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Budget Blinds is Regina and surrounding area’s #1 choice for all your window covering needs!

Budget Blinds is North America’s largest window covering company, which provides the competitive edge on products and buying power. Locally owned and operated, Leanne Fisher is proud to call Saskatchewan home again after moving to Alberta for college 13 years ago. “If you ask any of our staff why we do what we do...they will all answer...because we get to meet so many great people”. Our staff makes the difference! In addition to providing customers with education about each product at a competitive price – our staff truly cares about facilitating a fun, professional in-home atmosphere to make the window covering process easy. If it’s having product air shipped and installing at 11 p.m. on a Friday night to prepare for a wedding the following day, or aiding an elder customer with cleaning her windows while we’re up on the ladder – we are different – we go the extra mile!

534 University Park Drive, Regina, Sk. e-mail:

We are out to change how you buy window coverings! Shop where your windows are. We come to you! Explore fabrics, materials, choices and features from hundreds of product styles and colors. We measure so you get the perfect fit, and then provide professional installation to ensure a beautiful view.

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Nobody Builds A Better Fire.

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Crawford Homes:

Saving you Money Years after You get Your KeYs By Nykea Marie Behiel Photos ShawN FultoN


l and Audrey Bashutski opened the doors of Crawford Homes in 1979. Since then, they’ve built a solid reputation with their quality product and unmatched customer service. Having built over 4,000 homes since that first year, homebuyers are assured a positive experience with Crawford Homes. Crawford Homes combines skilled knowledge and creative visions for the future. “Al Bashutski has been building homes for more than 33 years, and he knows just about everything there is to know about home building,” says his daughter Lori Bashutski. “My brother and I work for the company now, and we’re keeping things fresh and learning from our father. We’ve been working for him for years, and we’re confident that we’re successfully bringing Crawford Homes into the next generation.” While the housing market in Regina is booming, Crawford Homes has worked hard to meet the needs of this growing demand. The company has been the highest volume builder in Regina for years, and has developed an efficient process. Crawford has refined their procedure so much, that from breaking the ground to the day you get the keys to your new home, the average timeline is four

to six months. Having always been a year-round construction business, Crawford Homes has secured a loyal group of skilled employees who have never had to look for work in winter months. These people take pride in their work, and take on each project with determination and thoughtfulness. The team at Crawford Homes will put you in the house you need with the budget you can afford. They offer many options at a variety of price points, ensuring your home won’t completely tie you down. With Crawford Homes, you always have choice, especially when it comes to floor plans. Their priority is to ensure you are happy the day you get your home, and for many years down the road. You can build your blueprint from scratch, or you can choose from Crawford’s wide variety of existing plans, built to your specifications. Service doesn’t end at possession; Crawford will help you through every part of the complicated building process and is still there for you after you get your keys. Their elite customer relations team is built solely for you. One of Crawford Home Builders’ primary areas of focus has always been providing exceptional customer service. This is so integral that Crawford has designed a team specifically to address customer service and quality control. This team schedules regular inspections throughout the building process to ensure that each home measures up to Crawford’s exceptional standards. This amiable team is put in place to benefit each client; if you have a question or concern, they are guaranteed to get back to you within hours of your call, never leaving you with a concern about your home. When purchasing your home, it’s also important to consider future resale value. Because of their quality craftsmanship, superior floor plans and attention to detail, a Crawford Home always has excellent resale value. As Regina’s demographic continues to change, Crawford Homes has worked tirelessly to accommodate new needs in the community. With employees who are fluent in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Vietnamese, Spanish and French, the staff at Crawford ensures that migrant and newcomers will be understood throughout the building process. This company is committed to providing excellent




customer service, removing language barriers and cultural discomforts. They want their clients to be comfortable talking to qualified professionals about their new homes. Crawford understands that the transition from another country to Saskatchewan can be difficult, and they do all they can to make the move easier. Crawford Homes takes pride in building according to stringent practices and high standards, and that includes Energy Star® qualifications. Energy Star is a series of building regulations that ensure your home is eco-friendly, reducing your impact on the environment and getting rid of waste in your power bill. Increased insulation in your walls and attic regulate your home’s climate while providing an extra layer of soundproofing. This helps to retain heat in the winter and keep the heat out in the summer, without adding to your bill. Crawford also installs water-

saving toilets and shower heads to help control your water bill. A high-efficiency furnace (over 95 per cent efficient, complete with E.C.M. motor), triple glaze windows that conserve energy and reduce sound, on-demand water heaters (98 per cent efficient, saving energy and “shivering downtime” while waiting for hot water), energy-efficient lighting and energy-saving appliances are all part of making your home a little greener. Crawford also uses Energy Star patio doors and windows that reflect sunlight in the summer and retain heat in the winter. This eco-conscious builder will save you money and ease your environmental conscience many years after their job is done. Aside from being aware of their environmental impact, Crawford provides an unparalleled product backed by their full warranty coverage. Because they

are confident in the work they provide, Crawford offers the best warranty in the industry, from a two-year door-to-door to many lifetime warranty features such as shingles, heat exchangers, siding and sealed units. These warranties put you at ease, knowing you will always be able to depend on this builder who put together your home. Confident you will love their work, Crawford always offers show homes so clients can experience the quality craftsmanship that comes with owning a Crawford home. Currently, the show home in Harbour Landing, Regina’s fastest growing community, is at 4813 Upson Road. To accommodate their busy customers, this show home is open daily from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., and weekends, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. The other show homes in Regina are open 7:00 to




9:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, as well as 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. on weekends. These homes are located in the Westhill and Edgewater Area at 8702 Sherwood Drive. Another show home in the Bower Estates of White City is also available for viewing at 40 Emerald Ridge. This variety of show homes profiles the range of work that Crawford Homes can do. donatesdonates cleaning cleaning servicesservices to people to p “We have our own MLS undergoing sales team,” explains Lori,treatments undergoing cancer cancer treatments to help t “so we want customers to speak to are uswho first. Weexperiencing are a difficult those who those experiencing are ad able to take care of their real estate needs, new and time in time their in life. their Tidy life. Time TidySaver Timealso Save resale, and provide themcares with aabout qualityabout newenvironment, home cares the the environment and that will match their lifestyle. We will list your resale displaysdisplays this by using this byenvironmentally using environme home or even give you afriendly guarantee trade-in if your friendly products. products. house doesn’t sell. Tidy Time TidySaver Time offers Saver aoffers wide arange wide BY SHAWNA BY SHAWNA COMMON COMMON PHOTOPHOTO SHAWN SHAWN FULTON FULTON “We build homes for everyone, not families, of services of just services and competitive andand competitive pricing.p that is one of the reasons Customers why we’re the No.hundreds 1save builder Customers save hundreds of hours ofah daybuild we had which was March 23rd. much of a price variance for whatinyou They are a local business. They’re not Regina. We theasked, best house for the money, so year in year cleaning in cleaning because because Tidy Time Tidy they represent they represent the company the company and what and what welve years welve ago, years Sharla ago, Shaw Sharla decided Shaw decided wasEnergy completely finished inside. a corporation coming in from other get. There’s also no extra cost for our laterhousesItare Star rated andon arethe built very Saver does Saver does for them. it been for Families them. Familie who that she that wanted she wanted a break break from her The move-in to was anditcustomers they’ve provinces. They’ve builta from up a her sizable it stands it stands for – valuing for valuing thehome customer thethat customer and renovations. A –new was in and well. It’s very important usgreat, that our are use the use company’s the company’s services services have career career in of thecontacts in legal theprofession. legal profession. Shehere,She verythey goodare at choosing the few things we needed to number in their time ourdelivering price range andcent had been by delivering a 100 aper 100 per satisfaction cent built satisfaction confident that the right builder for more free more time. free IPeople time. People are busy, are goLori overadds. afterThis we took possession. thought thought about about what loved she toloved do,area and to do, and theywhat knowshe the Regina well,and professionals sounded perfect. guarantee guarantee on all just on service. all service. Sharla Sharla values values their home,” commitment and thank these working working more hours, more and hours, have and more have them throughout for accommodating us on that since they’ve been doing fortoloved over to one answer one answer came tocame mindto - mind she this loved - she resonate the company. her employees, her employees, and they andallthey go through all go values through recreational recreational commitments commitments than the tha years. clean. thirty Tidy clean. Time TidySaver Timecame Saverinto came being intoinbeing in an intensive an intensive trainingtraining program. program. The The aspect. It saved us money as well. previous previous generation. generation. Tidy Time TidySaver Time If you’re in the market for a new home, talk to the 2000 and 2000 is still andgoing is stillstrong. going strong. low My employee low employee turnover turnover rate, loved which rate, the which husband and I absolutely this dilemma, this and they and On the first day we gotunderstands our Homes. house, during That knowledge base helped me because qualified professionals atunderstands Crawford Theirdilemma, contributes contributes to the to company’s the company’s overall overall process of watching the home go from want to want assist to with assist the with chores the chore that our walkthrough, we noticed that the had some specific requirements knowledgeable and friendly staff will work hard to SharlaI Sharla wanted wanted hervery cleaning her cleaning company company to if to reliability, reliability, displays how her howemployees hertoemployees being just dirtdisplays in a vacant lot aensure real thatgranite families are struggling aresuited struggling toof to compl company hadon missed one piece waspeople. going toShe build a house now rather you turn thefamilies lock a home tocomplete. focus I on focus on people. hired She employees hired employees also home. value alsotheir value employer. their employer. We came every day to watch ityou andand your granite nearFHR our slide-in range. Crawford than waiting a few more years. I told them, lifestyle. who cared who about cared customer about customer service,service, are are there was no downtime. Something new “We are called marriage marriage savers,”sa Homes called“We to are havecalled it rectified “This is what I want, and this is my price passionate passionate about about cleaning, cleaning, and areand all are all Tidy was Time Tidy Saver Time is Saver committed issingle committed to the to the laughs laughs Sharla. Sharla. “People “People are frustrated are frus being done every day, so we immediately, and it was completed before point. Can we do it?” They managed to bondedbonded and insured. and insured. Only reliable Only reliable and and community, community, and back is and athe proud isnext a day proud partner partner of it of the end of our walkthrough. with their with lack their of lack free of time, free but time, alsobu would come because get everything on my list into the house. trustworthy people people make the make cut the because cut because Cleaning Cleaning a Reason. for a Reason. The company The company Shaw trustworthy want towant haveto a home have athey home canthey be proud can be was sofor exciting. We had a blast building this house. I wanted hardwood floors, granite We sold our old home very quickly and Though we love this house, it will be countertops and ceramic tile. I also we were in a predicament. We weren’t hard to not do it again. We just had so wanted a fireplace. That was a big part supposed to get the keys until June 15th. much fun watching it being built from the of my list, and between Crawford Homes We were deciding whether we should ground up. and myself and my husband, we fineCrawford Homes move in temporarily somewhere, since it tuned the smaller things along the way. (306) 525-9801 Virginia and Shawn Lemieux was a month and a half before we were 100 - 533 Victoria Avenue, Regina We really wanted a new home because supposed to take possession. Luckily, we had spent countless hours and dollars our new building was so far along that on our earlier houses updating, repairing, Crawford Homes looked at where they renovating and replacing parts of those were in the process and just finished it. houses to try and make it feel like our They got people in here constantly and home. That’s why my list was so large. pulled it off. Even the day before, I wasn’t My other homes didn’t have all of that so sure it would be done. Only half the it made sense to me to move into a home Crawford Homes flooring was laid out. The next day, as where I could control everything from the 100-533 Victoria Ave Regina, Sk. we came in to do the walkthrough, the ground up. 306.525.9801 cleaners were leaving. It was unbelievable. 8 today’s FineHomes REGINA In market when it comes to used


moving in


Now Who Likes to Clean Their Bathrooms?






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Sharla Shaw de cided that she wan they represen ted a break fr t the company om career in the her an it stands for – legal profession valuing the cu thought about . She stom what she love delivering a d to do, and 100 per cent one answer ca sa tis me to mind gu arantee on al she loved to l service. Shar clean. Tidy Tim la her employee e Saver came s, and they al into being in 2000 and is st l go th an intensive ill going strong . training prog ram. people to show to visitors. show visitors. We offer Weexcellent offer excellent “I engaged “I engaged the the services of TidyofTime Tidy Time low employee Sharservices la wanted her turnover rate service service for families for families on the go.” on the go.” to help , cl ea contributes to ni ng never company to Saver Saver several several years years and ago,I’ve and never I’ve fo cu the company s onago, difficult peop le. She hired ’s o reliability, disp Tidy Time Tidy Time Saver Saver will provide will provide a a who lays how her er also care looked looked back. Sharla back. Sharla and and team her team employees d abher ou em t cu plo st al omer service, so value their free estimate free estimate for your for home. your home. Visit Visit t, and passionate ab employinto arhead, e and then split the shower • if needed, prespray the tub and shower er . ou Sharla Shaw t for more for more are professional, are professional, courteous, courteous, kind and cleaand nikind ng, an entally d are althree bond top, middle and bottom. with cleaner for a bit l sections: ed antodsoak information. information. To book Toanbook estimate, an estimate, call call Tidy Ti in su Sharla Sh re Tidy Time Saver d. me shower, O Saver is nl aw y re caring, caring, and I trust and I them trust implicitly them implicitly lia Wipe down the entire andco use bl e tr mmitted to ustw thy peop and 306-546-1505. 306-546-1505. FLR FLR co 306-546.1505 m m • Move to orsink area and move all items le m un it ake the cut be y, an the scrubber if necessary. If scrubbing d is a proud partne ca us e range with our with home. our home. They descend They descend on on e forward on the vanity Clewet aninthe g scrubber, is required, putasa little for a Re pricing. on. cleaner on it, wet the scrubber a tiny bitThe comp your house your house as a team, as a team, leaving leaving it in a it in a • Spray the bathroom mirror and the back

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again, and scrub the areas that require it. Make sure all dirt and hair is removed, and the outside of the shower and tub is cleaned as well. Your shower and tub should look and feel brand new!

• Then clean the faucet, using the

A few small areas to wipe before leaving the bathroom:

alwaysalways presentable, presentable, givinggiving us more us more • Clean the back surface of the vanity, and

• Dust all objects, including window ledge

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• Then move to the shower and tub; again with a new cloth, thoroughly spray the shower down from top to bottom, even if you have presprayed it. Start by polishing up the faucet and shower

• Toilet paper holder and towel bar • Wipe baseboards if needed, especially under the towels • Spot wash front and sides of vanities • Corners and along shower and tub • Finally, vacuum and mop the floor, and your bathroom will be sparkling clean. If there still is no time to spend cleaning, consider hiring a professional cleaning company. A team of professionally trained cleaners can give you back the time to do the things that you love doing. The staff at Tidy Time Saver specializes in creating free time for busy people. FHR





Fall 2012


VOLUME 3 ISSUE III The table is set.


elcome to the fall 2012 edition of Fine Homes Regina – truly a feast for the eyes that offers a wide menu of homes, condominiums, products and information, all elegantly presented for your viewing pleasure. Allow your eyes and mind to dine on a variety of beautiful current and emerging homes and condominiums in and around our city. Drink in the wide array of building, design, decorating and renovating options. This edition shows you more of what is possible in your current home or condo, or the one you might be buying or building. We also profile other homerelated services that are available in our area. As fall approaches, we gather in the last vestiges of our summer vegetable gardens - for what is a set table without hearty vegetables? You can enjoy Gordon Ramsay’s favourite veggie recipes further into the season after you have learned more about extending the life of your garden. And what is a feast without wine? Our feature on building wine cellars is sure to pique your interest. The wine industry has taken on a new life, and with it, the topic of wine storage. A wine cellar can add a touch of practical old-world elegance to your home. Would you like to sit in that beautiful old chair? This edition provides you with tips on refinishing antique furniture. Sit back and enjoy our feature on home automation that describes how smart our homes have and will become. This is not the future – an amazing number of smart home features and options are available for you now. Finally, learn more from Meredith Heron about classy ways to cut corners when beautifying your home. Above all, be our guest, and feast long and slowly on this edition. You’ll come away full of ideas, information and knowledge, and still have room for dessert!

