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points out. “Group benefits give back on a larger front, so I can help many people with one solution.” This personal approach is clearly evident when it comes to Strategic Benefits and Insurance’s unique and unparalleled client care model. “We work personally with each and every one of our clients,” says Richard. “We are always accessible.” “They stay in touch with their clients,” agrees Wilkins with a fervent nod. “It’s not that the client buys and that’s the end. They continue the service and they continue to keep in touch. With Debra and Richard, they’re there for you. If you have a question, they’re available to help you.” Relationships aside, Strategic Benefits and Insurance is a shareholder in the Benefits Alliance Group Inc., Canada’s Leading National Alliance of Independent Employee Benefits Advisors. As such, the company is able to harness the power of collective bargaining.




Through exclusive partnerships with the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce and the Kingston Home Builders Association, Strategic Benefits is able to provide unparalleled insurance and benefits to even the smallest of companies without the coverage being prohibitively expensive. “Working with a local pharmacy group, we have helped lower our clients co-pays and dispensing fees when shopping there. We are always looking for innovative ways to save our clients money. With our programs, we are actually able to put money back into their pockets,” says Richard. This alone puts this husband and wife team a notch above the rest, attests Wilkins. Too often, insurance and benefits programs are viewed as an added cost to small businesses, but Richard and Debra aim to educate clients on the importance of them. “We bring value and understanding of a benefits program through education, and clarify the benefit of a company attracting and retaining a high calibre of employee,” says Debra.

That’s where the expertise comes through. “We can customize,” says Debra. “We have a different approach depending on what’s going on in the marketplace, which allows clients to appreciate the value that an employee benefits program brings to their business.” With two children, a 16-month-old granddaughter and a business that continues to thrive more and more each day, it seems nothing will hold this power couple back. The future, it seems, is bright, and it’s right here in the Limestone City. “I don’t know where it’s all going to go,” says Debra, “but I do know I’m loving the journey.”

Strategic Benefits and Insurance Services Ltd. 945 Princess St., Kingston 613.507.4400

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