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We offer many add on services such as: • Window interior exterior cleaning • Carpet and upholstery

• Mattress cleaning • Yard care/ snow removal • Hardwoods resurfacing • Handyman Locally Owned and Operated Since 2009. • Grout and tile • Junk removal Complete Interior and Exterior Cleaning and resealing

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first word

Finehomes WiNNiPeG

With Fine Lifestyles editor Brandi Parnell


elcome to our first issue of Fine Homes Winnipeg. It has been quite a journey getting here; one that has been groundbreaking from the start. Jane Austen said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” Fall is the perfect time to make your home as comfortable as possible. In this issue we look at everything from luxurious linens to fall decorating. Whether you’re building a new home, selling the one you’re in or renovating a space to suit your aesthetic needs, we have ideas for you. Our cover story features Allan Asplin and The Judy Lindsay Team — an award-winning group of realtors that embody the strong entrepreneurial spirit alive in our city. The nights are cooler and the season is all about contentment. I hope this issue you finds you warm, in a hot tub beneath the stars or in front of a roaring fire. Happy harvest, may you enjoy our first Fine Homes as much as we did building it — page by page. Volume 1, Issue 1 Editor Brandi Parnell

Art Direction Amber Moon, Senior; Lisa Redden, Associate Design Natasha Burkholder, Candace Haiko Staff Writers Courtney Tait, Henny Buffinga, Mel Furlong, Rebecca Henderson, Tobie Hainstock, Tonya Lambert, Tori Stafford, Trina Annand Cover Photography BTL Wedding Photography Clark Moeller, Black & Gold Photography, BTL Wedding, Dan Wexler, Contributing Writers Susana Segura Distribution & Subscriptions ADVertisiNG coNsultANts

Brandi Parnell A Note From the AssociAte Publisher

Rhonda Tannahill It has been an exciting process growing the Winnipeg market. It brings me great pleasure to share our inaugural Fine Homes issue with our readers. As with our spring Fine Lifestyles introduction into Winnipeg, the reception in the homes’ market has been overwhelming — and for that we are truly grateful. Thanks to everyone who helped “build” this book, including our contributors, writers, photographers, advertising consultants, entire behind-the-scenes team and especially our advertising partners. May this be the first of many as we gain momentum in this hospitable, approachable and sophisticated city. Rhonda Tannahill Associate Publisher – Winnipeg 204.430.2266




Melissa Tannahill, Advertising Sales Manager 204.612.2473 |

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Fine Homes Winnipeg is published by the Group of Fine Magazines Ltd. Fine Magazines is independently owned. Opinions expressed in Fine Magazines are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or advertisers. Fine Magazines does not assume liability for content. All rights reserved. ©Fine Magazines Ltd. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. For reproduction requests, please call 306.540.3320. Canada Post Publication Agreement #41818060. Return undeliverables to 3440 Balsam Grove, Regina, Sk, S4V 1H1

How Windows should Feel


indows influence the look, feel and performance of your home. A major investment, your home deserves the most attractive and best functioning windows on the market today – Polar Windows. Today’s Polar Windows are the culmination of 40 years of manufacturing experience so you can be certain you are getting the most durable and energy-efficient windows available. Whether you are building your dream home, wanting to increase the energy efficiency of your existing home, or wanting to enhance your home’s resale value, Polar Windows are the best value for your hardearned dollars. Made in Winnipeg, Polar Windows are specially designed to withstand the extremes of our bitterly cold winters and blistering hot summers. Manufactured in the West for the West, Polar Windows are the top choice for homeowners looking to renovate and replace their existing windows with modern, energy-efficient ones. The long-lasting, triple-paned Polar Windows have krypton/argon gas between the sheets of glass, providing a high level of insulating protection for your home,

By Tonya Lambert Photos Clark Moeller

much more so than gas used by many other manufacturers. Unlike most companies, Polar Windows designs and builds their own sealed units. Their window assemblies are steel reinforced, provide thicker-than-average vinyl profiles and are insulated with foam for enhanced durability and performance. Polar Windows also come with a lifetime warranty. Polar Windows will guide you through the entire process of choosing the perfect windows and doors for your new or existing home. A sales representative will come to your house to do a free consultation and estimate. They will work with you to tailor your new windows to suit your needs and budget. Polar’s in-house installers will ensure your new windows are installed correctly; a company representative will even follow-up to ensure your complete satisfaction. Polar offers the most comprehensive customer service process in the industry. If you want windows that are not only highly energy efficient but will also draw compliments from all who see them, Polar Windows are the ones for you. With retail outlets across Western Canada, they are always ready and willing to serve you. Give them a call today!

“Our Polar Windows salesperson was great to deal with and very experienced in the renovation side of window replacement,” states David, a customer of Polar Windows. “Our home was only eight years old and I cannot tell you how happy we were to replace our two-pane, builder grade windows. It made a huge difference!”

Polar Ray-O-Max Windows 672 Kimberly Ave. Winnipeg, MB R2K 0Y2 204.956.6500







veruse of fossil fuels has greatly increased the levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases, which scientists have linked to climate changes, including higher temperatures, more frequent and destructive storms and glacial melting. According to the International Energy Agency, buildings consume over 40 per cent of energy produced and create 24 per cent of overall carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, choosing green is one way to lower the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. Building green means taking into account every aspect of construction, from the way in which materials are acquired, to building techniques and design to repairs and maintenance. A green-built home uses less water and energy; it may even produce energy. It is utilizing sustainable materials, including recycled materials, and is made to last. Care is taken to select products better for a person’s health, such as low- or zero-volatile organic compound paints and low or formaldehyde-free building materials. The initial cost of building an energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible home may be somewhat higher than a traditional code-built home. However, a 2012 survey commissioned by Canada Green Building Council found Canadian homeowners who chose to build green recover these costs in just eight years through decreased operating costs in energy use and water consumption.


HOMES AND PROPERTIES ................ 8

Improving Energy Efficiency CONDO LIVING .................................. 37

Energy is used to heat and cool homes, as is the water BATH ....................................... 40lights. usedBED to run&appliances, electronic devices and The energy used is often a .............................42 combination of electricity DREAM KITCHENS and natural gas, oil, propane and wood. INNER BEAUTY & DESIGN ...............45

There are a variety of ways to make a home moreIMPROVEMENTS energy-efficient. & RENOVATIONS ..59

OUTDOOR LIVING .............................76 Decrease the amount of energy needed to run the home by installing energy-efficient appliances and LED lights. Sustainable Building Practices ........... 8

Install windows with a high ‘R’ value and energy-efficient doors. Builders Manitoba Home

Gala Awards Dinner.............................. 18

Build or renovate your home to be an energy-efficient building envelope ensuring to no energy COVER STORY: Allanlittle Asplin and the is lost through cracks and gaps. Judy Lindsay Team Realty ................. 32 Life Between the Sheets ....................40

18 59

ALTERNATIVE FORMS OF ENERGY Utilizing an alternative form of renewable energy is another way of promoting the health of the planet and its people. Solar, wind, hydro and biomass power are examples of renewable forms of energy. The installation of photovoltaic panels is increasing worldwide, especially in areas where there is lots of sun throughout the year. However, year-round sunlight is not necessary, because energy produced during a hot Canadian summer can easily be stored for use during the winter. A very simple way of gaining maximum benefit from the free heat and light provided by the sun is through the strategic placement of windows, skylights and reflective surfaces. South-facing windows are best for this. Another method being employed by some home builders is geothermal heating and cooling. Underground vertical pipes are placed in the yard. Each is filled with a special liquid that extracts the heat from the earth in the winter and the coolness in the summer. This is then transferred to the home when circulated through pipes. DECREASING WATER USE According to Environment Canada, Canadians’ average daily water use has dropped 27 per cent from 342 litres per person in 1991 to 251 litres per person in 2011. This has been achieved through self-monitoring, switching to low-flow showerheads and low-volume toilets, and recycling grey water. According to Statistics Canada, by 2011, 63 per cent of Canadian households had a low-flow showerhead and 47 per cent had a low-volume toilet. Grey water is water that has already been used once for showers or laundry. This reclaimed waste water is then re-used for other purposes, such as irrigation or flushing toilets.

Home is Around a Hearth .................. 59

The use of tanks and barrels to collect rain water and snow melt is especially popular in the Prairie Provinces with a quarter of all households doing so. This water can be used in many instances and, once purified, can even be consumed.


Conserving the environment for the enjoyment of future generations is the responsibility of all Canadians. Building



204.414.1055 | Winnipeg | 1.877.333.2057

Garage Door DepotŽ Canada’s Source for Garage Doors, Garage Door Openers, Repair, Service, Parts & Accessories





The demand for more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building techniques — including materials — is steadily increasing in Canada. As more people become aware of the environmental, economic, social and health benefits to building green, they are searching for options to incorporate environmentally friendly products and energy-efficiency into their homes.





veruse of fossil fuels has greatly increased the levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases, which scientists have linked to climate changes, including higher temperatures, more frequent and destructive storms and glacial melting. According to the International Energy Agency, buildings consume over 40 per cent of energy produced and create 24 per cent of overall carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, choosing green is one way to lower the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. Building green means taking into account every aspect of construction, from the way in which materials are acquired, to building techniques and design to repairs and maintenance. A green-built home uses less water and energy; it may even produce energy. It is utilizing sustainable materials, including recycled materials, and is made to last. Care is taken to select products better for a person’s health, such as low- or zero-volatile organic compound paints and low or formaldehyde-free building materials. The initial cost of building an energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible home may be somewhat higher than a traditional code-built home. However, a 2012 survey commissioned by Canada Green Building Council found Canadian homeowners who chose to build green recover these costs in just eight years through decreased operating costs in energy use and water consumption.

Improving Energy Efficiency Energy is used to heat and cool homes, as is the water used to run appliances, electronic devices and lights. The energy used is often a combination of electricity and natural gas, oil, propane and wood. There are a variety of ways to make a home more energy-efficient. Decrease the amount of energy needed to run the home by installing energy-efficient appliances and LED lights. Install windows with a high ‘R’ value and energy-efficient doors. Build or renovate your home to be an energy-efficient building envelope ensuring little to no energy is lost through cracks and gaps.

ALTERNATIVE FORMS OF ENERGY Utilizing an alternative form of renewable energy is another way of promoting the health of the planet and its people. Solar, wind, hydro and biomass power are examples of renewable forms of energy. The installation of photovoltaic panels is increasing worldwide, especially in areas where there is lots of sun throughout the year. However, year-round sunlight is not necessary, because energy produced during a hot Canadian summer can easily be stored for use during the winter. A very simple way of gaining maximum benefit from the free heat and light provided by the sun is through the strategic placement of windows, skylights and reflective surfaces. South-facing windows are best for this. Another method being employed by some home builders is geothermal heating and cooling. Underground vertical pipes are placed in the yard. Each is filled with a special liquid that extracts the heat from the earth in the winter and the coolness in the summer. This is then transferred to the home when circulated through pipes. DECREASING WATER USE According to Environment Canada, Canadians’ average daily water use has dropped 27 per cent from 342 litres per person in 1991 to 251 litres per person in 2011. This has been achieved through self-monitoring, switching to low-flow showerheads and low-volume toilets, and recycling grey water. According to Statistics Canada, by 2011, 63 per cent of Canadian households had a low-flow showerhead and 47 per cent had a low-volume toilet. Grey water is water that has already been used once for showers or laundry. This reclaimed waste water is then re-used for other purposes, such as irrigation or flushing toilets. The use of tanks and barrels to collect rain water and snow melt is especially popular in the Prairie Provinces with a quarter of all households doing so. This water can be used in many instances and, once purified, can even be consumed. Conserving the environment for the enjoyment of future generations is the responsibility of all Canadians. Building or renovating your home to make it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly is one way you can lessen your environmental footprint.




