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michelle pilon Owner, Lovebird Bridal Perhaps one of the most ultimately feminine examples of female entrepreneurship in Kingston is that of Michelle Pilon, who took her passion for weddings and made it into a business. It was when Pilon was planning a wedding of her own that she noticed the city didn’t have many options for bridal gowns. Wanting to create a boutique experience that was truly unique, Pilon set out to open her store on Ontario Street in a historic building that lends itself to the one-of-a-kind experience she provides for brides. Pilon says she had no reservations about starting her business because of her gender — but that doesn’t mean she had no reservations whatsoever. “It was more just in general,” Pilon explains with a laugh. “For my business, it’s a large investment, so it definitely made me nervous financially and, not knowing what the future holds, the first year was the most nerve-racking.” Now, in her second year of business, Pilon says she is very glad she endured those nerves. Every day, she has the opportunity to help another woman make her dreams a reality, and it’s something Pilon says is invaluable. “I don’t call it ‘work’ when I talk about being at the store, and that is a really nice feeling,” she says.




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Fine Lifestyles Kingston Spring 2014  

Fine Lifestyles Kingston Spring 2014