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Homes and Properties Condos Inner Beauty/Design Home Improvements/Renovations BY GAIL JANSEN-KESSLAR

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Outdoor Living Service Directory Realtor Directory

White City / Emerald Park

A COMBINATION OF COUNTRY COMFORT AND URBAN CONVENIENCE True Custom Build “We had a home built in the past, but we were not given the same freedoms to design the home we wanted. With Emerald Park Homes, we were able to build our dream home. We are absolutely thrilled with our new home.” Regular Visits with the Builder “I really appreciated having regular on-site visits with Garry to observe the construction of our home during all phases of the building process. Emerald Park Homes were very accommodating with any questions I had, or any changes we wished to make. I was particularly impressed with all the tradesmen working on our home because they were clean, organized and professional. There weren’t any debris or tools lying around the job site, and they were more than willing to answer any questions I had.”

Do Your Homework In June 2011, Bill and Charlene Roszell walked into the offices of Emerald Park Homes to begin discussing plans for their new home in White City. Bill says, “Right from the beginning we felt as though everyone at Emerald Park Homes were on our side, and we continued to feel that way throughout the entire process. They really take pride in their product, and that pride shows in the exceptional quality of our home.

“We are genuinely pleased with our entire home building experience with Emerald Park Homes, and would highly recommend them to anyone considering building a new home,” says Bill.

“We are excited to come home every day,” says Charlene. Emerald Park Homes invites you to take the short drive to White City to see the great selection of fully serviced lots and rural acreages that we have purchased for your new home. Larger lots – lower property tax – family friendly – quiet – safe – walking paths – golf course – spray park – ball and soccer fields.

Custom Builder, Our Quality Shows

White City - you will love it here!

. Call us today at 306-781-3383 FineHomes



Featured Contributors G.H. Lewmer

Mackenzie Brooks

Writer G. H. Lewmer has an extensive background working in film and television as a technician. In his spare time, he has a multitude of interests including chi harmonization, cranial-sacral therapy and yogic magik. He has been writing for Fine Lifestyles magazines for the past three years. He enjoys the diversity of assignments that Fine Lifestyle offers, and enjoys meeting and supporting all the fine individuals and businesses through his writing.

Mackenzie Brooks is a freelance writer whose articles appear in several local publications, as well as, magazines in British Columbia and as web copy for a diverse range of clients in the fields of fashion, beauty and advertising. Her work has been featured in ad and media campaigns in event management and professional fundraising content. She is also a featured contributor on, a website dedicated to travel writing and inspiring wanderlust. Mackenzie is also a dedicated arts enthusiast whose love of dance and history has taken her across Europe in pursuit of each, most recently in the dusty and forgotten corners of Spain, Hungary and Romania.



rea was tired so we updated w furniture and I customhe drum shade to make a Meredith Heron’s love of design came ment in the room. It was a early and was nurtured in childhood while affordable way to add drama rearranging furniture and conducting om—we loved thetours fabric house forso her schoolmates in her home. on Although Meredith tried peated it on family’s the valances more traditional route, becoming an s and frenchadoors.

If you’d like help refreshing your space or designing from new, Meredith is available to consult or travel to help you make it fabulous.


Ashleigh Ashleigh Mattern Mattern

Ashleigh Mattern is a freelance writer Ashleigh Mattern a freelance You can follow herisdesign antics daily and editor, born, raised and living in elementary school teacher, her passion, on herAand award winning blog Sashay writer editor, born, raised at Saskatoon. recent graduate of the enthusiasm and infectious love of design and living in Saskatoon. A recent ramatic darktook charcoal walls University of Saskatchewan, she spent over. Shortly after striking out on or over atof where she of thethe University fourgraduate years working for student ant pops ofher redown, against the made her mark by beginning Red Heron EssenMeredith is also a regular contributor. Saskatchewan, she spent four newspaper the Sheaf, first as d cabinetry, tials—now we don’tMeredith even Heron Design Inc. with offices in the prestigious arts editor, then as copy editor, and years working for the student Designer’s Walk in downtown Toronto. She is a regular host/designer less than thrilling ceramic finally asget editor-in-chief. Lasther year, her at newspaper the email Sheaf, first as To in touch team on several HGTV floors. It disappears, whichshows and her work has been featured on W Netexperience as a representative on editor, the arts editor, then as copy work. Driven, dynamic, and passionate, with moxie and style that is esolves the ongoing battle Canadian University Press board of inherently Meredith, she blends, creates, discovers, and designs that and finally editor-in-chief. year, her experience as a sband and wife over whether directors gave herasa new appreciation Last for non-profit governance. which can only be best described as personally yours. representative on the Canadian University Press She currently sits on two non-profit boards. Having worked as aboard of extend hardwood into the freelance writer for the past three years, she has written for many directors gave her a new appreciation for non-profit governance. ot. FHR publications. enjoys creative writing continues IF YOU HAVE ANlocal ISSUE She currently She sits also on two non-profit boards.and Having worked as a to pursue a career in for thatthe field despite warnings to. for many WITH YOUR CONTRACTOR, freelance writer past threemany years, she hasnot written

Shell Busey

HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH IT? local publications. She also enjoys creative writing and continues

Based in South Surrey, BC, Shell has national recognition, with more than 50 years of home improvement industry experience under his belt; including over 25 years as a radio program host, and 118 episodes of his Home Check television program, he continues to deliver the howto, what-to, where-to, why-to, when-to, and who-to of home improvement. Shell also leads the HouseSmart Home Services Referral Network, a service he created to help homeowners find qualified and reliable tradespeople, suppliers and products for their home improvement projects. Shell now hosts a weekly webcast program, Ask Shell, on his website every Thursday at 6:00 p.m.




to pursue a career in that field despite many warnings not to.

Lis beg art film hou dev ins sho pho res lau the He hum for in a and

By Shell BuSey


aving been part of the home improvement industry for over 50 years, I’ve seen my fair share of customer issues involving contractors. In the majority of cases, it is clearly an issue of miscommunication between the contractor and customer or vice versa.

Gail JansenKesslar Karin Melberg

It’s not uncommon to turn on your television set and see a ‘reality’ type program dramatizing how a customer has been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous contractor. In fact, I recall seeing a write-up not too long ago, by a well-known television personality which stated something along the lines that over 90 per cent of contractors do not know what they are doing, and do not perform their work up to industry standards. I must reassure you, this is not the case.

Writer Gail Jansen-Kesslar loves learning about the stories behind the stories with every new person, idea or innovation that Karin Schwier thirst is for a crosses her Melberg path. An unending Saskatoon author knowledge and a writer, love of the written and word illustrator whose noted works made it inevitable thatmost her path would one disabilities. day are leadabout her to apeople writingwith career. Formerly of She she has now written books and Alberta, livesseveral and works full-time as amany freelancer in the province of articles forbooming home renovation Saskatchewan. and lifestyle magazines, and is


So, if the majority of contractors are reputable, how come there seems to be so many conflicts between contractors and their customers? Part of a contractors’ role in dealing with a customer is to educate them. Customers are using contractors because they themselves lack the knowledge or skill-set to perform the work required. A contractor needs to explain to the customer what they are suggesting the customer do, and why they feel that is the best route for the customer to take. If a customer knows why a contractor is going to perform a specific task, they will be better able to communicate with the contractor when they have any concerns regarding the work being performed.

Some contractors will take offense when they feel their workmanship or knowledge is being questioned by a customer. I am often asked for my opinion regarding work that was done at a customer’s home, I will ask the customer if they have spoken to the contractor. Far too often the response I get is: “no, we didn’t want to upset them.” This is an important point to emphasize, how can a contractor address your concerns if they are unaware that you have any?

currently completing her eighth

book, Flourish: People with Disabilities Live Life with Passion




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The INUA Therapeutic Bath by

INUA is the latest evolution in the TMU line of therapeutic baths. This collection invites you to reconnect with the life force within. In Inuit spirituality, INUA means “everything that lives” or the universal soul uniting all things in nature and in human life.

Our Showroom is Your Showroom 1176 Hamilton Street • Regina • 306-565-2284 Hours: Monday - Friday • 9:00am - 5:30pm • Saturday • 9:00am - 3:00pm

Your home is your largest investment. Your Home Isis Your Your home home is Your Largest The staff at Sandstra Construction your largest your largest Investment. Ltd. understands this. Home investment. investment.

The staff at Sandstra owners who are seeking to do Construction Ltd. understands improvements to their home expect TheHome staff at Sandstra Construction this. The staff atowners Sandstrawho Construction Ltd.seeking understands Home Sandstra are Integrity, Valueto &dothis. Quality. Ltd. understands this. Home improvements to theirtohome owners who are seeking do owners whocan are seeking to dodeliver. Construction and will expect Integrity, Value &

improvements to their home expect improvements to Construction their home expect Quality. Integrity,Sandsta Value & Quality. Sandstra Integrity, Value & Quality. Sandstra can and will deliver. Construction can and will deliver. Construction can and will deliver. Specializing in Specializing in interior and exterior Exterior renovations renovations and newandhome Specializing in interior exterior Interior renovations Specializing in interior and exterior renovations and new home construction. Home additions renovations and new home construction. General contracting services construction. Residential & light commercial

Regina, Sk. Regina, Sk. 306.533.7316 306.533.7316 Regina, Sk.


New Property Development Company

LeNDs a HaND to BoomiNg HousiNg eCoNomy By Ashleigh MAttern


henever you invest, you want to know that you’ve made the right decision, and that your investment is a sound one.

Saskatchewan’s newest property development company, Canadian Builders Logistics Group (CBLG), can give you that peace of mind when investing in property. They help bring




building projects from concept to completion, providing high-quality property development and construction for just about any project, including condominiums, apartments, hotels, strip malls and even entire subdivisions.

Bunner, managing partner with CBLG. “By providing concept-to-completion services, we allow investors to focus on their own businesses while we build their investment property, whether it is a multifamily building, retirement home or hotel.

“We strongly feel that we fill a niche in the marketplace in Saskatchewan’s booming housing economy,” says Ron

“We take care of every detail, starting with the land acquisition, permits, financing and all engineering and

construction phases, including sales to individual buyers upon completion,” explains Bunner. Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of working with CBLG is their use of systemsbuilt construction factories to create modular housing components. It sounds complicated, but it actually simplifies the building process. A modular approach to design divides a building into smaller, more manageable parts that are built inside in a factory, and then assembled on site. This process leads to a quick turnaround time from concept to completion because they can continue with the construction process all year long. We all know how crazy Saskatchewan weather can be, and we’ve all heard the stories about construction delays and mishaps due to rain and snow. With CBLG, they can work through the bad weather, giving you a better product while saving time and money.

l-r Ron Bunner, Bev Herperger, Dean Yates, Managing Partners, Canadian Builders Logistics Group.

Managing partner, Dean Yates, says that when he began working in the systemsbuilt housing industry nearly 30 years ago, modular housing components weren’t well understood or used efficiently. “Now, Canadian Builders Logistic Group can provide that service and integration, allowing us to review your project, and see how we can produce any variety of buildings using systems-built technology, and do so in a cost effective manner,” explains Yates. “Cost certainty in today’s uncertain world only makes sense.” The team at CBLG is extremely varied, and includes architects, manufacturers, lenders and contractors. Everyone involved has various areas of expertise, and they can take you through every step of property development. They’ll assist you with land purchase, financing, site drawings and construction; once your project is complete, they’ll even pre-sell or manage the property for you. “We are very fortunate to have the skill and expertise of each member of our team,” says managing partner Bev Herperger. “Mr. Wojtek Wardynski will coordinate services for all the design work associated with these projects, including structural, mechanical, electrical, civil and architectural work, through the collaborative efforts of Registered Professional Consultants.”




Avison Young Commercial Real Estate is working with CBLG for their land acquisition, and both Richard Jankowski, managing director, and Dale Griesser, president, are excited to be working with them. “Things are happening in the province at breakneck speed, and CBLG is moving at the same pace,” says Jankowski. “I’ve yet to work with a group that operates at the speed and efficiency of this one.” He especially appreciates that the partners each bring a different blend of backgrounds and expertise to the table, saying their experience gives them what it takes to always move forward on projects. “There are many ingredients for the recipe for success, and we see them as a master chef who’s going to put all those ingredients together,” he says.




Griesser agrees, adding that their arrival on scene right now is perfect timing for the booming Saskatchewan real estate market. “I think what they’re bringing to the community is much needed,” says Griesser. “They’re looking at doing everything from multi-family units, to hotels, to senior assisted-living, and they can deliver everything in a timely fashion. The demand is imminent for the product they’re bringing to the market and the timing is great.” CBLG offers investment opportunities through many different builds, and you can let the power of their team of building professionals work for you. “With the diversified talents of each of the partners of our group, and

the strong support of the network of professional  service providers that we have aligned ourselves with,  we will be very actively involved in hotel construction,” says Herperger.  To learn more about the Canadian Builders Logistics group, and managing partners Bunner, Yates and Herperger, visit their website at www. FHR

Canadian Builders Logistics Group P.O. Box 21055 Gardiner Park Regina, Sk 306.502.2715



• Serving the City of Regina and surrounding area since 1952 • Sewer and Water Main Installation • Ready Mix Concrete Supplier • Highway and Street Construction • Earthmoving and Excavating

Main Office 230 10th Avenue E Regina, Sk 306.569.3000 email:

Concrete Plant Office 269A Mill Street Regina, Sk 306.545.6565 email:

Am I Protected With a Third-Party Warranty?

home owner from accident and injuries during the insulation process. A thirdparty warranty protects the home owner from the work completed in case any discrepancies occur between the manufacturer or contractor during the installation process.

Michael Dynna President of Spray Jones Phone: 306.359.FOAM (3626) Toll Free: 1.888.414.FOAM (3626) An important question you need to ask before installing spray foam insulation in your new home is whether the foam system carries third-party warranty coverage. By taking the time to understand what this warranty is, what liabilities are contained within that warranty, and who is ultimately responsible for the work that is being done on your home through such a warranty, you will have the knowledge to move forward on your project with confidence knowing that you’re investment is protected. When you hire a contractor to foam insulate your home, there are three different warranties that are involved in the installation process. The foam insulation manufacturer will have their own warranty for their product; this warranty protects the installer and home owner in case of defect in the insulation product. The installer will have their own warranty between themselves and the owner that will protect the




It is imperative that any home owner who is working with a foam installer ask in writing for a third-party warranty before signing any contract with that installer. Without having the appropriate protection of this warranty, it could very well mean that the home owner is open to footing the cost of any problems that may occur during the install. Should any disagreement between the home owner and the foam installer arise, the warranty will spell out what the responsibilities are for both the manufacturer and the foam installer. Without a third-party warranty, you have a grey area regarding responsibility for standards not being met. The contractor can blame the manufacturer for faulty product while the manufacturer can blame the contractor for improper installation. Without a proper agreement,

you can easily fall into a finger-pointing scenario between manufacturer and contractor with the homeowner footing the bill. A proper third-party warranty covers the home owner from both the foam system and the contractor. The details of the warranty will tell you in writing, who, what and for how long the foam insulation installation is covered. It’s an important document that adds peace of a mind to the new home owner who is involved with all the busy challenges that come with building. With your home being the most important financial investment you will make in your lifetime, insure that you have a proper third-party warranty in writing from your contractor. It is a guarantee that the work, and the parties doing the work, will be following industry-certified professional standards. Michael Dynna is the owner of Spray Jones Foam Installation in Regina. You can reach him by calling (306) 359-3626 or visiting the website at FHR



Homes And Construction Ltd.



The LifesTyLe of By Nykea Marie Behiel Photos CalviN Fehr and ShawN FultoN


oyce Tourney is one of realty’s few million-dollar agents. Her vibrancy and knowledge of the inner workings of the real estate world make her expertise essential to clients when buying or selling homes at any price point, including the millions.

thiS page - Deer Valley, photos by Calvin Fehr

Aside from her interpersonal skills and intuitive sense of marketing, Joyce has obtained specialized training for the privilege of assisting buyers and sellers of million dollar homes. She has attained two impressive designations that continually

bring results: Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) and Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS). “JOYCE TOURNEY has been awarded the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing in recognition of attaining knowledge, experience, and expertise in the fine home and estate market,” states the Institute. Joyce is one of few Regina realtors to achieve this designation. Joyce takes her passion, vigour and enthusiasm into every real estate transaction. “I love my job, and everything about it,” effuses Joyce. It is this dedication that helped her close a $2.5-million sale in 10 days. “You really knew the value of our home, and we know we got top dollar for it,” says a satisfied customer, speaking to Joyce’s understanding of the market and her negotiation skills. Deer Valley—This exquisite home has a panoramic view of the valley and golf course, with a spacious deck and patio to enjoy it fully. Adjacent to the Trans Canada Trail, this scenic area is full of history. The large walkout bungalow on 4.25 acres features a four-car garage, and a well-appointed floor plan. The list price is $1.795 million. White City—With just under two acres of professionally landscaped green space, the location of this home is unbeatable. The property is so private, you feel as though you’re in the country. This home is outfitted with high-end appliances, a master bedroom on the main level and divine cabinetry and floor coverings. The six-car garage is currently divided to make room for a large shop. The list price is $1.5 million. “I know my business,” says Joyce Tourney. Her knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for her work make Joyce comfortable working with homes at any price point. Joyce’s track record of happy customers and million dollar sales speaks volumes about her capability. FHR

ReMax Joyce Tourney Realty (306) 789-1700 right - White City, photos by Shawn Fulton

CO-OP Gas Bar

From the Ground up

Park St.