Forrest Hill Development High Quality Personal Service You Can Count On By Tobie Hainstock Photos Clark Moeller





hen it’s time for home renovations, you want to hire someone you can trust to do the job right the first time. Your home is not just a place you live; it’s an investment. A dwelling you and your family live, work, eat, entertain and build memories in. This is why you want a contractor you can count on to do the highest quality workmanship available. Craig Espie, owner of Forrest Hill Development, was born and raised in the small suburb of Forrest Hill, in Auckland New Zealand. He studied at Auckland Technical University where he achieved the National Certificate of Carpentry in 2000. Later, Craig moved to Vancouver and worked in the commercial construction industry where he worked along the harbour front building luxury high-rise condos.




Eventually Craig moved to London, England where he worked as a building foreman with a specialized building and renovating company. “While I was there, I oversaw major renovations and complete overhauls,” he states. After three years of experience as a foreman, Craig started his own business, Forrest Hill Development. While in London, Craig refined his renovation skills as he worked on high-end projects in Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Belgravia. Living abroad for seven years was enough for Craig and his partner Ashley Snell when they decided to move to Winnipeg, to be closer to Ashley’s family. “We really love living in Winnipeg,” says Craig, “the people are so friendly and the standard of living here is great. Compared to London and

Auckland, you can own a beautiful home in a lovely area for a fraction of the price.” Since moving to Winnipeg, Forrest Hill Development has earned a strong reputation for quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. Craig’s high standards of workmanship stem from his dedication to getting the job done with the utmost in quality and integrity. “One thing that makes Craig unique from other contractors in the area is that he can be trusted,” comments Ashley. “He arrives on the job site when he says he will and he returns his clients calls. That sounds like the basic traits of being a professional, but you’d be amazed how many contractors lack these skills. People underestimate how important this is in establishing trust and respect with your clients.” As a result,

Forrest Hill Development has become widely known as a contracting business homeowners can count on. Craig takes his work very seriously and instills a lot of pride in every project he works on. “It’s not just another renovation project to me, it’s someone’s home,” he comments. “That’s why it’s so important to work closely with the homeowner and make sure every part of the project is taken care of, to the letter.” It’s the philosophy of Forrest Hill Development to go the extra mile and pay attention to detail when working on a renovation or building project. “Craig supplies the highest standard of workmanship in the area and only works with the best quality materials,” notes Ashley. She also points out this sometimes means his quotes on jobs may not be the lowest, but you won’t regret it in the end. “You really get what you pay for in this industry,” she adds. There are no corners cut when Craig is on the job. Forrest Hill Development specializes in a variety of renovation projects with emphasis on bathrooms, basements, full condo renovations and kitchens. When first contacted by the client, Craig will go to the property and assess layout, go over the desired project with the homeowner and quote on the project. “I will help point the client in the right direction that will make their home more comfortable,” he remarks. Craig has the experience and expertise to look after everything for you. He works with a list of respected trades people and his quotes reflect the whole price of the job so there are no surprises at the end. “I know renovations can be a stressful time for people, and it’s my job to make it as easy as possible and cause as little interruption to their day-to-day lives.” Craig speaks passionately about his love for his work. “Personally, I get a lot of satisfaction out of finishing a job and seeing the pleased look on my clients’ faces,” he notes. “That’s what makes this all worthwhile.” It’s comforting to know your home renovation is in the hands of someone who cares. RIGHT Craig Espie, owner

Forrest Hill Development 204.228.9979




ExpErt Advice Fall Home Grooming We offer many add on services such as: • Window interior Cindy Dayman • Mattress cleaning exterior cleaning owner • Hardwoods Take Time Home Cleaning & • Carpet and resurfacing Lifestyle Services upholstery • Grout and tile 204.770.7103 and resealing

• Yard care/ snow removal • Handyman • Junk removal

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innipeg homeowners hate seeing summer set sail – a season filled with hours spent outdoors. Instead of dreading the inevitable, why not make your home as comfortable as possible? A clean home has fabulous appeal for both homeowners and guests. Here are some small but significant ways to enhance your home. Welcome Home A clean front door is often a welcoming sign for guests. And yet, many homeowners neglect their porch or front entranceway when it comes to cleaning. You may be surprised to know that a damp cloth and a bucket of warm, soapy water can make a storm door shine. Or if you have a solid wood door, polish it up with a suitable wood-cleaner.




Welcome mat If you’ve been the type of person to toss a welcome mat without thought, think again. The same formula – warm water and natural dish soap – along with some elbow grease can freshen up your front door. Best of all, you are reducing waste. Hospitality With a warm welcome, your guests are sure to feel at home in yours. One small way to enhance the overall ambiance of your home is with a room diffuser, which can help eliminate unpleasant odours. Natural essences such as cinnamon and pine scents will invite guests and a new season. A new season is the perfect time to delve into a clean home. Let us know how you make out and send your cleaning questions to to have them answered in our next Ask the Expert column.

We offer many add on services such as: • Window interior exterior cleaning • Carpet and upholstery

• Mattress cleaning

• Yard care/ snow removal

• Hardwoods resurfacing

• Handyman

• Grout and tile and resealing

• Junk removal

Creating Free Time For Busy People.

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Furniture With an edge By Susana Segura Photos Clark Moeller


n the era of the ubiquitous multinational Big Box store - flat packaging, Allen wrenches and puzzled cartoon-men have become the norm for the masses wishing to acquire new furniture pieces for their home. While there is certainly a market for these items, a more unique niche is also emerging in Manitoba. Rare Timber is a new venture with an old soul. Catering to those who appreciate the finer things in life, lasting quality and workmanship; and the beauty of a real, solid piece of wood, Rare Timber produces one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and wood art for the discerning consumer.




Pioneered by owner and artisan Drew Lockhart of La Salle, Manitoba, Rare Timber is unique in Manitoba for its focus on “Live Edge” furniture. Live edge refers to the natural undulating periphery of a slab of wood, the bark edge as it were, which can be quite convoluted yet adds dimension, character, beauty and visual interest. His work is reminiscent of George Nakashima’s, a mid to late 1900’s artist and architect admired by Drew, who also favoured the natural lines and grain of wood as the focal point of the piece. A former healthcare CEO, Drew has been honing his self-taught skill of

woodworking for the last 20 years. Furnishing his entire house over time with pieces made by himself and crafting many pieces for friends and family, Drew wisely decided to make his pieces available to the public. His full-time focus now on woodworking, Rare Timber is open for business. While Rare Timber has a small inventory of ready-made furniture to choose from, most clients opt for ordering custom pieces. Drew sits with each client to discuss the best wood choices for the aesthetics of a particular piece as well as its intended usage. The selection of beautiful and utilitarian items that

Drew can create, for most purposes, are limitless from dining room tables to benches to wall art. His home serves as showroom to display the scope and style of his creations. The pieces can be seen fulfilling their intended purposes in “realtime” usage. With a wide selection of kiln and air dried woods such as black and claro walnut, exotic maples and cherry to name but a few, Drew possesses the mastery to bring out the natural beauty of each one. Favouring clear finishes that enhance and highlight the natural grain of the wood “… the soul of the tree…” as he eloquently puts it, Drew allows a proper cure time between each of the numerous coats. This attention to detail ensures each piece will be heirloom quality and as

such Drew offers a lifetime guarantee (against defect or workmanship) of repair or replacement. The aesthetic impact of such highly unique focal furniture cannot be underestimated. Much like a piece of art draws the eye, Rare Timber’s unique live-edge creations shine in any room. In a world where Big Box is common, Rare Timber offers a unique, artisan-crafted alternative for those who wish to stand out in the world. Drew Lockhart 62 River Heights Drive La Salle, Manitoba (h) 204.736.8263 (c)204.232.1561





Parade of Homes Gala

Photos Anthony Fernando

A Resounding success 18




he Manitoba Home Builders’ Association held its annual Fall Parade of Homes Gala on Friday, Oct.10 at the RBC Convention Centre in front of a packed house of more than 650 attendees. Emcee Joe Aiello led the crowd through a lively program with much to celebrate. Photo this Page Artista Homes – 11 Trailside Crescent

2014 Parade of Homes Winners

Category 1 – bungalow style condo SILVER – Irwin Homes GOLD – Randall Homes Category 2 – bungalow style condos SILVER – Arlt Homes GOLD – Maric Homes Category 3 - apartment style condo SPECIAL RECOGNITION – StreetSide Development Corporation Category 4 – apartment style condo SPECIAL RECOGNITION – Irwin Homes Category 5 – apartment style condo BRONZE – StreetSide Dev. Corp. SILVER – Randall Homes GOLD – A & S Homes Category 6 – apartment style condo BRONZE – StreetSide Dev. Corp. SILVER – StreetSide Dev. Corp. GOLD – A & S Homes Single Family HomeS awardS Category 7 BRONZE – Randall Homes SILVER – J & G Homes GOLD – Broadview Homes Category 8 BRONZE – Ventura Custom Homes SILVER – Broadview Homes GOLD – Kensington Homes Category 9 BRONZE – Kensington Homes SILVER – Broadview Homes GOLD – Broadview Homes

There were 129 unique, new homes from 31 different builders competing for awards in 25 categories: six categories for condominiums and 19 for single-family homes. In this issue we are pleased to announce the winners and showcase photos from the night. The 34th edition of the Fall Parade of Homes ran from Sept.13 through Oct. 5. 40,000 people visited the various show homes over the course of three weeks. Manitoba hosts by far the largest and most successful Parade of Homes in Canada, with the greatest number of show homes being featured here. Each

home is professionally designed and decorated, so the Parade gives everyone a chance to see the very best on display. Not only is the Parade the best opportunity for those looking for a new home, it also offers consumers a chance to be inspired by renovation and decorating tips, seeing as Manitobans love to upgrade their homes. New features in bathrooms and kitchens do not go unnoticed. With another successful Fall Parade of Homes completed, consumers are already looking forward to the Spring Parade, which is set to take place March 2015.

Category 10 BRONZE – Trikor Builders SILVER – Randall Homes GOLD – Heritage Lane Builders Category 11 BRONZE – Ventura Custom Homes SILVER – Randall Homes GOLD – Ventura Custom Homes Category 12 SILVER – StreetSide Development Corp. GOLD – Ventura Custom Homes Category 13 BRONZE – Kensington Homes SILVER – Gino’s Homes





GOLD – Broadview Homes Category 14 BRONZE – Kensington Homes SILVER – Ventura Custom Homes GOLD – Kensington Homes Category 15 BRONZE – Parkhill Homes SILVER – Broadview Homes GOLD – A & S Homes Category 16 BRONZE – Randall Homes SILVER – Trikor Builders GOLD – Sterling Homes Category 17: BRONZE – Ventura Custom Homes SILVER – Randall Homes GOLD – Randall Homes Category 18 BRONZE – Randall Homes SILVER – Randall Homes GOLD – Gino’s Homes Category 19 BRONZE - A & S Homes SILVER – Artista Homes GOLD – Foxridge Homes Category 20 SILVER – Artista Homes GOLD – Kensington Homes Category 21 BRONZE – Parkhill Homes SILVER –Hearth Homes GOLD – Hearth Homes Category 22 BRONZE – Maric Homes SILVER – Warkentin Homes GOLD – J & G Homes Category 23 BRONZE – Maric Homes SILVER – Arlt Homes GOLD – Southwynn Homes Category 24 GOLD – Artista Homes Category 25 BRONZE – Artista Homes SILVER – Maric Homes GOLD – Huntington Homes




Healthy lifestyle

Natural charm Vis it ou r n e wes

Built alongside lakes, paved walkways, abundant green spaces and a future town centre, our neighbourhoods are designed with you in mind.

show hom

Monday to Thursday Saturday and Sunday Friday by appointment

Beautiful Surroundings Our unique architectural guidelines combine traditional home styles with modern features to create welcoming streetscapes and a genuine sense of community.

