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about having the right amount of items for the space you have,” notes Beacock. People often assign monetary values to items. As a result, they are reluctant to let things go, whether they add to their lives or not, Beacock says. She encourages her clients to donate extraneous items, allowing them to help themselves and local charities at the same time. Having an objective party to help is one of the most important things Beacock is able to provide her clients with. It’s a continuing relationship that goes beyond the initial contact and de-cluttering. The organization expert offers her unique brand of support outside of the home, as well. Beacock’s workplace services can be as simple as streamlining the function of one desk, or as complex as using her corporate background to improve the overall function of a business. “Often when a business grows, or is experiencing various transitions, it tends to feel chaotic. It is very important to minimize anxiety at work, especially for entrepreneurs,” says Beacock, who worked her magic for Kingston’s Full Circle Health Network. As part of her workplace services, Beacock offers monthly check-ins

to ensure the system is working for clients, and make adjustments as needed to suit their changing needs — whether it is filing, digital workflow or time management. During her time in Australia, Beacock discovered a unique service: personal concierges. The organizational guru, who had a to-do list even at seven years old, was feeling the strain of juggling family and work. “Even as an organized person I was feeling overwhelmed, it was quite the epiphany when I realized I could outsource tasks. Even by just handing off a couple errands, it was amazing how much order it brought to my life,” says Beacock. With Spiral Into Control’s concierge services, time wasting errands can be a thing of the past and reduce the pressure of squeezing extra things into an already-full day.

Organizing doesn’t have to be an expensive prospect, it works with what you have already. Unlike a designer’s services, Spiral Into Control’s mandate is reducing chaos and enriching life — not simply making things pretty. There is literally a place for everything in Beacock’s world. “People often say they don’t have time to be organized. It does take time to put the systems in place, but that is an investment in the life you want to lead,” says Beacock. “Do you want to waste time looking for things among the clutter, or be able to spend extra time on things you like doing and people you love?” Spiral Into Control 613.985.4674

ABOVE L-R Genevieve Zizzo, osteopath & owner; Full Circle Health Network and Karyn Beacock, owner of Spiral Into Control




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