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from small classrooms with a 10-to-two student-to-teacher ratio. This allows Quintilian’s staff of trained educators to provide the one-on-one instruction their students greatly need. Instructors also get to know the students and their unique challenges and needs, and develop individual lesson plans tailored to the developmental level and learning style of each student. Quintilian emphasizes a mastery of the Ontario core curriculum at whatever grade level the student has achieved rather than their chronological grade level. Students can be working to catch up in some subjects and reaching ahead in others. Each subject is taught using a variety of methods to suit student’s strengths and provide opportunities for daily success. Those who do not have a diagnosis are welcome, as are those diagnosed with learning disabilities, non-verbal learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. Quintilian also offers a weekly evening social skills program and summer camp.

“Sometimes parents are concerned, they say, ‘Won’t my child miss the traditional school system or think they are different?’” says Laura DeSousa, co-owner and director of programming who has been with Quintilian since the beginning in 2001. “We find the opposite is true. Here, they feel they can be themselves, be the individual that they are. That individual is embraced and celebrated at Quintilian.” When all of the pieces of the puzzle are in place, confidence and self-esteem are enhanced, a light shines on each child’s potential and a door is opened to a world of possibility.

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