Hours will vary by builder. Please check builder websites for details. Make plans to visit now.

Pedestrian Focused Leave your vehicle at home and take a stroll along an extensive pedestrian network of over 80 km of planned pathways and sidewalks.

Discover and Explore With seven planned play areas, winding trails and sparkling lakes, children of all ages will enjoy the amenities of the neighbourhood.






Parks Lakes








Bri dgw ater Lakes


Residential Neighbourhoods

Bridg w ater Fo rest


ils B ri dg w ater Tra



Bri dgw ater Centre

Find out more about our rs at neighbourhood and builde




Mixed Use Trail Network


You Should live here! By Brandi Parnell




LEFT Legislative Building, photo Brian Rudolf ABOVE Bridge, photo Aj Batac


n this editor’s estimation, Winnipeg is one of the greatest Canadian cities in which to reside. Pesky mosquitos and extreme temperatures cultivate hearty humans who brave the elements to help a neighbour, to support local, to give charitably. In this first issue of Fine Homes, we look at some of the best neighbourhoods in Winnipeg and some of the reasons why we love our city so. Winnipeg is a mecca for mouth-watering menus; boasting more than 1,100 restaurants, from bodacious burger joints to linen clad carving houses. Winnipeg is where ethnic food is authentic; it is where chefs are born and where foodies return for second helpings. When it comes to dining out or ordering in, Winnipeg is gluttonous in gourmet greats. Food aside, our fine city has been coined, the “cultural cradle of Canada” with live theatre, jazz and writing festivals, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and many museums, there is no shortage of ways to enrich your life. Living in the centre of our nation means that a beach is never too far away and green spaces are a plenty. Warm summers give way to lush parks, winding bike paths and river walks. Cast a line, roast a marshmallow, kayak for a day — wherever you go, let the sun be your prairie companion. Winnipeg experiences one of the highest amounts of sunshine per year at 2,372 hours and boasts 2,727 hours of clear skies on average per year — the most of all Canadian cities.

And so it comes as no surprise that like the inhabitants of this diverse city, the economy is stable and prosperous. The average Winnipeg homes is more than $100,000 less than the Canadian average and in 2012, Winnipeg’s unemployment rate was the fifth lowest of all the major centres in Canada. With a population near 750,000 (Census 2009), Winnipeg sees more than 3.5 million passengers yearly flying through the newly designed James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Aerospace, agribusiness and advanced manufacturing are growing industries but living here means the sky that stretches on forever is the limit. Home to a vibrant film and video production community there are more than 300 production companies in Winnipeg; dream big, shop locally and know your neighbours. Over all, there is little one could desire that does not exist within the 204 area code. Many famous people have come from Manitoba, lived elsewhere yet continue to call this province home. Issue by issue we will dig deeper into the neighbourhoods within our city limits that house coffee shops, gourmet markets, professional athletes and every day people who will happily lend you a loonie or a hand if need be. The beloved Maya Angelou said, “The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” For this editor, Winnipeg will always be one of the best cities in which to live.





South Pointe Winnipeg’s Most Desirable Community


ocated in the southwest quadrant of Winnipeg, Ladco Company Ltd. has recently completed construction of Phase I of South Pointe — its exclusive and most sought after residential development. As part of its progression, the company is in the process of moving across Kenaston Boulevard to begin development of Phase II. With an additional 640 acres, new home construction is set to begin in 2016. “We have sold 1,200 of the 1,400 lots in Phase I; our sales forecasts have exceeded our expectations thanks to the demand, the great location and the flexibility of our homebuilders to offer a wide range of exceptional, innovative home plans,” says David Borger, Ladco vice president.




Limitless design plans have created a diverse community with a varied demographic in homebuyers. From condominiums to affordable 1,200 sq.ft. single-family homes to million dollar executive homes with all the imaginable amenities, this community offers a wide range of options. Better still, South Pointe boasts a new 86,000 sq.-ft. school located on 8.8 acres. It is expected to open in 2016 at the corner of Waverley Street and Tim Sale Drive for students from kindergarten to Grade 8. For more information, contact the Pembina Trails School Division. With a number of commercial venues planned to be added, and the University of Manitoba only minutes away, South

Pointe is an incredibly accessible and convenient area in which to live. Situated in a relatively congestion free area of the city, there are several main thoroughfares that can be used to access the area including Bishop Grandin, Waverley Street, Kenaston Boulevard and the Perimeter Highway. Borger says the success and appeal of South Pointe is largely due to its attributes and amenities, which have attracted homebuyers from a wide range of ages, professions and diverse ethnic backgrounds. This continued strategy and passion will be in full supply as the development of Phase II evolves.

South Pointe The way home.

natural beauty modern living parks with prairie plants wetland-inspired ponds & creeks environmentally sensitive award-winning homebuilders

Build YOUR dream home today! BISON DRIVE







Stage 1 Stage Stage 2 3 ET RE FUTU ON AST KEN




uth So inte Po



Stage 6


Stage 5

Stage 7

Richmond West




University of Manitoba


Fort Richmond




Limited number of walkout lots available starting in the low $160,000s. South Pointe continues Ladco’s tradition of quality and innovation. For more information contact one of our award winning amenity showhome builders today!


Durable, Economical, Transportable, Green

Think Inside the Box By Henny Buffinga


anada imports many products in steel shipping containers, but once the goods come out they often languish in disuse in shipyards collecting dust. These shipping containers are actually incredibly durable and meant to last long journeys across the ocean. With some ingenuity and repurposing, they can be made into homes, sportsman’s cabins, mobile offices, shops, outdoor bathrooms, and more. Or as Kustom Container Builders says, you can transform them into whatever epic dream you have.




Kustom Container Builders is based in Winnipeg and serves the entire Manitoba and Saskatchewan region. They employ architects and engineers to create designs for their custom units, and with the help of subcontractors, their team can make anything you dream up. With these units they are creating innovative spaces that are structurally, economically and environmentally superior. What goes into the container is up to the customer, so it can be tailored to meet their budget, giving a great deal of flexibility. The containers are typically 10,

20 or 40 feet, and stacking two creates a two-storey unit. The units are extremely durable with three inches of steel, so not only are they going to last a long time, but they are incredibly secure against breakins as well. They are easily transported on a flatbed truck, making them the perfect option for deep woods cabins. These units are perfect for rural areas since they are virtually impossible to break into, as well as fire proof and weather proof once the steel is treated.

These units are very appealing for people looking for green buildings. Canada imports more goods than we export, and one cargo ship can hold 15,000 shipping containers. These sit in a shipyard unused while export countries continue to make more. Not only are these units repurposing otherwise unused materials, but they are incredibly durable and the materials won’t break down as a wood cabin or office might. Kustom Container Builders has been a dream of Kurt Witten’s for a while, but he made it a reality a year and a half ago. Witten was inspired by his father who was an architect and draws from years of experience in design and landscaping in order to create and design these innovative custom units. Kustom Container Builders is a unique company that has brought a unique business model and product to the prairies. Their custom buildings are well suited to the prairie lifestyle, and they are a great option for anyone, from the retired couple looking for a cottage to the young entrepreneur looking for an environmentally friendly storefront or small restaurant. “I think that people should think when they are building their homes, that for environmental reasons, they should build small and insulate well,” says Witten. For more information and ideas for designs, check out their website. Kustom Container Builders 204.888.1845




Enjoy the Outdoors

from Inside the Comfort of Your Home By Rebecca Henderson


here’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. But when it comes to inclement weather, insects and other irritants, enjoyment can quickly turn to frustration —until now. Suncoast Enclosures promises homeowners outdoor enjoyment with their aesthetically pleasing and durable sunrooms. Now Winnipeggers can stay outdoors longer from inside the comfort of their own home. “With our rooms you feel connected to the outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of home,” says Scott Benson, owner of Suncoast Manitoba and regional manager of Suncoast Enclosures in both Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.




“Your sunroom is like a second living space — with added amenities such as an entertainment unit, dining room or fireplace — while being able to bring in as much of the outdoors as you want through your windows.” Suncoast offers three custom products and each product comes with distinct benefits to suit their customers’ needs: • A SCREEN ROOM • A THREE-SEASON ROOM • A LOUVERED ROOM A Suncoast room offers protection without feeling enclosed by a roof or walls. “Screen rooms are a great addition

to a hot tub or pool,” Benson adds. “They keep insects and leaves out of the water without closing it off from the sun or beautiful night sky.” Best of all, the screen rooms allow you to watch the stars and enjoy a breeze without the irritation of insects. These rooms utilize the hightension screens as roof panels, which are engineered for harsh Manitoba winters. Each Suncoast room offers three screen densities to block desired amounts of sun and wind to allow varying levels of privacy, wind protection and shade, while still providing a full view. “Some customers even use our screen rooms to greatly reduce their air conditioning bills,” says Benson.




Screen rooms can always be turned into three season rooms down the road with the simple addition of windows, giving you the ultimate flexibility if you aren’t sure what is right for your space and needs. Suncoast rooms are designed and built for your existing deck or patio, which can save you the cost of building a new floor or foundation.

With the addition of a polycarbonate roof, you can enjoy the room on rainy days at the same time, allowing 95 per cent of light into the room. Even on overcast days the polycarbonate roof gives off a glow that creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. The lightweight aluminum frames can also be custom powder coated in hundreds of different colours, and even anodized to tie into existing colour schemes. Suncoast’s three-season room is the perfect sunroom, offering an open, bright space with 75 per cent ventilation when




the windows are open, and an extended enjoyment of the seasons when they are closed. Three-season rooms are often prewired for electricity, meaning they can offer many of the comforts of your home. “As with all of our rooms, they’re all custom-built,” Benson says. “Many people find they can use the rooms for nine months of the year with a small heat source, whether it’s turning the space into a second dining room, or adding an entertainment unit or fireplace. It becomes a summer living room where you spend most of your time.”

If you’re looking for some shade while sitting outside, the louvered roof has the appearance of a pergola, a common feature in gardens or outdoor sitting areas. A pergola faces east to west and blocks direct sunlight from those seated beneath, while remaining open to the sky. The louvered roof offers the same look, but with the touch of a button it can close the slats to block out rain with a tight seal. “It allows you to close it up and keep the furniture dry,” says Benson. “It’s a nice feature for the front of a south-facing house or over a patio.” Benson and his cousin began working with Suncoast for a summer several years ago and fell in love with the products. Now, as the owner, he continues the family connection with his brother as foreman on the building crew, and his sister helping with trade shows. Benson and his crew pride themselves on offering an excellent experience for

their customers. “We provide prompt and reliable service; we do it right the first time,” he says. “We always spend the extra time to get it done right. We never take shortcuts, and in the end we just want the customer to be satisfied. These are values I instill in everybody who works with us.” “An advantage to our service is flexibility,” continues Benson. “We build every room on site, so we can accommodate a second-storey balcony, a bay window, multi-level decks or protruding rooflines. We are always looking forward to accommodating the unique challenges each job possesses.” Suncoast Enclosures commonly have a mansard roof style, setting them apart from the classic shed-style sunroom that becomes very low in the middle of the room. The mansard roof is sloped, and the look blends well with most styles of home. “This gives our enclosures a modern and clean look,” says Benson. “They are like no other sunroom on the market.” Suncoast Enclosures are an excellent addition to any home, cottage, pool or business, which means Benson has happy customers all over Winnipeg, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. “I’m very happy with the product from Suncoast Enclosures,” says client Joyce Boyechko. “I’ve referred their products to friends and raved about their work ethic...They pulled in and worked until the project was completed, without dragging the process out as some contractors tend to do.” Suncoast Enclosures has three showrooms across Manitoba and Ontario: • NITE HAWK CAFÉ in West Hawk Lake, MB. • THE SHELL (on TransCanada Highway) in Clearwater Bay, Ont. • ST. MARY’S NURSERY & GARDEN CENTRE in Winnipeg, MB. To book a viewing, contact Suncoast Manitoba today. Suncoast Manitoba 204.510.8900 Box 136, West Hawk Lake, Manitoba







A P r o v e n C o n C e P t,

EvEry TimE I By Brandi Parnell Photos BTL Wedding

n our last issue of Fine Lifestyles Winnipeg, we took a look at some of the best businesses in their respective categories. Businesses that are customer centric, focused and innovative. In other words, they had created a proven concept while staying true to their corporate values. Allan Asplin and the late Judy Lindsay have created an award winning real estate team that exudes all of the attributes of a first class business.

top skill sets. Certain agents excel in the buying process, where as others thrive in listing and selling houses,” he adds. That experience has afforded the Judy Lindsay Team some key insights into different real estate needs based on the different stages of life. For example, a first time homebuyer has different wants than a couple buying their ‘move up’ home; a family purchasing its dream home has different needs than a couple downsizing or moving into assisted living.

