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EXPERTAdvice Clearing the Clutter

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ith a new season around the corner, we could all use a closet cleanup — yours truly included. We all know the basic rules for purging a closet: if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably never will; if it doesn’t fit, it probably never will again; if you love it but it is no longer fashionably relevant to your life, you might as well frame it, because you’re never going to wear it again.




You’ll need to be ruthless, and scrutinize as if they are someone else’s clothes. Friends and cameras are good at telling the truth. Don’t believe me? Put on an outfit you are curious about and have someone take a picture. If you don’t think it’s flattering, chances are other people don’t either.

A few tips on purging Start by simply sorting similar items together. If you have too much of one thing, rank in order of love and lose those at the bottom of the pile. Step two: sort again. This time, sort by how you live: work wear, weekend wear, gym clothes, etc. You will likely find anything that doesn’t fit into these sections are items you no longer need. Last step, make one last sweep through your wardrobe for pieces you really don’t need. Be ruthless! If you find you love a jacket but the matching skirt doesn’t fit, lose the skirt and bring us the jacket. We’ll help you find something else to make that jacket great again. If it doesn’t fit well, consider if a simple alteration makes it current or wearable. And don’t keep something out of guilt. Things do go out of style, but even if it does come around again, you won’t want to wear that mini skirt now. Today, silhouettes are cleaner and trimmer, and

hem lengths are sexy and sophisticated, hitting just below the knee. Perhaps most importantly, each piece should not only fit, but also work for your body shape and stage of life. Once you’re done, bag it up. I keep the things I am unsure about for a year. But, here is the rule: no peeking in the bag. You can only go in the bag if you find you are missing a specific item. Chances are, in a year, you won’t remember what was in that bag. So just take it away. We are surrounded these days by disposable fashion, but when making a purchase, it’s really important to ensure each piece is a decision, not a reaction. A bargain that sits at the bottom of your closet is not a bargain. It’s wasted money. Buying less allows you to buy better quality and buy smarter. There are lots of local organizations making a difference for people who are in need of good quality, gently used clothing. Dress for Success in Kingston helps local women trying to re-enter the workforce by helping them put together interview and work appropriate outfits. Other options include Interval House, The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Kingston, or The Salvation Army. The list is long, both locally and globally. So do some good and share the love.

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