FFD June 2021

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Getting some perspective Fine Food Digest has teamed up with Speciality & Fine Food Fair to gain more of an insight into the impact of the last 15 months – on both producers and buyers in the fine food sector. Here’s what we discovered about the sector’s changing relationship with online platforms, alterations to foodservice and how businesses are approaching sustainability.

How we did it Speciality & Fine Food Fair organiser Montgomery conducted two separate surveys online, via an email link. One posed questions to buyers, a group which includes primarily retailers but also those who source products for the foodservice and hospitality sectors. In total there were 793 respondents from this group. The second survey was answered by producers and suppliers, with 340 individuals responding in total.

Foodservice might never be the same again If you have a café/foodservice offer as part of your shop, how much has that part of the business changed?* No change

Will you be restoring this foodservice offer to its previous pre-pandemic version? Or will you change your approach? 60

A little




40 30 20 10 A moderate amount / somewhat

0 A great deal

*431 respondents deemed this question ‘Not applicable’. Data from 362 respondents.


of businesses with a foodservice or café offer reported a “great deal” of change to that part of their operation


June 2021 | Vol.22 Issue 5

No, I will change my approach

Yes, I will be restoring it to pre-pandemic

*388 respondents deemed this question ‘Not applicable’. Data from 405 respondents.

Behind the data Last year, FFD spoke to plenty of businesses that had repurposed the floor space used for dining and café seating into more space for retail or delivery packing – or they switched to food-to-go. It’s interesting to see a near-perfect split between those who want to return to their pre-pandemic café offer and those who are happy to move on, having discovered they can do things differently – or not at all.