The Team The success of the Judy Lindsay Team is rooted in the fundamentals that people working together can achieve more. In fact, it’s the same system every time. “The average agent sells between eight and 10 houses per year. We sell, on average, more than 5 houses per week. With that kind of experience we are able to adapt to the market and match buyers and sellers with skilled agents,” says Asplin.

“I love that part of the business,” says Asplin. “We can speculate on the buyer, anticipate upcoming issues should they arise, and show homes that are right for our clients at varied stages in their lives.”

“With a team system, our agents are able to concentrate their efforts on their

The Process A skilled approach to buying and selling homes can make all the difference. Because it is most likely the greatest investment of one’s life, investing in real estate is often linked to a gamut of emotions. It is during this time that expert advice is critical. An elderly person moving out of his or her




“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth — both financial affluence and emotional security.” —Suze Orman

home is selling a lifetime of memories. Conversely, a first time homebuyer is buying into his or her future. That being said, emotions can complicate a major transaction, which is why you need a level headed, unbiased expert to assist in the process. “We are constantly conferring with our buyers to ensure we have the right neighbourhood, the price range and, of course, the right type of home,” Asplin says. Success is not an accident. The Buying sPecialisT Buying specialists know how to find their clients the right home for their needs — at each stage in their lives. Whether you are a young career minded individual looking to work and live downtown or a family with teenage children wishing to be near schools and green




space, buying specialists know key attributes of neighbourhoods and the appropriate steps to take when doing market research. Having a buying specialist means you can find out about a house you’re interested in and see it right away. With different agents specializing in different areas of the city and surrounding communities, there is always someone available and willing. Better yet, they often know of homes coming available in advance of being listed, they are skilled negotiators and they can provide insight in multiple offer situations. The selling sPecialisT Selling specialists know a home needs to be priced accurately, marketed properly and appropriately prepared to sell for top dollar.

Whether you reside in Royalwood or Charleswood, the principles of selling a home are the same. If the home is over or under priced, if the listing is not promoted correctly to potential buyers, or if the home doesn’t show its best, chances are the home won’t sell in a timely fashion, and will likely sell for less than fair market value. “When your house is not selling, that’s when a homeowner tends to react rather than reassess. It’s our job to base our decisions on fact, not emotions.” Having a selling specialist means you can relax knowing the sale of your house will be executed with precision based on a proven system. To each sale, they bring appraisal experience, show-ability insights and a history of consistent promotion to potential buyers.

exPecT more Asplin and his team have always been known for doing more for their home sellers. As part of their promise to deliver the absolute best customer experience, they continue to come up with new and innovative ways to deliver more value to the client, and ultimately sell their home for more money.

buying options while decreasing their apprehensions.

Many of Judy Lindsay Team Realty innovations have been implemented around the world. For more than two decades, the Judy Lindsay Team Realty has been on the cutting edge of advancements in modern real estate and continues to offer more, by working hard to alleviate the uncertainties of buying or selling a home.

The benefits of a program like this are more than peace of mind; Guaranteed Sold also affords a home owner the ability to buy their next house knowing theirs will be sold—no matter what—with a written offer, 24 hours after listing.

One such innovation is their Guaranteed Sold Program — a simple, two-step system for sellers to increase their

1. The homeowner and selling specialist agree on a price and a deadline. 2. If Judy Lindsay Team Realty doesn’t sell the home at the agreed upon price by the deadline, they will buy it.

“At the end of the day, it allows people the opportunity to begin the next phase of their life, to move forward,” says Team Leader Allan Asplin. “It’s that simple.” The investment in one home can tie your

hands financially. Whether you’re moving for a new career, to better the lives of your children or into a neighbourhood you’ve always longed for, having the freedom to buy is invaluable. This is just one of the many unique options clients have when working with The Judy Lindsay Team. For a liFeTime With a proven system, the Judy Lindsay Team relies on substantiated strategies when marketing a home to capture the largest possible targeted demographic. “It’s never guess work for us. We track everything we do so we can act on our clients behalf, with verified facts.” The Judy Lindsay Team has a proven system that works for their clients to find the right house, at the right price. Their specialized buying and selling agents mean clients not only come first, they




also have an entire team at their disposal so they can hear about a new listing and see the house the same day. Experience in real estate isn’t necessarily the number of years in business, it’s knowing the needs of the clients, the area, the market and the economy. Emotions can complicate a situation in both the buying and selling process. Specialized realtors ensure a seamless experience. With continued innovation, an extensive collective of knowledgeable, experienced professionals and a proven system, it’s no wonder more than 80 per cent of their business is repeat clients and referrals. In today’s Winnipeg real estate market, Judy Lindsay Team Realty are not only adaptable to change, they continue to create ground-breaking advances in modern real estate, making them unquestionably market leaders. To find your next home, or sell the one you’re in, call The Judy Lindsay Team Realty at 204.925.2900 or 1.877.262.7072. the Judy Lindsay team /Judy-Lindsay-team-realty /judylindsayteam




Small Space, Big Style: CreatinG a Luxurious Condo


By Katrina Geenevasen

on’t think you have to sacrifice big style because you’re working with a small space. A sumptuous home is possible, even if the square footage in your condo is rather limited.

“We all tend to gather too many items around us,” says Catherine Hyett, co-owner of leClair-Hyett Design in

Kingston. “Moving to a smaller space provides the perfect opportunity to downsize unnecessary possessions.” While it’s true you have to use a lot more forethought when designing a small space, it’s also a great opportunity to be really creative and have fun. So where do you start?




Fabulous Furnishing

Begin by selecting appropriately sized furniture, says Laurie LeClair, co-owner of leClair-Hyett Design. It’s always a good idea to tape out a floor plan, placing furnishings appropriately. If the space will be overcrowded, reduce the size of the furniture. Convert your livingroom’s three-seater sofa into a loveseat, for example. If this isn’t an option, remove less crucial pieces. In the bedroom, opt for the smallest, low profile bed you can manage, and plan to incorporate as much built-in storage as possible.




You can also consider adding floating pieces and stunning built-ins, says Hyett. “Any space will look larger if there is less to interrupt the eye,” she points out. “A floating desk, vanity or nightstand will have a smaller footprint than freestanding pieces.” Once you have determined furniture placement, consider choosing one or two focal points in each room you are decorating. A dramatic art piece, furniture piece, or framed mirror can have quite a visual impact, and allows you to draw attention away from the size of the space.

Creating Zones

These days, more and more condos and apartments are open-plan, making it necessary to designate multiple functional areas (sitting, eating, cooking), within a single room, says Hyett. “Whether the room is large or small, careful space planning is always critical,” she points out. If your room is long and narrow, a linear organization may make most sense – kitchen at one end, dining in centre and seating at the far end, says Hyett. “Linear

floor area always looks larger. And rather than table lamps, consider wall-mounted directional lighting or pendants, says Hyett.

Let the Light Shine In

organization is very flexible. The sizes and shapes of the zones within can be different as long as they relate to a straight line.” Square-shaped rooms, on the other hand, are often arranged on an axis. Kitchen and sitting areas are frequently arranged on one linear path, with dining located on a second. Just keep in mind that no matter the shape of the space you’re working with, it’s important to select furnishings that

will allow easy passage from one zone to another.

Natural lighting is also essential; it’s important to let as much natural light into the room as you can. “Move draperies back from windows, or select shades that will fully retract when not in use,” says Hyett, adding that condo and loft windows are typically large, so interior finishes and furnishings are especially vulnerable to UV damage. “It’s important to make sure window coverings are able to mitigate this problem. If the view is spectacular, sunscreen and Silhouette-type shades will allow residents to enjoy the outdoors, while at the same time protecting against UV.”

Conquer Clutter

Choose Your Colour

When it comes to clutter, less is more, says LeClair. “A small space can look messy and disorganized if you try to cram too many knick-knacks into it,” she says. “It’s best to choose a couple of your favourite items for display and then rotate them with others over time.” For a cleaner, sleeker look, remove area or scatter rugs, since an unbroken

While some schools of design favour lighter tones on walls, others prefer darker ones. At leClairHyett, the designers believe that while dark shades can be used successfully in small spaces, light colours in cooler shades are generally the best choice, since they cause walls to recede visually. To further trick the eye, consider painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls, says LeClaire. This technique tends to make the edges of a small room disappear, making the room appear larger.




Life Between the Sheets By Brandi Parnell

After a long day of mental exhaustion, physical performance or life in the proverbial “rat race,” there are few things as satisfying as pulling back the sheets and crawling into your own bed. Fine linens can make for a perfect night’s sleep. Consider these criteria when purchasing a new set of sheets.




The bed has become a place of luxury to me! I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world.

—Napoleon Bonaparte

Thread CounT: MyTh or FaCT? hread count is often referred to when it comes to buying bedding. However, the term has become a marketing tool to sell more sheets on discount websites. While it is important to know the number of threads woven per square inch of fabric, the quality of material is equally important.


More threads of a poor quality fabric may result in a durable, but not so desirable, set of sheets. Sheets with between 200 and 600 thread count are optimal; anything higher traps body heat and can make for an uncomfortably hot night. Thread count is definitely something to consider, but so too is the fabric. MaTerial Make up The average person sleeps away about one third of their life; that’s quite an investment. So, too, should be the sheets you sleep on. Smooth, soft sheets may lull you into a sweet slumber sooner than a scratchy set of bargain bedding. Following are five fabrics for a fantastic night’s sleep: 1. Cotton sheets have definitely withstood the test of time because they are easy to care for and comfortable, regardless the climate or season. Egyptian cotton is the crème de la crème of cotton sheets, soft and luxurious to the touch. 2. Pima Cotton or Supima, as it is sometimes referred to, is sought because it is grown in America (named after the Pima Indians) and is superior quality. 3. Bamboo is a great alternative because the plant can flourish without pesticides or fertilizers, making it an environmentally-friendly option. Although bamboo is not ideal for people

who tend to be warm, these sheets are easy to care for and incredibly soft to the touch. 4. Silk is historically lavish for a superb sleep, but has a reputation for being best suited to colder months. Silk sheets are a high-end alternative to flannel and require delicate laundering. 5. Lastly, linen sheets may be the perfect complement to silk. Linen is best used in warm climates and on hot summer nights. A true luxury fibre linen requires more care than most other fabrics, and often requires ironing. If treated properly though, these sheets

will last forever — or until you choose to trade them in. MainTenanCe To extend the longevity of a great pair of sheets, wash them weekly. Dryer balls can soften your sheets without applying harmful chemicals. Be creative, add essential oils to your wash or purchase your favourite scented linen spray. The editor’s preference is lavender linen spray available at Tiber River Naturals. When life is too hectic or the day is too long, take solace between a great pair of sheets. Sweet dreams.




