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Chocolate Truffle Mousse ★★★ COCOA CREAM

What is it? A chocolate truffle mousse made with both 65% and 70% Amedei chocolate, making a velvety smooth mousse with a rich sacher sponge and a dark chocolate glaze. What can I do with it? Enjoy served at room temperature as a delicious end to a dinner party. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Locally Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Fresh Garden Mint Truffle ★ Saronno Truffle ★ Rosebud Truffle ★

Potato Chips with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena ★ MARKET DELI

What is it? Thick-cut potato chips with Aceto Balsanico di Modena PGI, creating a rich and velvety flavour. What can I do with it? Delicious paired with a crisp white wine or elderflower pressé and a select gathering of your favourite people. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Nationally, Online

Gluten-Free Carrot Cake ★★ THE HANDMADE CAKE COMPANY

What is it? A moist gluten-free carrot & walnut sponge, scratch-baked by hand with a rustic, artisan finish. What can I do with it? Frozen to lock in the freshness. Just defrost as many of the pre-portioned segments as required, and serve. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Internationally Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Gluten-Free Victoria Sponge ★ Gluten-Free Cappuccino Cake ★ Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie ★



Great Taste Book 2016-17  
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