McAra St.

By Nykea Marie Behiel PHOTOS ShaWN FUlTON

Both Erin and Rene brought years of experience when they opened Wood Ridge Flooring. “We knew we could create a flooring store and a community




that stands above others as far as design, knowledge and service,” says Erin. They were right; customers are always impressed with the service and knowledge this genial team has to offer. With a design-based showroom, you can come in to see the huge variety of flooring choices Wood Ridge has to offer, and how it could work in your home. Erin and Rene have options that run the gamut: linoleum, carpet, tile, wood, leather, cork and even invincible flooring. Although the options can be overwhelming, Erin encourages people to come in, look around, and talk with some of the friendly staff members. They will

help you determine some of your likes, dislikes, needs and wants. Through this process, you can identify the kind of flooring that works best for you. “We focus on helping clients find what they SUDS need for their home,” says Erin. Car

Elliott St.

Dewdney Ave.


ince its inauguration in 2009, Wood Ridge Flooring has been helping people with the very base of their homes. Having both grown up in Saskatchewan, Erin Capp and Rene Putzlocher identified a need in Regina for a flooring company with the knowledge base and compassion that they could offer. “That’s what’s most important home and family,” effuses Erin. It has been living by these words that has built Wood Ridge into the trusted company it is today.


One of their newest offerings is realstone flooring. This unique stone floor highlights the natural beauty of stone, while eliminating some of the negatives, like cost, coldness, large seams, installation and hardness. Nova Distinctive Floors, the company that developed realstone, used a thin layer of natural slate and adhered it to cork to create a floating floor. The cork provides

Winnipeg St.

warmth, sound insulation and softness, while the natural slate provides the unique appeal of a stone floor. This is the perfect fusion of materials for any home. You can install it yourself, or hire a professional. “We have installers, and they’re skilled at their trade,” says Erin. These talented craftspeople do custom tile work for floors, patios, walls and even custom showers. Wood Ridge does residential and commercial installs, working to fulfill your needs. “Rene’s been in the commercial field for a long time. He is probably the most knowledgeable flooring guy in the city,” adds Erin, proud of her business partner. The staff at Wood Ridge understands your lifestyle and family needs. In their comfortable showroom, they even have a play area and television for children. “That’s what’s important to us. We have families as well,” says Erin. She understands how to create an empowering and stress-free shopping experience for parents, children, and families. “It’s not about selling, it’s about creating relationships in the community and helping people celebrate their homes,” says Erin genuinely. The staff at Wood Ridge aims to help you find what you need for your home. “We love to help people.” The WoodRidge Flooring Team

“You should work from the floor up when you’re designing your space. Start with your flooring, and then create your custom home from there,” advises Erin. Whether you’re doing renovations or construction, visit Wood Ridge for flooring that suits your lifestyle and price range. FHR

unique styles and trends to suit anyone’s budget.

435 Dewdney Ave | Regina, Sk. | 306.352.4639 Wood Ridge Flooring

435 Dewdney Avenue, Regina (306) 352-4639 Twitter: @wood_ridge Facebook: Wood Ridge Flooring

Erin Capp, Owner FineHomes



BUY OR SELL – CALL STEVE BELL Specializing in Resort Property Fort Qu’Appelle, Katepwa Lake, Mission Lake, Echo Lake, Pasqua Lake, Bethune, and Regina & surrounding areas

Active in the Community

Proud member of the Fort Qu’appelle Rotary, Fort Qu’appelle Chamber of Commerce and many other community organizations. As a Century 21® Real Estate professional, I am dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. My personal knowledge of the local real estate market is combined with the power of the Century 21 brand - the most recognized name in real estate today. Let me assist you in finding your dream home, in a neighbourhood that is right for you, and in the price range you want. Or if you are interested in selling a property, I also have the expertise to help you get the fastest sale possible and at the best price.

I look forward to the opportunity STEVE BELL of working for you! REALTOR®

Century21 Dome Realty Inc 4420 Albert St Regina, SK 306-331-9877 (Fort Cell) 306-566-9362 (Regina Office)

866-320-6397 (Toll Free Voice) 888-352-6398 (Toll Free Fax)

L-R Patricia Moon, Roberta Peakman, Ryan Culbert and Lorrie Howe

A TeAm mAkes All The Difference By Shawna Common PHOTOS Shawn FULTon


he Peakman Group, a sales force with Century 21 Dome Realty Inc., is comprised of Patricia Moon, Roberta Peakman, Lorrie Howe and Ryan Culbert, combined they bring more than 50 years of real estate expertise. This team specializes in all real estate areas including residential, commercial, acreages and farms in Regina and surrounding area, offering their clients the best possible buying or selling experience. Their main focus is 100 per cent customer service. As Ryan says, “My passion is people and helping them achieve their goals. It’s extremely fulfilling to work with clients on one of their most important life decisions - their home.”




The team is as passionate about their real estate careers as they are committed to their customers. Patricia says, “Clients need an agent who is serious about and has a passion for what they do - real estate. People need to choose their Realtor® like any other professional they can trust to be assured their needs are being met.” Team members are always available to their clients. From the first meeting, they offer clients a complete package explaining what to expect throughout the entire process right up to the time that the keys are handed over. The established base of professionals that they use and trust, such as inspectors,

mortgage brokers, banks, and lawyers, helps to ensure that a purchase or sale is stress-free. The Peakman Group sits down with every client to discuss their needs, budget and any concerns with selling or purchasing property. To ensure the right fit, they work to understand clients’ wants and needs before looking at properties. Roberta says, “We know that people lead busy lives, so the first meeting can save many precious hours for our clients.” Going the extra mile ensures their clients’ needs are met. This team prides themselves on their large referral and repeat business from satisfied clients. Lorrie says, “The best

compliment a Realtor® can receive is a referral from a previous client or their close friends or family members. This is what makes our team successful.” Each team member possesses a wealth of market knowledge and exceptional negotiating skills, and continually draws on each other’s strengths and experience to become a better Realtor®. Understanding that clients experience emotional highs and lows throughout the selling process, they focus on alleviating this stress and ensuring a quick and smooth experience. Team members keep their clients informed and make sure they completely understand the entire process. Clients interested in building a new home should contact the Peakman Group before meeting with a builder. A team member will help to determine the client’s needs, desires and budget, and help them to find the best builder to suit their needs. This award-winning team of Realtors® know and love the real estate industry. They are passionate about their careers, continually educating themselves to provide their clients with up-to-date knowledge of the industry and the best in customer service. To book an appointment with any member of the Peakman Group, call their office at (306) 790-3644. Visit their website at www.peakmangroup. ca for any information regarding real estate. FHR

Service you deserve with a team you can trust What Our Clients Are Saying “Being first time homebuyers can be somewhat intimidating, especially in a competitive market like Regina. Roberta welcomed us like family from the very start, and made sure we understood all of the major considerations, details and processes before we even set foot in a house. Once the hunt began, she was very patient and considerate of both our requirements and restrictions. We especially appreciated her willingness to proactively provide advice and recommendations, which we often relied on due to our lack of experience. We would not hesitate to recommend Roberta Peakman to close friends and family, especially those who are buying their first home.” Mark & Deidra “Patricia Moon treats her clients like they’re the most important people in the world. You never feel like just another number with Patricia. She demonstrates her concern for her clients by displaying the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Her advice is wise and comes from her decades of experience in the Regina real estate market. It doesn’t get any better than Patricia Moon.” John “Ryan made selling my house an effortless job for me. Although I am sure he had other clients to deal with I always felt that my house was his #1 priority! There were no surprises along the way, as Ryan took the time to explain and answer all of my questions from our initial meeting to handing over the keys! Thanks Ryan!” Sheila “Lorrie is very professional, helpful and knowledgeable. She knows her business and does her homework. She is always prepared and very committed to her clients. Thank you Lorrie.” Violet

Century 21 Dome Realty Inc. 4420 Albert Street, Regina, SK 306.790.3644 This is not intended to solicit properties currently listed. Independently owned & operated. ®  and ™ trademarks of Century 21® Real Estate. LLC, used under license.

Living Houses:

BuiLder Creates distinCtLy MeaningfuL HoMes By Ashleigh MAttern Photos CAlvin Fehr


verything about a Vivid home is unique: from the striking kitchen back splashes, to the rich granite counters, to the luminous lighting. You feel as though you can see yourself living there; spend some time with the home, and the bright future memories start forming. With Vivid Custom Homes, no expense is spared; these picturesque houses feature hardwood throughout, gorgeous tiling in the washrooms, and crown moulding. Every corner holds a dynamic detail, but the resplendent look of the




homes only scratches the surface of the kind of quality you’ll find. The excellence of these homes is due to the careful and persistent work of Ray Rieger, owner of Vivid Custom Homes. He started his business in late 2009 because he wasn’t happy with what he saw on the market for the prices. “I was looking around at all this houses going up, and they all looked the same,” says Rieger. “There were a few homes that stood out, but the prices were

crazy. I thought I’d like to build a home for somebody that really showed their personality.” Making a home your own goes beyond decorating with Vivid Custom Homes; Rieger and his designer will sit down with you to figure out exactly what you need and want in a new home. “I want that design to be perfect,” says Rieger. “I want to work with them, so we build exactly what they envisioned.”




Every aspect of a Vivid home is customizable. Lighting, interior finishes, exterior design, flooring … if you can dream it, they can do it, and bring it to life in a way you couldn’t imagine. Rieger is up for any challenge when it comes to homebuilding, no matter your budget. Because Vivid Custom Homes is a boutique company, each home receives the attention it deserves. The tradespeople are never rushed because the quality of the building and getting it right are of the utmost importance. At the end of the build, the tradespeople are proud of the work they’ve done. Rieger is diligent in the work he does; he doesn’t take short cuts. He spends time searching for the best tradespeople, because he only wants the best people building Vivid homes. “I know the quality is there,” adds Rieger. “That’s my passion; I want to make sure the quality is there throughout the house.” With a Vivid home, top quality doesn’t equal an astronomical house price. Surprisingly for a home builder, Rieger has never held a hammer in his life. Instead, he comes to the business of homebuilding as a numbers guy, having previously worked as a financial planner. This somewhat unconventional




background is a huge benefit to the home buyer. “I crunch numbers,” says Rieger. “I find ways to save money, and to give quality without the cost.” Making a high-end home affordable “is actually very easy,” says Rieger. He never cuts costs on labour, but there’s always savings to be found in the right products and the right choices. When consulting with clients, he always has several selections of materials to choose from, and thanks to his background as an accountant, he knows all about budgets and is not shy discussing them. In fact, one of the best parts about working with Rieger is that he’s so approachable and friendly. He’s a guy like you or I, who just happens to love the business of building luxury homes. His relaxed, laid-back attitude is a breath of fresh air in the homebuilding world. And just because he doesn’t wield the hammer doesn’t mean he isn’t involved in the homebuilding process. Before he started Vivid, Rieger mentored under a contractor, and while he was building his first home, his mentor was there for support. During that first build, and for subsequent builds, he absorbed the art of homebuilding like a sponge, always

watching, learning and asking questions. “I’m always on hand; I’m always at the job site, figuring out what’s going on, making sure the product meets my standards in all stages.” In a Vivid home, it’s all about the details. When you visit, you’ll notice beautiful elements in every corner of the house. The houses themselves are works of art; how you decided to finish the look will only enhance its stripped-down beauty. Experience the distinct style of a Vivid home for yourself: the house at 1826 Blake Road in Lakeridge is open for viewing and available to buy. For more information, visit or contact Ray at (306) 591-4477. FHR

Vivid Custom Homes (306) 591-4477 Visit our Showhome at 1826 Blake Road in Lakeridge, Regina


Your Regina Real Estate Experts

Welcome to K2 Realty! Kashlee and Kristen specialize in buying and selling real estate in Regina. The Regina real estate market is hot so never miss out on what’s happening with our daily updated listings feature to show you what has been listed on the Regina MLS® system today!

Kristen Reed

Our website provides you with the most comprehensive and easy to use local real estate website in Regina offering many great tools and resources to help you buy or sell your next home in the Regina market.

Kashlee Parmiter

WWW.K2REALTY.CA THE QUEEN CITY DESERVES THE KING OF REAL ESTATE WEBSITES You’ll never use another site again! • New Daily Listings • Investment Properties • New Construction • Buyers Tools • Regina City Info • Neighbourhood Pages

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Mortgage Pre-Approvals First Time Home Buyers Rent To Own Competitive Listing Rates Free Home Evaluations Marketing Strategies

K2 REALTY TEAM Kashlee (306) 502-2886 Kristen (306) 501-5419

Realty One - 3-1118 Broad Street Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 1X8 Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. MLS® and REALTOR® Trademark owned by the Canadian Real Estate Association. Used Under License.



dynamic evolution in the art of building, Artisan Design Build’s new Spark series of entry level homes offers industry-leading new homes that are both well-designed and affordable. The Spark collection offers a wide array of choices in progressive styles and relaxing luxurious open concept designs; it also boasts the latest in building technologies to reduce energy costs while increasing your enjoyment pleasure. Artisan was founded on the virtues of contemporary design, maximum value for the money and industry leading energy




efficiency. Every Spark home actively employs the latest in design concepts and building technologies to creatively actualize the home of your dreams. For Kashlee Parmiter and Kristen Reed, sales managers, this forward-thinking approach to building is a perfect fit for the owner looking to buy a brand new entrylevel home. “What makes a Spark home such a smart and economical purchase is that for the base price of the new home, buyers receive a large array of additional options that dramatically increases the value of

their home. For example, Artisan offers standard upgraded cabinetry, quartz or granite countertops, triple-pane windows, nine foot ceilings and insulated concrete form basements. Our buyers love the fact that what they see is what they get, and not an exhaustive list of upgrades. The amount of extras that come included in a Spark home is what makes them so special to so many people,” says Kashlee. “We also continuously update our designs so that every build is a given a fresh and dynamic approach. We like to think of ourselves as fashion-forward in

L-R: Elaine Levesque, sales associate; Kyle Halvorsen, sales associate; Jason Schoenau, general manager; Stephanie Sather, production manager; Kristen Reed, sales manager; Kashlee Parmiter, sales manager; Jody Safnuk, sales associate. Missing: Michelle Lam, customer care & marketing manager; Ryan Silverson, construction manager.

that we are always trying to maximize efficiency of space and aesthetic design without increasing the price. Our open concept designs allow the homeowner many opportunities to personalize their living environment through expansion as opposed to being confined to tight and inflexible spaces. Homeowners often comment how they have double the square footage than they actually have,” adds Kashlee. Kristen is equally excited about the product and service that they have to offer. “Artisan is also an active custom home builder, offering exceptional flexibility in

what we can accomplish for the owner. We can either design a home to the owner’s specifications, or they can choose from our own custom design concepts. We have the ability to build in either new or pre-existing neighbourhoods.” “Our 10 year home warranty guarantees comprehensive protection to the owner,” adds Kristen. “We also work as licensed realtors, so if you’re planning on selling your existing home, we can offer you competitive value on the listing. Both of us are excited by the limitless creative opportunities that Artisan offers the new home owner.”

For further information about Artisan Design Build and its Spark series of entrylevel homes, you can also visit their website at FHR

Artisan Design Build Ltd. Regina, SK Kashlee (306) 502-2886 Kristen (306) 501-5419




Finding the home of your dreams and making it yours was the hard part. Protecting it is easy!