The Ultimate

Chef’s Kitchen By Katrina Geenevasen

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an amateur cook, if you want to be a culinary powerhouse, you’re going to need the right equipment and tools. So where do you begin in order to create the ultimate chef’s kitchen? Fine Homes Winnipeg has all the answers you need.




Cooking Up a Plan


omeowners should begin by thinking about how they use their kitchen, or want to use their kitchen, says Nancy Howey, kitchen designer with Countrywide Kitchens in Kingston. “[Homeowners should] make a wish list and prioritize, especially storage requirements and unique features,” she says, adding that before any design begins to take shape, homeowners should consider what type of cooking they do: baking, canning and grilling will each have their own set of culinary requirements. And don’t forget about adding extra space, either. “If there is more than one cook in the kitchen, you should consider a second prep area,” Howey says.

Clever Storage Solutions Any experienced chef will tell you that the more counter space you have, the better. Make the most of drawers, cabinets and storage systems to make any gastronomic adventure a breeze. “Each drawer should have a purpose, with stainless steel drawer organizers that are modular, flexible in layout and dishwasher safe,” says Howey, adding that other modular organizers for everything from cutlery and utensils to plates, pots and pans, keeps efficiency at its peak. Consider pullout racks for spices and oils close to the cooking area, as well as automatic openers for drawers, for those inevitable instances when your hands are full. For maximum efficiency, install pullout recycling and waste containers next to your prep and cleanup area.




A Coveted Countertop Providing the base for all of your culinary wizardry, the countertop you choose is of utmost importance. The best countertops today, says Howey, are quartz or stainless steel. “[Both options are] easy to clean, do not promote growth of bacteria and are not affected by water,” she says. So what type of countertop do you want to avoid? “Ceramic tile,” says Howie without hesitation. “Although heat resistant, the grout is very hard to keep clean and requires maintenance often. The tiles can also have a very uneven surface – try setting a champagne flute down without it tipping over.”




Laying It Out

sauce off these surfaces is easy compared

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as the “kitchen work triangle,” which connects the three main work areas in the kitchen – the sink, the range and the refrigerator – with a distance of no less than four ft. and no more than nine ft.

to keeping the grout between the ceramic

“Keep in mind there is no perfect kitchen, just the perfect kitchen for you,” says Howey. While most chefs work in a galley layout in their restaurants, the best layout for a home kitchen will truly depend on the space you have available. Bigger is not always better, says Howey, but adequate counter space for prep and cleanup is important. Keep in mind, however, that if the workstations are too far apart, it will not be as efficient.

A Breathtaking Backsplash While there are many beautiful options available for today’s kitchens, the ultimate chef’s kitchen will feature a backsplash of either stainless steel or back-painted glass, says Howie. “These are better options, as they allow for easy cleanup around the prep and cooking areas,” she points out. “Wiping splashes of spaghetti

tiles clean.”

Light It Up Task lighting in a chef’s kitchen is very important, says Howie. “A client actually taught me that you can’t turn a light on that’s not there. Adding a few more than you think you will need makes sense.” Consider halogen or LED pot lights to light up prep areas, and choose fixtures that give sufficient light. Dimmers can create ambient light when the counter is not in use. Also be sure to position lights so you are not working in your own shadow, says Howie. Under-cabinet valance lights will help with this, as they add light to the darker areas. Meanwhile, islands and peninsulas can have more decorative pendant lighting to add a creative touch or feature in your kitchen.


DeďŹ ning Style By Meredith Heron Photos courtesy Meredith Heron




As a designer, I am often asked when meeting someone for the first time what my “style” is. I struggled for years with defining this, and I would often refer to another more well-known designer. I really didn’t know how to articulate my aesthetic, mostly because it was still developing. I also didn’t want to limit myself or turn off a potential client if they didn’t happen to share this same preference.


ut after almost 17 years of designing, I most certainly do have a particular aesthetic. It was clearly defined by an acquaintance on Facebook recently, when she commented on a photo of a project we are finishing: “It's awesome and elegant, has a classic shape with modern elements, and has high contrast and a splash of tasteful colour. Totally Meredith.” I should add I’ve only met this person three times; she is a dear friend of a family member. She’s only ever seen my work virtually, thanks to social media, and we’ve never had the occasion to really talk about design together. I describe what she nailed in her review as “modern traditional.” I love the classics, but I don’t want a space to feel dated or take itself too seriously. I want the homes I design to reflect the people who inhabit




them to where it looks more like them than it does me. However, I definitely do have “Meredith-isms” I am inclined to repeat over and over again. While I can appreciate overly-modern or contemporary spaces, they aren’t really my “cup of tea” — and I’m now happier for saying so when I meet people. It’s not the sort of project that would excite me. I need to be excited about the projects I work on; they work out better for everyone in the long run. If you are considering working with a designer or if you are trying to navigate a design project on your own, do your styles really need to mesh? I think so, but more importantly, your personalities have to jive. As a client, you will need to do your homework before embarking on a project with a designer as much as you should if you are planning to go it alone. But where do you start?

designers you like and start following them or do a search with the particular style you are leaning towards and see what comes up. Go ahead, fall down that rabbit hole! MAGAZINES. I often assign clients to get some magazines and tear out pictures of spaces they like. Unfortunately, they don’t often choose enough variety to give a true indication of where their style is leaning. On the other hand, some have subscribed for years and dutifully planned out their project in binders. I love when this happens.

PINTEREST. I am still surprised when clients tell me they’ve never heard of Pinterest. I usually tell prospects to follow my boards and find things they like so they can avoid being overwhelmed. I recommend this to anyone: find a few

What’s interesting about collecting images of things you love — maybe just a feeling a space gives versus the actual contents of the space — starts to tell you a bit about what you are drawn to. Are you more contemporary — less stuff, not a lot of colour, but perhaps an interesting play of texture and contrast? Are you more country/rustic? This can be contemporary and more of a Scandinavian or Nordic feel versus

cottage/shabby chic. I can’t believe we are still talking about “shabby chic” so many decades later, but some love it. Others love a more coastal and beachy, laid-back vibe. Do you love colour and pattern? Do you prefer a mix of old and new? Are you a modern traditionalist? Please, for the love of all that is good and design-pretty, do not answer questions about your style with “I love clean lines.” Clean lines are not, and never will be, a design style. I won’t tell you what goes through my head when I hear this. It’s like saying you love colour and referencing grey, brown, black and white. These are not colours — they are neutrals. Once you’ve discovered your “style,” think about what you are comfortable with and what scares you. I guarantee if you pursue more of what scares you, you will end up with the best results. As I always say, you really should consult a professional to help you along — including pushing you out of your comfort zone.




Designing Without Borders By Rebecca Henderson Photos Grandmont Designs


hen Joan Grandmont walks into a store, she doesn’t see the clothing — she sees the flooring, the shelving and everything structural.

a new renovation and smell the wood, it brings back memories. I love it.”

“It’s just who I am,” says Joan, owner of Grandmont Designs, an interior design company. “I have a T-square in my head at all times,” she laughs.

Joan’s understanding of the trades industry is an asset when it comes to designing and creating a theme for her clients’ kitchens and bathrooms. “I appreciate what goes on in all the related trades and industries.

Joan’s dad was a carpenter and she originally wanted to be one, as well. “I wanted to be a finishing carpenter,” she says. “Even to this day, when I walk into

With knowledge (of the industries), I can look beyond a room’s given potential. There’s so much more; all you need to do is ask “what if?”




Drawing inspiration from artwork, travel and culture, Joan describes herself as a sponge for information. “I never go to the same place twice,” she says. “I like to see or learn something different every time.” Joan says she loves when clients come to her with their own ideas —even ones inspired from home renovation television shows. “I watch those shows too,” laughs Joan. These days, Joan is seeing distinct changes in her clients’ needs — most particularly the decision to renovate and grow their homes to accommodate

Personally, my ‘favourite look’ is doing a really great job and having a happy client.

Joan’s tag line is “Designing without Borders” as she actively works with clients throughout the Prairie Provinces, Ontario and even the U.S. Add to that the diversification of client styles and preferences — the sky’s the limit when it comes to taking a client’s dreams to new heights. multi-generational families or to relocate and completely downsize, choosing a more simple and personal lifestyle. Grandmont Designs started out as Computer Home Designs 14 years ago. Joan was educated at Red River College, graduating in Home Design; she also completed a term of Drafting. She continues to attend seminars and courses, staying on top of the latest trends and developments in the design industry through her association with the Canadian Decorators Association (CDECA) of Toronto and her own Central Prairie Chapter. “Design is constantly evolving and changing. You simply can’t stop learning. You want to be able to pinpoint your clients’ needs by being informed, up-todate and well educated.”

Joan says she wants her clients to know she values their trust. “Communication is incredibly important, and I want them to know I am open to each new challenge. The biggest decision they have to make is to hire a professional. I take this very seriously.” Joan says she wants her design work to be a positive experience for the client. “I don’t want people to identify me with a certain look or label. Personally, my ‘favourite look’ is doing a really great job and having a happy client.” To contact Joan, please phone or email. Photos of her designs can be viewed on the website. Joan Grandmont 204.461.0113

Joan Grandmont, owner and designer




Designing Your Dream Home?

Unique Décor and Expert Help at

IntErIor IllUsIons By Courtney Tait Photos Clark Moeller


or Michelle Chisick, interior designer at one of Winnipeg’s premiere design boutiques, home décor is a passion she grew up with. “My parents started Interior Illusions, so I grew up helping out around the store,” she says. “I developed the same passion for it as they had.” Step into Interior Illusions today, and this passion is apparent, with décor from window coverings, lamps, area rugs and artwork to full dining and bedroom suites on display, set against the building’s brick and exposed timbers. Located in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, Interior Illusions specializes in helping people choose unique and beautiful pieces for their home.

maric Homes




“We help people create comfortable spaces that they can enjoy everyday.” While the business’ original focus was on window coverings, Michelle says that clients often asked the Interior Illusions team about furniture and other décor, wanting advice on how to coordinate the rooms in their home as a whole. “Over time, we transformed the store to include furniture and accessories,” says Michelle. “It was a natural transition.” Interior Illusions offers a range of unique, high-quality lines with a variety of décor styles, making the store an excellent shopping destination no matter your preferences. Furninova, a Swedish furniture line exclusive in Winnipeg to Interior Illusions, is a favourite among both clients and staff. “Furninova’s price point is right, the look is right, and the comfort is right,” says Michelle. “It’s hard to find furniture that meets all those criteria. We love it.” For clients, the appeal of Interior Illusions is not only in its selection, but also the exceptional customer centric service. The store’s friendly, energetic staff strives to make people feel at home as they shop for their home. “We try to give everyone a sense of comfort, without any pressure,” says Michelle. “We want them to feel welcome to browse and be inspired. People say they get a great vibe from being in our store.” While the thought of shopping for furniture can be overwhelming, Interior Illusions believes it should be a fun and exciting experience, as easy and stress-free as possible. The store encourages its clients to have an initial consultation with one of its designers, so they can get a feel for the home space and narrow down the best and most appropriate decor options. “After a consultation, we can come back to the store and pull together the entire room for the client,” says Michelle. “We are not just sales people, we are also designers, so our clients can be guaranteed they are getting the right product, the right size and the right colour.” Whether you are designing a new home, renovating your current space, or simply looking for ideas for the future, Interior Illusions is a shopping experience unlike any other. “We pride ourselves on the quality of our service,” says Michelle. “We want our customers to enjoy their time in our store, find unique items, and walk out happy with their purchases.” Interior Illusions 100-100 Princess St. Winnipeg 204.925.4162 TOP, MIDDLE gino’s Homes BOTTOM maric Homes




Opulent Accessories Four Ways to add Luxury to your Home By Courtney Tait


hile the sprawling estates of celebrities featured on shows like Celebrity House Hunting may inspire thoughts of luxury, you don’t need a mansion to feel surrounded by opulence. American designer Larry Laslo, whose high-end spaces have been featured in Architectural Digest and Vanity Fair, said, “Exquisite details make interiors sing.” In this spirit, we’ve chosen our four favourite accessories for adding opulence to your home. Blend these decadent details with your personal style to create an ambience fit for the stars. 1. Chandeliers Once a staple fixture that brought old-world elegance to dining rooms, chandeliers are now one of the most versatile ways to light your home. Functioning as a centrepiece, a chandelier can add instant opulence to living areas, master bedrooms and spastyle bathrooms. If you want a classic style, opt for a crystal chandelier. Cut glass pieces dangling from the arms reflect light, creating a sparkling, dramatic effect. Candle chandeliers create an ambience that’s warm and inviting. Pillar candles of varying heights look beautiful suspended on a metal platform that hangs from the ceiling. Try this over your dining table for an upgrade to the family meal. Prefer a more modern option? Chandeliers that mix glass with metals such as brass and wrought iron are contemporary examples of lighting artistry. Consider having one commissioned for an original statement piece that shows off your eclectic taste.




