkton.

The Rapture of Fashion Therapy

New Location, Same Great Service

The Vintage Vault 105-19 Broadway Street East, Yorkton 306.782.3000

Wagners Flooring Canada 464 Broadway Street East, Yorkton 306.783.8392

European Master Pastry Chef in Yorkton

Let Us Inspire You

Wanders Sweet Discoveries 11–2nd Avenue North, Yorkton | 306.782.0183

Yorkton Grower Direct and Welcome Home Gift Shop 113 Smith Street East, Yorkton | 306.786.7673 |

Find out What’s in Store

From the Everyday to the Extraordinary

What’s in Store 22–2nd Avenue North, Yorkton | 306.782.4424 |

York - Sask Dry Cleaners Ltd. 14 1st Avenue N, Yorkton 306.782.2647

Not only a place to shop and recycle your wardrobe, but The Vintage Vault is also a social outing and an affirmation of one’s inner self.

Light lunches in an open, cozy atmosphere. Made from scratch lunches, desserts and pastries with a large variety of tea, coffee and specialty drinks. Open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Check out our ever changing collection of gently used consignment children’s, ladies and maternity clothing, footwear and accessories. Find Artisan soups, local handicrafts and gently read books as well. Book trades are welcome.

Service goes beyond the provision of quality products and sound advice. At Wagners we believe in the community and in you, our customers. Come design your unique space with us. Where friends send friends.

Unique floral arrangements, home decor and gift ideas for celebrating all of life’s great moments. Like us on facebook at Yorkton Grower Direct and Welcome Home Gift Shop for great ideas and contests.

In the dry cleaning business for 37 years. Let us take care of all your dry cleaning needs with same day service available on most items. Alterations also available in store.


Parkland Saskatchewan




Our Members Matter

Your Hearing is Our Concern

Yorkton Co-op 30 Argyle Street Yorkton | 306.783.3601

Yorkton Hearing Services #12-3rd Avenue North, Yorkton | 306.782.1793

Rayzr’s Pub Hotel Rayzr’s PubYorkton Yorkton Hotel

Sales with a Smile

YorktonHotel Hotel Yorkton 14 2nd 2nd Avenue Yorkton|SK 14 Yorkton Avenue HotelNorth, N. Yorkton Yorkton, 306.782.2947 | 306.782.2947 306.782.2947 14 2nd Avenue N. Yorkton | 306.782.2947

Kimberly Hamilton - Product Specialist, Yorkton Hyundai 306.322.7573

Treat Yourself to a Fast, Friendly and Healthy Experience

Premium Olive Oil Experience

Our smoothies will have you coming back for more. We also have onthe-go snacks and gluten-free/milk-free options. Ask about the school lunch program and take-out menu.

Come in and experience the atmosphere, the aromas, the taste and the sensation of the OLIV tasting room in Yorkton. Then take your favourites home to relive the experience everyday.

Booster Juice 1150 Broadway Street East, Yorkton 306.783.0326

OLIV 5–2nd Avenue North, Yorkton | 306.783.2265 | |

Become a member of Yorkton Co-op. Food stores, gas bars, convenience stores, agro centres and cardlocks. Membership Pays!

Great food, Come relax. LifeLife is good. Great food,excellent Food...Excellent excellentvalue. value. Value...Come Come relax. relax...Life is good. is good. Good!



Parkland Saskatchewan

Honest, professional service, reliable products, all at an affordable price. Services provided by Marina Walls, Master’s Degree Audiologist.

Product specialist with more than two years’ experience and more than 250 vehicles sold. Honest, to the point and ready to help with your vehicle purchasing needs.




Turning your dream into an address

Wade Windjack

Always available to help with your Real Estate Needs

Nancy Johnson RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty 306.745.7578

Wade Windjack RE/MAX Blue Chip Realty 269 Hamilton Road, Yorkton BLUE CHIP REALTY



L–R Diane Rusnak & Kathy Fehr-Yung

Let This Partnership Work for You Kathy Fehr, 306.620.8677, Diane Rusnak, 306.621.1535, RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty

More Than You Expect

More value. More service. More experience. Cheryl Kustra RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty 269 Hamilton Road, Yorkton 306.621.4454




Parkland Saskatchewan





L–R Glady Secondiak, Kathy Fehr-Yung & Diane Rusnak

Proven Track Record

Rural agents + rural values = rural results. Serving Canora, Kamsack, Buchanan, Preeceville and area. Gladys and Mervin Secondiak RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty Gladys: 306.620.9700 Mervin: 306.621.6084

Gladys Secondiak, Canora area 306.620.9700 Kathy Fehr-Yung, Yorkton area 306.620.8677 Diane Rusnak, Yorkton area 306.621-.1535 RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty



An Expert in the Field

Strong Rural Roots Benefit All

Real person — Real experience — Real Results

Marcel Decorby RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty 306.745.7755

Ted Cawkwell RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty Kelvington 306.327.7661

35 years in Agriculture = the experience, the understanding and the background you are looking for in an Ag Specialist.




Parkland Saskatchewan

Want a realtor that will go that extra mile for you – Better Call Bill Bill Harrison RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty 269 Hamilton Road, Yorkton Cell: 306.621.8007

Professionalism and a belief in core values. I look forward to hearing from you... Lisa Kirkwood REMAX Blue Chip Realty



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Stop in at our beautiful new showroom and begin to discover all the possibilities. We’re all for empowerment and a can-do spirit, but choosing, measuring and installing window coverings is something that’s best left to the pros. Precisely why you’ll love working with Budget Blinds. We’ll bring samples, swatches and styles to you, so you can see how they look in your home. Sure beats running from store to store or taking your chances online. We’ll measure your windows, do the ordering, inspect your window coverings on delivery, bring them to your home, install them perfectly and empower you with our “No Questions Asked Warranty!” It’s never been easier to get exactly what you want. Let’s get started on your new window coverings, together! Jody Johnson, owner

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Fine Lifestyles Parkland Saskatchewan Summer 2014  

Fine Lifestyles Parkland Saskatchewan Summer 2014