To find out how, just visit us at: 4615 Albert Street

302 University Park Drive

(South Albert, next to McDonald’s near Gordon Road) Phone: 306-789-8384




(Just Northeast of Arcola Avenue) Phone: 306-791-3474



Current Properties Available 7215 LANIGAN DR, REGINA – 905 sq.ft., bilevel w/t dbl attached 128 LAJORD ACRG – 1286 sq.ft. bnglw w/t dbl detached on 10 acres 12 CENTRE RD, MJ ACRG – 1428 sq.ft. bnglw, trpl attached w/t workshop 546 STADACONA ST W, MJ – 1498 sq.ft., 2 & ½ w/t sngl detached 1 LYNNDALE PL, BUFFALO POUND LAKE– 840 sq.ft. bnglw

$359,000 $369,900 $888,000 $234,000 $79,000

(MLS#437163) (MLS#424451) (MLS#424836) (MLS#428246) (MLS#429894)

New Listings • South Regina - 3+1 bedroom bungalow with possible revenue generating suite potential. • Cityview bungalow near Northgate mall w/t large dble garage under $250,000 • 3 bedroom home, close to down town, under $150,000 

Condos Available in Moose Jaw • Apartment Style (1312 sq.ft. w/t undergrnd prking) – $309,000 MLS#437487, #431951, #438938, #438941 • Townhouse Style (1044 sq.ft.) –$219,000 MLS#435851 • Bungalow Style (1157-1269 sq.ft.w/t dbl attached garage) –$359,900 MLS#431843, #431959

New Construction Condos w/t Upgrade Options Available in Belle Plaine • 1432 sq.ft. bi-level w/t dbl attached garages – $420,000 • 1500 sq.ft. bungalows w/t dbl attached garages – $449,900

Brian – 591-1224 | Karen – 530-3888/684-2284 | Jenni – 530-2255

“Fifty years,” I hackneyed, “is a long time.” “Not when you’re looking back at them,” she said. “You wonder how they vanished so quickly.” Isaac Asimov, I, Robot




hrough recollection or the insightful gaze of our televisions, we know that the world of 50 years ago showcases technology that has long since been outdated. The popular television series Mad Men, set in the 1960’s, shows us the bourgeois home of Don Draper, full of oranges and walnut textured wood, with the electronic finishes suited for an executive in the advertising company like a television and record player. Since then, some changes in home technology systems have been subtle while others have been explosive. When people visit my parents’ new house, my father is quick to show them the sound system that pumps out clear

sound throughout the house, and can be controlled from any room. This means every Roughrider game can be heard from the master bedroom through to the downstairs bathroom, for better or for worse. For someone who still uses two fingers on the keyboard, I am always impressed at what technological jumps he is ready to make. He’s also always fidgeting with the timer on the coffee maker and adjusting times for his automated sprinkler. Useful vacuums hide in every corner and a small screen in the kitchen notifies them of the outdoor weather and chance of precipitation. Still, I think my father is most impressed that there is not one, but two garburators in their kitchen.




The domestic robot, Roomba

Bliss The company iRobot, named after Isaac Asimov’s book, I, Robot, has found a way to address both public and private consumers. One of the most commonly used ground robots in recent wars is the PackBot, created by iRobot. iRobot does not concentrate solely on robots for government and military. One of their best-selling items is a domestic robot— the automatic vacuum, the Roomba. The company went public, entering the stock market with some of the most prestigious investors possible, and when the markets closed, a PackBot became the first robot to ever ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. However insignificant this action, it symbolizes a shift in our society toward autonomous robots and intuitive machines. Just as many people made the transition to a smart phone, the same is true for smart homes. In fact, combining the two with apps that control various aspects of your house is growing in popularity. The ability to shut your stove off while you’re on your way to work can set you at ease with the simple touch of a button on your cell phone. Some companies, including Control4, have developed software that lets all




Climate-controlling device, Nest

the systems in your house communicate with one another. If something seems inconsistent or out of the norm, it will trigger an alert to your phone or email, keeping you constantly in the loop. With an automated home system, you can preset designations that work together, rather than fidgeting with several controls. You can program your house to wake up with you, and even coordinate this with a seasonal approach. Certain presets can bring the lights up from dim to bright while your coffee is brewing on the main floor, and your television comes on for your morning show while the temperature climbs to a comfortable waking temperature. At the other end of the day, you can program all the lights in your house to go off with the touch of a single button, rather than running all through the house to find every switch. Your security system can be programmed to lock your doors each night and notify you if anything is awry. This harmonization can simplify your life while taking care of details oft forgotten by mere humans. Nest, a climate-controlling device developed by a company of the same name, is a small circular thermostat. You

use it as you would a normal thermostat, but it saves your data every time you adjust it. Nest learns your patterns and lifestyle to keep you comfortable and save you money. It can also be controlled via your smart phone, and has a leaf icon to teach you energy efficient settings. Considering how much money we spend a month on energy, a product like Nest can save you money and reduce your impact on the environment. Although just a thermostat, products like Nest are changing the ways we build our homes and live our lives. You can decide what aspects of your house you want control over. Control your home stereo with automatic presets—movie, music, quiet—all set to your liking, through to streaming coverage of your house through internet security cameras. With predictions of translucent screens, cordless desktop computers, and robots that do chores we despise, a move to the future is inviting. However fictional it may seem, the integration of technology into our homes in the last several decades has been rapid and subtle, turning science fiction into science. FHR

Luxurious Downtown High-Rise Living The Gardens on Rose invites you to experience luxurious high-rise living with prime downtown locality. This brand new development provides quality construction and is beautifully and securely designed as one of only two buildings on 2000 block Rose Street. Revel in the finer things in life without having to leave home. As a resident of this beautiful building, you can enjoy the following right at your doorstep . . .

And when you wouldn’t think to expect more… we’ve included ownership of 2 indoor heated parking stalls with every unit!

Rooftop gardens with: • • • • • • •

spa-inspired hot tub area fireplace lounge fitness room outdoor lounging areas gas barbeques full kitchen potted trees and shrubs

Why would you want to live anywhere else? Ask us about our 3 year property tax abatement.

Additional building amenities: • day spa • coffee and pastry bar 2055 Rose Street, Regina

(306) 790-1843 |

Visit our sales office at 1910 12th Avenue (corner of Rose Street and 12th Avenue)

FRANK Cabinetry:

White flat thermofoil fronts, white melamine interiors, std drawers and slides.


SINATRA Shaw Carpet - XV315 or XV 345 all colors for the bedrooms, living room, and hallway.

Choice of the following linoleums in the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom:

Charismatic & Sleek, “My Way”



Choice of: • Natural maple flat thermofoil fronts • Grey wood tone flat thermofoil fronts • Dark wood grain flat thermofoil fronts Maple melamine interiors, upgraded birch drawer boxes with soft close.

Kitchen, Living Room, Entry, Dining Room:


Choice of Laminate flooring:

Or Earthscapes Vinyl flooring in the following three colours:


4x12 tiles like in the following photo in several colours:

Bathroom, Storage Room: Choice of linoleums below:


DEAN Cool & Strong, Yet Quiet



Enduring, Beauty & Flair

with accent strip like in this tile, again in several colours:



nown for its innovative approach to the realty world, EXIT Realty Fusion is the first firm in Saskatchewan to adopt a green approach to realty brokerage. Owned Choice of Paint Colour: by Loretta Hughes and her husband Bob, EXIT encapsulates eco-friendly values and strong customer service. These promises and beliefs have been behind their record growth Cabinetry: since their inauguration in 2007. Backsplash:

2x2 mosaic tile in a choice of 4 colours:

Choice of Paint Colour: • • • • • • • •

Collingwood - OC-28 (light grey) Natural Linen - CC-90 Carrington beige - HC-93 (green undertone) Greenmount silk - HC-3 (yellow undertone) Decorator’s white - CC-20 Barely beige - CC-140 Lambskin - CC-340 Gray Mist - CC-80

Cabinetry: Walnut flat panel thermofoil doors with 2 aluminum wrap glass doors above range. With a white or cream option as well. Maple melamine interiors, upgraded birch drawer boxes with soft close.


Bedrooms: Shaw Carpet - XV315 or XV 345 all colors Kitchen, Living Room, Entry, Dining Room: Choice of the following two hardwood floors:

• • • • • • • •

Collingwood - OC-28 (light grey) Natural Linen - CC-90 Carrington beige - HC-93 (green undertone) Greenmount silk - HC-3 (yellow undertone) Decorator’s white - CC-20 Barely beige - CC-140 Lambskin - CC-340 Gray Mist - CC-80

Maple doors in Shaker style or Debonair (flat panel with eased edges) with 2 wood frame glass doors above range, maple melamine interiors, upgraded birch drawer boxes with soft close.

Loretta Hughes and her team are proud to Flooring: announce EXIT’s foray into the exciting world of condominiums. They are marketing the new Fontaine Bleu in Harbour Landing, a unique and exciting project. Aside from Loretta, the team is comprised of Bonnie Stanley, Curtis Bonar and Igor Riabchyk. Curtis and Igor bring exceptional experience and knowledge to the Bathroom, storage room: table, always doing their best to match your needs with a new home. Bonnie is a certified Backsplash: EcoBroker®, a green course made for real estate agents This course has provided Bonnie, as well as other realtors at EXIT, with knowledge Choice of Paint Colour: Bedrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room Living Room, Entry choice of cork:

• Natures Walk Cork Spectacle Color “Hurricane”

• Natures Walk Cork Congo Color “Lichen”

Or Leather Flooring: Or choice of the following two cork floors:

Or Hardwood:

Bathroom, Storage Room: Choice of the following linoleums:

• Ceramica Uno - Satin 13x13 tile all colors • Ceramica Uno - Rococo 12x12 tile all colors Tiles as shown below:


Unique, Quality & Personality


Choice of Paint Colour: • • • • • • • •

Collingwood - OC-28 (light grey) Natural Linen - CC-90 Carrington beige - HC-93 (green undertone) Greenmount silk - HC-3 (yellow undertone) Decorator’s white - CC-20 Barely beige - CC-140 Lambskin - CC-340 Gray Mist - CC-80

• • • • • • • •

Collingwood - OC-28 (light grey) Natural Linen - CC-90 Carrington beige - HC-93 (green undertone) Greenmount silk - HC-3 (yellow undertone) Decorator’s white - CC-20 Barely beige - CC-140 Lambskin - CC-340 Gray Mist - CC-80

on green products, environmentally friendly homes, EnergyStar standards, and what to look for in an older home like oil paints and radon emissions. This education and growing awareness resonates with the company’s green mandate. When EXIT markets a product, they work as a team - this builds a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. People choose condos over houses for a variety of reasons. “It’s a lifestyle,” says Bonnie. There is no yard maintenance, but people still have access to ample green space. They’re good for almost anyone— first-time buyers, snowbirds, career-oriented people, travellers—a huge variety of people. The community where these condos are going up is second to none. Harbour Landing is a fast growing community in Regina’s southwest end. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing communities in all of Canada. A great fusion of contemporary

6 layouts to choose from


$199,900 + gst

living and the natural world, this community offers community living, quaint shops and amenities all within walking distance. This community within a community is also a great amalgam of young professionals, families and retirees. There are many walking trails and parks, creating a gorgeous backdrop for your active lifestyle. Anderson Building Group Inc. designed the exquisite Fountain Bleu condos. Their engineering team includes experts in solar energy, geothermal and environmentally- friendly buildings. They are known for their custom designed buildings tailored for modern people conscious of their carbon footprint. Their vision, along with the trusted rapport they’ve built with EXIT, has been the foundation of these gorgeous and innovative homes. Fontaine Bleu is a unique complex built to be as beautiful as it is functional. “It is the first apartment-style condominium style complex to be introduced to Harbour Landing,” explains Bonnie excitedly. The east side faces an environmental reserve, while the south side is enclosed by a park, assuring plenty of green space around your home. There are six different floor plans to choose from, as well as several different finishing combinations, ensuring your home is different from your neighbour’s. You can choose a one or two bedroom layout, whatever suits your lifestyle. There are two buildings of four floors, and both are pet-friendly—a rare find in condo units.

Fontaine Bleu will also be equipped with underground parking, a perfect escape for your vehicle in Saskatchewan’s harsh winters. The condo fees are very reasonable, and include a communal lounge and fitness areas. Named after a classic old Hollywood hotel in Miami, Florida that celebrities used to frequent, Fontaine Bleu includes a unique exterior as well as interior. All finishings will be top-of-the-line and even include a marble foyer. Everything in your new condominium will be 50’s chic, providing a unique blend of past and present. You can choose your décor options, from the standard James Dean options through to the top of the line Marilyn Monroe selections. Excitingly, the possession date is October 2013, leaving you time to get your finances in place. Visit the team at EXIT Realty Fusion to find how you can own a chic 50’s style condo in Regina’s fastest growing neighbourhood. FHR

Design Packages

EXIT Realty Fusion 326 University Park Drive, Regina (306) 352-3948

Bonnie Stanley 306-541-4855 Igor Riabchyk 306-529-4467 Loretta Hughes 306-537-3500 Curtis Bonar 306-533-1395

Cornerstone Heights In Harbour Landing

Reimer Crossing

ElEgant Condo living in REgina By Nykea Marie Behiel PHOTOS ShaWN FUlTON


eimer Custom Homes has been progressively building their strong and trusted reputation since their induction in 2004. Now, they are taking their experience of building high-end custom homes to condo life through their Reimer Crossing Development.

a variety of floor plans and styles to choose from, your home doesn’t have to resemble your neighbour’s, giving you the freedom to change details that matter to you. Of the three phases in this new development, homes are still available for purchase in phases two and three.

A three-phase development being urbanized in Regina’s Harbour Landing, Reimer Crossing offers exciting variations on condo living. Designed with great care and attention to detail, the exterior of all three phases are unique. The stunning outsides are a reflection of the beauty you will see inside your new home. These exquisite condos are indicative of the kind of work Reimer Custom Homes can do; the epitome of innovative design and effective utilization of space. With

“We tried to bring that special touch and cutting edge that we’ve had in our custom homes to these condominium projects, and we wanted that strong statement in the architecture right when you drive up,” says Robert Reimer, owner.




Phase I: Meadowview Estates Phase one is a set of 13 luxury townhouses, built with the sumptuous touches Reimer

customers are accustomed to. With a walk-out basement, nine-foot ceilings, and all the high-end finishings, the interiors are as beautiful as the exterior, showing the value Reimer places on aesthetics. The show home for all three phases is located in phase one at 4837 Trinity Way.

Phase II: Cornerstone Heights Twenty-eight luxury, apartment-style condominiums are now being built in Cornerstone Heights, phase two of the Reimer Crossing development. This impressive structure is located adjacent from two large green spaces, providing accessibility to a natural landscape and




T! U O D Phase I: Meadowview Estates L SO

Phase III: Trinity Lane Village

extensive walking paths. Imagine reading a book in front of your fireplace with your feet dangling over the hardwood floors, or preparing your favourite meal in your striking new kitchen. The interior features nine-foot ceilings, granite countertops, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, fireplaces, and high-quality finishing that includes upgraded trim packages. You can select from seven different layouts ranging in size up to 1,614 square feet. You also have access to Reimer’s professional designer for your décor and interior design options. The entire purchasing process is set up to be very enjoyable. Beautiful street appeal has been created through the use of Cornerstone Heights’ European Tudor styling, with large distinctive windows, acrylic stucco and striking features resembling European castles. In fact, each of the units is named after English castles. Amenities include an exercise room, access to a guest suite and indoor heated aboveground parking. One of the most intriguing aspects of Cornerstone Heights is that each home has its own large four-season sunroom. Consider standing in your own personal glassed-in sunroom overlooking the extensive green space. This is condo living at its finest, and where functionality meets beauty. Construction has commenced with possessions beginning in the fall of 2013.

Phase III: Trinity Lane Trinity Lane Village, phase three, is an exciting, newly released 13 townhouse-style condominium project in the prestigious Reimer Crossing Development in Harbour Landing. These homes will have the flare of old world character, providing spectacular street appeal. High quality construction specifications include all units being built on structured piles with insulated concrete form foundations. Functional layouts include two and three bedroom options with approximately 1270 sq. ft. All floor plans are well appointed, and assure space is utilized in the most efficient way possible. These are a great option for people who wish to be a part of this new development at a lower price point. The buildings, as well as the community, assure quaint city living. Harbour Landing is Regina’s fastest growing community, and one of the largest developments in Canada. Nestled between parks and green space, you can feel close to nature while only moments away from downtown. This unique area is the harmonization of urban and eco-living—beautiful walking paths and nature hikes within walking distance of amenities, charming shops and your neighbourhood coffee shop. A community within a community, Harbour Landing offers a unique fusion of urban professionals and families.