2. area and Throw rugs Top the sleek finish of a polished floor with the right rug, and you strike a luxurious balance of cool and comfort. In larger rooms with hardwood or laminate, an area rug will create cohesion and warmth. Runners and throw rugs in smaller spaces add interest, and can function as accent pieces that highlight specific furniture and artwork. Choose patterned rugs to hide the wear of daily life, in shades that complement your home’s colour scheme. Handknotted rugs are typically of a higher quality than machine-made ones, and can read either classic or contemporary, depending on their pattern and other elements in the room. A popular style is the kilim, a flat-weave tapestry rug that features geometric designs. With Persian, Eastern European and Turkish origins, these rugs bring a worldly elegance to the home. If you prefer a more neutral look that your feet will love, consider a deeppile Moroccan rug. These double-knot designs are undyed, and usually cream or white with a large diamond pattern. Remember that rugs can be used as a focal point, creating a baseline for the other accessories you choose. Cherrypick ones you love to look at, and keep them in mind as you add new elements. 3. sTaTemenT arTwork Nothing suggests opulence like classy, tasteful artwork. While the impact of art depends largely on the viewer, a few guidelines can help you choose wisely. Consider hanging one bold, large-scale piece in your primary living area. A solitary abstract with bright colours, vivid landscape, or a black and white photographic image creates an instant conversation piece, while the oversized dimensions bring weight and depth the room. Conversely, a gallery wall is an excellent way to fill a space with art and photography collected over the years. Editing is key to making this look curated rather than chaotic, so choose with a discerning eye, using the room’s style as an anchor. Invest in professional framing and opt for “conservation glass”, which will help protect the work from ultraviolet rays. From classic busts to exotic animals, sculptures elevate the tone and feel of a room. Seek out local artists and consider having a piece custom made. Display sculptures on console tables, shelves or

on a bookcase for an eye-catching feature that exudes class. To ensure your artwork stands out, only display what you truly love. Remember that opulence isn’t about quantity, but quality.

Remember that opulence isn’t about quantity, but quality.

4. arChiTeCTural mouldings No matter what style of home you live in, adding width, depth and height with architectural moulding will give it a dramatic upgrade. Baseboards, casing and moulding are essential to creating an atmosphere that exudes luxury. To add impact to your walls, replace small baseboards with ones that are at least eight to 10 inches. Accent the baseboard with quarter-round trim for added elegance. To define openings in walls between rooms, or to frame doors, incorporate casing at least three inches wide. (Your home’s scale and ceiling height will be a factor in choosing widths of mouldings.) Crown and cove moulding create an architectural transition between the wall and ceiling, drawing the eye upward. Styles vary from clean and simple to ornate. The more ornate they are, the more of a feature they become, so ensure they will complement (rather than conflict with) the rest of your accessories. These four elements can be added to your home gradually, giving it opulent touches over time. Choose the one that inspires you most, and start from there. The sense of luxury will evolve with each new addition, creating an ongoing style statement.




Bring home a Piece of Paradise By Melanie Furlong Photos Black & Gold Photography


he first time Rick Boily visited Indonesia, the country’s economy was in bad shape. It had suffered horrific terrorist attacks and tourists had all but stopped visiting. He met a number of talented artists through a friend and saw just how tough life was for them. He decided to help these people and their families by coming home and opening a chain of distribution for their beautiful works of art. Following that decision, he spent the




next few years building up a network of Indonesian artisans and in 2006 opened Pieces of Paradise.

can bring to a home. It turned our whole 3,000 sq. ft. store into a colourful feast for the eyes.”

October marked Pieces of Paradise’s third anniversary at 1094 Nairn Ave. with their annual Festival of Lights. “We lit about 60 lamps throughout the store,” says Boily. “When we light up the store, it creates an amazing visual display. With all the vibrant shades of orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and red, customers really get a feel for the ambiance these lamps

Pieces of Paradise carries a wide range of home decor, art, furniture, jewellery and fashion. All of it comes directly from small family businesses in Indonesia. “We don’t deal with factories or co-ops,” says Boily. “This is direct trade with the artisans themselves and follows the principles of fair trade. We source everything and most of our products are made from natural

or recycled materials. There’s almost no plastic in our store.” Boily says his customers like the uniqueness of the products and when they learn the stories behind them, they feel a personal connection to the artisans. An in-store television displays photos of his buying trips. “A lot of people want to go to Bali,” says Boily. “It’s on many bucket lists. But until they have a chance to go in person, we give them the opportunity to get a little taste of it here at home and touch the life of someone over there.” Many customers come seeking home décor and unique gifts that bring back their own travel memories. “Pieces of Paradise makes people feel like they’re somewhere else,” says Boily. “Some say it reminds them of other tropical destinations they’ve been to, if not Indonesia. It takes them back to wherever their own paradise was found.”

Customer Michelle Wetton says Pieces of Paradise is her go-to place for home decor items. “I have purchased so many items from here, and can’t wait to visit each time!” says Wetton. “The items are high quality and priced fairly. The unique selection is unlike any place in Winnipeg. I also love that the items are purchased directly from the artists.” Boily says the most fulfilling thing about running the store has been seeing the difference it has made in a small number of people’s lives. Boily says, “We’re not out to change the world, but to the 300 or so artists that we deal with, we change their world.” RIGHT Rick Boily, owner

Pieces of Paradise 1094 Nairn Avenue, Winnipeg 204.477.1822




Your At-Home

Gallery: a Personal Work of art By Tori Stafford


hen it comes to making a house a home, displaying artwork has long since been a means of bringing your own personality and style to your space. However, the how and why of placing pieces on your walls is constantly evolving. Today, perhaps more than ever, creating gallery walls in the home is proving a popular trend, and one that allows homeowners to make a statement while investing in original pieces. Gone are the days of mass-produced prints on every wall, as more people turn to original artwork – and the minds behind these pieces – to seek inspiration, create an esthetically pleasing environment and make a unique space all of their own. Displaying original pieces is something many find both meaningful and rewarding. The key to achieving this in your own home comes down to one word, says Kingston-based gallery owner and curator, Raymond Vos. That word? Connectivity. For Vos, providing a space where local artists can show their work is equally as important as providing a space for locals and tourists to not only take in these works, but also meet and communicate with the artists. This allows his patrons the opportunity to connect – with the pieces themselves, with the local art community, and with the visionaries responsible for the artwork in the gallery. That connection is something more and more people are looking for when purchasing original works, Vos says, and often, those purchasing pieces are interested in the artist behind the work. A great way of being able to connect with the artist is to look into and purchase pieces by local artists. Here in Kingston, the thriving art community is both exceptional and accessible, Vos expresses, noting the downtown core alone boasts close to a dozen galleries showcasing local artists. Meeting the artist allows a person to discover the inspiration behind specific pieces, which adds a whole new level to what those pieces mean. “Then, when you see the painting, you’re also seeing the experience behind it,” says Vos. “There’s a sense of depth – it is not just a pretty picture you can get at any Ikea.”







music, art can stimulate or soothe, as well as make a statement. Choose pieces that appeal to you personally, Vos says, and allow that to guide you. A lot of collectors create a means of adding to their collection that is sentimental, he says, such as purchasing a piece each year on your anniversary, or finding a piece on each trip you take to mark that experience.

Whether you’re looking to fill a wall with a collection of smaller pieces by different artists, or create a focal point with one larger piece that suits the space, in the end, it is all about creating a connection between yourself, the pieces and your space. “It’s really about a place for you to express yourself, express your creativity, express what excites you and makes you feel good,” Vos says, noting that, like




In planning to display your art, simplicity is best – over the last 20 years, there has been a marked shift from large, ornate and gilded frames to simple floating frames. “The simple, clean lines of this type of framing allows the art to speak for itself,” Vos explains. Keeping a theme throughout the pieces you display, such as colour or style, is important for ensuring a connectedness between the pieces of art, Vos advises. A growing trend shows people are opting for larger pieces. While more expensive,

they are an ideal means of making a bold statement and filling a wall without creating a cluttered appearance. And when it comes to seeing the pieces you love in the best light possible, how a room is illuminated is crucial, Vos explains, and can drastically change effect and appearance. Having as much natural light as possible is optimal, with ambient lighting as opposed to focused spotlighting key to letting your artwork shine. Lighting and atmosphere are so important and can have such a large impact on how a piece of art is perceived that Vos almost always insists his clients take pieces home to view in their own environment before purchasing. “When you are purchasing a piece of art, you are choosing to invest your money in that specific piece,” says Vos. “It all comes back to that sense of connectedness – the piece should connect both with the owner, and the atmosphere in which it’s placed.”

Home is Around A

HeArTH By Tori Stafford

It’s the stuff Norman Rockwell paintings are made of: a pair of boots resting by the fire, a few mugs of cocoa perched nearby, and rosy-cheeked children warming their hands after a day outside in the brisk autumn air — the perfect image of a fall family day. Heart, happiness and a hearth.





he traditional stone or brick fireplace surround dates back to the beginning of civilization. Then, hearths were where blacksmiths cast their iron, mothers simmered soup and families gathered for warmth and conversation. Today, the modern hearth can range from functional — to protect the area around the fireplace from damage, containing the fire — to fashionable, where the hearth is more or less a design statement. Although it has come a long way from the purely functional design of the medieval era, the hearth still serves as the centrepiece and place that warms a home. This is why there are so many possibilities




when it comes to options for hearth designs and the materials; today’s fireplaces and surrounds range from contemporary and sleek to rustic and rugged. Rock: A NAtuRAl optioN with RANge Drawing from the early designs, rock is an obvious choice when it comes to hearths, but the options are endless. A natural and more organic take on using rock to create your hearth allows whatever rock you select to show in its natural form. If you’re looking to create a smaller hearth that is level with the floor, use rectangular or brick-shaped stone to combine both nature and design.

