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programs for all residents at risk. From the Street Health Program for Kingston’s most marginalized population, to the Pathways to Education program that helps local high school students achieve academic success (boasting a 93 per cent graduation rate) KCHC is there. The organization also provides backpack and snowsuit programs to area students, and access to Telemedicine Ontario for the entire greater Kingston area. Now with a staff of approximately 160 people, KCHC has purchased 263 and 267 Weller Avenue. With the sizable donation of the adjacent land parcel from the City of Kingston, construction has already begun on KCHC’s new facility that will integrate several services and improve access. This move will make operations easier for the staff, Sehdev says, but more importantly, it will be convenient for their clients, many of whom use more than one of KCHC’s services or programs.

The Capital Campaign Taking a page from their own book of wisdom, KCHC decided not to wait for government grants or other financial support before diving into the project. “We tell people every day that they have to help themselves,” Sehdev expresses. “Why should we be any different?” With the Board’s approval and support, Sehdev decided to take the leap of faith, and developed the capital project. KCHC is redirecting the rent money from their current location (nearly $400,000 annually), to pay off a low-interest loan from Infrastructure Ontario. The entire project has a $7 million price tag. KCHC has secured $5.5 million, leaving a shortfall of $1.5, for which they are turning to the citizens of Kingston. “Every dollar we receive is important, and we are watching where every dollar is spent, and those who support the campaign can watch where their money goes — they can actually see their money at work as we build on Weller Avenue, and build towards a better community,” says Sehdev. “The campaign provides an opportunity for people to invest in the future of Kingston — together we’re better.” To find out more about the Kingston Community Health Centres and the Capital Campaign, visit their website at




Kingston Community Health Centre’s new facility will bring together the following programs: • Medical, dental social and nutrition programs; and Allied Health Services, Regional Ontario Telemedicine and Chronic Disease Self-Management programs • Better Beginnings for Kingston Children • Pathways to Education • Community Health Services • Immigrant Services for Kingston Area Previous L–r Sandy Sheehan, capital build director; Hersh Sehdev, executive director. riGHT Sandy Sheehan. MiDDLe L–r Stafford Murphy, director of operations; Helen Mabberly, program co-ordinator – community health programs; Hersh Sehdev. BOTTOM L–R Sandy Sheehan; Cam Burns of Shoalts Zaback Architects Ltd; Mike Lott of David J. Cupido Construction; Hersh Sehdev.

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