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With that in mind, Seniors on the Move aims to donate or sell as much as possible, or to give it to family and friends. For Lawson, the goal is to make as much money as possible for his clients. Seniors on the Move then takes care of as much or as little of the packing, moving, donating and removal of unwanted items as the client wants, utilizing their network of trusted professionals. Whether the client simply wants help sorting through things, or wants their entire move taken care of without lifting a finger, Seniors on the Move aims to make that happen. While the planning and moving is going on, the company will also tend to securing your new home, condo or retirement facility, and the sales of your estate. In some cases, your home can be put on the market right away. In others, the company will wait until your home is cleaned out before preparing it and then putting it on the market. Either way, Seniors on the Move aims to ensure two things when selling your property: Getting you the most money they can for the estate, and not asking for a penny until that sale is secure. “There is no upfront charge with Seniors on the Move,” Lawson explains, expressing his company recognizes how large the transaction can be. Waiting until the sale is finalized means Seniors on the Move will simply send the finalization documents to your lawyers office, along with their bills, so you never have to write a cheque — the company is paid when you are. This is all in keeping with the company’s main directive, Lawson says. “At the end of the day, we want to provide services that our clients are comfortable with, and that leave them in a comfortable place,” says Lawson. “It can be a very difficult time for a lot of people. We want to do a service for our clients and the community in making sure our seniors have the services they need to be happy with their living situation.” Seniors on the Move 640 Cataraqui Woods Dr., Kingston 613.583.5001




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