Reimer Crossing

Reimer Developments





Aside from these developments, Reimer Custom Homes feel it is important to contribute to the rental concerns that Regina seems to be facing. It is for this reason that they are constructing Cobblestone Village, two and three bedroom townhouses for people in the rental market. This project is under Reimer Developments, a sister company to Reimer

We tried to bring that special touch and cutting edge that we've had in our custom homes to these condominium projects. Robert Reimer, owner




What Our Clients Are Saying “When we came across the ad for the town homes that Reimer was building, we were really not even seriously looking for a new home (our home was only two-and-a-half years old), but we jumped at the opportunity when we discovered that the town home offered everything we had in our current home, including a walkout basement, along with the lifestyle that condo living provides. Since we had previously built another home, we can state without a doubt that the customer service that Reimer provides is unquestionably far superior to the other builders that we have experienced. Knowing that Reimer followed the engineer’s recommendation to build on piles gave us the confidence that they would go the extra mile for every aspect of our home.

TOP Reimer Staff. BOTTOM (l-r) Co-owners Matt Simpson and Rob Reimer

Custom Homes. These exciting rental properties are just now available for viewing, and possessions will begin in September. While construction of these projects is nothing short of impressive, it is the people behind the scenes that provide the backdrop for success. “I really do believe we have the best staff in the world,” says Robert. “They take ownership of what is going on, and are always looking for ways to bring solutions,” finishes Graham Toth, project manager at Reimer. “We emphasize a great building experience,” says Robert genuinely. The people at Reimer Custom Homes love excelling at new challenges. The Reimer Crossing Development is their innovative foray into the condominium market, and has already proven to be a success with current owners living in the




first phase who are really excited about their new homes. “Our number one core value is to honour and value people,” says Robert. This commitment, along with the dedication and focus on excellence, is what has built Reimer Custom Homes into the successful company it has become today. FHR

We are thrilled with the customer service that we have received from Reimer Custom Homes. Everyone at Reimer, including the vendors and tradespeople, were extremely pleasant, and really made us feel that they were interested in making the building experience a smooth process - that our home was not only special to us, but to them as well. Reimer was always just one call away when we had any questions, and we really appreciated the many trips that Graham Toth, project manager, made with us to the building site so we could be kept involved and updated on the progress of our home. We would definitely recommended Reimer to anyone who is looking to build a new home. You would receive a quality product and excellent service all in one package.

Reimer Custom Homes and Commercial Inc. 4837 Trinity Way, Regina (306) 949-4663

We are close to the 3-month anniversary of living in our home. We love our new home and look forward to returning to it every time we are away.” —Connie Panno


L-R Susan Millen, Office Administrator; Gerry Millen, Inspector; Trevor Bridal, Inspector


erry Millen has been involved in various aspects of the construction industry for decades. He has built and designed all types of buildings, and has extensive experience in all types of construction. He understands the importance of knowing what you are buying. Global Property Inspections goes the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service to its clients. Gerry and his wife, Susan, bought the Global Property Inspections franchise about five years ago. They love helping people to make informed decisions about their purchases, and ensuring customers understand the results of the inspection. Trevor Bridal joined Gerry and Susan last year to help meet the growing demand for Global Property Inspections. Gerry and Trevor inspect all types of buildings, including homes, condominiums, commercial structures, new construction and industrial facilities. The results of these inspections are provided to the client in a completely computer generated report, complete with photos. They sit

down with the client after the inspection is complete to fully review the report page by page. They also inspect a new home, condominium or commercial building prior to possession to ensure the building meets the clients’ and contractors’ building specifications, not just the construction code. They offer an 11 month warranty inspection on a new home, to ensure everything is performing as it should be before the builders’ warranty runs out. Gerry and Trevor attend yearly training to ensure they are familiar with the latest information for inspections. To book your inspection call (306) 545-2613 or 1-855-545-2613. Visit www. for more information. FHR Refer to this article and receive $25 off your inspection.


Canada’s Premier Inspection Service

Global Property Inspections 259 Ottawa St. N. Regina 306.545.2613 toll free 855-545-2613

Renovating: How to Cut Corners, But Not Look Like You’ve Skimped BY Meredith heron


o one ever says to me, “Wow that took a lot less time than I thought it would,” or “Oh my goodness, that renovation was so much cheaper than I had expected.” I mean never, ever, ever. When we are in the “honeymoon” or “just dating” phase with clients, discussing the possibility of what may be and dreaming about the end result, budgets are still often an abstract concept, even though they are necessary and something we insist upon,. And then the cheque requests come; and they keep coming; yup, they are still coming. We call that part of the relationship either “cheque writing fatigue” or “client hits the wall and occasionally the fan.” When this happens, it’s amazing the corners that are willing to be cut. Sometimes it’s an absolute necessity, other times we have to handhold, reassure and insist that the end is near, and that now is not the time to deviate from the end goal. Occasionally, we get unwelcome surprises. In one renovation, we discovered that the house was basically built on sand, and major





With Subway tile, You’ll find that you can get better prices from tile suppliers who carry ceramic versus big box building stores that price it per piece




reinforcements needed to be added to the foundation to the tune of a surprise $30,000. A restaurant we are just about to finish was incorrectly classified by the city for the last 30 years, and now has had to make all sorts of fire rating upgrades to meet current classification. That sure put a dent in my accessories budget. In both projects, we had wisely added in a contingency to the budget so we were prepared, but sometimes even that is not enough. When the purse strings must be tightened, there are a few sure-fire tricks we love to use to make our projects look like nothing was spared, when in fact, we have been rather frugal.

Carrara Marble This is actually one of the least expensive stones to work with. It’s also cheaper than composite counters like caesarstone or quartz. If you must have stone counters




but don’t have a big budget, carrara is the way to go. It’s also a great option for flooring in bathrooms. 12 inch by 12 inch tile is readily available, and is often cheaper than ceramic or porcelain floor tiles. Offset the tile in a staggered brick pattern to give it a custom look and feel.

Subway Tile It’s a popular choice now and widely used. Be careful not to buy it by the piece; always convert the price to per sq. ft. You’ll find that you can get better prices from tile suppliers who carry ceramic versus big box building stores that price it per piece, and end up costing you more. If you want to make your subway tile look chic, opt for a dark black or charcoal grout, and keep it thin if you can. Pair this with brass or antique brass/gold hardware, and you will be en vogue and still have money left over for a ridiculously expensive latté in the morning.

Butcher block counters If you can’t afford stone and you just can’t bear to do laminate for your counters, consider butcher block. You can opt to stain it darker, including black, if you want a more daring look and feel. Just remember that if you stain it, you will need to seal it, and that means no cutting directly on the wood counter because that won’t be food safe. We recommend using a spar varnish similar to that used on boats to protect the wood from water. That’s right - boats have been made out of wood for centuries, so wood in a kitchen is A-OK as long as you protect it.

Skip the fancy paint schemes and mouldings Simple backbanded moulding for door casings and baseboards in a paint grade material are a less expensive way to finish off a space in a stylish and modern way. You can opt for four to five inch

moulding that is simply backbanded with a matching shoe mould to create presence, but keep your bank account in the black. I also suggest that sticking to a warm white or off-white for the main floor is a great way to save money on your painting budget. The more colours or darker and more vivid the options, the more money it will cost you. Use art and accents for a pop of colour. We’ve also on occasion suggested to clients to just prime the walls and wait on painting until they are ready to move ahead with the next phase of their project. The same with back splashes - hold off until you can afford to do it right; just make sure that the walls in the kitchen have at least been painted with a paint that at least has a satin sheen. My other favourite general tips on maximizing your design budget are pretty straight forward. • Invest in the plan. Work with a design professional who can help you come up with the big picture. • Spend the time necessary to create the plan. The more time you plan, the better your project will turn out in the end. • Work with qualified trades and professionals. They may seem to be more upfront, but they will save you more money and time in the long run. • Phase your project. • Invest in the best you can afford or wait until you can. Deferring parts or your entire project until you have the means to afford it is not admitting defeat. It’s a smart and savvy approach to creating the home or space that you will love. You won’t regret investing money on things you love. • Step away from the internet. When working with a design professional or trade, it’s often tempting to try and outsource them to try and get a better price. If you are upfront and honest with your budget, an experienced professional will be able to help you achieve your goals. Second guessing their selections or suppliers will in the end always cost you more. Trust your professionals to utilize their resources and reliable trades to come through for you. • Speak up, share, and communicate. Your designer and trades are not mind readers and are there to make your dreams a reality. Share them. FHR




Budget Blinds: green is the new Black By Mackenzie Brooks

very new window treatment is a new opportunity, and being easy on the earth, easy on the eyes and easy on your budget is, well, easy with Budget Blinds. This progressive company offers






its consumers the best available green options through their own Signature Series with beautiful looking and earth conscientious choices. The smart options just keep adding up.


With more and more home owners giving priority to building or renovating their homes with earth-friendly products, it’s comforting to know that the team at Budget Blinds has options for every



consumer. Budget Blinds covers your windows beautifully and gives you peace of mind knowing that you make a green decision in beautifying your home (and keeping the Earth beautiful too). “When people are given the choice between beautiful green products for their windows treatments or regularly manufactured products, we find that more and more people tend to lean towards the green option,” says Leanne Fisher, owner of Budget Blinds in Regina. “What’s incredible to so many consumers is that they don’t know that this amazing product is available at the same price as conventional non-green products. In this case, it’s really an easy decision.” We all know that an investment in our homes is among the smartest ways to spend our money. With Budget Blinds, the investment is also a reinvestment in protecting your home and the environment. Like many of Budget Blinds’ products, the very popular cellular shade is proven to block the sun’s heat, preventing solar heat gain in the summer and reducing heat loss in the winter. The blind’s cellular shape adds style and an insulating factor to your home’s windows. Budget Blinds’ window shades also block UV rays and protects your home’s furnishings from fading. Their durability and extralong life prevent extra refuse from being prematurely sent to the landfill. Many of Budget Blinds’ shades are also made from ecofriendly raw materials and are 100 per cent recyclable. The same applies to the corrugated cardboard used in packing, which contains up to 40 per cent recycled content from post-consumer material. Budget Blinds eliminates wasted cardboard, packing materials and shipping energy because every box is custom sized to the shape of your order. “I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside my installers who also comment on the low emission of our blinds made with eco-friendly materials,” says Leanne. “In comparison with conventional materials, it’s really comforting to know that our window fashions can help our clients invest in and protect their homes and the health of their families.” Green is the new black. Check out what the hippest and coolest homes are wearing this fall. For the most beautiful and earth friendly window fashions, contact Leanne and the team at Budget Blinds at 949-2300 and get your home moving in the green direction. Simple, beautiful, conscientious: Budget Blinds and your home for the natural green choice. FHR

a style for every point of view 534 University Park Drive, Regina, SK Regina: 306.949.2300 Weyburn: 306.842.5328 Estevan: 306.634.5328 e:




Available at:



803 North Railway St. W Swift Current

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Sparkle and Shine. You make the list. We’ll get it done. Brian and Aaron Winch have operated Merry Maids for seven years. Our staff of 14 team members cleans hundreds of homes every month. We hire people who are dedicated to providing thorough, consistent cleaning so you get relief from housecleaning. We professionally train, screen, bond and insure every employee for your security and peace of mind. Our office staff, including Brian, Aaron and Cindy, manage all the details of cleaning, so you don’t have to. They are available if you have any questions, comments or requests. Your satisfaction is their top priority. Whether you are looking for weekly, biweekly, four week or a “one time” special cleaning, we look forward to serving you. Brian Winch, Cindy Hegan, Aaron Winch and the award winning Merry Maids team

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Create special places out of ordinary spaces. See each step of this transformation at, and visit an I-XL Showroom today to Imagine the Possibilities. 511 Dewdney Ave E., Regina, S4N4E9 306 757 2661

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ecorating for and with children can be lots of fun—and it can also be a bit challenging. Throughout my time as mom and interior designer, I have developed these Top 5 Tips for Decorating Children’s Rooms that apply across-the-board to parents attempting this feat, from Broadway, NY to Broadway, Saskatoon.




4 5

Find a starting point and an inspiration! Most people think of this as only a magazine clipping of a room you like, but it can be as basic as your child’s favorite color, an outfit your child loves to wear, or a room from a TV show (i.e. iCarly). Choose an inspirational subject and follow it. Without a clear path to follow, you may find yourself filling the room with clashing colors and designs, ending up with a disastrous motley room. Stay away from themes. Do it with accents. If your kid adores Hello Kitty or is a Spiderman fan, get the character pillow, a frame, poster, or bedding. Parents know better than anyone that kids grow up incredibly fast, and their taste changes almost as frequently as their height. Use accents that can easily be eliminated or replaced, this prevents having to redecorate every year once his taste changes from cartoons to cars, or she goes from animation to animal prints. Make it easy by shopping online. Major retailers like Pottery Barn Kids and PBTeen Jonathan Adler, and Restoration Hardware’s Mother and Child have great websites at fair prices. Rare and funky items can be found on websites such as Online shopping is not only convenient, but also economically beneficial. Comparing prices is quick and easy online. Google Shopping find exactly what you want and organizes the results from lowest to highest prices and vise versa. Allow the child to have a voice.   Keep the child involved throughout the process by asking if they like a particular setup and involve them in the shopping. This will allow them to take pride in their room and want to keep it nice. It’s a win for both parent and child. If your kid’s opinion is annexed out, you run the risk of creating an atmosphere they don’t like. Lastly, allow for storage, storage and more storage! Parents are generally so consumed by the aesthetic that they don’t take into consideration how much storage space children need, especially as they get older and their clothes get bigger. Purchase items that can grow with them such as a bench at the foot of the bed.  Also, build lots of cubbies in the closet. Instead of a media unit, consider a dresser with many drawers that can double as a TV stand .

Remember, it’s supposed to be fun and whimsical! It may not be the design vision you had for the room, but it is, ultimately, your child’s space. Why not have it be one that they love? FHR Jennifer Agus is the principal and creative energy behind Agus Interiors, a design firm that beautifies up-scale residences and vacation homes in New York City, Long Island, The Hamptons, Connecticut, and New Jersey. She lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband and four-year-old son, Harrison.






hen you see a beautiful house, windows and doors represent one of the most important aspects that defines its look, character and beauty. At Clear View Windows and Doors, we want to inform and assist our customers so that they can choose the windows and doors that work best for their home and lifestyle. Whether renovating, building a new home or updating your dream cabin, Clear View Windows and Doors can help you realize the potential your house has to offer.

That’s why we choose to work with Kohltech Windows and Entrance Systems, who offer one of the largest selections of styles, with over 30 color options to choose from. They’re a quality-driven Canadian manufacturer, carrying a diversity of long-lasting, energy-efficient products that enhance the unique character and potential that every home has.

