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Active, Healthy, Strong Build the Foundation with Pilates By Henny Buffinga Photos Suzy Lamont Photography


owered by Pilates, a boutique studio in Kingston, offers a beautiful, modern space to practise Pilates. With top-end equipment, knowledgeable instructors and classes that are both fun and challenging, owner Kristie Mode has created the right atmosphere for a great workout. Offering a variety of group classes, as well as one-on-one sessions catered to your fitness level, Powered by Pilates can help you feel and look great. Pilates is a fitness system that uses controlled movements to complete a full body workout. The original six principles




of Pilates are concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing. These principles are integrated into a workout that can help tone muscle and improve circulation, flexibility, stability and coordination. “Pilates is great for everyone,” Kristie says. “It’s not just for slim women or people with sore backs. It’s for men and women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.” Also popular among athletes, Pilates is a great way to ensure you are not overworking a certain muscle group, which often leads to injuries. With an average class size of six, the instructor can pay attention to each


participant and tailor the exercises for the individual. The studio offers 20 classes a week that are organized into different skill levels so there is something for everyone. During an hour-long class, clients will complete a series of exercises designed to improve strength and flexibility, condition for balance and coordination, and improve overall joint and spine mobility. The hour is well organized with a progression of exercises that flow smoothly with varying degrees of difficulty. At the end of each session, clients will feel they have achieved a wellrounded, full body workout.

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Fine Lifestyles Kingston Volume 2 Issue 2 2015  

Fine Lifestyles Kingston Volume 2 Issue 2 2015