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EXPERTAdvice Suiting Up on Your Wedding Day

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hen the big day arrives, a groom has to understand that he’s not the star of the show – that role is reserved for the bride. However, with permission from his wife-to-be, the groom can select a suit befitting of his taste – perhaps one with a unique vest and accessorized with a pocket square or a funky belt. He can even pair it with unique socks, or possibly a one-of-a-kind tie. Maybe the groom even has a pocket watch or cufflinks passed down from a family member – items like these not only look sharp, but they have personal meaning, as well.

Classic or Contemporary? While black suits remain classic and timeless, grey suits are making a comeback. With its varying shades, grey is an easy colour to accessorize. Just keep in mind that if the wedding is earlier in the day, the groom may wish to opt for a lighter grey. If it’s an evening wedding, a darker shade will be more suitable. I’m finding that more and more, traditional rules are falling to the wayside

in favour of more relaxed garments. These days, almost anything goes — as long as it works for the couple. This said, I tend to be more of a traditionalist. You can’t go wrong with a sleek tuxedo, a black or grey suit, or a navy blazer. I’ll add my style and flair with accessories. Trends will come and go, but classic style endures for years and years. I think that sometimes, less is more, and that a groom’s suit should be coordinated, not too contrived. Making sure of a proper fit is also important. A well-fitted garment will make a difference on anyone. After all, what man doesn’t look good in a wellfitted suit?

Finding Your Style So what style will work for you? Consider your height when you’re deciding. Tall men have it pretty easy when it comes to their wedding attire; they will look good in anything. If a groom falls a little short in terms of height, he may wish to opt for a lighter fabric, which tends to add less bulk.




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