The available options are endless when searching for new windows and doors. Clear View Windows and Doors offers a different approach by taking the time to understand your home and lifestyle. It allows us to

Most home owners assume the style of windows and doors they currently own is the only option they have when considering an upgrade. When we first ask people about how they use their windows




provide you with choices that are energy efficient and economical and that also address style, function and security.

and doors, we usually get a strange look. However, if you stop and think about it, you’d never buy a compact car if you needed to haul a trailer for camping. It’s the same concept with windows and doors. If you like a natural breeze throughout your home, you wouldn’t put in windows that don’t open. How about watching the sunset from the living room in your cabin? Do you want your windows enhancing your view? At Clear View Windows and Doors we have a saying, “Once we’ve removed the old window, you have a hole in the wall. Now, let’s put in what you want.” The first thing that we like to do with every new customer is to meet with

them at their house or at our showroom and determine what their specific needs are. We see it as a mutually beneficial opportunity not only to help educate and inform our customers about the practical potential of their purchase, but also to get a feel of how and where they live and what would work best to complement their home and surrounding property. All of our quotes and consultation time are free of charge. Purchasing a door or window is such an important, long-lasting decision, and we want to make sure that you are 100 per cent happy with the choices that you make. It’s this realized potential of creative opportunities that makes the work that we do so rewarding for the entire staff at Clear View Windows and Doors. We’re located at 1809 Park Street in Regina. You can reach us at (306) 543-9200 or visit our website at FHR Clear View Windows and Doors 1809 Park St Regina 306.543.9200

riGht Cindy and Stuart Rogers




goRdon’s FaVouRite Veggies

This month Gordon Ramsay gets back to basics, choosing his favourite vegetables and demonstrating the best way to roast, grill, steam and pan-fry them for the ultimate flavour PHOTOS LISA LINDER




Beets, leeks & onions HEALTHY OPTION

Swiss chard & kohlrabi with lemon sauce HEALTHY OPTION

I grew up eating lots of vegetables, and they are so crucial I make sure my kids get some with every meal


Spicy Roots

There’s so many out there that you can’t get bored – and you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy them. I’ve been serving vegetarian menus at my restaurants for five years now and there are some wonderful dishes waiting to be discovered Courgettes & chicory with black olive dressing

Gordon shows you how Turn over for the recipes




Roasting Beets, leeks & onions These robust vegetables are great to roast and they really work well together. You can serve hot or leave to cool in the marinade and eat the next day.

READY IN 1 HR SERVES 4-6 MODERATELY EASY SUPERHEALTHY – counts as 2 of 5-a-day 1kg small raw beetroots, peeled and halved 2 onions, peeled and quartered 10-12 baby leeks, trimmed 4 large garlic cloves, peeled 4 tbsp olive oil 1-2 sprigs fresh rosemary 4 bay leaves about 100ml balsamic vinegar

1 Heat oven to 220C/fan 200C/gas 7. Heat a heavybased oven roasting pan on top of the stove and toss in the vegetables and garlic. Sprinkle with the oil. Stir until they start to brown. Add the herbs, sprinkle over the vinegar and season well. 2 Put the pan in the oven and roast for about 15 mins, then reduce the heat to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5 and continue cooking for another 30 mins or so, stirring 2 to 3 times until the beetroots are tender. If the vegetables start to burn, add a little more oil and vinegar to the pan. Serve as a vegetable dish scattered with toasted pine nuts or as a main course with baby goat’s cheese, cooked white beans and rocket. PER SERVING 252 kcalories, protein 7g, carbohydrate 31g, fat 12g, saturated fat 2g, fibre 8g, added sugar none, salt 0.43g

Pan-FRYing Spicy Roots Salsify is a really underrated root vegetable which looks a little like a white carrot and has an earthy, asparagus-like taste. It needs a good wash before cooking and, when peeled, you will need to rub it all over with lemon juice to stop it discolouring.

READY IN 25 MINS SERVES 4-6 SUPERHEALTHY – high in fibre, low in fat

1 Cut the parsnips and carrots into lozenges of about the same size. Peel the salsify under cold running water and rub with the cut lemon at the same time. Cut off the woody core and slice into similar sized lozenges.


3 parsnips, peeled and trimmed 3 carrots, peeled and trimmed 1-2 salsify (about 250g, optional) 1⁄2 lemon 1 tsp mild curry powder 1 tsp Chinese 5-spice powder 3-4 tbsp olive oil 25g butter 2 garlic cloves, peeled fresh marjoram leaves or flat-leaf parsley

2 Sprinkle the parsnips with curry powder, and the carrots and salsify with 5-spice. Heat a large pan with the oil, then toss in the vegetables. After a minute, add the butter and garlic, season and continue to cook, stirring often, for up to 10 mins. If the vegetables start to colour too much, stir in 2-3 tbsp water to stop them burning. Toss through the marjoram leaves, allow to wilt then serve. Try serving this alongside lamb or robust game. PER SERVING 179 kcalories, protein 2g, carbohydrate 17g, fat 11g, saturated fat 3g, fibre 6g, added sugar none, salt 0.45g

goRdon’s secRets oF success ROASTING


• Robust roasting gives a really good colour and flavour to vegetables • Make sure all the vegetables are cut to the same size so they cook evenly • Start the cooking on the stovetop to make sure you get them nice and browned • Use a large roasting pan to make sure the vegetables don’t steam

• Great for protecting vegetables and keeping all the goodness in • Choose delicate vegetables for steaming • Put any leftover herbs in the water for steaming as it will help to perfume your vegetables




steaMing Swiss chard & kohlrabi with lemon sauce Both of these vegetables are underused in this country. In France the root of Swiss chard is as popular as onion, while kohlrabi – a relative of cabbage – has a rustic taste, a bit like cauliflower.

READY IN 30 MINS SERVES 4-6 SUPERHEALTHY – good source of folic MODERATELY EASY acid and vitamin C 1 bunch Swiss chard (about 500g) 1 lemon, grated zest and squeezed juice 1 kohlrabi, peeled and halved 300ml vegetable stock 2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley 100ml olive oil large sprigs fresh rosemary, tarragon, coriander and parsley 2-3 garlic cloves

1 Cut the white chard stems from green leaves in a V shape, slice diagonally into 5mm strips. Slit the leaves in half, roll 3-4 at a time like a cigar, thinly slice. Put in a bowl and scatter with a little lemon zest. Thinly slice kohlrabi and sprinkle with zest also. 2 Boil the stock and lemon juice to reduce by half. Pour in a jug and mix in the chopped parsley. Cool, whisk in most of the oil. 3 Put the rosemary, tarragon and coriander into a steaming pan with the garlic. Cover with water and bring to the boil. Fit basket on top. Sprinkle base with salt and pepper and lay in the kohlrabi. Scatter over white chard and season again. Top with the sprigs of parsley. Drizzle with oil, cover and steam, 5 mins. Remove parsley and scatter over the green chard, lifting up the white vegetables lightly with a large fork. Cover and steam for 3-4 more mins. 4 Remove to a serving dish and pour over some sauce to serve. This tastes wonderful with grilled salmon or a chicken breast. PER SERVING 255 kcalories, protein 4g, carbohydrate 8g, fat 23g, saturated fat 3g, fibre 2g, added sugar none, salt 0.93g

gRiLLing Courgettes & chicory with black olive dressing Chicory can be quite bitter, which is why it’s a good idea to rub a little sugar on it before cooking. Salt will help to draw out the moisture

READY IN 20 MINS SERVES 4-6 LOW CARB SUPERHEALTHY – counts as MODERATELY EASY 1 of 5-a-day 2 large courgettes, ideally 1 yellow, 1 green 4 tbsps olive oil 2 heads chicory 1 tsp sugar FOR THE SAUCE about 2 tbsp black olive paste or tapenade juice 1⁄2 lemon 1-2 tbsp red wine vinegar 3-4 tbsp olive oil olives (try Kalamata) and capers, to serve

1 Slice the courgettes diagonally about 1cm thick. Season and toss with half the oil. Halve the chicory. Season with salt, pepper and sugar and toss with the remaining oil. 2 Heat a griddle until very hot, then lay on the vegetables in a single layer. Cook for up to 10 mins, turning as necessary until just tender. Remove to a large serving plate. 3 Mix the olive paste with the lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil (you don’t need to season). Trickle over the vegetables and scatter with olives and capers to serve. This tastes great served with pork chops. PER SERVING 244 kcalories, protein 2g, carbohydrate 6g, fat 24g, saturated fat 3g, fibre 1g, added sugar 1g, salt 0.23g



• This is most chefs’ favourite way of cooking vegetables as you have so much more control over the cooking • Make sure you cut everything to the same size so that it cooks evenly • I like pan-frying vegetables from raw, it ensures none of the flavour is lost. Make sure you don’t overcook; they should have a bit of a bite to them • Make sure you don’t pile up the vegetables – they should be flat in the pan

• Gives a really good charred flavour to food • Make sure the vegetables are covered with oil to protect them while they grill • If using larger vegetables, cook them first and finish off on the grill FineHomes



What is a tankless Water heater? By Shell BuSey


am often asked what exactly a tankless water heater is. Why would I get one? What are the benefits? I see a lot of advertising out there promoting tankless water heaters, but not really explaining what they are, how they work, and how they can be a benefit to you. People are confused. I am going to help you understand what a tankless water heater is, and help you determine if it is the right piece of equipment for you. Today’s well informed home owners decide on a tankless water heater for three good reasons. First, they know that tankless water heaters are used throughout the world where energy costs are high. Canada’s energy costs are rising. Secondly, they recognize that a 92 to 97 per cent thermal efficient gas tankless water heater compared to a 50 to 60 per cent standard gas tank type water heater will save money, and help reduce their carbon footprint. Thirdly, the tankless water heater doesn’t store hot water, but produces it on demand. Tankless water heaters are capable of providing an instant, endless supply of hot water. Because




these systems function on an on-demand basis, they do not require a holding tank to store pre-warmed water. No storage or holding reserve means that tankless water heaters have a life span that is twice as long as traditional systems because the risk of rust and corrosion is significantly lowered. They are hung from the wall saving floor space. They can be installed almost anywhere. Most have warranties up to 15 years with all parts being replaceable and 100 per cent recyclable. They do cost more initially, but looking at all the benefits including the re-sale value of your home, they are well worth the expense. Tankless heaters are not new to the market. They have a proven record dating back to 1950 in Canada. They come in many sizes to suit your needs. Experienced contractors can help you select the right unit. A tankless hot water heater will save you money, save space, and you will never run out of hot water again. Best of all your home and family will be environmentally friendly.

Electric tankless hot water heaters Electric units heat the water as it passes over an electrical element. To run an electric tankless water heater, you will need to have it hardwired to your circuit breaker/electrical panel. Although, electric tankless water heaters are less expensive to purchase and operate, they typically have less capacity, which makes them less practical for large families or households that consume large amounts of hot water at one time.

Gas tankless hot water heaters In a gas unit, a gas burner is utilized to heat the water. Gas-powered systems are fueled by propane or natural gas. To operate one of these units, you will need a gas line running through your home to where the water heater will be installed. It can easily provide endless hot water for one major application at a time. This unit is a great replacement for the traditional 40 gallon storage tank water heater. There are also provincial grants available under the Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses program for replacing your domestic hot water heater with a qualified instantaneous gas water heater which you may want check into as well. FHR

For more home improvement information, to send Shell an email, or to watch Shell’s AskShell webcast go to




h d


EXPERTAdvice EXPERTAdvice Flooring that is Friendly on the Personal Serenity Earth and Your Budget With Natural Cork ing the basement. This beautiful and elegant flooring harmonizes nature’s best with today’s technology to create beautiful floors that are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Northern Timbers are renowned for offering timeless grains and hues that complement many design styles and textures. They are available in eight of the most popular grains and a 6 inch wide plank that makes a grand statement. Installation is easy and efficient.

Robert Grain Grain Robert

If you’re looking for flooring to recreate that natural feel in your business or office, Sylvana Click has the warm look of wood, supreme durability and the ease of noadhesive-required installations surface that is 50 per cent air, allowing Parkland Carpet One understands the that has made it one of the most At Parkland Carpet One, we take for increased impact resistance and benefits that come with having the popular and reliable floorings on the our flooring very seriously. We conoffering you comprehensive protection perfect floor in your home. Not only do today. heat This and flooring 100 is such a tinually research the established against Cork you experience everyday and comfort market per cent recyclable and offers a 10 that you’ll new manufacturers from around wonderful natural insulator and beauty that quality flooring offers, year commercial wear warranty, the globe, searching for fashionable discover a flooring that reduces noise, you also have the strength and durability the comfortable perfect solution and is efficient of flooring to inis very underforfoot and is that neededstyles to handle the wear and tear providing troduce to household. all of our customers. warmtraffic to thebusinesses touch. Theareas. pattern of cork of a busy A popular choice your high rugged disguises construction also effectively dust along with amongst the many different brands of Sylvana’s scuffsand and stains. flooring that Parkland Carpet One of carries, resistseffortlessly scuffing,resisting chipping, A common request from many isour thecustomers expressiveiswarmth durability permanent indentations. This makes to find and flooring canflooring choosefor from three-eighths inch, contained within Torlys Cork Floor. it the You perfect businesses that provides theawarmth, strength one-half inch or five-eighths inch thick such as restaurants, stores, hotels, and feel of traditional hardwood flooring, with the longest lengths up to 68 Torlys offers their customers a floor that motels, assisted living facilities and at a lower price and with more 3/4 inches, allowing design options for is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) housing. installationhaving options. the area you are planning to transform. certified, passed the rigorous multi-level Parkland Carpet Carpet One One Parkland 1600 8th Ave Regina, Sk. 1600 8th Ave Regina, Sk. 306.525.9125 306.525.9125

Torlys cork floors are made with a standards set forth by the FSC. Torlys At Parkland Carpet of-or no To experience the immediate precisely engineered high-density wood Cork Floors are madeOne, withwe little fer Northern Timbers premium quality offered by both itNorthern core which makes considerably more environmental footprint because no cork vinyltrees wood that recreates and Sylvana Click, visit resistant to swelling andthe damage than oak areplank cut down in the creation Timbers other flooring. suchathigh-quality that cabin feel andbarks will install Carpet One Using showroom of thelogflooring. Cork that make Parkland core .gives up the flooring arehome, carefully harvested 1600 wood anywhere in the includ8th Avenue FHR you a considerably tougher joint and a much more exacting once every nine years, in a centuries-old fit, for a longer-lasting floor. tradition with hand tools. This dedication to the artisan process ensures that forests All of Torlys floors are designed to allow will remain undamaged and renewable. It easy and effortless plank replacement; is common practice to have a 200 year if your floor is ever in need of repair, old tree still producing cork bark. removing a plank is easy, even in the middle of the floor. All of their flooring is Cork flooring naturally enhances the also backed with an attached underlay comfort of your home with a textured

made of recycled cork that adds increased warmth, comfort and sound insulation to enhance every environment. As an additional bonus, every Torlys cork floor can also be disassembled and repurposed in another room or home up to three times. With cork floors you have a comforting, random appearance that will create an elegant look in your home. Since cork is a natural material, you’ll discover an organic beauty that comes with having floor planks that complement one another through their distinctively unique individual patterns. Cork flooring is an environmentally and health- friendly hypoallergenic choice which makes it a perfect fit for high activity areas in your home entrance, hallway, kitchen, basement, family room and bedrooms. With one of the best warranties available, Torlys Cork Flooring is an affordable evolutionary approach to transforming the look and feel of your home. FHR


Window Fashions tha You’re In Control Withfor Motorized Best You

Window Coverings

righ busi

EXPERTAdvice Window Fashions that Work Best for You right window fashion for your home or business by experimenting with light. Q: What brand of window dressings best addresses everyday needs for your home or business? A: Without question, Hunter Douglas window fashions are the best. People who use Hunter Douglas love how they enhance the look of their home. They offer a multitude of options that allow you to harness the power of the sun both creatively Parkland Carpet One and economically. With Parkland Carpet One warranty, I’ve had nothing their Regina, lifetime 1600 8th Ave Sk. 1600 8th Ave but Regina, success Sk. with their company. I 306.525.9125 always receive effusive compliments 306.525.9125 from my clients who have chosen Hunter Douglas for their home.