For a more traditional route, old-world European-style hearths can incorporate rounded stones that appear to bubble out from their surface. Alternatively, stonetile is a means of incorporating natural rock, such as slate or limestone, which can create contrast against light and airy or bright and dramatic wall colours, respectively. Stone hearths can be used to break up a room and can run from floor to ceiling, but emerging trends show a shift towards fireplaces that are centred on a wall with their hearth surrounds spanning a large horizontal portion of the space. This makes the hearth less of a focal point and more of a statement wall, and works well in large rooms where furniture faces the

make your hearth more functional and save space in smaller rooms.

same direction. In these designs, using marble, granite or quartz is more popular, and can create elaborate elegance or sleek simplicity depending on your choice of rock and colour. BRick: BuildiNg oN A tRAditioN Brick hearths and mantles are a simple way to bring stately structure to a room, and make your house feel more like ‘home’. But brick is certainly not limited to the classic red, nor to the classic size, and, with a good mason, the options for building up a hearth ledge and creating a unique space opens many doors. Options such as built-in shelving or cubbyholes for logs and kindling can

Another popular way to use brick in hearths is a way that doesn’t show them at all — at least, not literally. More and more, painted brick has become a popular way to bring a shabby-chic or Frenchcountry inspired look into homes, with white-washed brick proving a popular option for its versatility. tile: A ModeRN tAke oN the tRAditioNAl heARth Lastly, tile is a surefire way to ensure your fireplace won’t look like any other when it comes to hearths and fireplace surrounds, thanks to the seemingly endless options today. How and what you choose to tile your hearth and/or surround with is dictated by budget and your imagination. Options

include: smaller backsplash or mosaic tile, medium-sized square or rectangular tiles traditionally associated with kitchens or bathrooms, larger floor tile or any combination of the three. Tile hearths can be bright and colourful, evoking a Spanishinspired mosaic. They can also incorporate patterns or use two colours, such as royal blue and white, to inspire an air of French Provencal appeal. Conversely, tile hearths can serve as simple, clean and classic option, while white tile surrounding a blacked-out, mantleless fireplace proves a popular option. There are a plethora of choices to make once you’ve decided to go with tile, and with a talented and skilled tradesman or mason on your side, you can create a unique hearth that you won’t see anywhere else.




U n l i m i t e d tile design From the Time You Open the Door By Rebecca Henderson Photos Shawn Fillion


t is often said first impressions are lasting impressions. At Torino Tile & Stone, their main focus is on that first impression having a lasting effect. Starting with a genuine “Hello” when you walk in the door, to the fully personalized service you’ll receive throughout the process, nothing is more important than “Your Project”. Their goal is for you to have complete satisfaction with the products you chose, as well as the option for quality, professional installation or all the knowledge you need to DIY. Connection to customers is what inspired owners Sandra Nelson and husband Wayne Smith to purchase the business four years ago. “It’s hard to find good customer service in this day and age,” says Sandra. “It’s getting so that it [customer




service] is seen as a ‘Luxury Item,’ but this is always a standard practice for us.” In today’s busy lifestyles it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down options with the amount of products available and technicalities involved in tiling, but Sandra and Wayne’s priority is to make the process simple for their clients.

Award Recognition Their perseverance has paid off. So much so, Torino Tile has won the Consumer Choice Award — a customer satisfaction award — every year since purchasing the business. Sandra and Wayne are not alone in their dedication — the genuine friendliness and exceptional service standard extends

to their team. They are committed to staying on top of industry trends and new and innovative installation materials. “Our customers constantly tell us our sales team is so knowledgeable and a joy to work with,” Sandra says. “We also receive glorious praise about our long-term lead installer Brennan. “It’s not just the quality of his workmanship and attention to detail, but also how personable he is with people. His tidy work habits and respectful manner in their homes is something they truly appreciate.” In the seven years he has been with the company, they have not received a single complaint. “When dealing with construction trades, that in itself is a huge achievement,” says Wayne. “He deserves his own Consumer Choice Award!”

Top Notch Customer Service and Industry Expertise Although Torino Tile has highly skilled installers who look after the process from start to finish, some people would like to do the installation process themselves. Sandra cannot stress enough the importance of using the proper setting materials for a perfect installation. Using the wrong setting materials, especially in a wet area, can be disastrous,” says Sandra. “Consumers will often spend good money on quality tiles and make the mistake of using poor quality setting materials, when in reality the setting materials play just as an important role as the tile. Setting materials have come a long way and using quality products will greatly extend the life of your installation and add more value.” Torino Tile & Stone supplies everything you need for your project. From setting and waterproofing materials, in-floor heat systems, tools, granite & quartz countertops, they are a one-stop tiling shop. “We also carry many specialty grouts, such as self-sealing, waterproof,

stain, crack and mildew-proof, ” says Sandra. “Advanced technology in grout has virtually eliminated the problems associated with grouts in the past.” With the showroom expansion in 2011, they have more than 5,000 in store samples to choose from, and access to thousands more if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. “The options available with tile today are endless,” Sandra says. “We can also customize specialty mosaics — bring me a picture and we can recreate it in tile.” Every year, Torino Tile attends the North American Tile Convention, which offers a wealth of information and insight to what’s new and upcoming. She notes, “We also frequently visit our suppliers throughout Canada to stay on top of current trends and to select unique and exclusive products from all over the world.” Torino Tile carries a variety of products such as glass, porcelain, ceramic, metal and stone. “Geo-metric, Herringbone & Moroccan shapes for backsplashes

Torino Tile is currently looking for quality individuals to join their team, please visit their website for current positions available.

are very hot right now and textured tiles are also popular for feature walls,” says Sandra. “From subtle traditional options to one-of-a-kind specialty mosaics, we offer choices as individual as our customers.” “Trends are always changing. I try to guide a person to install something that not only reflects their lifestyle, but also has staying power with style and quality. It’s a permanent structure in your home, it’s important to choose something you will still love in five to 10 years.” Torino Tile & Stone 5 -3 St. Mary’s Road 204.233.4148






Porcelain Metal || Granite Granite | |Quartz Quartz Porcelain| | Ceramic Ceramic || Glass Glass | Stone || Metal

When the Only Option WhenQuality Qualityis is the Only Option

Showroom is located Showroom is located at at Unit 3 St. Mary’s Road Unit 5 35 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg Winnipeg 204.233.4148 204.233.4148







n 2012, a young Winnipeg family set out to build the home they had always dreamed of. Jeremy, Anna and their young family entrusted this task to Clayton Salkeld and his team at Design-Built. “We had worked with Design-Built in the past and knew that we were going to use their services to help us capture our vision as we moved into our new home,” says Jeremy. “Since our first project with Design-Built we believed in their process.” At Design-Built, Salkeld puts his designers on the job site — a difference Jeremy’s family appreciated. “As designers, we love the details and have a passion for seeing all the pieces come together. Unfortunately there tends to be friction in the industry between contractors and architects. We have streamlined our approach to find a practical and rewarding alternative to this unfortunate reality.” Design-Built started the process by requesting a prioritized comprehensive “wish-list” from Jeremy and Anna. From there, the team at Design-Built worked closely with the clients to come up with an exciting vision for the home. “We




talked about the things our family wanted to see in the home. We drew inspiration from other great projects and condensed this vision into one cohesive plan,” says Jeremy. “There was a lot of back and forth as the design was being created, but by the end, it was something we all got excited about.”

of the project. “It was unbelievable, it certainly met all our requirements,” says Jeremy. “We like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. The home links elements of both indoors and out, creating a seamless interaction. They did a great job and I am super proud of what we have accomplished here,” he says.

“We never start with a preconceived notion of what a house should be. We try not to design elevations, instead we approach every project with an evaluation of our clients’ needs and site opportunities,” says Salkeld, who is excited about the current trends in the architecture community. He explains it is the only time in architecture history that has encouraged its practitioners to operate in a way that is completely reactionary. “We no longer have a predefined framework that tells us how a contemporary house ought to be arranged. We have replaced this archaic set of rules with a rigorous design process — one that has the ability to produce the most appropriate house every time.”

Salkeld, who has a design degree from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba, has been designing and building at all scales for 11 years. “As long as we are allowed to apply our thorough design approach to a project, we are interested in taking it on,” Salkeld says.

The family was ecstatic about the outcome

Their portfolio incudes everything from a dog house to playhouses, from custom solid wood furniture to small renovations, from major renovations right up to new infill construction. His current team includes builders with formal design educations and operates as a onestop-shop for any scale of project. “We can handle all aspects of the process including design, obtaining permits, project management and construction,” says Salkeld.




Salkeld enjoys the creative design process as much as the actual onsite construction. “If I was only a construction worker or only a designer, I wouldn’t enjoy either job as much as I do now,” he says. “To me, design is construction and construction is design — operating in both worlds is a rewarding and practical process.” Whether you are building a new home or doing a major renovation, Design-Built is willing — and actually prefers — to be involved in the process from the very beginning. Being experts in the industry, they successfully challenge and educate their clients about their most appropriate options. They help clients make sound decisions about how to best acquire their dream home in their preferred neighbourhood. “Every client’s needs are different, and every neighbourhood embodies varied market values and demographics. To ensure your home will be desirable on the market for years to come, we offer calculated advice on the best approach to take,” says Salkeld. Through daily interaction with materials, tools and the integration of technology in to the design and construction prosses, the team at Design-Built has developed a keen eye for what really makes a home comfortable, authentic and timeless. The company prides itself on innovative and economical solutions to achieving the highest level of design. “Our knowledge of construction ensures we only design aspects of a project that are producible in a very practical manner. I don’t ever design anything without knowing that it can be built economically with tools and materials that are readily at our disposal,” says Salkeld. “We have many times been witness to less than impressive results from inappropriate material selections by the general construction industry and its consumers. We help our clients weed through all of the fluff on the market by educating them on the benefits of keeping ones selections simple and authentic,” he says. Salkeld lives in a century old Wolseley home that still has all the original woodwork and flooring intact. He wishes the industry would adopt this more respectful and traditional approach to material selection.




“Trends come and go with the times,” he says. “We do our best to stay away from the features. They quite often cost extra money and end up being the elements that scream that your house is in need of a renovation.

Sometimes restraint is the most valuable skill that a designer can possess,” believes Salkeld. When he finds the time, Salkeld retreats to his shop to build contemporary solid wood furniture. While most of the pieces are one-offs commissioned by clients, he is currently developing a full line of marketable pieces. “The furniture is made with the same attention to detail Salkeld brings to all his work.” Jeremy says. “Clayton’s a really good guy with a keen eye, he is a true craftsman and is one of the most passionate individuals I have ever met.” Design-Built Winnipeg 204.999.0954 design_built




Enjoy the Modern


By Trina Annand Photos BTL Wedding and Dan Wexler


ith the approaching cold weather and the upcoming holiday season, people are starting to think about entertaining. Enjoying the company of good friends and great wine has become a way of life in the 21st century, though humans have been cultivating the beverage for millennia. As a result, our passion for the beverage has brought forth the wine cellar renaissance —whether you are an epicurean or a novice sommelier. No longer cloistered away in a dank basement space, the modern wine room is a showpiece of the home. Dedicated to making your ultimate wine room a reality,




highest quality materials, they recently completed a striking solid walnut counter feature for Maric Homes. Like Maric Homes, Evolution Wine Rooms is well known for their high quality artistry and creative sensibilities.

