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EXPERTAdvice Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Why Aquatic Therapy? It just makes sense.

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ater therapy has been known for hundreds of years to be beneficial to the human body. The ancient Romans and Greeks ensured baths were a part of their daily routine, not only for hygienic reasons, but for therapeutic purposes as well. Recently, it has come back to the forefront as one of the most effective ways to help people recover from injuries, as well as train for their chosen sport. With advances in technology, aquatic therapy is quickly becoming a leader in the world of athletics and rehabilitation. Many elite and professional athletes, including runners, football players, soccer players, basketball players and hockey players turn to aquatic therapy to help them improve their performance through training and to extend their athletic careers. Compared to land-based training, aquatic therapy reduces impact on joints and decreases the chance of injury, while allowing the athlete to save their bodies for competitions. The ability to

receive a comparable cardiovascular and strength conditioning workout in water as one would in a traditional gym makes aquatic therapy a great supplemental training choice. Elite athletes are not the only ones benefitting from aquatic therapy. Chronic pain patients, post-surgical patients, people with fibromyalgia, and the elderly have all realized the same advantages. Even those looking for an alternative to the gym have found a new way to get a great workout without the added stress on their bodies. Advances in technology have not only made aquatic therapy more accessible to the general population, but has improved what can be done in a pool. Underwater treadmills, resistance jets and deep wells are all examples of features that can now be found in pools manufactured specifically for aquatic therapy. Even underwater cameras are used to aid gait training. As more people experience aquatic therapy and see the results that waterbased training can provide, the more it will become a staple in the exercise and rehabilitation industries. It is not something that can merely be described — you must try it for yourself.




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