Nancy Mercer Mercer Nancy Nancy Mercer Recognized as an industry leader for stylish, energy-efficient, award winning window fashions, Hunter Douglas products are an effective, sensible and affordable solution for your home or business. At Parkland Carpet One, Nancy Mercer’s experience with Hunter Douglas products has given her an appreciation for the innovative design, quality and reliability that the company offers. She is pleased to share what impresses her most about the designs developed by Hunter Douglas. “Without question it is the advanced energy efficiencies and motorized systems. It provides people with the opportunity to use either a hand-held remote control, or a wireless wall switch to adjust multiple window treatments in different areas at the same time. Hunter Douglas has even developed an application whereby you can use your smart phone to activate and adjust your window treatments. It’s remarkable how convenient and simple it is.” Nancy acknowledges the depth and scope of technological advances that Hunter Douglas continually brings to the window fashions market. “One such advancement is the Solar Energy Sensor accessory. This can easily be set

Parkland Carpet One

to open and close window coverings 1600 8th Ave Regina, Sk. time; the PowerGlide option traverses Q: FromOne’s your experience, why have Parkland Carpet Nancy Mercer 306.525.9125 automatically during the day to optimize shears andherdraperies or rotates vanes Hunter Douglas window fashions offers practical knowledge, passion energy efficiency. There is also an option remained such a popular brand for so to suit thecommitment light entering the room, and a to excellence to many years? to have the window covering adjust even Parkland Carpet One’s Nancy Mercer all of her customers. She is one of and the PowerTilt option tilts slats on her practical when you’re not at home offers to offer greater knowledge, passion A: Their commitment towindow quality and and a commitment to excellence to the leading consultants for many horizontal blinds.satisfaction You may isselect security. The beauty of Hunter Douglas customer second to all of her customers. She is fashions one of innone. western Canada, andtohas Douglas tends innovation is that it’s user-friendly. all whatever orHunter systems that workbe the the leadingIt’s consultants for window system more than threecost decades of and experience. effective aesthetically fashions in western Canada, has you,most about efficiency and reliability.” bestand for and always they’re complimentary window fashions Fine Homes askedasNancy to share her on more than three decades of experience. theher market. They’re easily brand adaptable designed for convenience, accessibility Fine Homes asked Nancy to share her ideas about craft and what These Hunter Douglas motorized and compatible to any light or climate ideas about her craft and and whatof brand windowconsideration fashions works best yourwill affordability. Discerning operating systems allow accessibility thatconsumers your for home of window fashions works best for your home or business. ever have to deal with. It’s the perfect have come to appreciate the superior to hard-to-reach windows, with homealong or business. solution for whatever living space the ability to shape the quality and Douglas youof have.aHunter Q: What should a person craftsmanship thinkQ: about What should person think about quantity of light. The convenience of when this choosing and consider window products.” Visit Nancy Mercer at the and consider when choosing window To learn more about the Hunter for your system provides you the dressings opportunity to home? dressings for your home? Parkland Carpet One showroom at 1600 Douglas line of window treatments, appreciate the beauty of A:your home by Nancy at the One of the best ways8th to choose Avenue tovisitexperience theParkland HunterCarpet allowing you to easily control lookis checking how at 1600 Avenue or window the fashions A:they One ofOne theshowroom best ways to8thchoose Douglas or call to book call to book an appointment with her and time. interactIt with natural light.advantage, and textures of the light look at any window fashions is checking how an they at(306) 306-525-9125. YouFHR can also visit Seeing light coming through a window appointment at 525-9125. also provides enhanced safety (especially look and interact with natural light. allows you to visualize and feel the if one has younger children), and Seeing coming through a window FHR result. It isgreater much easier to choose the light all-around energy efficiency to help allows you to visualize and feel the offset rising energy costs. For Nancy, result. It is much easier to choose the these factors empower her clients to make informed choices based upon their fashion and function needs. “Hunter Douglas offers three options to control its Parkland Carpet One motorized shades and blinds. 1600 8th Ave Regina, Sk. A PowerRise option adjusts shades in 306.525.9125 a variety of different rooms at the same

Q: W bes you

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To Dou visit One call at 3 ww FHR

In house fabrication of stone countertops has arrived at The Bevelled Edge. Competitive pricing, quality workmanship and expert installation is your reward for shopping at The Bevelled Edge. We are a full service countertop company so we can provide a variety of materials to complement every need of your home or business. Visit with our experienced staff and assure yourself that you are making the right decision. From left to right: Neil, John, Lorna and Grant

Lorna Glasser

The Bevelled Edge Countertops | 1145 Rose St. Regina, Sask. S4R 1Z5 306-790-8488 | fax: 306-790-8428 |


Your Furniture By Charlie CalarCo and ellen Miles PHOTOS Billie lang PhotograPhy




Refinish Furniture Yourself?


hy not? It’s no longer considered chemically unsafe. Lye or other harsh mixtures are things of the past, mainly due to environmental law changes. Many “safe strippers” are now available, some based on organic acids or citrus material and all do a good, if a bit slower, job of removing old finishes. Some harsher chemicals are still approved for domestic use, but the first timer is better to use one of the “safe stripper” products. Having said that, there is no product that is completely safe and all must be treated with respect. The stripped residues, as well as left over stripper material, must also be handled in accordance with local environmental rules and regulations.

A prime rule – nothing goes down the drain. Information on remover or stripper chemicals and their use, lead paint precautions etc., may be found at the Health Canada web site. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are available where the remover product is purchased.

When and How Should I Remove the Old Finish? Lately, much has been made of the idea that stripping old finishes devalues a piece of antique furniture. That is quite true if you are dealing with an excellent specimen, of museum quality, with an original finish. Most pieces will not be of that ilk and can be considered as candidates for refinishing. If you have any doubt, ask and research. A good antique dealer or the local museum can point you in the right direction. If the finish is cracked or crazed down to the wood, has lost significant portions, is flaking or chipping off, or is totally dull and lifeless, saving it is not a viable option— it should come off. Pieces painted at some point can have the paint removed and the true beauty of the old wood restored. Old paint often contains lead which is a concern, especially if there are children in the area of the work, and precautions must be taken. The first step is to prepare the work area. No matter the remover used, good ventilation is essential, so working out of doors in a shaded area is ideal. Basements and poorly ventilated areas should be avoided. Thick poly drop cloths will protect the area from spills and make later clean up much easier. If you choose to work indoors, a large fan should be used to draw air away from the work area and exhaust it outside. Keep as few chemicals at your work station as possible to lessen the problem if spilled. Good gloves, preferably nitrile coated, will protect your hands. Safety goggles are a wise addition as well. Do not scrape or sand any painted surface— airborne dust containing lead is a problem and you never can be completely sure whether or not the paint is lead based, so treat all paint as a potential concern. Sanding any antique surface is to be avoided if at all possible as this will remove the layer of old wood, which will be impossible to restore. Obvious damage, though, should be addressed and may leave no option but to sand it down.




Always follow the manufacturer’s directions on the product you are using. Daub on a thick layer of remover with a natural bristle brush (some synthetics may dissolve), let it stand, and allow sufficient time for it to work— anywhere from a half hour to overnight. The container directions will tell you how much time to allow. Test from time to time with a steel putty knife and when the old finish is softened down to the wood, use the putty knife to gently remove it. Put the residues in a tin can for proper disposal then spot apply additional remover in stubborn spots. When stripping paint, most removers cause paint to bubble up and thus may require multiple applications to remove all material down to the wood. A wash with appropriate solvent is next, using the chemical specified by the manufacturer of the remover. Some require methyl hydrate, some require mineral spirits and others require water. With water, use a non-metallic abrasive pad and with the others use No. 1 steel wool. Remember to rub only with the grain of the wood, never across it, to avoid scratches which will show badly under your later finishing. Keep some old rags or paper towel handy and wipe up the grunge frequently. A final solvent wash with a piece of towel should remove the last of the residues. Wash




rags etc. can be disposed of along with the old finish residue.

Colouring Up Once the wood is clean, allow to dry for a few hours. If you opt to stain it, remember that you cannot stain something lighter than it is. Various water based stains are available at the paint store and these can be mixed for an even greater variety of colours. Some woods, like pine and fir, may require a pre-conditioner before the colour coat and you should be guided by the manufacturer’s directions. Stain should be wiped on and wiped off. Allowing stain to remain on the surface generally makes more work for you as you try to get clean colours. When you stain, work quickly to minimize lap marks. Stain, especially water stain, should be allowed to dry thoroughly before applying a finish coat, to avoid colour bleeding.

The Finishing Step When finishing an antique, a basic convention is to replace the old finish with an identical one. If that is not possible, replace the finish with one that can be cleanly removed at a later date. Modern

finishing materials are not suitable for antique furniture. Polyurethanes and acrylic finishes are inappropriate as they were not finishes of the period. Most oilbased varnishes have disappeared due to changing environmental rules, seriously reducing available choices. Unless originally used, oil finishes, like linseed oil, should be avoided as they cannot be later cleanly removed. So, what are the choices available? Reasonable choices are: brushing lacquer; paste varnish; shellac; or wax over a shellac base. Paste varnish is a good choice for use at home, being low odor, easily applied with a clean, lint-free rag in very thin coats and yielding a most satisfactory result. Three or four coats are usually required. Lightly wipe with No. 000 steel wool, between dried varnish coats, to remove any dust which may have settled. Be sure to remove all the steel wool residues as well — a vacuum cleaner with a dusting brush will make short work of this task. The varnish finish can be waxed when totally dry (allow two weeks) for a beautiful, mellow, finish which can easily be renewed if you want to shine it up from time to time. The wax polish does not hold dust. A wipe with a soft, dry cloth is all you need to keep your furniture shining. FHR


Featuring brands such as

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QUALIty CRAFtsMANshIP yoU CAN RELy oN By G.H. Lewmer Photos SHawn FuLton


ason MacDonald of Exterior Finishers Direct offers new and existing home owners comprehensive knowledge along with a common sense approach when it comes to quality home renovations. Having worked on more than 1,000 homes in his 20-plus year career as an exterior home finisher, Jason brings a passion to his work along with a commitment to quality craftsmanship at an affordable and value-driven price. Jason’s passion for excellence corresponds with a joy in the job. “I take enormous pride and enjoyment




in being involved in the building process. I like to take the time to sit down with the owners, find out exactly what they want to do and what timeline they are working under. With my experience, I fully understand the scheduling challenges that always surround home renovations. I’ve designed my company and employees so that Exterior Finishers Direct can offer home owners the flexibility and accommodating nature that is necessary when you renovate, without sacrificing the quality of the work or the quality of the service,” Jason states.

For anyone who has ever renovated their home, they quickly learn how imperative it is to have a skilled technician supervising their exterior finishing. Jason and his team bring their practical and professional knowledge, along with a diversity of skills and services, to ensure that the job is done on time, on budget and in a correct manner; that’s why they offer home owners a free estimate before they begin work on any project. “Our specialties are siding, soffit, fascia, eavestroughs, custom window and door cladding. Our years of experience allow

L-R: Sheryl MacDonald, manager; Jason MacDonald, owner; Zack Tross; Ken Dyck

Exterior Finishers Direct to use our skills in a way that will fit into the specific needs the renovation. I can ExteriorofFinishers Direct toIfuse ourfind skillsa way to improve upon what the owner in a way that will fit into the specific originally I’ll certainly needs of requested, the renovation. If I cansuggest find a it. I like approach andwhat complete every way to to improve upon the owner project in requested, the most practical and efficient originally I’ll certainly suggest manner possible,” adds it. I like to approach andJason. complete every project in the most practical and efficient “A service I offer that is becoming manner possible,” adds Jason. more popular around Regina is profiling into either crown traditional brick “A service I offer orthat is becoming moulding. A system known as a “Break more popular around Regina is profiling Buddy” allows me orto traditional design special into either crown brick texture into the moulding soa that it moulding. A system known as “Break doesn’t flat to anddesign uniform. The Buddy” remain allows me special unique nature of thesolook sets texture artistic into the moulding that it doesn’t remain flat and uniform. The unique artistic nature of the look sets

the home apart from other homes. The texture and design adds additional value and character bringsfrom out the natural beauty of the homethat apart other homes. The the home.” texture and design adds additional value and character that brings out the natural beauty of Jason is proud of what Exterior Finishers the home.” Direct has accomplished in its five years of operation. His approach businessFinishers remains Jason is proud of whatto Exterior practical, straight-forward and accomplished, Direct has accomplished in its five years of much like his operation. Hiswork. approach to business remains practical, straight-forward and accomplished, “My to the exterior finishing work muchapproach like his work. that I do has never changed since the first day I started. I want the that is associated with “My approach to work the exterior finishing work Exterior to be long-lasting andI that I doFinishers has neverDirect changed since the first day driven quality. owners deservewith the I want the Home work that is associated best; my job is delivering that service to them.” Exterior Finishers Direct to be long-lasting and

L-R: Sheryl MacDonald, manager; Jason MacDonald, owner; Zack Tross; Ken Dyck

To reach Exterior Finishers Direct you can call Jason at (306) 533-9736 or email him at reach Exterior Finishers Direct youFHR can

call Jason at (306) 533-9736 or email him at FHR


Exterior Finishers Direct Regina, SK 306.533.9736 Exterior Finishers Direct Regina, SK 306.533.9736

driven by quality. Home owners deserve the best; my job is delivering that service to them.”






eptember 2012 will be the first anniversary of Deal Direct Ceramic Tiles in Emerald Park. Krsto Matenda and his team chose Emerald Park as the place to grow his business because they wanted to serve the communities of Emerald Park and surrounding area including Regina. Krsto moved to Saskatchewan five years ago with nearly 20 years’ experience in the tile setting and stonework business. Deal Direct provides its customers with top quality and affordable ceramic, porcelain, stainless and glass tiles, river stone products, natural and cultured stone and outdoor tile. Some of the tile is very unique European, and they have something for every budget and style. These products can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoors in




a variety of ways such as backsplashes, wall coverings and shower installations – some of which are exclusive to the company. They also offer very affordable flooring options and installation. You save when making your choice with Deal Direct, because the company deals directly with the supplier. “We opened our showroom in Emerald Park to benefit our customers, and to accommodate their schedule we offer after-hours showroom appointments for no charge,” says Krsto. “We know that customers will be excited to work with us when people see the wide variety of products that we have to offer, and the clear savings that we offer our customers,” exclaims Renata, showroom manager. “We offer installation and warranty to go along with our products, so our customers benefit


Renata Vidic (showroom manager) and Krsto Matenda ( owner)

from dealing directly with us throughout the entire process from purchase to the installation. We are very proud to offer end-to-end service.” In addition to tiles and tile installation, Deal Direct also offers traditional hardwood, engineered hardwood and laminate floor installation. Deal Direct carries a wide range of styles and colours from the Mont-Royal line of flooring from Magna, which is the same or better quality than competitors’ products at a much more reasonable price. They work with their trusted, licensed installers to create a beautiful finished product with superior planning to execute your install with little down time

Deal direct and save

to your personal schedule. “We like to Visit their showroom at 220 Great work with the best, and our installers Plains Road in Emerald Park, or call have experience in new hardwood floor (306) 721-2525. Visit their website at installation as well as install refinishinghardwood, and We sell and laminate, tile andFHR custom coating of existing hardwood stone. New construction, reno and commercial. flooring. With the team we currently 34,000 sq in stock inmaterial. have assembled, weft areofexperienced giving advice and conducting installation for home renovations and new home builds. We have also done some great work in show homes,” says Krsto. They have 1,000 samples to choose from HOURS with prices asSHOWROOM low as $2.99 per square M - FDeal 8:00AM foot; every product Direct- 5:00PM carries is 12:00PM 4:00PM high quality atSAT the best price,-and comes with warranty.After Theyhours are by committed to appointment providing their customers with large selection and exceptional service.

220 Great Plains Road

Emerald ParkDeal | 306.721.2525 Direct Ceramic Tiles 220 Great Plains Road, Emerald Park, SK 306.721.2525




High Gloss to Look Boss: Polished ConCrete latest trend in Floor design By Ashleigh MAttern







magine your company logo gleaming on the entrance way floor, the Saskatchewan Roughriders logo emblazoned on the floor of the ultimate fan garage, or a warm, chocolate brown floor shining in reflected light.

“In Saskatchewan, every piece of concrete needs to be covered with Saltguard,” says Charron. “Because of our harsh winter conditions, a lot of people use ice melter; that’s the worst thing you could put on concrete.”

When it comes to polished concrete, only your imagination can limit the possibilities, and Mirror Image Concrete Polishing can help realize your dreams.

Concrete is a porous material, and ice melter gets into the pores and continues to do its job, spalling away the concrete and creating divots and holes. Consolideck® Saltguard fills in the natural pores so the ice melter has no choice but to run off. The treatment is good for five years.

The father-son team of Steve Charron and Ryan Watton started Mirror Image last year when after 30 years in the flooring business, Charron decided to strike out on his own. Polished concrete floors are a professional look for a business, and they also look gorgeous in a home. Floors can be dyed a multitude of colours, logos and decorative designs can be added with stencils, and all the floors are given a deep, glossy look that shines. “Concrete is the most unique floor because every slab is absolutely different,” says Charron. “Every slab has its own personality and its own character.” One of Charron’s favourite looks is the shine of natural concrete that is polished. He especially likes concrete with large aggregate, where you can clearly see the natural shape of the rocks that make up the mix. In addition to dying, stencilling and polishing concrete in homes and businesses, Mirror Image Concrete Polishing also weatherproofs driveways, decks and walkways.