Evolution Wine Rooms custom designs and creates the perfect system for the wine lover in everyone, whether it’s in your home or condo. Wine storage has become a signature feature in people’s homes. “We give people the opportunity to build anything, anywhere, at any budget,” notes George Addis, founder of Evolution Wine Rooms. In fact, condo living connoisseurs are looking for smaller wine storage and display solutions that not only allow for easy accessibility, but also showcase their unique collection and sense of style, whether it’s traditional rustic or sleek modern. The expert team at Evolution Wine Rooms is no stranger to fine craftsmanship combined with the

A wine collection is more than an accompaniment to a fantastic party; often bottles are collected to mark special occasions, from weddings to births and everything in between. The company understands this emotional attachment; as a way to best preserve these memories, they create the highest quality wine rooms that are built to stand the test of time. The experts at Evolution Wine Rooms make a wine room an effortless addition to any home so you can get back to doing what you love, enjoying family, friends and life.

ranging from wood and natural stone to stainless steel. Crafted to increase the longevity of a wine collection, control the climate and protect an investment, the modern wine room is much more than a cool room or cabinet, it is a statement. For a unique statement of style the choice is clear, Evolution Wine Rooms helps their clients uncork a winning space every time. For more information, or to see their impressive collection of projects, visit Unit 6, 1635 Burrows Avenue 204.589.1304

“Every one of our projects is unique to the space and client. We use our expertise to make clients’ dreams come true, whether they are housing a collection of 100 bottles or several thousand,” remarks Addis. For one of their most recent projects, Evolution Wine Rooms created an enormous wine room that spanned more than 700 sq. ft. in one of the most expensive homes in Calgary. Creativity and versatility are key at Evolution Wine Rooms, with projects




Distinctively Different By Rebecca Henderson Photos Clark Moeller

With Quality Comes Certainty


esign FX Int’l, is a national distributor located at 942 Erin Street in Winnipeg. Owners Greg and Lucy Chartier have more than 35 years of combined experience with natural stone products, porcelain and glass tile — bringing together the best in quality and price for their clients. Along with Charr Duguid, they made a conscious decision to stay away from the box-store mentality and focus on quality home finishing products. “Your home is a reflection of who you are. It’s about timeless elegance and luxury,”




says Greg. The quality of our unique products allows clients to reach beyond ‘good enough’ — impressively different from everyone else.” Design FX feels you should never have to settle when it comes to your home or stop smiling when you are in it. “There was the time when quality and unique selections were in abundance, but came at an astronomical price, making these products attainable for only a select few. People demanded quality and were willing to save to get it, not settling for inferior options. It was a status symbol. People aspired to be better and associating

with quality allowed them to achieve it. There was no shame in that. Fast forward to today. With Design FX, you can have it all — quality and stunning differences made available at commodity prices. It has been a long time since that combination has been available, but that is the core philosophy of our company,” Greg notes. “We are constantly evolving to bring our clients a fresh and different experience to each type of finishing,” says Lucy, adding Design FX provides their clients with exclusive products, accurate information, and support to ensure their projects flow smoothly to completion.




“We’re distinctly different,” she says, regarding their markedly diverse products and customization made possible through their relationship with manufacturers who share their ideology of affordable and uncompromised luxury and unique style. Case in point is the compelling faux stone and moulding products for both interior and exterior use. “The Faux Stone product is manufactured in the USA — so realistic you actually have to touch it to believe it’s not natural stone,” smiles Greg. “This two-piece polyurethane composite material — the same as the bumpers on your car — is cast from natural stone and extremely strong.” The patented 4 ft. by 8 ft., 30 lb. panels offer an R5 insulation factor with ease of installation.




Design FX offers architectural mouldings produced in Canada; all styles for exterior places and interior spaces, which were featured on the Discovery, W Network and HGTV Channels. It is also an EPS base with a cement or plaster coating which does not allow mold, insects, cracking, shrinking or expansion — just a few of the many benefits. An ethical and environmentallyconscious supplier, Design FX seeks to minimize its effects on the earth and people. “We select our products from sources that reduced or are moving to reduce their carbon footprint — more earth-friendly in production, LEED approved wherever possible, and adhering to human rights policies,” says Greg. “We do business with ethically-

sound partners, a direction the world must move in. This decision ensures it’s a little closer to that point every day.” The Design FX product lineup is predominantly North American, although they source the newest and latest from around the world, provided it meets their global standards. With studios in Canada and the USA, Design FX makes accessing goods easier and with less wait time. “We offer a true point of difference when selecting our products,” Greg says. “We’re constantly seeking to expand to maintain an edge for our clients.” Design FX’s choices possess naturally timeless style coupled with durability — outlasting trends, enjoyed for years

and looking new with no effort. They specialize in natural stone product offerings of exterior cladding, door and window surrounds, fireplaces, range hoods, pavers, pool coping, columns, fire woks and incredible tile in vast colours, shapes, finishes and sizes. These stunning natural stone products come in travertine, marble, limestone, cantera, granite, quartzite and slate. Hand-carved natural stone can also be designed to a customer’s specifications at a nominal surcharge. “Custom does not have to equate to exorbitant — not with our suppliers,” says Greg, “We believe everybody should create their own signature piece and that beauty is within reach for all of us.” “Design FX is diligent in delivering internationally recognized quality and branding to Canada and specifically Winnipeg, something the city has longed for while being ignored for too long by other distributors,” Greg notes. “There are no other companies in our field showcasing factories and manufacturers of products exclusive to high profile retailers such as Walker-Zanger or Ann Sacks. We launched a glass tile line in Winnipeg seven years ago, and now everybody is doing it; we haven’t carried it for the last three years. We distribute ceramic and porcelain tile from the two premier European factories in Italy, indisputably the finest in the world; they still hold that position today,” Greg adds. “Design FX is blatantly passionate about its mission to transform your home into a work of art, setting it apart by moving you away from the redundant home finishing products seen everywhere. We take pride in our quality of service, our factories and their products,” says Lucy. Should excellence be what you’re seeking, Design FX will smother you in it. “We are today what the rest will be tomorrow,” says Greg. “That’s the best part of the wave to be on — the top part. It’s who we are as people and a company.” Design FX Int’l 942 Erin Street Winnipeg 204.505.3300







Warm Up In

LUxUry By Melanie Furlong

If you’re looking for a great way to warm up this winter—without leaving the comfort of your own home—there are a couple of decadent options for you to consider: saunas and hot tubs.


hether you choose to relax in a steaming sauna or enjoy the massaging jets of a hot tub, both have excellent benefits for your health.

A sauna (the word comes from the Finnish for bath) was traditionally done with smoke or steam once a week. It was a place to clear your mind and clean your body. The great composer Jean Sibelius is said to have created all his works in the sauna. Today, there are a wide variety of luxurious saunas available to Canadian homeowners. One of the latest is the infrared sauna, which is heated using incandescent infrared heat lamps. The infrared energy produced by these saunas is the same as that which comes from the sun, but users are able to experience the benefits of infrared radiation without exposing themselves to harmful UV radiation. Infrared saunas are different from the traditional saunas because while they make you feel hot, they don’t heat the air around you. That makes it easier to breath. They warm up quickly and infrared saunas are touted as a great way to enjoy the benefits of a sauna while using less energy. Saunas have long been used to detoxify the body. They are known to burn calories and are said to strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems, control blood pressure and relieve stress. Conversely, enjoying a bubbling hot tub with friends or loved ones on the deck this winter is also a great way to relieve stress. Whether it is at the end of a long day on the slopes, skating a river trail or sledding with the kids, with a glass of wine and the company of crisp, cool air—the massaging jets of a hot tub are the perfect way to ease tired muscles. LEFT photo courtesy Beachcomber Hot Tubs FineHomes



The first man to discover the soothing sensation of swirling waters, in 1956, had a young son who suffered from arthritis. Along with his brothers, he invented a hydrotherapy pump, which created a therapeutic whirlpool treatment for his son’s baths. The man’s name was Candido Jacuzzi. The pump soon sold to hospitals and schools—the beginning of an industry. A hot tub can provide a number of health benefits for people suffering from stiff muscles, headaches, sleep disturbances, and fibromyalgia among other things. If you’re looking for a hot tub that requires less maintenance and chemicals, consider using a saltwater tub. A saltwater hot tub needs the water changed only twice per year. This conserves a significant amount of water as the average hot tub holds about 1,500 litres of water. The average annual water savings can be 3,000 litres or more. And, the only chemical used in a saltwater tub is salt. This salt is converted into bromine and then recycles back into salt once it has done its job of sanitizing. Both hot tubs and saunas range in price according to size, brand, quality and features, but they are a sound investment for those who appreciate their benefits. At the end of a hectic day, sitting in a sauna or hot tub beneath the night sky can bring a welcome and luxurious reprieve.




Harvesting tHe season: natural inspiration for Home Décor


By Tori Stafford

ringing with it a stunning array of rich, bold colours, autumn is perhaps the most inspirational of the four seasons when it comes to breathing new life into your home.

With the changing of the seasons, altering the look of your home is an easy way to freshen up your space. Fine Homes Kingston taps into the wealth of knowledge locally, speaking with

Elizabeth Reid of Reid & Siemonsen Design Group, and Starr Therrien of Blossoms Florist, compiling some ideas for simple ways to harvest the colours of the season and bring autumn into your home. “People really do alter their interiors based on the season. It is something that we do a lot,” says Reid, noting that keeping neutral wall colours allows for changing smaller things within a room seasonally.




“It’s a very quick, simple way to match the season, as well as just freshen up your look.” Making an EntrancE into Fall The front entrance of a home is not only a place to welcome in your guests, it’s also a place to make a statement. “We always recommend a great front door colour,” says Reid, adding one needs to consider the entire exterior of the home when choosing a door colour to ensure a sense of continuity. For a more neutral option, a favourite at Reid & Siemonsen is the Farrow and Ball paint colour Railings — a classic, rich blue-based deep slate, says Reid. For those looking to make a statement with colour, there are many fabulous solids, she expresses, but another Farrow and Ball favourite is Blazer, “a fantastic red” that is a warm vermillion, perfect for autumn. In terms of appearance, both Reid and Therrien suggest staying with simple and tasteful ways to add your own unique flair. “Adding really great hardware and lighting will create a polished and sophisticated entry,” Reid explains. “Also, adding architectural details — mouldings, trim, columns

— can really elevate the appearance of your entrance and set your home apart from the others on the street.” When it comes to adorning that entrance, consider the season for more reasons than one, Therrien suggests. She notes the colder temperatures may be difficult on most flowers, but options such as mums and sunflowers are heartier and can withstand the weather. This fall’s hottest colours in flowers pull from the palette of the season, she says, and include rich reds, rustic oranges and deep yellows. “For fall decorating, you want to use what will outlast the season,” says Therrien. “Traditional cornstalks, pumpkins and gourds are a nice way to do that, as well.” Bringing thE outsidE in Inside the home, Therrien says fall 2014 is set to be the season for tall, elegant floral arrangements in the foyer; they’re a nice way to welcome guests and the season. Still keeping with the autumn palette, Therrien says deep eggplant and rusty orange calla lilies are a perfect option for this style of simple elegance. Fittingly, these flowers work beautifully with the colour trends Reid eyeing for autumn 2014. “We’re seeing a lot of rich, saturated colours — such as deep navy and emerald green — being used in a lot of different ways, such as in custom kitchen cabinetry, furniture and accent pieces,” says Reid, adding the always classic black and white combinations are very hot, as well. Because




both of these designs rely on neutral walls, they are easily updated with the changing seasons. “Adding fabulous toss cushions with a punch of colour or a great texture is another easy way of changing your home for the season,” she says. on trEnd, in sEason When it comes to changing elements of your home for the season, staying on top of current trends is a nice way to keep your environment fresh and exciting. For those who tend to stay in the more contemporary vein, Reid says adding personal mementos in tasteful ways is something she and the team at Reid & Siemonsen are seeing a lot. “Adding traditional, meaningful items to a contemporary design will warm otherwise quite contemporary, austere environments; so we’re seeing a lot of antiques and older pieces that have a lot of sentimental meaning brought in to otherwise quite contemporary surroundings,” she explains. “Also, innovative combinations, such as mixing different metals and woods, are something we’re seeing a lot of, which is really great.”

When it comes to adding floral elements to the home, Therrien says at Blossoms, she is seeing a new trend emerging with regard to where arrangements are placed in the home. Forget the large, over-filled arrangements in the centre of the table, she expresses. Simplicity is key. Also, expect to see fresh flowers where you might least expect. “We are going to start seeing a lot more flowers in bathrooms,” she says. “Today’s bathrooms are beautiful and far more elegant than they once were. Adding low vases with simple arrangements is a nice way to accent this elegance; three roses with a little bit of wheat grass, for example, or ivory roses with a stem of alstromeria.” As Therrien expresses, some of the best ways to change your space and add elements of seasonal colour are those that seem so natural they’re hardly detected. “Arrangements that are simple, subtle and elegant, almost as though they’re not there…it’s a nice way to add to a space without taking away from it,” she says. “A floral arrangement shouldn’t be in your face, but you should certainly be aware of its presence.”




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