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uggling all the demands of a modern life can be challenging for even the most organized person or family, but throw in lost keys, paperwork or busy schedules and it becomes complete chaos. It seems as a culture, we never think about organization until the moment a problem arises. There is a never-ending myriad of books and television shows telling people how to stay organized, so when we enact these methods, why don’t they work? Karyn Beacock recognized these challenges and decided to leave the corporate world to become a professional organizer, by using her background in




systems and process improvement. Now, her Kingston-based business Spiral Into Control helps clients organize their work and home life for a more harmonious existence. Unlike the TV versions of organization, which feature one-size-fits-all organization strategies, Spiral Into Control reminds people that organizing is actually a highly personal experience. “All the tools and books in the world are not going to help if those systems don’t work with your lifestyle,” says Beacock. “It is also important to remember that whatever system you create needs to work for everyone in the home.”

Beacock begins by analyzing the way her clients live, and develops personal, effective and practical solutions that fit your lifestyle, are easy to implement and simple to maintain. She feels if a home is disorganized, it often leads to chaos in other parts of a person’s life. Spiral Into Control helps clients sift through the chaos and clutter of the everyday to help them find more peace in their lives. “Abundance is a huge opponent for organization,” she says. “People like the feeling of having extras and multiples. It makes them feel wealthy, but it creates clutter in a space. After all, do we actually need eight spatulas? Organization is

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