Mirror Image uses Consolideck® systems for all of its services. Because they’re factory-trained, there’s no third party - if there are any warranty issues with the floor, they can go directly to Consolideck® for you. They also have ready access to Consolideck® representatives if any unforeseen issues arise. “No matter how much experience you have, you don’t know it all,” admits Charron. “I can pick up the phone and call guys with 20 years of concrete polishing experience.”



l- r Ryan and Steve

for display. The rock can be as large or as small as you want; if you already have a large rock in your yard with a fairly flat front, they can come to you to polish and stencil it. Mirror Image Concrete Polishing is based out of Earl Grey, Sask., but Charron and Watton travel the province making floors shine. To contact them for a free estimate and find out more, call (306) 530-0904 or visit FHR

Keeping on top of the newest technologies is also important to Mirror Image. This year, they’ve taken courses in concrete stencilling and driveway repair, and they always look for more opportunities. This fall, thanks to Ryan’s ingenuity, Mirror Image is introducing polished rocks to their lineup of services. You’ll be able to put your business name, house address, favourite team logo, or anything else you can dream up on a polished rock

Mirror Image Concrete Polishing steve 306.530.0905 Ryan 306.530.0904






Of Loving Fine Wine






hose with a great affection for wine probably have more than one bottle sitting waiting in a rack. They may even have a wine chiller that can house a small collection ready for use at a moment’s notice. But for those true wine aficionados with a substantial collection, only a dedicated wine nook or cellar will do. Not only can it help to preserve your wine, and aid in its aging process, it also provides the perfect backdrop to showcase your collection. Whether it’s a simple repurposing of a small closet, or the construction of a grander affair, what’s most important when building a wine nook or cellar, says Duane Peterson, is to keep the temperature of the cellar at a consistent 56 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 per cent humidity, something that often requires the installation of a specialized chilling unit. “You can keep wine just on racks in a basement,” says Peterson. “But if you want to keep it for a long time, you have to make sure that it maintains that exact temperature and humidity.”

Peterson, who owns his own construction firm, and who has experience both researching and building wine cellars on a grand scale, says that in addition to the installation of a chilling unit, both ceiling and walls must also be properly insulated. “The room itself has to be climate controlled,” says Peterson.“While the chilling unit will keep the room at the right temperature and humidity, ceilings need to have insulation of R50 and walls at R20 to be able to maintain that temperature.” Flooring must also be adequately cared for, adds Peterson, especially in Saskatchewan, where laying down an anti-fracture membrane can ensure that tiled floors don’t crack due to shifting soil. Lighting is another element factoring into temperature control that is often not thought about. To avoid the temperature fluctuations that can occur each time lights are turned either on or off, Peterson favours LED lights which have the added benefit of adding a certain level of ambiance. Other elements that help to showcase a collection include: display cases with

unusual angles and openings made to display specialized wines or oversized bottles, a place to hang glasses used for tasting, a centre island or table where wines can be decanted, and architectural elements that add to the overall appeal. Some of Peterson’s favourites include the curved walls, crown mouldings and countertops that he built out of walnut for the very first wine cellar he created. “It definitely added a level of uniqueness to the room,” says Peterson. “And it allowed your eyes to sort of flow around the room without interruption.” With so many interesting elements available for inclusion, the only thing Peterson says he would hesitate to include in a wine cellar would be a sitting area. “With the chiller unit running, you could probably spend 15 to 20 minutes in there, but any longer than that and it might feel just a little too cool.” Regardless of your budget, there are many ways to take your love of fine wine to the next level – just be sure to remember to keep it cool. FHR









hat a choice it turned out to be for Jason Duke in 1992, when he became one of the original 10 people to join the CertaPro Painters® franchise system. This year marks the 20th anniversary of CertaPro Painters®, the largest residential painting company in North America with over 300 locations, and the world’s largest paint purchaser.

think is overpowering, and someone else finds boring. For those of us at CertaPro Painters®, it’s all about helping our customers. We recognize that painting is a very personal process that involves more than selecting the colours, but also inviting a painting crew into their home for a few days,” Duke explains.

Duke and his Regina franchise have built a loyal following in the area, and it isn’t just because of the consistently great job they perform; it’s also because of the passion they have for giving their customer an amazing experience every time. “We love seeing the look on a person’s face when we have transformed their space and provided an extraordinary experience,” says Duke.

At CertaPro Painters®, you know what you are going to get, even if it’s a different painter. Duke leaves no stone unturned when it comes to training and customer service. “We have an actual training process. It’s called the Certainty Service System (CSS), which provides staff with the tools to enable the customer to tell their story only once,” explains Duke, when speaking about why their customer service is considered so remarkable. “We give the customer certainty with service and workmanship.” They have been a Paragon Finalist for Customer Service, and also a BBB Torch Award Finalist for Business Ethics.

“Aside from buying personal clothing, what could be more personal than painting for your home. People may not lie awake at night thinking about it, but choosing the room colors and coordinating accessories and appointments to decorate your home is a very personal selection. After all, what one person might love, another might

Built On Trust

The CSS is designed to communicate, educate and collaborate with the customer to deliver an incredible

experience, and that’s not taken lightly. For example, every time CertaPro Painters® comes into your home or office and completes a job, you will be contacted by an independent survey firm to provide feedback about the experience. The answers are sent to CertaPro Notes and posted online, whether good or bad. “It gives us a chance to review with our service people what we excel at, and what we need to improve,” says Duke. This continued search for excellence is the reason why, after 20 years in Regina, CertaPro Painters® stands far above the rest. Duke appreciates every single customer and staff member who has joined the journey along the way to make it all possible. “We are doing what we love, serving people who love what we do.” FHR

CertaPro Painters® 907 Winnipeg St. Regina 306.757.6151




Almost time By Ken Beattie


here is typically s o m e t h i n g satisfying about the garden just before its bedtime, yet something a little sad also. This labour of love (or not so for some) I suppose could really be considered a great deal of work if you actually recorded the hours spent maintaining your plot. On that same note, if we calculated the actual costs for those scrumptious tomatoes, we would doubtless be shocked. Add it up just for fun! Transplants about three dollars for six, the container anywhere from a buck at a dollar- like store, to just about any amount at a “schwanky” garden centre. Lest we forget the fertilizer all season long weighing in at about $10, and perhaps a soilless potting mix for about half that. Hmmm… seems to me that we are in the $20 range, minimum. How many tomatoes can you buy for that much? A considerable number, nevertheless it was so worth it, wasn’t it? It actually makes me think what would happen if a taste test was to occur at a local school or community centre between store bought, greenhouse raised tomatoes and your home grown ones. It just goes to support the notion that you shouldn’t put a price on a labour of love. Back to the work schedule. This is the time of the season that all those errors in judgement, jardinesque faux pas and silly after thoughts can be made right or remedied. Perennials that outperformed what the label suggested or for that matter, didn’t do a darn thing, can be repositioned or turfed completely. Cooler temperatures and usually some moisture usher the closing of the gardening season - this is your cue to dig, divide and decide. Naturally there are exceptions and the most prevalent is Hosta; leaving them until the very early spring is best. Day lilies, Delphiniums, Monkshood, Brunnera, Pulmonaria and even Heuchera are fair game. One rule of thumb that I have followed for years is that of odd numbers. When dividing plants or repositioning, I like to organize the plantings in three’s, five’s and so on. There is something appealing about the overall look to my way of thinking. Of course, this is a great rule for purchasing all those

In heavier soils, mulch the newly planted specimens with lots of leaves or whatever is handy. This protective layer will help keep your new plants from heaving out of the clay soils as frost enters and escapes in the spring.




fall specials at the garden centre also. Planting in the fall in a prairie soil does require a bit of finesse, and a couple of rules should be followed. First of all, remember what season follows autumn; roots that have been cramped in a pot at a garden centre for a couple or three months, or newly divided gems will not have time to settle into new soil before frost. Realizing this, you are a wise gardener to overly cultivate the soil before you plant and add a bit more compost than you would normally. This little trick will encourage easier rooting for the plant, and as well take in more moisture. The second reliable technique in heavier soils is to mulch the newly planted specimens with lots of leaves or whatever is handy. I prefer to wait until frost is apparent, but before the hard onset of winter. This protective layer will help keep your new plants from heaving out of the clay soils as frost enters and escapes in the spring. Additionally, mulch provides a cozy home for over-wintering ladybugs, and that is a good thing.

Heuchera should have a little extra attention paid to them in the fall. My plants seem always to end up above the soil level in spring, exposing them to the drying winds, and of course, frost. An extra bit of mulch certainly helps them pull through, and often their leaves are still colored in the spring. A good thing to keep in mind is that mulch does not have to be worked into the soil each year, a common fallacy for many; compost on the other hand can be worked into a clay soil as often as you want. Perhaps information that is written about mulches being worked into the soil comes from further south than the Prairies, where indeed it actually does break down into a usable organic matter. Keep this in mind for your next purchase and don’t overdo it thinking that it will disappear in one season. Usually all that will be required is a top up after a good scratching next spring. Of course, not to forget the tulips and oodles of other spring blooming bulbs that are to be planted from as soon as they appear in the stores until the ground is frozen. Most bulbs appreciate a little

extra bone meal to encourage rapid and strong rooting. Dog owners take note, bone meal is made of bones; you can figure the rest out yourself, best to leave pooch indoors while you plant. There is a myriad of colours, cultivars and varieties, all which are reliable in heavier soils if you provide excellent drainage. There are lots of ways to improve drainage in a heavy clay soil, the best of which is kitty litter, (yes, that’s right), not previously enjoyed of course. Mix in the cheapest litter that you can find with your compost and native clay soil - it’s remarkable what this does. I know that you want to know how much to add, and I am not going to tell you! The best advice is to just be reasonable; if you overdo it, you will spend the rest of your gardening life watering. So as not too scare you away with an entire litany of gardening chores, I will simply leave it there, and encourage you to try at least a couple of new tulips, purchase a bag of kitty litter, and take a few photos of your accomplishments before frost. FHR




EXTEND YOUR GARDEN ENJOYMENT Strategies For Growing Edibles Later Into The Season BY MELINDA MYERS




homemade cloche on sunny days. Or purchase reusable cloches with built in ventilation. Originally made of glass many of the newer cloches

allows air, light and water through so there is no need to uncover the plants during the day or for watering.

are plastic, making them more affordable, easy to stack and portable.

Increase the ease of season-extending fabrics with low and tall frost popup covers and plant protection frost covers from Gardener’s Supply. The frames are fitted with all-purpose garden fabric to create protective tents. You can protect new plantings and extend your harvest by protecting plants down to 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can make your own coldframes. Many gardeners convert discarded windows, a bit of lumber and nails into a homemade shelter for their plants. The window size usually determines the size of your coldframe. Just make sure you can reach all the plants inside. For best results your frame should be higher in the back then the front so water and melting snow can drain off. And if possible, facing south for better warming. The internet and garden books are filled with plans.


on’t let fall or potentially frosty temperatures stop you from enjoying garden-fresh produce. Extend the nutritional value and homegrown flavor into your fall and early winter meals with the help of short season crops and season extending strategies.

I prefer the construction-free, allpurpose garden fabrics. Simply drape these floating row covers (season-extending fabrics) over your crops. Anchor the edges with rocks, boards, or wire wickets. The fabric traps heat around your plants, but

So with a little preparation you can keep enjoying fresh-fromthe-garden flavor long past the traditional end to your harvest season. Nationally known gardening expert, TV/ radio host, author & columnist Melinda Myers has more than 30 years of horticulture experience and has written over 20 gardening books. Melinda has a master’s degree in horticulture, is a certified arborist and was a horticulture instructor with tenure. Her web site is FHS FHR

Lettuce, spinach, radishes, turnips, and beets are quick to mature from seed to harvest. Plus, the cooler temperatures enhance their flavor. Simply count the number of frost-free days left in your growing season and compare it with the number of days from planting to harvest listed on the seed packet. Protect these late plantings and other vegetables from chilly fall temperatures with cloches, coldframes, and floating row covers. Many of these devices have long been used by gardeners to jump start the season in spring and extend it much later into fall. These devices trap heat around the plants, protecting them from frosty temperatures. Convert gallon milk jugs into garden cloches for individual plants. Remove the bottom of the jug and slide it over the plant. Use the cap to capture heat or remove to ventilate your




REGINA and Area

Retail marketplace


Serving With Professionalism

Better Than Big Box

Minimize your risks when buying a home or business property with the help of GPI Regina. Providers of thorough on-site computer inspection reports.

Excellent quality and competitive pricing reward customers who shop at The Bevelled Edge. Our staff know the business well and are always available to help you.

Global Property Inspections Serving Regina & SE SK | 306.545.2613 | toll free 855.545.2613 |

The Bevelled Edge Countertops 1145 Rose Street Regina, Sk. | 306.790.8488 |

Because Painting Is Personal

Nobody Builds A Better Fire

Our reputation is based on certainty of a job well done. We focus on the details of every interior and exterior project and on you, our client.

Northern Fireplace has been delivering first class products since 1995. In addition, we employ service technicians and are fully equipped to meet the needs of our customers.

CertaPro Painters速 907A Winnipeg Street | 306.757.6151 |

Northern Fireplace 824 Fleury Street, Regina | 306.781.8007 | 2206 Speers Avenue, Saskatoon | 306.244.2774

Your h your la investm

The staff at Sands Ltd. understands owners who are s improvements to Integrity, Value & Construction can

Specializing in int renovations and n construction.

Regina 306.533 www.sandstraco

Biofoam Spray Foam Insulation

5 years in business, and completion of hundreds of jobs. RRHBA member; CUFCA member. Certified experienced sprayer. Family and Locally Owned. Free Estimates. Pride in Workmanship. BioFoam Spray Insulation & Coatings Inc. Regina, SK | (306) 533.5036




Carpentry Services You Can Rely On Residential and light commercial contractor services. Carpentry, electrical, plumbing. Interior & exterior renovations. New construction. Home additions. Fully licensed and insured. Sandstra Construction Ltd. 306.533.7316 |

Exceptional Product Experience Unique Designs

Giving Your Concrete Floors A Mirrored Shine Diamond concrete polishing, terrazzo restoration, concrete staining and stenciling, weather proofing concrete drives, decks and sidewalks, decorative floor coatings, coating and glue removal and dust proofing. Mirror Image Concrete Polishing 306.530.0905 | 306.530. 0904 | |

Architectural design and drafting services for new construction, renovations and custom homes. Quality home inspections.

Making Your Bathroom Beautiful

We supply bath tubs, whirlpool tubs, tub surrounds, shower stalls, vanity tops bathroom fixtures lavatories, shower doors, bathroom hardware, bathroom faucets, bath enclosures. Trojan Marble & Onyx; Shower Doors & More 1445 Toronto Street | 306.949.5166 | 306.352.4144 |

Renovation Ideas Begin With Windsor Plywood

Windsor Plywood specializes in home finishing products including high quality doors, flooring, mouldings and plywood. Locally owned and operated. Windsor Plywood 920 Bower Crescent, Regina, SK

P: (306)721-6560 Toll Free: 1-888-799-6789

MLP Building Inspections & Construction Consulting MLP Design & Development


306.201.5556 |







Lorrie Howe, Roberta Peakman, Patricia Moon and Ryan Culbert

Service You Deserve With A Team You Can Trust

One Call Does It All!

Peakman Group | Century 21 Dome Realty Inc.

Janine Wilson MLS® REALTOR® | 306-537-3200 100-533 Victoria Ave. |

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Fontaine Bleu - Stylish Condos in Harbour Landing Contact a Team Member Today Bonnie Stanley 306-541-4855 | Igor Riabchyk 306-529-4467 Loretta Hughes 306-537-3500 | Curtis Bonar 306-533-1395 Design Packages






Make the right move with the BRIAN BAST TEAM Brian – 591-1224 Karen – 530-3888/684-2284 Jenni – 530-2255

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Will Amichand, Agent Cell: 306.502.3939 RealtyOne Real Estate Services Inc. A Full Service MLS速 Brokerage #3 - 1118 Broad Street, Regina, SK S4R 1X8 - Ph: 306.206.0383 F: 306.206.0384 e: FineHomes










Danielle WILSON


MLS速 REALTOR速 and MLS速 REALTOR速 Mortgage Broker (Broker # 315890) 100-533 Victoria Ave.

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