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Ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’

possess, use them and even take the road less travelled. Marching to your drum is much more empowering than living a life for the approval of others.”

pam Fountas Fitness trainer, life motivational speaker


If there is one thing immediately apparent about Pam Fountas, it is her incredibly contagious positive energy. This quality lends itself easily to the business Fountas has created that is all about helping other people learn to take care of themselves and create the lives they deserve to live. As a trainer, Fountas trains clients individually, and runs a variety of boot camps that combine her passion for empowering others with her realistic knowledge of human health and fitness. As a coach, she is dedicated to taking the lessons she’s learned, combined with her training, and helping others find self-love and create the lives they are deserving of. And as a speaker, she is driven to make sure people are aware of just how awesome they are, and how to harness that awesomeness in their daily lives through “limitless living.” The way that all three of her professional focuses work together, Fountas’ life philosophies are very similar to her advice to other women looking to start their own businesses. “Ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’ and if you can live with that, how is it not worth taking the risk?” Fountas asks. “I think not sharing our own gifts with the world is what leads a lot of people to be unsatisfied. I like to make sure people see the gifts they




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Fine Lifestyles Kingston Spring 2014